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"cannon gate" Discussed on Clock Dodgers Podcast - Motivation | Fantasy Football | Comedy  | Pop Culture

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"cannon gate" Discussed on Clock Dodgers Podcast - Motivation | Fantasy Football | Comedy | Pop Culture

"It's gonna be he's gonna make some plays and it's gonna be exciting. I listen. I wanna see what everybody thinks. I'm gonna throw it paul. Who's gonna win the super bowl. Mary cut and dry very simple. Hit participate. I wanna see what the clock dodgy listeners out there which you guys you know what what space you're in do you wanna see. Old man brady win or do you want to see. The torch passed to patrick. Mahomes says a lot about you depending on which one you choose. I think it's a you know. It's a this poll is a character judger of sorts Kind of tells you what place you're in. You know what. I mean the the bowl beena tampers conical to this funny highlight the whole canon thing and everything became like an issue. Like we're not going to shoot the cannons during the game because that would create home field advantage of sorts man. Listen the things. These guys have played through all year with no crowds. And everything. I don't i don't know feel honestly exists this point but i doubt some cannons. Firing really are going to effect anybody but everything that they've gone through. But you know you don't want to leave an excuse for the people you don't you don't you know if those cannon shot during the game that you would have people on social media and you would have people on podcast and you have people on tv and on radio and everywhere going crazy. That the canons fire in were a support system for the bucks and carry them over the chiefs and it was cheating for brady. Will we get a we. Don't we don't want cannon gate. We don't want canada gate. We don't need anymore gates on tom. Brady's career please please whatever we do. Don't come out of this game with any conspiracies. Please just made this a clean game. it's all acts for. I don't care who wins. I don't care who's you know who comes out and reigns victorious. I don't care if the torch gets passed out care this happens all i ask that we come out of his game. You don't tell me that there was a conspiracy. The league has it out for anybody against brady. Brady's the golden child and the league protected him. That is only the i. Don't wanna hear listen guys enjoy your weekend. Enjoy the super bowl. Stay safe eat. Good food drink good stuff. Enjoy your family your friends as best you can safely you know the rules and not going to say say it nobody off. You know what i'm talking about. Please do the right thing and as always be kind be great..

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