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"cannella spence" Discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show

"All right here on ESPN LA, and he had been asking me to ask you this question for for weeks now, and he just reminded me a few minutes ago. Remember how Sugar Ray Leonard and Tommy Hearns both moved up from well to wait to the middleweight division to Alta fight Marvin Hagler if Bob Arum is right. And our it is in the way, you can answer that question. Whether or not out Heyman is in a way as well of an aerospace junior Terence qualify because I think that's the number one fight everybody about s- wants to see maybe Deontay wilder versus Anthony Joshua's. Well, but I would ask you this Dan Rae. Phil what about the possibility of aerospace junior moving up to fight Cannella? Well, listen, I have said for a long time as a matter of fact that in my mind the biggest fight in boxing of few years from now would be another outrages against spin junior. And I have visions of that, you know, obviously, they can bring a fine like that to the T mobile arena in Las Vegas, and, you know, generate huge amounts of money. And why? Thank you, Dan. Why would that be? You that fighting you put it in in eighteen stadium in outside of Dallas where Cannella has drawn fifty thousand plus people and Earls fence just bought a month and a half ago against Mike Garcia and jewelry, forty thousand people and bring in the Dallas folks who would be there because EROs a hometown guy and Canova Alvarez is a bonafide draw and a huge star within the Hispanic community, which is obviously very large and Texas you make a massive fight. I think it's absolutely conceivable that down the road that spans will ultimately become a middleweight or take a chance to fight middleweight for that kind of a fight and Keno adverse still gonna be around that as a gargantuan massive fight that again, a lot of things have to happen. A lot of things to fall into place. But that could be a spectacle beyond spectacles. I Thomson huge huge mega fight. I hope that happens in my long view of the sport. We wanna see guys like Spence and Crawford now or Josh Lewin wild or not, but I'm thinking like two years from now. Three years from now Cannella Spence gargantuan mega fight. Well, let me ask you. This if Spence what's the fight crow Crawford right now who would you favor. Well as welterweight that's hard to pay. They're both super talented guys. I mean, you know, I am Spence rated number one in the welterweight division..

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