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"Instead of taking a hit during the pandemic one business owner in san diego thrived the key to her success. Here's abc's cannon wentworth with another look at this sweet success story. Here's one of my brownies. We are making today at that. Oh that smells like heaven. Rachel king has been whipping up gourmet confections that some of san diego's top restaurants for over a decade but after leaving her job as a pastry chef behind to start her own business. This thirty seven year. Old mother of two is now creating sweet trees with the special ingredient liquid cannabis. I love our guava. Tamarind jellies Those are cbd anti-age salt. One of those. I love are salted toffee blonde as well. So it's you know depends on and you have somebody that's doing taste testing. I mean i mean to me. That's not a word position that feral she launched her company cana. Six years ago soon after medical marijuana became legal in california then when pot was legal for recreational use can expand it. I really didn't have any experience. Baking with cannabis at all but my partners had a lot of knowledge so they came with the business sense the cannabis experience and then i brought the baking piece to the table with products like cannabis infused butter cookies chocolate. Candies with pistachios or triple chocolate brownies. It's no surprise. Her business is booming in the last couple years. Edible sales around five or six percents of total cannabis sales in two thousand twenty. That was up to ten percent. Edibles are really easy. Entry point for the industry to grow their consumer base eighteen states in washington. Dc currently allow cannabis to be sold for recreational consumption into our latest products. That are the truffle bars. And i'm obsessed with us you're obsess. Yes while many of us were in cova. Nineteen lockdown california's cannabis industry was classified as essential to be considered. An essential worker. Was an interesting feeling to say the least rachel's factory ramping up. Production with demand increasing more than twenty percent throughout twenty twenty. I think that people are dabbling. More you know. They didn't have to go to work every day. So they figured. Well i'll try this sales of cannabis. Edibles rose even more nationwide with an estimated forty five percent increase in twenty twenty. We started with five employees. Now we have about fifty employees. What are the pandemic really done for your business. Would you say. I mean we've definitely thrived during this period described to me what these new marijuana users are like. I mean they could be you or me and it could be young moms. It could be grandma's or grandpa's new consumers like edibles for a number it's discreet edibles in eagle markets. Have very specific dosage information. So let's say it's two point five milligrams or five milligrams of thc the active ingredient. You know exactly what you're going to get back but you may not feel it right away. The effects of some edibles can take up to two hours. What does it mean for you when all of a sudden you find yourself deemed an essential business but restaurants all around. You are closing down. I had a little bit of survivor's guilt because i see chefs that i work with Cooks that i've worked with and their home without a job. You're giving them a lifeline. I mean they gave me a lifeline to write because they had skills and nine hundred people. One of those new hires cameron jacob a twenty year hospitality worker. who lost her job in the pandemic. she's now cana sales director. Can you tell me about what you've seen. From a sales perspective a feel like the majority of people i talked to my friends and family is the common theme you know. They may not have ever felt comfortable saying they smoke a joint at a function but to say like oh. I tried one year edibles. It really helped me sleep. We hold ourselves to the highest standards. But we're also held to the highest standards to comply with state law. Every batch of cannabis edibles are sent to a nearby lab for testing edibles and any kind of his product tested very quickly in california in particular cannabis products. Xp tracked what they call from seed to sale so even if the edible isn't a gummy form it's a cherry flavor gelatin cube or whatever it may be. The regulator is the can't cannabis control board. Should know exactly what seed produced the. Thc that was used to produce that gummy. So this is a scientific scale. It'll measure up to the thousandth of a gram think. Rozan is in charge of compliance. Making sure the precise amount of cannabis goes into every batch of edibles originally started with this company. I was a driver. Just kind of wanted to get my foot in the cannabis doors so to speak and kind of worked my way up the ladder. Since then i've been with Cannock almost five years now has working here changed. How you consume cannabis at all. I consume cannabis much less now. Do the chocolate should confuse on friday. The state law prohibits rachel from selling her edibles directly to her customers instead. She's required to sell them only at licensed dispensaries like this one. In west hollywood held the artists treat for anyone aged twenty one and up can walk in and do some shopping with more and more states legalizing recreational marijuana. Rachel is dreaming big. And so what does the future hold for you. We are soon to be opening up in arizona. So that's exciting. Very close to us. And ultimately i mean i'd love to be in every state you ever see yourself having a bakery where someone can come in and sit down and a brownie right there. I used to get to serve people desserts and see their reactions..

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