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Boston BLM Leader Hit With Federal Fraud, Conspiracy Charges

Mark Levin

01:24 min | 1 year ago

Boston BLM Leader Hit With Federal Fraud, Conspiracy Charges

"We also have the Boston Black Lives Matter leader and her husband have been hit with federal fraud and conspiracy charges Canon grants attorneys said we remain fully confident Monica will be vindicated when it complete factual record emerges Now this seems to be an issue with a number of the top race over there at BLM If it even exists anymore Monica cannon grant a Black Lives Matter leader in Boston and her husband Clark grant were hit with an 18 page federal indictment for fraud and conspiracy on Tuesday Federal authorities allege they have defrauded a large sum of donor dollars out of over $1 million in grants or donations given to their nonprofit violence in Boston which aims to help violence survivors in the city Can and grant a prominent BLM organizer was arrested outside of her beantown home Tuesday She declined to comment at the courthouse after being released on personal recognizance Now that's interesting You have Jesse Smollett You have this BLM crook or a ledge crook The released immediately You have a January 6th you have individuals from January 6th who never did anything violent but trespass and parade and many of them have been sitting in jail for months

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