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"Don't even realize what you're looking at sometimes cream. So but the second or third night in Guangzhou we went right into the city so we were on the outskirts at a pretty nice hotel on the outskirts but we went into the city and again. It's one of these like absolutely massive cities skyscrapers as far as you can see but there was something like so Washington is like the Tech Co. it's like the Silicon Valley of of Asia. So it's very high tack. The buildings are all. I'm very new. Because Chen was a little fishing village in the nineteen eighties. Like had fifteen thousand people living in and now it's fifteen million people people are is So so put the so. All the buildings are less than thirty years old ish Guan show that was a little bit. Different I found it to be more like a capital city. It almost looked like there's so. There's a lot more gardens a lot less or a lot of of big kind of expansive epoch spaces that we walked through the the walkway from the so. They have their own tower called the Canton Tower. It's taller I'm in the San Tower. I believe now at this point. I think it's the second or third tallest building in the world and we went up to the top of it That's where my new. You are my new twitter profile. Picture is from the top of the Canton Tower in Guangzhou and then you we kinda went down and then we took the subway To US space that you can kind of see from the tower but it's it's like this causeway it's almost like the the mall in in Washington. DC Where you go kind of from from the Capitol building to the Lincoln Memorial and and if you turn to the right you go to the The White House. It was very like expensive like wide. I Walk Way a causeway from walking and it was absolutely beautiful And the lights and then we went on a boat tour Of the river that kind of runs through that city and and just the the skyline stunning I've never seen anything like these cities So I I. I've been told that Shanghai and Beijing are the other two cities that are similar But like one JOE has fifteen million people in it. So there are half his many people in Guangzhou as in all of Canada. Oh my behind for context crazy right so so I mean gene the scale of everything. Nothing is small in China. That's I think the one thing that I one of the funny phrases I took away. We we laugh about it eventually because they just don't do anything small everything massive and giant and They're very very proud. That's I think one of the interesting takeaways I have to. They're very proud of who they are. They're very proud of where they're from the proud of their food. They're proud of their lifestyle. Even they're very a lot of them are very proud like in the same in the same way. That Americans are proud Out To be American Chinese very proud to be Chinese and I think that I think that that's a context that a lot of Americans means in me to like Canada. Doesn't have the same kind of flag-waving proud nece that that America has we differentiate on not not quite a bit. I mean that's fairly well known China's very proud of of what they've accomplished and and While I am in no way defending anything that they do that you know we know. We know the bad things that they do. And and and how they Govern and stuff like that but but most Chinese want to show you what they've accomplished and they're very proud when they talk about it. So it's not you can frame some of the stuff in the whole narrative of wanting to prove their dominance over people and like they build towers is because they want to be the best and stuff like that but I think they also just build towers because they're proud that they can and they've accomplished like like this. This was a country that one hundred fifty one hundred years ago. Well you know New York City was building the Empire State Building and there were towers in New York City already. China was still basically a third world country and How far along? They've come to build some of these. These places is is absolutely stunning in a stunning accomplishment and They they really wanNA share with you. the things that they've done and how well they feel like they're doing and the companies are very proud like the people that we've dealt with as far as the businesses are very proud to be you know Chinese businesses and they talk about that in a way that you can tell that they They they want the world to give them some credit for the things that they're doing kind of thing It's it was. There's an interesting social dynamic there there And and there's some weird interesting like so weird tidbit and I was warned about this. Thank God I was warned about this but It is a the thing of pride though when they hand you their business card. So so you you. You're in business. You have business cards. I've business cards. Whatever you you give someone a business card the hand it with two hands? I'm trying to get the hand. It with two hands like they hold it up and they hold each side like that and they'll hand it to you with two hands and then you're expected to receive their business card with two hands and that's it's an and you'll find that the hotels will do that to they'll give you your hotel key with two hands and so there's this weird kind of respect thing going on even with business cards For for being obviously incredibly communist they're incredibly good catalysts. That's that was the other everything that my biggest take my other big takeaway was that these guys know how to do business and you shouldn't kid yourself that they're they are I I I. The conflicts are abound with the Chinese in terms of like They're focused on how many people most people work like six days a week And are working incredibly hard constantly And it's it's it's all of that was pretty interesting that the business side in the way they work in you know them wanting to show us you know the city. The sites was was pretty interesting. Stuff food you want food. Oh boy you're like a guy I made. If people don't know you I I see you as someone. That has a a large pallet as far as different types of food. You're you're into them At it's not even just in the on the protein or whatever might be side that people would be like okay. Of course you know steak and Blah Blah Blah by even on vegetables and other things you're like passionate about food in general so I was like okay food and drinks. You wrote some things like you are like about certain things and in certain things baby you know. We're like amazing so that the first the first night we we got to Guangzhou which which is a lot more. It seemed like a lot more of a traditional place though. Hotel restaurant was very traditional Chinese And and the two fell. Well as we were whistles Ramey and myself and then to the the guys for make block He one of the guys picked from the menu. First off the menu. It was a novel like. I'm seriously it was like easily an inch almost an inch thick and it was in giant book. We're talking like a like a legal title sized paper size book very heavy leg when she put it down when the the server put down on the table. Boom like it's like putting like this the giant Ancient Tome of food on your table because everything has pictures ordering food is incredibly complicated in China Lick even for the Chinese Multiple Times. Did we have people come back in like clarify our orders. I didn't hear what they were. I didn't understand what they were asking but I can understand that they were saying. Okay do you want it like this or do you want it like this not in the same way as we say I'd like the sour cream on aside either like in like these more technical ways they were asking for clarifications on preparation which was wild. That's crazy so I didn't particularly like my first meal in Guan Show I didn't like a lot of the stuff that was dated. It kind of made me mad because I pride myself like you said on being a bit of a Foodie having a pretty open mind But in particular some of the fish preparations were for a little bit gross to me I. Those are the things that I I was having a hard time dealing with And even some of the the the meat stuff was was interesting a lot of the pork stuff that I had was like mushy pork. Like they had like mushed it up with like a Maschera before they put it into whatever the hell they put it into. You know it was in different ways but it was always like like this mushy meat. That really was was like a gelatinous texture than I that I wasn't enjoying very much It was funny. Though the second night I went out for dinner with the same first guy that ordered At the first restaurant but with his boss so a different guy and this time I like I took control. which you know is really strange when you're her I didn't know what I was looking at the pictures and guessing what it was but I took the menu from the guy and I was like no? I'm ordering this time and I I went through and everything is shared like you. You're not ordering in dish for yourself you ordering share Emily Sierra Lights. Yeah Yeah Yeah everything. Every meal I had was like a shared meal type experience. Come in so I ordered seven or eight different things and they bring them out on the you know the big giant Lisi Susan's And put them down so you can spin the table around and grab whatever you want to grab at the time you want it pretty cool And I saw I enjoyed the second meal much more even though it was still a lot of it. It was very traditional Chinese but I understood. You know the preparations and the style and and it was good. I enjoyed it a lot. almost always my favorite parts of my meals. Where were the the way that they prepare? The Bok Choi in particular They I had it about. What's I mean I had it almost every meal for stop it's everywhere But the ways it was prepared with garlic ginger and stuff like that was always absolutely really fantastic and the the FO was awesome. Like I had it for breakfast almost every day. There was like you know how like different hotels else. You'll you'll have like an Omelet Bar Omelette station where you put the stuff in a bowl and then you give the bowl to the to the person and they mix it up with the egg and then they call you. They ring your bell or whatever when when you're omelettes ready or you just wait for it. they had that but with folks so so you would put the stuff whatever you wanted. Mushrooms Bok Choy you. You know whatever and pick your type noodle put it all in a bowl give the bowl to the to the preparation person and they get it together. Friends and crazy I Noodles like every morning for breakfast which was absolutely fabulous What else is really strange? I didn't The coffee coffee was fine but the milk is different. Milk is a lot at least a milks that I had were all like quite a bit richer quite a thicker like like not like a two percent milk. There was like a a seven percent average or your normal like one percent. Two percent milk was like a five percent milk. And you could whole milk which you could tate totally taste the difference. So the food was interesting. the fried rice has were all really good. I had some Chinese Sushi I'm like Sushi prepared. It was still Japanese. But there's there's like a Chinese takeout Sushi and it was all really good. The SUSHI was good. I love Sushi so I had that a couple of times The Food was interesting. I kept saying to my wife. Says she would have hated it. She wouldn't have eaten like hardly at all So if you you have like if you're like a chicken fingers French fries person or like if if if fancy meal for you is Spaghetti and meatballs. China China's not going to China's not going to go over well for you. 'cause there's a lot of fishes with heads. Long them and stuff like Oh yeah so for our audience out there. Would you recommend it as a bucket list item So maybe it's time I'll say this I'll say this I would be fine not going back to China..

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