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China! | Rachelle Dene Poth


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China! | Rachelle Dene Poth

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You're getting getting on like getting on a bike. Yes we've been okay. We did the interview already and screw up anything. So I think we're all right so yeah We should start with updates. We you've got lots of lots going on. It's like you know we're backing there's no no rest now So impact education conference is starts to this week. I know this weekend. And we're getting super excited to be able to go and meet all of you guys make sure by the booth and if you have it registered for the conference they they'll do that right Mike Yeah I have no doubt that they can still register conference. You can probably still even register for our podcasting workshop. By the time you hear this you'll only have a day or three to register. But it's seventy five bucks you get to spend the whole afternoon with Glennon. I talking talking about how to podcast in your classroom. You will literally leave with a podcast. WELL WE'RE GONNA command. We're GONNA demand that you leave with podcast and we'll kind of set you up with the the means needs to do all of that. Come in join us for the workshop. If you're coming We also are working with one of our sponsors fidgets on a high school educators giveaway. They're giving away their center kits. I think we're going to get about one hundred of them. So if you come by the booth booth you talk to our friend Connor. Who's going to be working with us? He's GonNa show you how to subscribe to the podcast and sign up for our mailing list. And when you do all that you're going to get something for free man. How bad can that be? Get to listen to the best. Damn podcast in the world and you get you get some cool. Up electrtonics at the same time as a win win win everybody holy crap triple one day the right we're going to start talking about OTC A little bit more now. That we're kind of geared gearing up for that and I guess one of the things to put on everybody's radar is the the cool epic games. FETC EPIC Games party that is being kind of hosted by Steve Isaacs and myself Related the two unreal engine and more probably more relevant fortnight in education. There is so much stuff going on with forty-nine I can't share even in half of the stuff that's happening but a lot of cool stuff is happening. There's a giant contest happening right now with a twenty five thousand dollar reward award for writing. Basically writing lesson plans. I mean it seems like you guys know how to do some of that stuff so so come on people write great upset lesson plans. Take a look Through either Steve's twitter feed or my twitter feed or frankly a lot of people have been sharing it but the contest details those. We'll put them in the show notes as well but WE'RE GONNA also put the event bright Link to this epic Games Educator Network Party that's being hosted. There are very limited spots left. I believe it was full at one point which is I mean first off? That's amazing about sold. How I believe that we were able to convince them to open it up for more spots so I don't know what the status is now but at some point point you know we opened up some spots and so you know come to the if you're coming at BTC this is GonNa be the place to be at least on Thursday night? It's Thursday January sixteenth. Five thirty till eight thirty man. Be There Miami. Miami Miami means. Oh listen guys. We're going to talk on Miami Beach. It can't get much better than that. It's going to be cool. The ultimate nerd experience. That's what it should be called in quotes so Mike I was talking about this. You're back and you're from one of the places in the world. Where did talk about a Goto destination? You Know Bugging List Destination China so I was like okay. I gotta ask him some questions like kind of what did you do kind of recap and then you know tell us. What was your favorite things? Thanks that you saw you did or whatever might be your experiences or whatever may be and then I wanna talk about because I saw some of your twitter posts the food and drink and then at the obvious it tell us whether or not you're you would recommend to us that you would go that we should go there or sure you know all those thick so start off with what did you do. All right. the main purpose of the trip was to visit with one of the companies as we deal with. Make Block They are probably the largest in terms of like capital investment in terms of like value of the company. They're the largest educational -CATIONAL robotics company in the world And we deal with them exclusively in Canada so They're they're big and they they basically we We were there for two things. Related to make block They they run what's called. It's a global robotics competition and it's very popular so think like first Lego League So so similar to that in the sense that there's an arena and it's it's mainly it's it's kids And it's it's very glitzy and it's thing it's a big thing It's very popular in Europe and in South America. It's only really early not popular in North America. And that basically speaks to the dominance of I And how popular the first. Lego League is that that make X. hasn't broken through but we're we're learning more about it and Hopefully at least bringing it to Canada Next year so so we went there to watch. I got to watch the finals. The global the World Championship finals of the of the competition from the arena floor. So first off it's the finals for Helen. Arena so about the size of This is GonNa be hard. I don't know what the comparison is in the United States like junior hockey arena in Ontario seats. About five thousand. People are so yeah so it was in a like basically the size of junior hockey arena And it wasn't it wasn't totally full but it was a decent amount of people there and so we were on the floor though which was super cool and actually if you go on my twitter account and go to? I think there's a place where you can go to like like videos I periscope te most of the finals So you can see how kind of school it was. Cool was to be there. It was like about a forty five minute periscope cope That might be worth checking out because it was it was pretty neat to see like the television interviews and like the boom cameras and like there was lights and lasers and unlike a huge screen that it was all like the color color commentary and like every play by play It was wild so so so that was That was kind of the main reason we were there. And then make block had their their global kind of distributors conference conference. It was like a one day set of meetings and and Ramey Gaddis are the the owner of logic academy did a little speech and we actually won an award award. which we weren't seeing we didn't know was happening at all But we won make blocks Best Stem global double stems solutions provider. which is you know? That's a pretty big deal. I mean they have distributors all over the world. They consider us the best so That was pretty ride right. I mean we WANNA they. They gave us a a cash award and we got a pretty sweet trophy and it was pretty neat so we met with a bunch of other folks Partners companies people. We don't deal with people we do deal with And it was so so it was. It was definitely only a work trip. There wasn't a lot of sightseeing And kinda that's would what we were there for for sure. Yeah so as you were As you get to experience any park as you landed in Hong Kong and then you went to mainland China Year was what were some of your favorite parts. I mean that's got to be a crazy. immersive experience yeah. Yeah so It's hard to verbally explain. How absolutely massive some of these cities are I've tried to like for everyone out there. Like especially if you haven't been Imagined the biggest city you've ever seen most people will say something nothing like New York City or La And some people would say like Toronto so the even even La is pretty relatable in this but I'll talk with Toronto so in Toronto There's the CNN tower which is huge And then there's probably about about three or four skyscrapers that are about a hundred floors high which is a very tall building like. That's that's tall. And then there's about five or six maybe that better about eighty floors high and then and then Kinda the rest are in the sixty four high and that's kind of similar to most urban cities that I've I've been to There's Four or five standout towers and then there's there's some mid range and then most but think think about that core that core of buildings that are that are are big. Stretch that as far as you can see in every direction direction I'd like literally as far as your horizon will go and that's what Guangzhou and Shenzhen Look like like when you look out the window window. All you see is eighty slower skyscrapers every every retrofitting every direction. It is a monolith analyst of a city That is the it's the it's it's it's beautiful in. Its weird weird sort of way. It's absolutely stunning to look. We arrived in Shenzhen our first night Very late much later than we were expecting customs going through you. Chinese customs is crazy that scary and intimidating even for lack of better words not fun at all uh-huh through it's like big site relief and then okay we're here and everything's fine. We're not GONNA get arrested anymore but when we got we finally got ought to the the first the first night to the hotel we stay that and you I. The the hotel didn't start until the twenty third floor so like there were twenty three floors before the fifty floor hotel that we were staying in so I was on sixty some odd floor and an eye open these these giant windows and looked outside and I just I just was breathless. Almost I couldn't believe what I was seeing like. It's just like I said as far as you can see eighty four buildings as far as the and they're all lit up like in with like giant Chinese Chinese lettering on the sides. Lots of like. It's like that that core of Manhattan that you think of with the billboards and stuff. It's a lot like that But everywhere in again on all of these buildings it was I take I take. I shared a couple of pitchers of it It's absolutely stunning. So by far my my favorite part of the week and a half or so that I was in China was we did a on. On the second night we were in Guangzhou which is just a just a bit north of Shenzhen so there's Hong Kong and then Chen is just across the river so we didn't even actually go into Hong Kong the city at all we saved in the Hong Kong airport. You take a ferry From Hong Kong and it goes kind of around a couple of islands and right into Shenzhen. So you're in mainland China and you don't even leave the airport so then Shimshon is rate right in the at the bottom right across the river from Hong Kong and then you drive an hour north to to show. We took a bullet train. So I've never taken like rail or it was about So it took about twenty five minutes to take what would normally be about an hour an A half drive or so and it was fast like it was exactly what you think it would be was incredibly fast and everything just flows flies by you. Don't even realize what you're looking at sometimes cream. So but the second or third night in Guangzhou we went right into the city so we were on the outskirts at a pretty nice hotel on the outskirts but we went into the city and again. It's one of these like absolutely massive cities skyscrapers as far as you can see but there was something like so Washington is like the Tech Co. it's like the Silicon Valley of of Asia. So it's very high tack. The buildings are all. I'm very new. Because Chen was a little fishing village in the nineteen eighties. Like had fifteen thousand people living in and now it's fifteen million people people are is So so put the so. All the buildings are less than thirty years old ish Guan show that was a little bit. Different I found it to be more like a capital city. It almost looked like there's so. There's a lot more gardens a lot less or a lot of of big kind of expansive epoch spaces that we walked through the the walkway from the so. They have their own tower called the Canton Tower. It's taller I'm in the San Tower. I believe now at this point. I think it's the second or third tallest building in the world and we went up to the top of it That's where my new. You are my new twitter profile. Picture is from the top of the Canton Tower in Guangzhou and then you we kinda went down and then we took the subway To US space that you can kind of see from the tower but it's it's like this causeway it's almost like the the mall in in Washington. DC Where you go kind of from from the Capitol building to the Lincoln Memorial and and if you turn to the right you go to the The White House. It was very like expensive like wide. I Walk Way a causeway from walking and it was absolutely beautiful And the lights and then we went on a boat tour Of the river that kind of runs through that city and and just the the skyline stunning I've never seen anything like these cities So I I. I've been told that Shanghai and Beijing are the other two cities that are similar But like one JOE has fifteen million people in it. So there are half his many people in Guangzhou as in all of Canada. Oh my behind for context crazy right so so I mean gene the scale of everything. Nothing is small in China. That's I think the one thing that I one of the funny phrases I took away. We we laugh about it eventually because they just don't do anything small everything massive and giant and They're very very proud. That's I think one of the interesting takeaways I have to. They're very proud of who they are. They're very proud of where they're from the proud of their food. They're proud of their lifestyle. Even they're very a lot of them are very proud like in the same in the same way. That Americans are proud Out To be American Chinese very proud to be Chinese and I think that I think that that's a context that a lot of Americans means in me to like Canada. Doesn't have the same kind of flag-waving proud nece that that America has we differentiate on not not quite a bit. I mean that's fairly well known China's very proud of of what they've accomplished and and While I am in no way defending anything that they do that you know we know. We know the bad things that they do. And and and how they Govern and stuff like that but but most Chinese want to show you what they've accomplished and they're very proud when they talk about it. So it's not you can frame some of the stuff in the whole narrative of wanting to prove their dominance over people and like they build towers is because they want to be the best and stuff like that but I think they also just build towers because they're proud that they can and they've accomplished like like this. This was a country that one hundred fifty one hundred years ago. Well you know New York City was building the Empire State Building and there were towers in New York City already. China was still basically a third world country and How far along? They've come to build some of these. These places is is absolutely stunning in a stunning accomplishment and They they really wanNA share with you. the things that they've done and how well they feel like they're doing and the companies are very proud like the people that we've dealt with as far as the businesses are very proud to be you know Chinese businesses and they talk about that in a way that you can tell that they They they want the world to give them some credit for the things that they're doing kind of thing It's it was. There's an interesting social dynamic there there And and there's some weird interesting like so weird tidbit and I was warned about this. Thank God I was warned about this but It is a the thing of pride though when they hand you their business card. So so you you. You're in business. You have business cards. I've business cards. Whatever you you give someone a business card the hand it with two hands? I'm trying to get the hand. It with two hands like they hold it up and they hold each side like that and they'll hand it to you with two hands and then you're expected to receive their business card with two hands and that's it's an and you'll find that the hotels will do that to they'll give you your hotel key with two hands and so there's this weird kind of respect thing going on even with business cards For for being obviously incredibly communist they're incredibly good catalysts. That's that was the other everything that my biggest take my other big takeaway was that these guys know how to do business and you shouldn't kid yourself that they're they are I I I. The conflicts are abound with the Chinese in terms of like They're focused on how many people most people work like six days a week And are working incredibly hard constantly And it's it's it's all of that was pretty interesting that the business side in the way they work in you know them wanting to show us you know the city. The sites was was pretty interesting. Stuff food you want food. Oh boy you're like a guy I made. If people don't know you I I see you as someone. That has a a large pallet as far as different types of food. You're you're into them At it's not even just in the on the protein or whatever might be side that people would be like okay. Of course you know steak and Blah Blah Blah by even on vegetables and other things you're like passionate about food in general so I was like okay food and drinks. You wrote some things like you are like about certain things and in certain things baby you know. We're like amazing so that the first the first night we we got to Guangzhou which which is a lot more. It seemed like a lot more of a traditional place though. Hotel restaurant was very traditional Chinese And and the two fell. Well as we were whistles Ramey and myself and then to the the guys for make block He one of the guys picked from the menu. First off the menu. It was a novel like. I'm seriously it was like easily an inch almost an inch thick and it was in giant book. We're talking like a like a legal title sized paper size book very heavy leg when she put it down when the the server put down on the table. Boom like it's like putting like this the giant Ancient Tome of food on your table because everything has pictures ordering food is incredibly complicated in China Lick even for the Chinese Multiple Times. Did we have people come back in like clarify our orders. I didn't hear what they were. I didn't understand what they were asking but I can understand that they were saying. Okay do you want it like this or do you want it like this not in the same way as we say I'd like the sour cream on aside either like in like these more technical ways they were asking for clarifications on preparation which was wild. That's crazy so I didn't particularly like my first meal in Guan Show I didn't like a lot of the stuff that was dated. It kind of made me mad because I pride myself like you said on being a bit of a Foodie having a pretty open mind But in particular some of the fish preparations were for a little bit gross to me I. Those are the things that I I was having a hard time dealing with And even some of the the the meat stuff was was interesting a lot of the pork stuff that I had was like mushy pork. Like they had like mushed it up with like a Maschera before they put it into whatever the hell they put it into. You know it was in different ways but it was always like like this mushy meat. That really was was like a gelatinous texture than I that I wasn't enjoying very much It was funny. Though the second night I went out for dinner with the same first guy that ordered At the first restaurant but with his boss so a different guy and this time I like I took control. which you know is really strange when you're her I didn't know what I was looking at the pictures and guessing what it was but I took the menu from the guy and I was like no? I'm ordering this time and I I went through and everything is shared like you. You're not ordering in dish for yourself you ordering share Emily Sierra Lights. Yeah Yeah Yeah everything. Every meal I had was like a shared meal type experience. Come in so I ordered seven or eight different things and they bring them out on the you know the big giant Lisi Susan's And put them down so you can spin the table around and grab whatever you want to grab at the time you want it pretty cool And I saw I enjoyed the second meal much more even though it was still a lot of it. It was very traditional Chinese but I understood. You know the preparations and the style and and it was good. I enjoyed it a lot. almost always my favorite parts of my meals. Where were the the way that they prepare? The Bok Choi in particular They I had it about. What's I mean I had it almost every meal for stop it's everywhere But the ways it was prepared with garlic ginger and stuff like that was always absolutely really fantastic and the the FO was awesome. Like I had it for breakfast almost every day. There was like you know how like different hotels else. You'll you'll have like an Omelet Bar Omelette station where you put the stuff in a bowl and then you give the bowl to the to the person and they mix it up with the egg and then they call you. They ring your bell or whatever when when you're omelettes ready or you just wait for it. they had that but with folks so so you would put the stuff whatever you wanted. Mushrooms Bok Choy you. You know whatever and pick your type noodle put it all in a bowl give the bowl to the to the preparation person and they get it together. Friends and crazy I Noodles like every morning for breakfast which was absolutely fabulous What else is really strange? I didn't The coffee coffee was fine but the milk is different. Milk is a lot at least a milks that I had were all like quite a bit richer quite a thicker like like not like a two percent milk. There was like a a seven percent average or your normal like one percent. Two percent milk was like a five percent milk. And you could whole milk which you could tate totally taste the difference. So the food was interesting. the fried rice has were all really good. I had some Chinese Sushi I'm like Sushi prepared. It was still Japanese. But there's there's like a Chinese takeout Sushi and it was all really good. The SUSHI was good. I love Sushi so I had that a couple of times The Food was interesting. I kept saying to my wife. Says she would have hated it. She wouldn't have eaten like hardly at all So if you you have like if you're like a chicken fingers French fries person or like if if if fancy meal for you is Spaghetti and meatballs. China China's not going to China's not going to go over well for you. 'cause there's a lot of fishes with heads. Long them and stuff like Oh yeah so for our audience out there. Would you recommend it as a bucket list item So maybe it's time I'll say this I'll say this I would be fine not going back to China. Now that I've been I woods but it didn't deter me from going to other Asian countries like I would still love to go to Japan absolutely I would Still go to like Taiwan or Korea. South Korea So it didn't deter me from the culture. I didn't find the the culture shock as strong. I I think that other places other people in other parts of other countries entries May Like for example a matron Oh is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the or or cities in the entire world. That's pretty well known so and I worked at a school. The the the private school I worked at was like sixty percent Chinese So I'm not I didn't find the culture straw shock as strong as other people had warned me And certainly meanwhile I wasn't picking up on the language or anything like that. I was picking up on like tone of voice and style of conversation Because quite a bit easier once once I had been there for a few days Like that clarification. About food for example. I could tell that that was like a a preparation reparation clarification. Do you want the something cooked in this instead of cooked in this. And how do you WanNa dish to serve to you kind of thing as opposed to just like the basics. Excu no can. I have some ketchup on the side. Type type question that you would get in. I would I would suspect that the average person who wasn't used to those types types of cultures who wasn't living in an area of either your country or my country that was used to diversity would have have found a lot of that culture shock? Pretty Strong Coming through customs for me coming through that Chinese customs at I the thinking about this Shanzen ferry was scary as hell like I was sick. Yeah it's got to be there all the all have guns and they're all you know they're all look Kinda mean a little bit and I it was. It was different than going through. You know the customs at at Pearson International Airport in fact when we were leaving going through the Chinese customs when we were leaving with so much easier because I think that there's like an internationalized. Nationalized exiting customs. That's different because they realize that people are going home and it's it's they so they treat them. Maybe a little bit better. I don't I don't know if that's the case but I definitely felt less intimidated leaving than I felt coming in and the company that that our so that I was in the customs area Of the Shenzhen Ferry Terminal was was was pretty scary. I'll be I will be honest. It was it was pretty wild. The part that I was thinking about that would be that I think would be the most intimidating about what you just finished describing would be be how the population density that part would free people everywhere. All the targets were enemy. You're used to you. I mean you. You live near a jacket norma city. I'm not really a city that never wanna live in a city. But I guess if you're from Los Angeles or New York where you live in a big city used to urban life and and multiply that times like you just said timeslot. Yeah and you're used to that what it feels like to be in the middle of this China city city with tons of people tons of things going on that same time that part. I would find superintendent. There is a massive amount of people giant like Unimaginable element of cars. The driving is terrible. Glenn I've never seen such bad driving in my life like I I. They had to lay into Latin America. I had to close to close my eyes. I have actually and I I remember the driving. Being bad in the Dominican Republic as well but I had to like go. Oh crap and close my eyes more than once in you know being being driven around by a Cabbie or whatever it was pretty bad it was scary for those of us that liked to conform. The two rules would stop signs and stoplights yield. Those rules. Don't apply no thinks that's when things start getting a little fishy in our brains especially like the turn signals and the lane. The lane changing was the is the craziest one for me like they would. They would thread needles changing lanes. Like I've never say I saga go from like one lane to three lanes over swiping between cars. We're talking with lesson inch to spare And doing doing died without even thinking about it just not. That's that's how it goes. I was like. Are you freaking kidding me. My My. That's the other part. Heart that Cheryl would have been like no no piece. I would never break. I would never bring Cheryl to to China. I just think that she would engine i. I'm glad that I went and I know that my wife wouldn't have enjoyed it. Yes that's that's now that's a good China recap. That was good good. Yeah it was. It's there's so much and every once in a while I might bring something up later because I'm thinking about it a lot but it was. It was pretty interesting what's next year you got you saw an article the piqued your interest. Yes by one of your fellow Canadians. I think he's a Canadian because he he actually spoke at the impact education conference a few years ago. Yes it was called ties then. And he was one of the keynote speakers Dean Tureski. Can you say Dean Eski. I have to admit actually it's funny We get to meet a lot of people and we know like all all of the people that you know like the names of the people like the Alice Keeler and whatever would consider a lot of these people are friends and Don't get kind of of for lack of better words by by some of these folks anymore. But I totally FAM- void when I met Dean Sh- rescue for the first. It was at Austin at learn fast in Austin last summer and he was there and he's the only person I I ever went like. Hey Dean and then I didn't know what to say and then I totally went in for a hug. I'm like dude. I'm coming coming in for a hug and I don't care and he was like okay. It's like who is this who I what he actually came and introduced himself to me which which was probably what made it a little even more awkward. I wasn't expecting that but But it was dangerous be yes so dangerous. He tweeted and a link to another article from Forbes magazine and the title of that article is called called the myth of jobs that don't exist yet And it's a really good read. I would recommend anybody to go read it as you read through the article your countering several different basically One of the tweet Things you can actually tweet read from the top. Says the idea that any significant cont- portion of today's students will take jobs that don't exist yet is a myth and that's a super hot take. I've been so so so hi. It's flaming hot but as you get to the bottom of the article. That's why he went to read through the entire thing and I'm GonNa cut a preview the bottom for you he actually makes a statement that I think contradicts kind of this whole. There's a bunch of hot takes throughout the entire article but at the end the basically says The schools are doing an outstanding job. Right now number one which I like that part. But then he says something he says and to the extent that any future jobs are in transition or under development velopment schools and students alike are a wise to invest in good foundations of education. But here's one of the things he says right now. We're doing a great job in things. He's like critical reading communication creativity and collaboration but I always think that the premise of saying that were preparing students for jobs in the future. Do you know what I mean Mike. As far as the is the premise of we're hold on. We don't know what those jobs are going to be. But what can we prepare them right now. Well it's these things he talked about at the end. It's the communication creativity all the five CS collaboration It's it's those types of skills. So it's it's an interesting article and I thought it was interesting point especially we just had also had a great conversation with Noah guy so which on a different episode. You guys going to be up to listen to as far as our conversation. But I don't think I actually don't think that we talk about this enough. I agree I I actually. I think it's the exact opposite of what this guy's like depth like tick tick off at the world or yet at you edgy twitter world. Let's because we're talking too much about those jobs that don't existed. Hold us a when I talk enough about those things. Yeah it's it's an and I actually would just thinking back to how I'm not even prepared to speak enough about these topics because I actually am right now. Consuming tons and tons of information I remember just a probably within the past year Mike. People didn't know who Andrew Yang was the guy that's running for president in the United States by right but you told me about him And you said something about His minimum again. What universities you'll be universal missile basic income? That was the first time like that. I had ever heard that that phrasing universal basic income that was about a year ago when he was barely early on the horizon of whatever it might be okay now how yet but not only that. That's how educated. I was about not only universal basic income but the concepts that that Andrew Yanked talks about which is. I'm so hasn't started yet. That on the debate stage. He's actually speaking to this concept about artificial intelligence machine learning and the impact it will have nine ten to twenty years from now in a few in a few years. Here's from it's happening right now. Happening right on on the jobs that we currently just kind of take for granted that you can go ahead and do and one of them that really struck me. I was listening listening to him on another podcast at he was speaking about truck drivers. Yep and if you ever get out of it has yet to listen to Andrew Yang. Speak About about truck driving end. Not only his his capacity for like knowing and understanding that profession like he's actually spoke to truck driver he's there on the ground and then then he understands the economics of it how impactful it is in the United States and then how soon bad job will actually cease to exist on humans is to do and Phoenix and just that one segment he just talks about. He said you don't understand. How many people do that at? How great of a job at axios and how unprepared we all are including us as educators and politicians? Anybody and those truck drivers unprepared for what's about to come down the pipeline. And we do we. We don't have a plan for to be able to take place so when someone one says that we're that we're exaggerating this point. You know that the the myth of the of jobs that don't exist I I couldn't disagree more. I don't even know like I. I mean I'm going with this gambling. Is it because you think that we're exaggerating this point. Because you're wrong I think we we don't speak about it enough. His main complaint. Lean in the article is about the actual numbers in the lack of citation. Like it's it's a complaint about the substance of the like the reports. He's not. I mean you can't argue with the fact the fact is there are jobs that don't exist right now that will exist in the future and there are jobs that exists now. That are going away very very soon. You will and and I think that the reason why this this conversation needs to happen in God bless Andrew Young for and like. I'm not a I. If I was voting in a primary for the record I wouldn't vote for Andrew Yang By. I think that he's his voice. needs to be at the tables in the future. Because I think he's nailed this topic. It's like it's like listening to Bernie Sanders Talk About Universal Healthcare Andrew Yang has nailed this topic this Ub. I idea and a lot of what he sang about. That makes is is is bang on The biggest problem with the jobs of the future sure is that the jobs that are being outsourced. The easiest are the jobs that are typically associated with lower lower education levels and poverty people who work at Who Go to get a job at McDonalds are are getting a job at McDonalds? Almost always mean don't take this. Don't misunderstand what I'm saying. This is absolutely true. Most of the people who get a job at McDonalds or are there because has they don't have a university or college education. That's it's not. I'm not saying anything crazy there And it they are associated with lower lower income levels and levels of you know on the on the poverty scale That has a lot to do with the fact that the minimum wage is ridiculously low so in paying people who work forty hours a week a wage that they can't live on. It's a totally different political conversation right there sure but the fact is that those are the jobs that are also also being eliminated. They're like Hell No. We're not gonNA give you fifteen dollars an hour. We're just going to replace you with a machine. It's already happening ran out McDonald's the yeah everybody my Donald's all the McDonald's and Berry have kiosks. That's what I'm saying. So what are your grocery stores were. I don't even know if people remember I made. I'm forty four. I clearly remember the job of a a person at the grocery store mentally packing your groceries but taking it out to to your car and God damn car. Would they do that now. That's what I'm saying that existed and it was awesome. We also regret now. We're freaking scanning our own damn items guests with that beans though. That's what if say all these people that emits it's one person monitoring six or seven machines as opposed to six or seven people. Plus you know two or three people rotating between lines to bag the stuff and and then you know like you said that the carriers that they had you know This these jobs don't exist anymore and this is going to get worse. It's worth more. You're better I mean depending on the way like you you've frame it I mean I but that's what makes this conversation. So important is that it's only worse. I therefore not prepared. That's right it's only worse if we don't prepare our kids for a future where they were they have to understand that You know these these these jobs that exist now will not be there for them. You're not going to be able to fall back on on on a on a manual labor job because there won't be for lack of better words. I'm not or a truck driving job right. Currently exists. It's one of the highest on on. Jobs is the highest paying job. I think he raided it. That all you need is a high school degree to be able to eighty thousand dollars a year tribuna truck it says is much as I get paid at. It's a great career and a lot of them are self employees like own their truck. The company began to make their own decisions agents. It's a super brutal job rock it's a freak and hard ass job by but you can do it and you can earn a great living a middle upper for middle class living in the United States doing that job until it doesn't exist. And that's the scariest part and that's only one job. The I Andrew Yang is actually talking about. It's crazy. Yeah so I am not. I mean the articles ridiculous. Just in the sense that it's harping on this eighty five percent number. I mean okay. Make the number lower. If that's what helps you sleep at night. Whatever I mean seriously the number is the big? It's the the number of automated. Jobs is huge. We know how you cannot see this because it's happening bening already ready so I mean obviously middle-class jobs that came can be automated or going away. Thank thank God You know these similar studies have also done studies on teaching and education is one of those roles that is not easily automated We we know why obviously there's a personal aspect there's a A touch that that that teachers have you know a personal relationship with students that makes a significant difference difference but there is there is tons of jobs that that are just disappearing and The future jobs going to be the roles that developed the software and technology and the means the manufacturing means to create these devices aces and tools and robots that. That do this. This work I listen I think as long as we work with that mind. I think it's a good future. I listen If we can get people to not have to haul rocks on their backs or you you know the pave things and stuff like that like like manual labor if we can get a machine to manual labor. That's that's a good thing thing The the narrative of being a bad thing is because at someone's job the the idea of the job itself and and someone else and and a machine doing that. That's a good thing you know where it's bad is because someone's GonNa lose their income because they're not doing it so we just need to find ways. This is why universal basic income is important because he's giving people a basic income to offset the fact that these roles are no longer going to exist. I would encourage everyone you know. I don't gang doesn't need to be your Guy It's it's a super important concept so by read it. He knows exactly what he's talking about. GO LISTEN TO HIM ON. I think he was on Rogan. He he gave Rogin gave him like all of the time in the world to explain it. sanders on Rogan is also very good by the way And so go go. Listen to Andrew. Yankel listen to him in the debates. Because he's not getting a lot of time but I think the time he's getting he's using well now And I think that I think that there is a role in Labor or commerce for Andrew Yang in almost anyone's administration There absolutely should be Especially the more left candidates like Warren and Sanders. I am I hope that that his voice is someone that doesn't go away when he inevitably. I don't suspect he's kidding. The nomination So you know. I'd like to see his voice at the table. They'll super interesting stuff when we come back. We'll have the best. We'll tackle some of the best Christmas presents you can give for learning with your family and hand at home so stay with us on. Education is brought to you by fresh grade. Are you spending too much time. Stumbling between absent duplicating work WANNA spend more time connecting with your students. Fresh next has powerful new lesson planning tools. That will give you the flexibility you need to focus on engaging and inspiring your students first grade next is designed for teachers and made for learning integrated simple and powerful to learn more about fresh create next and sign up for your free account visit fresh grade. Dot Com on education is brought to you by source technology and the IMPACT Education Conference. Join Jimmy. Casa's says Angela Myers Michael Cohen Jordan. Shapiro the on Education podcast team amazing featured speakers and thousands of educators December fourteenth through seventeenth in Minneapolis Minnesota for the region's best education conference registered now using Promo Code on education. Twenty nineteen for thirty dollars off your registration also with every registration you receive a free book of your choice from one of the amazing speakers to register for the conference visit. IMPACT DOT source will tech Dot Org. That's impact not source will tech DOT ORG are a welcome back to the podcast. Everyone The best is taking the world by storm. And we're about to start our second list because everyone likes lists so welcome to the bassin this This segment is the best. Christmas is coming. Christmas is very soon Twenty no less than and twenty like fifteen sixteen days away holy moly so people are shopping or going. I mean I'll be honest. I won't start shopping until probably the twenty first say twenty four now. The twenty-first is Saturday so that seems like a really good day to do some Christmas shopping. So so we wanted to get this list in For for you folks Before you go out there and maybe you're thinking about some last minute things And we got some ideas on on if you want to extend learning into your home or with your family These are the best gifts for learning at home and with your family so I I started. We got we got nine there in no specific specific order of preference. And I'll start. I'll give you I'll give you the first. Let's say I'll give you the first three or four. I'll give you the first four. 'cause I I. I started thinking about this from a technology perspective. But I I like where Glenn went as well and I'm all in on all of this stuff I think all of these. It's the nine that we're going to give. You are absolutely fabulous. So the first thing that I thought was educational robotic so a lot of these robots that are popular are available salable at retail especially in Canada. So like it in you can go in candidate to a best buy and buy a dash You can go on Amazon and Baya. Ahah Dash Robot you can buy Spiro. You can buy Speros at a lot of retail in the United States as well And these are pretty pretty substantial learning opportunities. You can have fun with them. You can play with them. They are absolutely toys in in a lot of cases. But you know. We know that they're used in schools. And there's a lot of educational opportunities there and the same goes for number two which was Osmo. So if you for anyone who doesn't know what Osmo is it an APP that is on your ipad and there's a little attachment that kind of goes on the top and it scans it scans down on the surface as you interact with different things devices. There is some add ons and I couldn't tell you what all of the add on's are but eh Osmo is very very popular. You can buy it. I think you can even buy to be honest at the apple store It's but it's certainly available pretty widely Lee at retail as well And fairly inexpensive especially for something that's moderately high tech I'm we were going to bring up playing video games so so I mean Best Gay would never hurt for you. You too bye your kid minecraft And and actually just announced today to to make it not to make timely So this is on on Monday. The ninth of December. They actually just announced that the PS four version of Microsoft is going to be the bedrock edition. They're changing over to bedrock ad rock so so now the switch and the xbox in the PS four all GonNa be cross play and running on the same on the same version of minecraft Starting very soon So so that's actually good. That means that the peace four version is going to get things like the aquatic update And and all of this other stuff as well so Bedrock version is is is the the at least. They're trying to make it the more universal version So that's that's a good good thing so you can buy for anything Now at this point and and get a similar experience across all of the all of the different platforms And then finally I'll. I'll end my four here that I had written down with. I mean something. That's obviously a little more expensive. But if you're looking for that one big gift to give one of your kids. I mean we've always we. I mean Isaac our oldest son has an ipod touch And he's been using that for games in for talking with his friends and stuff like that is an ipad or an ipod is is a great gift you can. You can buy them in the entry tablet though. I don't know why you would want to possibly do that. Hashtag heartache take put certainly any sort of tablet device stirs obviously. I mean. We've talked about this before it's about how you use it. Yes see the idea of getting your kid. A tablet should not be something. That's crazy or something you should fear As long as you use them smartly and responsibly. And actually really treat them like they are which is an interesting opportunity to learn as well yes and I I was thinking about just games that have had really really positive osita experiences with as a family. Yeah so they're so an. I'm talking about specifically about board games. I'm not against Competitive Games at one of these Games is a competitive games but there are times when if fit when it feels like that actually there are winners and losers. It's sometimes times I want. Monopoly has a family. I want us as a family to be able to battle against something in this case the game itself and then either come out victorious or are we all lose ketogenic. That's Kinda Games like if you've ever heard a game called Forbidden Island and there's another game called pandemic it's basically you as the players against the game and you can set up different parameters for as far as the difficulty level super enjoyable experience. I have a twelve year old and a seven year old and then of course my wife Plays an even. My inlaws have played. So we're talking about Cross generational national. We're all playing against his game and it's super awesome deal listened to us as strategize Out from the seven year old all the way through my sixty sub year old a father in law all talk and towards beating the game at Super Awesome. There's another game. That's Mike and I enjoyed a lot and I just absolutely love this. This gives called splendor. It's easy to learn any kid from young age to Adults will have fun playing it. Just a great board games so I just put family board games specifically ones go. Try to find some of those. That are that it's everybody's working together versus working against each other then. I put something random on here. 'cause I was like what are the gifts that my kids absolutely love and I think we as parents forget about how much kids love. All of this is paper paper and art supplies surf and then places to get ideas from which are books We are big fans of dungeons and dragons books just places to be able to let your imagination go wild and then letting them draw things out like your your kids to they get super excited about building level. So they become these game designers where they're just cut 'em writing things out and inventing their own characters. Whatever might be be and all of that hyper immagination super amazing? What a inexpensive cost of? What an amazing things that you can go to do? And they've done so much which with that with paper art supplies and books that just will spark your imagination on a techie side. I was thinking about this lot of times. We we don't give our kids enough credit and me and you know that our kids are actually able to do things that we don't even know that they can do with video editing. Ding and music editing So programs like adobe premiere so not just the cheese. I'm not I don't have anything it's moving. It's great for furnace for beginning entry level thing but if your kid really gets into it you can do so much amazing things with things like adobe premiere pro or music editing editing. My brother is into music and recording music and his son is into creating digital music And they use is a program called Abelson which I've been experimenting with and it's a fantastic piece of software where you can actually create your own music you can edit your music to be can create create your own music. It's fantastic. It's what a that would be an amazing gift for your kids. I say hey follow your passion. Let's go do this and talking about following in your passion. This is was the year that me and you talked about like Ninja breaking the ESPN the magazine Cover and say hey east sports gamers. It's a real thing and why not set your kids up with a streaming setup like teach them how to do it and how to do it appropriately so many videos about that only had to set it up at the. Do things appropriately so that you can manage things the right way so things like needing a laptop computer. A camera might not for those kinds of things. It might be expensive thing but you might already have some of the pieces to kind of get started. And I've seen so many streamers that are really good that to start art with basic like super basics. It's in it's all about them either their thing and their personality to be ironic at gone with I am I actually Isaac's best friend. Alex is getting a A Computer for Christmas and he knows he knows he's getting it So I he's actually It's funny he's actually going to spend the night at our house and hang out with Isaac By but I'm going to build Alex's computer with him on our kitchen table so where he. We're going to go to Canada computers. It's a big kind of computer parts store and buy all the pieces video card the motherboard. The hard drives is everything you need to put a computer together. The case everything power supply. We're going to bring it all back to my house will order pizza you know. Do things that kids do when they when they stay overnight but then But then Alex and I and Isaac is going to go watch we're not we can't build Isaac a computer. It's this kid has been saving like for a year and a half. He's got two thousand dollars so he's building a grand by computer. I feel a little bit bad. But I mean if Isaac wants to save you can buy computer to buy so so we're going to buy all these parts for Alex. Alex is going to come over. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA put them all out on the table and we're going to build this computer right. You know that ninety staying overnight And he's GonNa go home the next day with a gaming high end gaming PC. But we'RE GOING TO I. I explained to his mom the value of teaching kids how to actually build a computer. Pewter victims is such a cool experience like I have bought a desktop computer in over at well over fifteen years. I've been building my own. Desktop computers others For a long time Not only am I saving money but I actually find it fun And when you learn about things like that you can help your family and your friends things with their computers so so I think it was a fun opportunity to do something I enjoy but also you know. Teach Alex how how to build computers. And he'll take that skillman use it. The rest of his life probably Freakin awesome On on my list here I also had something that maybe people don't think about not at that speed musical instruments. Yeah I I watched one time. A music teacher of Zander's my older Sud God and he was probably only by eight seven or eight years old and the music teacher taught them all all the kids how to play the Ukulele and they just played two cords. I think they were playing yellow submarine by the Beatles. You know and I was like Oh God. Yeah that's what I'm talking about uh-huh showing like a six or seven year old kid whether they had musical billtown to whatever might be he got them all. They're all playing this yellow submarine and learning how to strum in hold hold Chord Two chords and I'm like yes so getting your kid a Ukulele twenty five dollars entry. You know a really good one is about one hundred dollars. I mean that's a pretty quickly. Yeah and awesome the play. The neck is tiny. It's it plays amazing that you can really learn two or three chords. It's very easily by holding down one finger fantastic thing or other types. The I was also thinking about maybe non traditional. They're not into. Let's say at Acoustic Lustig instrument like a like a guitar or a an actual instrument like a trumpet or something else like that Things like Midi boards. You may not know what that is. Basically kids could be into electronic music Making their own beats of things so moving them away from a already. Something digitize is it spin made for them so for example in garage band fantastic tool nothing against it but you can actually make those sounds that come out at garage band with a Midi Board as they could learn basically pitch of keys in and be able to go to make their own sounds crazy things or whatever might be able to go out and do something something like Dj setups. Those kinds of things. And then finally I was like thinking about this and it's the thing that being you are are really into basically thinking about just just take a trip to not maybe during the holiday vacations but you say hey we're going to go do this and really encouraging you guys to step out of your comfort zones as far as is typical family vacation places because your family vacation could just be somewhere. You just haven't visited in your local region so there's so many places we don't visit national parks this great places to etc and that those experiences are things that you and your kids are going to always remember Birtwell. Yeah go to twenty. Twenty twenty is the year that that we travel like our family travels more And we start seeing conscious about that Is it Jacob. Neither of them have ever been on an airplane. and scurvy and I think Sheryl's actually only been on an airplane like twice in her whole Both with me if I remember correctly too so I think twenty twenty is like we're going to commit to travelling more as a family we kind of started last summer there when we went to Montreal together But I think we're going to we're hoping to take the whole Family Day Sti which you know is a typical traveling thing is it is Disneyland? I mean the kid like I said the kids have never even been on an airplane Mesa. So it'll be that'll be a pretty radical experience And it's funny because one of the things that I speaking to what you were talking about there Burien -Tario has like one of the best junior junior hockey teams in North America. And I think that we've been to one berry colds game and I've been living here for over a decade mm-hmm so that's an example of something like and it's not expensive ticket vanishes offensive so I should be doing that kind of thing. A whole the Carina. The five thousand. It's just on the road like it's five minutes from my house to go to go to the Barrie colts arena and there's a restaurant in the arena like we could have dinner we can go to the game and probably in and out under two hundred bucks so it's not like you have to spend thousands of dollars to go spend some time away from somewhere with your family. You just got to choose to do it. I think is what I'm finding for myself and my family so hopefully take a trip people. Yeah do it twenty twenty so there. It is a year the trip the year of the trip hopefully So that was the best we got. We got nine nine things and We'd love up to hear what you do this Christmas and coming of what you've if you've bought any of this kind of stuff Weighing let us know chat with us on the on the chat Give some of your own ideas for things that might be a good gifts for learning at home and with your family. I am when we come back. We'll be joined by Rachelle. DNA Post so stay with US on education is brought to you by fidgets. FIDGETS are interactive USB USB sensors that support all major programming languages that make physical computing. Easy fidgets keep the emphasis on coating while increasing student. Engagement and the Best S. part is that you can get started for free right now simply go to bitterly slash fits on education to get your introductory kit that includes a free censor with over fifty dollars. That's bit least slash fidgets on education. All right welcome back to the podcast everyone Rachelle Denny. Both is is a language and stem teacher. Who designed the course? What's next in emerging technology? She was selected as one of the twenty to watch by the SBA. She's a future ready. Instructional coach a Microsoft innovative educator expert and near pod Pioneer Rachelle. We'll be the presenting at twenty twenty on a number of topics around. Ai are in VR in the classroom. Welcome back to the PODCAST. Thank you for having May Day. I was actually trying to think back to when you're on it before it was at. FETC last year live. We were we were in the hall. which is awesome and Are you since you're going to. FETC obviously next year. We'll we'll have you back and we'll sit down and chat again. 'cause those chats are always find they're a a little bit different than these kind of you know for more formal interviews. Those those are a blast. So I'm excited to see you in. I guess a couple of weeks right. That's crazy I I just can't even wrap my head around the fact that like what the date is today. I feel like there's just been this time-warp over the last two months and it's like wait. Did we already have Thanksgiving or like. Yeah it's time flies for sure so for anyone who has a met you or is unfamiliar with your work. Could you share a a little bit about yourself a little bit of your story and kind of what has led you to talking to us today. Yeah I have always is love. Learning and people were sometimes surprised that just you know if I presented a conference and I might present on a topic because I teach Spanish so it might be on assessment tolls or digital storytelling and then some of my sessions are on augmented virtual reality artificial intelligence and the biggest thing is when people meet me. They're like well. How did you become involved in teaching a course on emerging tag or you know involved with steam and if it goes back to long ago as a student I was always fascinated saved by technology very interested in learning and seeing how you know can apply to the classroom both as a student as as as a teacher now but the connection was that with my school they I had gotten a grant to move our library maker space and teaching foreign languages French and Spanish both at the time the arts was me and so that was kind of my entrance into that and at first the first two years I was teaching how invert robots which were my principal asked me to teach birds I really did not know that they were robots? I thought thought that they were in fact the burs on and so it was kind of confusing to me and I didn't admit to him at the time because I I'm not gonna even just going to say yeah. Okay sounds great and then I went on Google did and so that was the first two years and then over the past. I think this is my fourth year with the emerging tech just the connections. I've had with students and being able to work with them and build relationships has just made such a difference personally and professionally. But it's pushed me to go out and keep doing things like learning and going to conferences making connections with people you know educators from around the world because for probably I'd say I keep saying the first fifteen years of my career. I kept myself highly in isolation elation just the choice that I made and now that you know when I can look back on that and see what my life is like for my students mostly now compared to back. Then it's like wow I wish I could go back and do it all over again because not only did it impact me personally professionally but like the opportunities that I could have had for my students so people often say you know well. What's what's your investment? What are you so interested in? And it's just keeping myself going and not missing opportunities because you never know when that one thing that you come across with that one interaction you have somebody is going to be like the one thing that somebody else needs. No and so I just keep going and where I am now I truly would not beheaded not been for an my law school experience because I went to law school. I had a mentor. Who Basically I mean at that point? I probably would have gotten out of teaching but because of that relationship led me to see you know teaching differently the relationship teachers differently and really reengaged me and ever since then. It's just been a gradual growth process. But the things that I'm doing now I guarantee I would not have done. Had it not been for my own relationship with mentor and then building the relationships with my students I'll tell you that mentor. Bid Is is huge. It's big for me too. It's been a huge part of my life and growth as a as an educator I mentioned all the time. Karl Hooker is one of the people that I definitely would call a mentor. I talked to him weekly even now still And it's great because we have so much that we can relate to each other now where like when we when I first started talking to Karl he was already like doing all of this. Amazing stuff and You know I find every everyone should have a mentor. Everyone should have someone that they feel like. They can can speak to in a safe way to talk about the things. They're struggling with talk about the things that they're they're dealing with talk about wanting to quit when they wanNA quit. But then I I needed someone that could smack me around a little bit too. Because I'm always in so many different places in my head Mentorship is huge right. uh-huh definitely yeah and it's not you know wherever you go. In education typically most schools. I believe do tend to assign the newer teachers whether your first first time teaching or new to the building to have a mentor is sometimes those relationships that have been set in place for us and quite honestly what I've noticed is just for myself. There have been somewhere they just kind of formed in. It's not like you have a mentor or a mentor for somebody. It just Kinda Volvos on your connections but in keeping myself in isolation like I had mentors but honestly I avoided those contacts for a long period of time because I was struggling as a teacher and I was afraid of the feedback for people to say to see. I guess that you know. Maybe I wasn't doing that great and now that's something I wish I could obviously go back and change but but that's what we need those mentors forest be able to have somebody to speak to comfortably. That's GonNa be there to support you and not be like. Oh Yeah. You're the worst teacher ever you know but to give you some guidance dance and give you the push back that you need when you need it so you're busy very busy. You speak about opportunities and not wanting to miss. It's the window where you know you could have that chance to to make an impact and I mean I'd like to maybe talk we're GonNa talk about the books in a little bit but you you've written the number of books or edited or like Collaborated with a Lotta people on a on. A lot of books You do sessions at conferences. All over the world all over North America You have so much going on and I'm curious other than that piece that you talked about not wanting to miss opportunities and stuff like that. What drives you to be as busy as you are? I think everyone's one's a little bit different. I'm pretty busy myself. Cleanse extremely busy as well but all of us are a little bit different. I'm curious what motivates you. Yeah it's just I mean. Part of it is just knowing how many opportunities I missed you know years ago Part of it is I mean and I think no matter what we do. It's always going to be the case. God I wish I had more time or I wish I would have done this. And so that's a big part of what makes up my mind set on a daily basis. Is You know yeah. I might be tired tired and I think I don't really want to go and do this. I don't want to volunteer time or do something but then when I think back to then and I think you know what what's what's the difference it's one opportune. I mean who knows what kind of an impact it might have on somebody else on myself. So that's definitely a big piece of it and like I said I love learning I love reading and I'm just curious all the time and so I have a system that I use every single day. That kind of I mean I wouldn't say it keeps me balanced but it keeps me we kind of going and being able to do a lot of different things and that's important to me because I really do want to be a person that has different ideas ideas and experiences. So if somebody's looking for help I might not know the answer but hopefully somewhere along the way I picked up something or I know somebody that can help this other person. If that's that's the case so what's your system. What are you doing? What are you doing every day with how you managing all of this? I mean I do sleep because people ask ask all the time. I don't mean I it's not enough. I'm sure but I've just come up with different like hacks in different ways to be a little bit more efficient. Just I've been really good for probably the last probably seven or eight weeks now that taking taking time getting out of the house after work on the weekends and going for a walk so while I take a walk sometimes I do just listen to music but then I feel like so. They shouldn't just listen to music. I want to catch on podcast so there are certain. PODCAST I listen to. I might be doing an email or writing a blog and a couple of years ago. Jason Redmond saw me at summer spark and I was like pacing in this room. And he's like what are you doing because I was talking to my phone. I said I'm writing a blog. And he said what do Wean is just using the audio the voice and that is huge for me. I mean really. I've been doing that too and it's it's a game changer. John Join me in mentioned that on the podcast a month or two ago and since then like I'm writing a book and I'm not near Enough Don and and it's like it changed everything for me to be able to speak. And then I can go back and edit it later but talking the words has helped it is and you know like last year when I was doing a lot of different writing sometimes I would open up and I might have your brain. Just goes all all over the place ace but I would go. Walk the neighborhood for an hour and I'd come back and I'd have different parts of different blogs or whatever it was sometimes like two or three thousand words granted you have to really go through carefully. And what was I actually saying here. That rhymes with But as opposed to sitting down and typing in writing it and all of that so that type of thing you know just the learning because there's so many opportunities for us to learn on the go now it's not like you actually have to go and sit somewhere. You can be sitting at home watching your Webinar and reading a blog. Because we all multitask. I mean whether or not we're effective at that we know but just trying to catch up and do a little bit every single day or have a routine. When I get up every morning I set aside like a good thirty minutes to just read so I've been trying to read one book every week and just keep that going I read the book? Stillness bonuses the key Glenn Robbins had given that to speakers we spoke at the rewire conference back in October. And I finished reading a couple of weeks ago and it really is a good reminder of like making that time and having some quiet just ping still so it came at a good time for me to read that but it is hard to find balance and to Kinda Eh stop when you get that momentum going yeah so speaking of stopping This is something I struggle with a lot and I think may maybe you can give me and Our listeners some advice on this The idea of saying no has has come up a lot for me. I was with Jennifer our mutual fund Jennifer Kesse tied in Halifax a couple of weeks ago and we spend a lot of time talking about. Oh saying no to more things Because you WANNA be really well for me. It's because I want to be effective really effective at the things that I really wanted to do but I I find that the last year so I've said yes to almost everything And it's it's starting. It's just starting to wear me out So I'm thinking a lot about how I can say no more and what I say no to Because obviously there are lots of really cool opportunities that come up when you you write books and you do a lot of speaking and and The blogging you get asked to to be pulled in different directions so What is your thought about? You know what you say no to what you're saying yes to these days and and why and kind of That that sort of thought process. I'd be interested interested in hearing your ideas there. I think I need to hear some ideas to ask but it is tough because you you know I I really do like helping people and for many years. I wasn't a person people reached out to to ask for because I really what I was just doing my job and I. I was just focusing on what I need to focus on but now I do get emails or DMZ the same as you and we all do. We get a lot of that and I think in. It's hard art again to do this but I really have to look at what it is and the time commitment and kind of Wade out against the other commitments that I have and who they're too you know Something I probably get anywhere from ten to fifteen emails a day most days that are asking for you to read over something or to give fifteen twenty minutes for a call or something like that and you know fifteen. Twenty minutes doesn't seem like that much time but whatever you have like seven or eight of those fifteen in twenty minutes in the same day and I've in some cases what I've done is I've said you know I can't really do this right now. I'm interested posted in it. Could you could you pull up with me. And I'll look at my calendar and I'll find where I have like a bigger window of time and say we have to look at it. I just right now. I have these other projects and demands on my time or way behind on deadline that feeling and say please follow up with me. Because I don't want to. I don't think I can just flat out say no. Oh without at least giving the time to look at what it is or even just quickly glance at something and say hey. Here's my quick thoughts. If you want to follow up with me again and a couple of weeks please do but right now. I'm kind of you know and I'm honest like a kind of overwhelmed with a lot of things because people Glenn tend to know that you're not just saying like nope not GonNa do it but you have other things going on too and so I think maybe that's part of part of it so it's not like maybe they know for now or it's another one that not yet like they know just not yet sought Rochelle you run and participate in so many twitter chats and I feel like I've learned that connected to so many people on chats but for those teachers that are reluctant to join or fearful. What are some of the reasons why you would recommend joining in on twitter and actually joined the chats to get the full experience? Yeah it's funny because for years I didn't want anything to do with any social media. Facebook facebook definitely know twitter. I completely misunderstood you. Know the value in that there were these educators on those platforms. And so it's kind of funny. It's a story I tell the time Whenever I finally got my my account on twitter I think it was in two thousand fourteen and I had no idea what I was doing and I came across a Hashtag? It was widely Ed chat. What and there was some people in there? I didn't know where where they were either but ended up being Tennessee. Here's Pennsylvania. Tennessee chat just was like okay trying to figure out how to work the chat and the following year when I went to Itchy in Philly in two thousand fifteen we got to meet face to face and but we don't really build that relationship over the prior six seven months and having that first experience and there were a couple other chats I was in I was doing I think at the time it was was it sat sat. I think it was a west coast chat. I was like sat chat. WC and so. I was doing that on Saturdays. And I did T- lap and I think one or two more totally not getting. It's still amazed at just kind of looking the conversations now. People were kind of joining in. It can be overwhelming because there are some nights. There's just chats backed back you got like three chests at at the same time but what. I recommended people when at least what worked for me. Initially was finding one chat connecting just in that and just kind of following along or maybe if you don't have some of them that are an hour that's a big time commitment to at night so maybe setting aside fifteen minutes just to check it out with the conversation is you know. There's definitely definitely no shortage of recommendations out there. I have some that. I could definitely recommend that. I'm in new drummer now. Let's see it's Monday. So formative chat is one that I have been doing for probably four years and I'm co host of it every week. It's a thirty minute chat. Seven thirty to eight eastern. Lots of different people tonight. We had a lot of students currently in their first or second year of college studying education and Special Education. So that's always nice again and also some in pre service teachers coming into so that's always good. You got T- lab you got Ed Tech Chat Barbara Gray has rethink learning. I mean I could go through the whole week and then even like on the weekends. It's nice like Saturday mornings. There are a couple of chats just thirty minutes so the Nice Way to start your day. Yeah there's Jerry Sira uh-huh Cyberia men has the whole all the chatter out there too. I think the best advice just find one. Ask friends or just see what's trending pick one and just kind of follow through the hang of it but not do it too much like all right. This is I can't. It's too much to handle. I just for a set period of time just to see how how quickly you can learn and connect so first of all congratulations from both of us about your new book. The future is now and I really enjoy your take on superheroes. And that's what I want you to actually talk about right now and how you relate them to both educators and our students and you state educators are superheroes and. I believe that students are superheroes as well. And you have this take on wonder woman of other things that you describe and Can you just talk a little bit about that. The relationship because I've heard unfortunately the exact opposite kind of take where people take offense to this. I'd just enjoyed your take as far as how you actually see a superhero as a regular person doing extraordinary things for the good of others. That's really kind of your your Turpitidinem. Sorry I just revealed it. Could you talk more about kind of that. Whole taken in your book in general? Can you give our audience like a preview abutted. And so. That's you know. If they're interested in purchasing they know what this is about the wonder woman thing so I mean as a kid you know. That's always what I was watching. I was just fascinated by like here. She is this woman and nobody knows who she is. She just like she's working. And all of a sudden you it just goes and takes care of whatever it is that needs to be taken care of or whoever needs to be rescued. And when I was was writing that I actually came across a sketch note wrote by Sylvia Duckworth a couple of years ago and it was about superheroes and so I sort of kind of peace these thoughts together and I mean for me. You know some of my students. I think they're superheroes because having those relationships and the connections I made with them completely pulled me out isolated experience and showed me You know to be. I guess the courage to be a little bit. I guess braver. Take some risks because for years and you're a language teacher to we want our students to see and I'm the front room and do a presentation like what do you mean you don't want to present in front of this. Is your classmates and one year. There were these seventh graders. They came into a teacher. PD Session Shen. And they stood up in the front of the room and they're presenting and I remember sitting there thinking I've written about this to like. Oh my gosh I I would not want to stand in the front of my peers and I stayed away from in as much as I could like. No I'll propose what's up. I'll pass the papers. I not speaking and that was like the first moment for me where I thought like. I'm asking them to do things I would did. Not Do myself and just like all of that kind of together. gave me the courage to start stepping out but it was by seeing what the students were doing who were just putting themselves out there and like you say about the superheroes there can be that like that negative part of it but I really do think it's the people that just kind of step in when they need to. It's not like they're asked it's not like they want anything from it. I mean that's my perception of it of what I what I consider it to be and you just kind of like just just pick something up or help somebody out and then you just keep going where you're going and it's not necessarily like you don't necessarily have some great caution that'd be cool. I'M NOT GONNA lie. I do have some wonder woman things like right now. But just go about your business and I think it's just like an innate characteristic of quality that you have that you you have this power that could be considered a superhero for whatever your strength is helping to lift others up love that so I just took a look on while you were talking on the website. And you're so I mean this is insane for stuff you're doing. You're doing ten sessions. Andy like Glades League Cleanse Byun at any age you're doing ten sessions and a book signing. Yeah and there's there are some things that are not even listed in there right now and so I stopped psychopaths and a good in and all of these sound incredibly interesting. I just before I left the classroom. Actually I was doing a lot of work with infographics And giant big big graphic design projects with information and data on them. I loved talking but that stuff with my kids near doing a session on Info graphics so I might actually swing by and and take a look at that but I would love to hear here a little bit more about any of these that you're like really geeked up about And and you know gives gives someone or sell your sessions Russians. Let's talk about. Let's talk about these and and and And get some people to come up with doing some really cool stuff at FETC at the schedule schedule is it's it's a little overwhelming How that happened? But it's interesting that type of sessions too because I do have like artificial intelligence. It's in the Ar Vr and then the infographics and someone near Pod and I'm doing sandbox and the Sandbox Jamie Donnelly for a couple of hours on that Wednesday but what I mean. The things that I share are things that most of which that I've done in my classroom of course with my eighth graders some of it also in my Spanish classes because there's a couple of years ago my Spanish to students for like. Hey how come we don't ever get to do this. Like augmented virtual reality cool stuff. Like eighth graders too and I didn't have an answer for that I. I don't know I didn't really ever think about it. So they're like okay. We need to do this and What I've found is we did a project using co spaces and just just? I didn't really know what I was doing with them because I never used it in Spanish class but I got this project together they collaborated and aside from you. Know creating eating something. That was cool like the eighth graders at that time. I was amazed at a year later that those students remembered the content the grammar and all of the stuff because it was dealing narrating reading a past tense whereas vanished tenses and the fact that they could collaborate and work on the same project and I saw them building their clever. The coversation skills skills. You know social emotional. Learning was in there a digital citizenship It was more meaningful authentic. Because they're creating but then being able to look for different things to put into their project in attached the Spanish word meaning and do all those other things like they built so many skills in that but the recall on it. I was like wasn't doing this before. So a a lot of things that I present my sessions are my stories. But it's actual the student work or some of it start. It's my idea like hey here's one way we can use this his tool but over the time that we've used it. My class students have come up with some really great ideas for using it a lot of which came by saying well. You know what not really whatever you want to create is fine nine crossing my fingers well but you want to give them choices but then you know things that I thought. Oh my gosh. I never thought of that. I'd have students come in and say hey. I made my my new podcast center. I did my buddy Mike. What do you mean and they said I do it wrong and I said well? I'm not really sure what you did. And so to do like a verb lesson or to do a presentation Asian for project based learning. These students just decided to use those tools which we had used collectively before to make their own project independently and like that was not anything that I ahead ever thought of offering and so being able to say. Hey you know having skills in something like powerpoint is great but a student can take something that's like a multimedia tool and put all of these different components in it you know that is going to be a skill that they're going to need moving forward so you know my sessions. I give a lot of practical ideas. I show a lot of examples tons of resources available because I always say like. I don't know all the answers. 'cause I'm not an expert on just somebody that really likes to do all of this stuff but can you share and can get Jamie to come in or go and Jamie sessions too because with me in the classroom and she's just amazing when it comes to the Ar Vr to be go back and forth so people come into our sessions. It's not specific to like elementary middle higher education or a specific role. Like I can find sometimes with the help of the people. There are ways to make a connection that somebody I mean everybody can walk away with something to us. So that's most important for me and then like the infographics one one is more than just like one type of thing that you create like. What are the different ways we can use this? And how do they build helps students to build the skills for the future. Sure which. I'm still learning as I go with what I always say. Trying to brainstorm new ideas so I like having a mix of sessions just because I get to do so many different things with my students and I'd just like the share with a do I mean if it weren't for them I would be. That teacher kept in my room for many years ago. So Rachelle. How can people connect with you? Learn more about how to find your book to be able to purchase Tell us anything. That's as far as connection all right. Well I am very consistent when it comes to all the handles and everything so on twitter instagram. My email if you add g mail. It's always R D nine one five which very predictable first name or first initial middle name per se but not. Nobody needs any gifts or anything like that so no worries but I do have a blog site too so same thing it's rj nine one. I five as far as books. They are on Amazon. I actually have my newest one is coming out this Friday the thirteenth picked as my launch date. Because it's called unconventional you know and that has a lot of great well great ideas but it has a lot of ideas. nottage mind but I gathered some examples from my educator. Friends like up what. The projects look like in their classrooms at different levels. They're all on Amazon. The ones from Edgy match on Edgy match. I have a short link. It's and it's just both books and that that was like luckily that was not taken. It takes you right there but thanks so f twenty twenty s in Miami in January and can you can learn about Rochelle's sessions and Still register to to attend at FETC FETC DOT Org. Thanks for joining us. This was awesome. Thank you thanks for listening to on education my name is Glenn Irvine my co host. Is Mike Washburn on. Education is part of the education. PODCAST network you can listen to this show and many others great educators like Jennifer Gonzalez Matt Miller alert and many more by visiting. Edu PODCAST NETWORK DOT COM. WanNa get in touch with us. Check out our website at on education. PODCAST DOT COM. You can tweet us at on Education Pod. Mike is at Mr Washburn on twitter and I can be found at IRV Spanish. You can find us on facebook book by visiting FACEBOOK DOT com slash on education pod. Were also on Instagram at on Education Pod. If you're enjoying the show and think others would to. We would be thrilled if you shared it with them. Please leave us a rating or review in Apple. PODCAST for the Google play store when you leave a rating it gives our rankings of boost this helps others discover the show. We want to thank our presenting sponsor class crap for supporting US CHECK OUT CLASS CRAFT DOT COM slash on education to learn more about them have. 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