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325 - Building a Purpose Driven Business (feat. Johnathan Grzybowski)

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

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325 - Building a Purpose Driven Business (feat. Johnathan Grzybowski)

"Just a quick heads up before we start today's episode. I recently put together an depth guide to launching and growing a successful podcast. It's called the top ten secrets to creating a rock star podcast in it. I break down the top ten things you should be worrying about to ensure your podcast does. Well, and attracts the audience it deserves if that sounds like something you want and you want to receive it for free head over to top podcast secrets dot com. That's WWW dot top podcast secrets dot com. In this episode is sit down with Jonathan Grizz bow sqi to talk about what it's like running a cutting edge, quite frankly, very very unique business in twenty eighteen get excited because this is tiny leaps big change. Welcome to another episode of tiny, leaps big changes where I share simple strategies, you can use to get more out of your life. My name is Greg cleanness. And in this episode. I am sitting down with Jonathan Grizz Bosque. Jonathan is a rogue risk taker turned serial entrepreneur he is the co founder of penalty, which is an unlimited graphic design service without limitations. I happen to be a customer in a massive fan of it. Penny offers unlimited graphic design at one flat monthly rate something I've used for my business for my clients business and have always gotten great results from Jonathan is also the host of the number one business podcast blind. Entrepreneurship his mission with his podcast and business is to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs. So they too can execute their vision to profit but the profitability. So Jonathan first of all really really really pumped that I you are honoring us with the wisdom that you're about to drop. Thank you so much for being here. Thanks. It's been a long time coming Greg excited to be on. Hopefully, we can while some people and provide some value today. I mean, there's no doubt that that is going to happen. So we had the pleasure of meeting in person for the first time at the podcast movement conference down in Philly, but we've been running in similar circles for for a couple years now, and I've seen sort of what you've been up to what you've been working on. And I was like to start these interviews with potentially the most interesting question, which is that penalty outside of being a phenomenal company that does great work for their clients. You also do a lot of social good, right? We do. Yes. So something that's near and dear to our heart is challenging the status quo. Making it a point to have discussions about diversity and inclusion and what that means. And so we hire a lot of inner city youth in the city of candidate jersey, where we were we hire we hire city us. We hire students from from candidate. If you ever know anything about candidate if you ever done the research about candidacy is not the most glamorous city in the in the world. It's been rated as one of the most dangerous cities in America for more than one year in a row for shore long. Give me the exact statistics on that. But it's a seven to nine a square foot mile city has about seventy thousand people in it and a large majority of them are millennials living under the poverty line? So to to go into further this over two point two billion dollars being spent in tax in a given to two companies for tax incentives to locate. Their business into the city of Camden. And a lot of these companies have these unwritten rule so to speak where you move into the city of Candan, and you have to provide jobs for the people in the city of Camden. And I can't speak to all the businesses. I don't know of all of them are doing it. But I do know that there are businesses that are complaining about what that's like in a higher people because they may not have the background or the education level, or maybe they're being judged by their skin or their their background or their name or whatever it may be who knows, but they have this stigma. And so we wanted to kind of be company where while if you have hundreds and tens of millions of dollars, and you're not able to hire successfully how come were able to do. So so to be that, I guess maybe maybe not the north north star isn't necessarily the right word. But that guiding that champion of of diversity. Champion of hiring people in in providing jobs and internships to people who deserve it just as much as everybody else in the world. I absolutely love that. And we I want to talk a little bit in this this conversation about sort of the process of starting your business. But before that, I know one of the big questions at a lot of my listeners always have is sort of the hiring process how they can navigate that in become better at it. You're in this unique situation of hiring local hiring with a talent pool that at least on the surface is maybe less qualified, quote, unquote. How have you developed a system that's allowed you to sort of find the the real talent within that? So we're pretty lucky where we have partnerships with a company called hope works in Camden. And what they do is. They have a pretty intensive training process that. Basically that helps kids that one a better life for themselves. So maybe they may not have the resources or the, you know, my guess the finances to necessarily go to some may not have the necessary finances to go to college. They train these kids to give them the necessary tools in order to provide a better life for themselves. And so hope works we work exclusively with hope works we've hired one individual from hope works, and we plan on hiring in continuing to hire more. I guess like the overarching theme of like what I could give to you. If you don't have a hope works in your region. Contact your school, contact your local schools at this near you or aren't there? I can almost guarantee you that there's another nonprofit in your area that are also training kids when I say kids, I mean, young young adult Ryan, right? It's. But young adults in order to to have a better life. And and I can say that like you can have all the talent in the world being given to you. And we're not necessarily being given town so to speak. We still have a hiring process, etc. But you have to talk to the people who want a better life for themselves. And so if there if that person isn't necessarily making an investment in order to better the life, then why should we make an investment and trying to help them better? There's so I can give you a perfect example like earlier today literally earlier today about ten fifteen minutes before we got off. We got on air. I received an Email that says I can actually review the whole thing. I'm not I'm not going to say the name. Is said Hello. I'm so and so a senior at sellin so majoring in selling so your company Benji really piqued my interest as I've always had a desire to work in graphic design field. I'm writing to inquire about a potential, internship falling. Mike graduation this spring. I mean, cool, you know, kudos to you for for for sending your resume, but it's like, especially as a young startup. There's no there's no differentiation. There's no personalization in this Email. So we've had people that are reaching out to us that are specific in saying like, I'm interested in working for you by you. I wanna learn from you 'cause you're cool business. Here's why I want to do it and give like is this very generic Email. So the people that we've talked to primarily have come from very specific reasons interest in and a motivation that day. They had in order to work for for a company like ours. Does that does that make sense that makes perfect sense? And it's so fascinating. Because if we if we flip this from the the hiring point of view to the getting a job point of view, I think the big hold up that a lot of people have is not that question of qualification or not being good enough in the truth is they probably are incredibly talented. But maybe they don't have the college degree or maybe they don't have the XYZ, and it sounding like between an organization like a hope works or just going straight into your inbox. But being very specific about why you want this particular company, and why you you feel your you should be a part of this specific team. It sounds like between something somewhere in that. You can almost get around. The hey, I need a four year college degree so long as you. Have talent. Would you say that there's any truth in that? I think so we kind of have a system that we use in order to hire people and talent is actually the last thing on the list. So you can be mediocre at what you do. And you can absolutely have none of the qualifications of or the background that you would need. But if you are to Pendle if you are reliable if you have the motivation to want a better life for yourself, that's beyond what you currently have those three things are far more important than any skill. Like, you can have we have somebody that comes from a much use Harvard as an example because Harvard is the though Torius most popular school for quote, unquote, smart people, but you can have somebody that comes from Harvard that applies depending and we can have a conversation. With them in ask a couple of questions and find out that they're neither dependable or reliable. But we find out that they're extremely talented at at graphic design. I can say the they that person in particular, probably even though the most qualified to necessarily be a graphic designer or be a developer marketer. Whatever may be they might be at the very bottom of our of our list of people because they don't fit the the the more important criteria within our business. But you have somebody that is extremely dependable and extremely reliable. They'll most likely get the job head of the peop-. The person has more qualified got it. That is fantastic fantastic advice for those view. And obviously, it's it's going to be different at each company. But as you are looking at either changing roles or moving into something that you are much more passionate about I think that based on what Jonathan just laid out that is fantastic. Way to look at how you can sort of gauge yourself and zoo, though, you know, like, it's not like revolutionary stuff. I'm talking about like do you come into work on time? Simple as of yours. But so this is an interesting conversation though, because that stuff is basic, but it's not always done. Like, why do you think that is why why is it that someone who on the surface says like they check all those boxes they say, they want a better life for themselves. But then two months into the job, they're showing up two hours late everyday. Like, what is that disconnect? So I mean for us in particular, we have we have we start all jobs as like an internship as a trial period that way, we can kind of like test the personnel. Obviously. To some point paid at other opportunities. It may be unpaid depends on the situation, of course. But you kinda get that trial period of like three months or so where you can test the waters in gauge that individual to see whether or not they're really interested or or are they flip-flopping to a hundred different things that they're passionate about. And if the person is able to stay remain focused remain calm if they're able to come in on time proves that they're reliable that go to to networking events that maybe we might throw or we maybe we might get invited to a party. Are there are they eating dinner or eating lunch with us type of things small little thing like really miniscule stuff like adds up into the grand scheme of. Is this person the right fit like is a culture fit got as a small company. I mean, we're only thirty five people deep, but you know, it's it's still relatively small team. So we have to be able to. We have to be able to see if this person's a culture fit in these ways that we do that support. For this episode comes from Zola Zola is the wedding company that will do anything for love and they are reinventing the wedding planning and registry. Experience to make the happiest moment in couple's lives, even happier. Zola takes these stress out of wedding planning with free wedding websites your dream wedding registry. Affordable save the dates and invitations in easy to use planning tools, and you can conveniently manage everything online and in one place. It all starts with your free wedding website. It's easy to use takes only a few minutes to set up. Then you can personalize your site with photos. Details about the special day in stories from your relationship once done you can build your wedding registry. Zola makes this whole thing super easy and you can even add the registry direct. Tely to your wedding website. So what are you waiting for to get your free Zola website and fifty dollars off your registry? Go to WWW dot Zola dot com slash tiny leaps. That's W. W W dot Zola dot com slash tiny, leaps Z O L A dot com slash tiny leaps to get your free website and fifty dollars off your registry. Support for this episode also comes from shaper. Now, I firmly believe that meeting. New people is the best way to find inspiration and new opportunities. Whether you're looking for a career change to start a new business or just to make new friends with similar interests. It all starts with meeting. Someone new and having a real conversation with shaper that process has gotten easier than ever before shaper is a free mobile application that takes the complex process of business and professional networking. And puts it in the palm of your hand. With just a swipe I use shaper myself and have had the pleasure of making some incredible connections through it. So I cannot recommend it enough to download the app for free. Search shaper that's S H A P R in the apple app store or Google play store or go to WWW dot Greg clueless dot com slash connect. That's WWW dot Greg Clooney's dot com slash connect G R E G G C L U N. I S dot com slash connect are. So let's let's switch gears here you are. So the company's thirty five people. How long ago did you launch we launched on October twenty first two thousand seventeen so a year? Okay. So what was the process like how do you go from? This is an idea we have that's in our head, however long ago that was to now team of thirty five and serving clients all around the world in doing social good in in your locality like how where does what happened in between? Yeah. I mean, so a lot of people may be thinking themselves like, wow, you know year, that's insane. But nobody understands the amount of stress in struggle. We had to go through the past five years six years of actually being in business. We started as a as a marketing agency where we were full service digital design, excuse me development. We did SEO. We did social media. We did web development apt development, everything I mean, it was master of. None basically. But we we did this for about five years six years Susani five years, and we could just tell that this wasn't the right fit for us. Like we were working with like, I'll remember it to to this day. I remember complaining so much about how frustrating our clients were. And I was just like why is this person doing this? Like why I'm just complaining like, you know, what I'm talking about. If if you've lived this world of design. I've definitely been. Yeah. So we I remember so vividly, Mike complaints. And I just saw a trend like while you'd I'm complaining a lot in now that we made the switch, and I'll get into the reason why I haven't complained at all I've been celebrating our clients. So that fundamental shift is definitely important. So if you find yourself complaining, I'd highly recommend maybe you're not doing the right thing. But we started pen G as a side project because we're the one thing that we've consistently been told is that we have really we're really good at design. And when I first started the I have a co founder, but when I first started my digital design business. It was really hard for me to find a designer. So I tried to hire students tried to go on freelance websites. But unfortunately, none of those worked for me. So I did all the graphic designs by self for about two years. And if you know me. You know that I am dog crap. At like, I don't know if I say the s word of the I'm that too graphic this. I'm terrible a graphic design. I'm the least qualified person to ever do anybody's graphic design. We know that everybody knew that. I wasn't the right person to do this. But is really hard to find these graphic designers. And so it's just a matter of like, do I waste time finding them or do I just do it myself because I know I trust my own abilities that it's like not the best. But it's passable. So yeah. So that was kind of like, the the the the idea of where it came from because we need to fill this need. And then we started filling the need, and we realize like, wow, you know, this is a service that people actually want this unlimited style graphic design and one thing led to another regatta client Dow's, I think it was in June may or June of two thousand seventeen and then we're like, okay, we're we got one customer like we barely had the sell them. They're like good ready to go. And then we really started putting the the wheels in motion here. We're like, okay. This is something that was way too easy to sell. Can we sell it again? Then we sold it again. And then we started asking more people and say, hey, if we build this thing, would you buy it, and we surveyed about like one hundred and fifty people in a large majority of them said. Yeah. Like, I need this. Crap man like this is this is a need in the marketplace in Rini to be able to fulfil this in. So that's when we started adding software behind it in adding technology behind it. And then we are Fisher launch date was on October twenty first. So I mean, do there's a lot of struggle that I didn't even bring up, but it was years of just what the hell am I doing with life? And now, it just makes so much sense. And I'm confidently sitting here talking to you about penny, which is the single greatest thing to ever happen to be in really proud of it yet. I mean, it's a defend tastic service. So I'm I'm not shocked at that at all. But there's two really important themes. I wanna pull out here in dive, a little deeper into the first is sort of the willingness to pivot, and so you you were frustrated you complaining a lot and the important thing with that is you are actually willing to stop and look at what your. Other options were whether by choice or not I think that's where a lot of people. Get stuck is they have their business idea. They have their thing. And there is sort of the the rhetoric in the marketing world in the entrepreneurial world that you just head down stick with it stick with it stick with it. How do you know when it's time to actually shift gears and may be considered different direction. I I mean, I'll be perfectly honest. I fought I thought the the transition greatly because I was very naive to the to the Senate like I could fix it. Right. Like, I thought to myself, I could fix this thing. Like don't worry about. I don't I don't we don't need this new stuff. But I think it was just like a fundamental thing. Internally that told us that like we can't we can't be doing this forever. Second thing was you have to look at your goal. It's like your actual life goals. What do you want to accomplish in your life? What do you wanna be quote, unquote, when you get older, and then build a life around that goal kind of particular what we were living in past had was nowhere near the dream that we wanted to to obtain. And so we had to look at ourselves in the mirror and say, all right. Well, do I want do I want to continue this and just get coastal on by? And we kind of looked at the the numbers of while. We could probably be a pretty successful company make somewhere around one hundred to half a million dollars a year. Right. That was kind of like the that was the the the glass ceiling, and then we saw penny. And we're just like man, there's so many more people that we could help and this is such a huge need. I think that this is probably a more fun opportunity because we can help more people. Because when you're doing agency stuff, I don't know the type of conference it uses to work with but we used to work with like, universities and things like that. And we're not helping anybody we're helping that we're helping the university make more money by making their website, look, sexier. So they can so more students can come in and be a part of their impaired tuition. Yeah. That's not fun. Like if you think about it. Yeah. It's cool to get that client because it's like your ego boost, but you're not helping you're not change in the world. And I think with Benji we have the opportunity to do that. Absolutely. And seventy second big thing. I wanted to pull out and this. I think is a critical piece of the process it, I think and looking from the outside in and correct me if I'm wrong, this is probably the biggest reason that pennies been a success was it is you were validating the process or rather the product while you were building it you're asking questions, you are lining up potential customers you're selling and then improving as you got that feedback. Could you tell us a little bit more about why you chose that approach? Is that something that you learned read somewhere hours? It just a natural reaction to to the situation, and sort of how you went about having those conversations finding those people and getting the actual feedback you need it. I never really thought of anything that you just said. I think that we who are we to tell other people how to use in what penny is in. So in a very beginning in we still do to this day in a lot of customers may be disappointed frustrated at this. But anytime you can't tell penalty you are going to get on a phone call with one of our team to have exit interview. And every time that you say something whether good and bad it's being heard and your voice is being heard, and we are actively trying to listen to all parties. So I can't give you definitive time period as to win. But I think it's just something like we've constantly we're constantly curious in we're staying curious because we don't know it all, and I think that ability to learn more about our customers in why they're choosing Benji over our competition and. Why they're how they're using it like all these little things, I think that is our greatest differentiator in our competitive edge. So when you were originally exploring this product idea, how did Jews source the first few conversations you had was previous clients or people in your network. Yeah. So our first one hundred customers was our first one hundred customers were one hundred percent all affiliated with our locality. And I can almost guarantee you that people that are listening. I think you're next you're not only or your first one hundred, but I can almost guarantee that your next one hundred are also in your local your localities while. I think a lot of times businesses, especially SAS type of businesses. They immediately believe that really quickly apologized just for clarification, assassins software as a service, the great. Thank you. Thank you for for chiming on that. That's that's so sad. So software as a service of services like like, what buffer if you use that what else would be faster slack would be offered. So they think they're like, oh, well, we can go global immediately in like, yeah, we have global clients, but we're not actively marketing to like Italy. For example. They just naturally come in. So yeah, I forget the original conversation the original question. But can you remind me of the original question again? No, you're doing great. The question was just sort of how you source those initial conversations initial customers. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We we literally just got on emails like we sent emails. We I remember messaging, and you're probably one of them in the very beginning. I message every single person on my on my Facebook that I knew as relevant to business. I said like, hey, can I get on with you? I think this is important. And I'm almost I can almost guarantee you that I sent it. So if you go back in time line of our our messages, I know I've sent you a mess. I remember them. Yes. Yes. So I spend the crap out of everybody. I s I don't care about the word. No like, I'm a weird person. If I hear no, I get excited about it. Because I'm wants closer to. Yes. But I sent so many people messages in saying, hey, I think this is what I wanna do. I think this could be really good service. Could I get your feedback in? I knew that if if you could find a way to get other people to invest in the initial stages of your product that they're more likely to invest in you in the near future got it. Did you in the beginning prior to the tech being billed out in the back end deja-vu offer some kind of discount for early adopters or was how did you get over the hurdle of no? So we did I. So we actually yeah. I guess it. We did. Yeah. So we did have an initial an initial product offering which was seventy nine dollars a month. And it was like for two three projects or something like that. And we realize of like off the gate where like this. We're we're losing a lot of money here. So we ended up stopping it. But we still have people to this day. They're still in that plan, and we upgraded them because of our so yeah, we did have an initial product offering. It wasn't the best. It was really silly move on our part, but we wanted to validate what we are thinking. So yeah, we definitely offered in also in other stories we offered development when we first started to so as design and development, and we realize that like that wasn't going to work either. So now was that just a cost as she wore were customers not interested in it? No customers are interested. We just didn't know how to do it. And so like if you're going to dilute your. Your service because you think you can provide more we we like to argue that less is actually more in by focusing on that one thing I'll give you a quick example when when we were in when we're in digital design business in the agency, we would go to all these different networking events. And people look at me and be like, you're the you're the internet guy. And then like somebody else would be like, you're the you're the IT guy. And the next person would be like, yeah. You know, you're the you do websites on another person. Like, you do I think you do social media. So it's like out of four people all each of them had a different answer. Yeah. So if you could focus on it and be like, oh, you're the design guy or girl. Whatever may be. I think that's a more powerful conversation because people remember better. Yeah. And you end up getting more opportunities just sort of disturbed tissue happening as a result of that. So Jonathan this has been a incr-. Credibly valuable conversation for many out there listening. We didn't get to talk much about your podcast, but just tell us a little bit about that in sort of what you're trying to do with it. Well, I can say I just had an awesome guest on the show by the name of Greg Tunis. Now. I mean, the podcasts at debriefed podcast is just a passion project for me. I it's unfor- nursery is extremely lonely in. I'm sure you could attest to this at times. But it's it's a dark place in it's really cool to meet new people. So I use the podcasts as a way to meet awesome people to give these people platform to talk about themselves. Share some amazing stories is called blind entrepreneurship, and it's just. We're trying to cure blindness in business as a main objective. We want to be able to help people execute their visions. So they can get out of these these routes. I'm sure there are all days where people that may be listening that are entrepreneurial or wanna get into business where you like what how do I do today? I don't know what to do today. And that's what the podcast is all about so topical conversation where we try to fix sink your blindness of business love it. And so outside of that penalty is a business penny dot co CEO blind. Entrepreneurship is the podcast where else can we connect? With you. Go a little bit deeper on this conversation or work with you. If we feel so inclined added the best way to do it. It's just head over to Peggy dot CO and few like anything that we talk about. And if you wanna contact me directly, the best way is just a Email Hulo app. Pens dot CO mentioned this podcast. And I'm sure it'd be that Email will be directed to to me before to me. So hell. Woah, pendency, oh, or or or a g dot CO is the best solution. Beautiful, pens dot CO. And I would highly highly recommend those of you listening right now to just do a quick search for blind entrepreneurship wherever you're listening to this. It's an easy easy thing for you to do. And there is an interview with me. So if you feel like you just want to hear both our voices again, go for it Jonathan again, thank you so much for sharing your experiences with this building this company, navigating some of the processes and struggles that you've had to deal with over the five six seven years of doing it. It is incredibly valuable, and I know somebody out there is thinking, okay. I'm finally ready to go. I'm finally ready to start this business, and maybe they can use pen g to help them figure out the branding side. Absolutely. Thanks for your time. Greg and for those of you listening. Thank you for your time. Thank you for sharing your attention with us for spending a little bit of time with us. It is always always amazing to me. That you are willing to hang out willing to learn from the incredible guests I bring on and I can't thank you enough. If you haven't already find me on Instagram at Greg clueless. That is the best way to make sure that we can have a conversation. We can bring some context to these ideas to use specifically and make sure you click subscribe. So that you never miss a new episode as always I've been great clueless. And remember that all big changes come from the tiny, leaps you take every day.

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Internet Archive Book Scanning with Davide Semenzin

Software Engineering Daily

51:57 min | 6 months ago

Internet Archive Book Scanning with Davide Semenzin

"The Internet archive collects historical records of the Internet. The way back machine is one tool from the Internet archive, which may be familiar with one project you may be unfamiliar with is, Book Scanning Internet Archive Scans high volumes of books in order to digitize them. In today's episode Devito Simmons and joins the show to talk through the history of the Internet archive and the engineering behind book digitization we talked through OCR storage architecture scale ability. I WANNA mention that we're looking for writers and podcasters for Software Engineering daily if you're interested in being a podcast or a writer e mail. Erica. At Software Engineering Daily. Dot Com. A good enough observability strategy for micro services simply isn't good enough. Epsilon is the platform that specializes in monitoring distributed environments, delivering auto instrumented trace centric observability, and scaling the speed of your micro services. Most engineering teams want to leverage or skill deployments of Containers Canetti's service on the cloud all these because they accelerate development and without a monitoring strategy that's natively built for micro services you're going to have a significant slowdowns in issue detection troubleshooting and Resolution Times. You can open the black box of your micro services and see what your production environment looks like with epsilon. Epsilon enables teams to fully understand complex micro services architectures and deliver the automation and correlation needed to instantly identify troubleshoot and resolve issues for se daily listeners. You can start a free trial of epsilon epsilon, dot com slash s daily. That's EPS a G. O. N. DOT COM Slash Se daily connect your first trace, and they will send you a drone. If you WANNA, a drone, go to epsilon dot com slash se daily and try it out. Defeat welcome to the show. Thank you. You're on the Internet archive what does the Internet archive do? That's a great question. Deterrent archive is the world's largest digital library, and whereas most people may know of us because of the way back machine, which is this really rather needs tool that allows you to go back in time and kind of see what web pages used to look like. We. Really are fully-fledged online is the library and that we have different types of media types. We hold texts and television and audio images, movies, all sorts of things and yeah, the introduce archive you can think of as this huge repository of Internet. When did you start working there? I started here in two thousand sixteen. So we've been yeah for. Years. And, what do you work on their today? Well, I work on the books that's mostly what I would. I have always been on. I'm spending the bits inside of this. So usually when we think about our media types, we think of in terms of bits and bits out how we procured them and how we distribute them. My specialty is working on the book bits in saw in order to build up our collection of almost four million books we have Candan, and my job is to sort of keep running the whole pipeline that allows us to do that. So over the last four years, we've my team I, built it. And now we achieved over our objective of being able to digitize million books per year which we're doing, and it's pretty interesting challenge so far. So. You work on book digitisation and I WanNa talk about that. But first, let's talk more about the Internet archive at a high level. He told me about what is being stored across the Internet archive and who pays for it, and how do people use it just share a little bit more about the Internet Archive. Yeah that's a great question. So I'm going to start from a WHO pays for it because I think that's the result of depth and that question Internet Archive. If you think about it as a repository, it's just essentially a bunch of hard drives spinning connected to the Internet. Somebody's GONNA pay for both danger and connection and hard drives and the electricity and all of that largely you can think. Of of our revenues in treated front weight. So we're a nonprofit and we don't really run for profit businesses. We don't benefit in any way of the data that comes on on our servers. We do benefit from your donations and so by and large, we are a community funded effort, and so if you type slash donate, we actually just added integration with apple pay so people will not help us. That'd be great. So we receive a fair amount of money that we we need to run from patrons Cintas like people who supported us. On the side we do have some some small some businesses. So we have our archive it. Our arm where essentially contract alto were machine capabilities and we we are maintaining a very large amount of curated. Collections in fact we I think we have about seven hundred can ization that are that are partnering with us to create these collections and if you tens of billions euros that have been collected for for our partners and so they pay us to do the service and we do it for them and same is true for books digitisation so as we have built up to large infrastructure That is required to do this kind of tasks. We have to an extent, the ability to contract out to third parties, and so we do get some some revenue streams that way not anything particularly substantial in terms of like our ability to to sustain ourselves. But you know every little bit helps and then obviously throughout the twenty twenty, five years of our existence, our founder Brewster Kahle has. Chipped, in here in Deir, a significant amount I guess over the years to to keep us running. So we have donations, we have a little bit of our non for profit business and then we have brewster who is there so This is in terms of who pays for it, but the question would be I guess who benefits from it right and that's a very, very large segment of the Internet. We're not the biggest website on the Internet. They think we are we're ranking about two hundred and something the Alexa rank. But since we've been around for a long time, the users that that lovers, the Lavas like I every day I am in contact with people who tell me their story about how they use the Internet archive for their specific need always always amazed by the depth and breadth of. The of the use cases user spring to us. So it it spans from teachers to researchers, journalists to lawyers Theresa very, very large diversity also in terms of the country's from the backgrounds from from when users from. So it's kind of hard to to to paint them with the same brush. But in general I want to say they are people who have some degree of laugh for knowledge and you may know our our motto, our slogan. Our mission is universal access to all knowledge, and so I guess people who have an interest in that eventually land on on our website. Okay well, let's talk about book digitisation as a particular project that is under the auspices of the Internet Archive. What is book digitisation? So books digitisation is the effort of transforming physical books into digital artifacts. So that's the definition can take different forms. You know if you are if you have a scanner in your home and your scanning document in a way, that's obviously that's digitisation if you take pictures of the book. That's a book book digitization. So the definition that needs to be applied to the use case at hand, there have been other efforts at large scale of books. This decision famously Google had one, but dare way of doing it was different from ours for instance, where they did distractive digitisation. So they would pull the spines from books and and turn dot process into a sort of sensitive she'd. Feed kind of problem we do non-destructive Destructive Book dissertation and I think non-destructive bit. It's just a little bit as important in the Beth nation as the fact that we're these books digitizing them so that we can keep them so that we don't destroy them. So the process by which we turn books into bits and then returned books to wherever they came from or wherever they need to go. So Why would I want to digitize a book and how many books get digitized each day just tell me more about the volume that's going through this. I'm very happy to answer this. So the reason why you would want to digitize book there's multiple. So think about for instance, the first thing that comes to mind is obviously preservation if famous birtherism is that accessibility drives preservation so if you don't have something. It's almost like it doesn't exist especially in this age of information, we do have immediate access to all of all of these resources and so if we if you actually think about this, if you have to go to the library to to procure a certain book chances are you won't, and if the if the record of that book actually doesn't exist, you may never get to it and were. This is a problem is for all of this huge amount of books that were printed in the twentieth century for which there is really no digital equivalent books nowadays that are published like currently obviously, they have a book artifacts. That stuff is not to get lost. And that stuff is searchable and it's reachable but we have. Tens of millions of books that are unaccounted for and as time progresses getting lost, and if we if somebody doesn't save them, they will be lost forever and that's that would be a pity and huge loss of human effort and so but first of all I think important to scope the problem I think in the D. estimates that there is about one hundred, million books out there. Give or take unique unique books and. Scanning them we're probably. Not GonNa scan all all one hundred of them first of all because. You would be able to source and that's my fire the hardest thing. So we tried to scope down the problem and trying to figure out. Okay. How can we do this in a way that is useful for people so first of all I, think we had to come up with a list of books that we wanted to get into we knew. Books that are important and we need to can these first so that? We'll. We'll, get. We'll get into to people and this will be evidently immediately useful and a good place for us to start was freaky Pedia, which is collected. A long list of SPN's the where commonly cited in Wikipedia compiled the list came out to a few hundred, thousand books, and so whenever we we come upon one of those sourcing process, we make sure that we get. We can talk about the senator sourcing Proxima little, bit later but in general, we do have a little bit of a concept of priority or at least we did this was the first million million and a half. And then the problem was that we started running out of books you would be surprised how hard it is to source books by by the half a million you know and if you if you do it by a smaller scale, it doesn't really make sense to to us in terms of maintaining our our economic scale. So the whole system works only if you scan at huge volume and all the time and but huge volume, we're talking about a million bucks a year, which is about three thousand books day some things some days we'll do thirty, five somedays. We'll do twenty five on a seven days week average houses about. Between Twenty to twenty, twenty, five, thousand books every book is about three hundred pages so that. Comes out. Pretty neat about million million pages per day five to seven million pages per week and you know that's not a huge amount of data in total I wouldn't be surprised. I think like last time I checked it was about between ten and fifteen terabytes of data week. So we're not talking about huge amounts, but it's not a small amount eater and we can talk about the challenges of Piping data over the Internet in a reliable way later but it's a significant volume and this operation is running. You know twenty, four seven. And so. In terms of why even do this? So I called for the first part, which is obviously people want to get to the books. There is a second benefit in having digitize books, and that it's a wholly new format, it allows you to interact with the body of knowledge in a way that you never have before if you have. A physical book artifact, it has some very desirable properties, for instance, very low random access time and doesn't depend on the battery. It's very, very hard to censor, and these are not properties of digital artifact but this is the active factor searchable, and in fact that we have like it's pretty amazing full next search engine where you can instantly search all forty million text items that we have. So that's a million books plus all of the patents papers I'll all sorts of stuff and you can search that instantly that was just not possible with the previous format. So I don't think this is dwell ISM in any way I think books. Digital format and books their physical format will continue to coexist. They just help each other out, and in fact, if we are able to digitize them in the first place is because of the properties of. Physical artifacts that they don't just peer. If, we find one. We can scan it. Well those are great summary of what you do and I can tell how excited you are about it. Let's talk a little bit more about the high level, and then we'll get into the engineering. So can you describe the steps of digitisation in more detail if I have a book how am I digitized it? Yeah So the books that position pipeline is predecing and it's like in a way if you're an engineer I, think is kind of what to expect. So I do. A physical sorting. Step where your book is ingested into the system, it's given ID and it's it's placed in a container. So we know that the the exists. So to speak the second step is it gets to a scanner. The scanner picks it up within the in the machine loads up the data necessary whereby The books method data we can. We're going to have to talk about that I. Guess It's pretty interesting facet of it all and then proceeded to actually scan it, which means they turned the pages page by page and they take pictures of the pages, and once this process done they click upload and the book. into the ether and so at this point, we have a fork the digital artifact goes into our servers, divisible artifacts either goes back to the person who gave it to us in the first place or it goes into our warehouse, and this largely depends on what kind of book it is. So obviously, the recent larger conversation to be had about copyright and like what books is it is it okay to scan and under what guys it is but suppose we are just you know scanning yearbook. Jeff and you you just wrote the book and you want to have it digitized to risk no claim on it just wanted back at the end. So after we're done scanning it, we're handing it back to you with slip inside which will tell you the Internet archive identifier and the identifier is just the name of the item on the Internet Archive. Everything is an item and you're just going go to type slash details, slash your identifier and a few hours. Later, you will find her book. while. You wait the second part of the pipeline is GONNA kick off. So That's the digital server side stuff and it's divided essentially three phases. We have a first phase which it's a preprocessing stage where we get a look this images that came raw from the camera we'll look at them crop firm we discovered them, and we just make sure that everything is is ready to go. There was a second phase of manual, Review Sa-. Currently, all books that we upload have to be checked by a human for correctness, and so this is a step were. Reviewer. Just goes through the images in shorts that everything is fine and then when this is done, they kick off the third stage of the pipeline which is A. Is the real processing stage where we take all of these files and compiled them in such a way that they are suitable for consumption by our web. What we call book reader and from their wheel derive. We call them to rotate formats such as PDF, I b e POB, and either a text file. So CR it all happens at at this stage. This is kind of like the bird I view of the of the books that decision pipeline. As your infrastructure grows you have SSh hosts and Kuban. Eddie's clusters in staging production and maybe even on edge locations and smart devices. You want to implement the best practices to access them all, and that can be time consuming security tools can get in the way of engineering work. Well, there is a tool called teleport it's open source software. It's written go. It's a drop in replacement for open SSH it also has native support for Netease it's built by gravitational teleport provides identity aware access using lift certificates with so session recording and other features, and it ensures compliance and audit requirements. Teleport also prioritizes developer inconvenience because it's built by engineers for engineers, you can give it a try going to try dot gravitational dot com slash S. E. D.. There are links to downloads documentations and get up repository. That's try dot gravitational dot com slash SL to try out teleport from gravitational thanks to gravitational for being a sponsor, and again, if you WANNA try out, you got to try that gravitational dot com slash s e Let's start to get into the actual engineering of things. I think the place to start is the OCR. So if a book is getting scanned, YOU'RE GONNA run OCR over that scanned book to. Determine what the characters are right said, love to know a little bit about the Oh cr process in it using off the shelf CR system or how what role that place short. So we'll see our as I mentioned the happens towards the end of the pipeline. So at that point into, we have all of these images that have already kind of like being scaled down because the originals are very hybrid solution so you wouldn't want to eat that too. And the kind of correct and ready to go so we use an off the shelf solution I believe it's called the rettig and we'll see our between one and two million pages every day this includes both books that I mentioned plus like all of the other stuff gets uploaded to the archive. And what that is really useful for is creating this Abbey File format that essentially it's an xml file that contains the position of every letter in the page, and it comes out to be a huge file, and what we do is we use that to feed it to our search full text search cluster so that what we can do is a whenever you search for some term inside a certain book, we can highlight the exact portion where occurs. So that's one place where CR is really useful. And obviously, it's also useful to create sort of text version pdf files of of books as well as e pubs and such but in terms of of the engineering of it, it's kind of a black box for us we have we have a very established interface by which we know what the software expects and we we get. Results on the other end. So the. Text gets indexed only within the context of a particular or do you have a gigantic index where I can search over all of the books in the Internet Archive? The second. We actually have a gigantic index and we just recently rebuilt over cluster and now it's blazingly fast. It's pretty awesome. Just, uses elastic search and in the background, and we just maintain this very large index of think it's about forty two, I think million items, and so you can. You can search everything at once and then when you are like within the context of the book, obviously gets down to search to that specific book but I think it. It's really cool because it only makes sense when you can search for everything that opens up like a huge amount of of use cases because you can almost do kind of free form search like it's it's. Pretty remarkable gaze of something that you couldn't do in normal library just a hey give me all of the all of the books that have I don't know my name in it. The can be that can be interesting. Can you describe the storage architecture in more detail? So you're storing all these books are they stored on disk? Are they in a do try to keep them in memory? How. Do you think about storage for all of these books? Oh. Absolutely. So storage architecture is kind of paramount to everything. We do right 'cause I kind of described the archivists and mass and in a way that's what it is. So I guess engineering wise the overarching principle is to just it's essentially philosophy of using off the shelf tools wherever possible. So all our data is stored as files in directories and directories are stored on Standard East east eighty four or five systems and we subscribe to. Very simple file system philosophy where other than some of the system stuff everything is stored in slash one, two, three, four, five, however number of the disk is on your on your server, and so we don't we don't do any sort of striping. We don't do any sort of splicing. Every item just lives as a directory on some disk and deaths. That's where it is. We do have. And I'm GonNa talk about that in a second. But the reason why we structured things this way is twofold one it's very simple it's very simple to administer it's predictable and it makes a platform of migration overtime a lot more predictable and you know we've been we've been keeping this data for twenty twenty five years. So the architecture needs to be simple enough that it can traverse different stages of the college cycles the other reason for it is disaster scenario. So it pains me to say this but you know we are based in San Francisco and the Santorum dresses fault is pretty close if something happens God forbid. Principle is that you should be able to pull out whatever disc from the server plugged into another computer and just read the data off of it. Obviously, if you do some degree of Striping, DOT wouldn't be. Possible or easy this way the things are just as as straightforward as as they can be from storage perspective. This does add some complexity you. Now we're application layer where we have to be able to allocate, for instance items Beijing on their size, two different discs. So all of that logic that most stuff around to make sure that there is enough space and that when items growing size the reallocated, all of that kind of his home built and that's Diatta engineering principle simple. Most of the Times crazy when we need it. So. Desert Architecture again. So this is the architecture within a single server. The larger cluster is just hadn't a lot of these servers all connected on the same network essentially and extremely distributed. So whenever you hit your Whatever web page on on the archive looking for an item? What is going to happen is that you're going to hit a web head. We have just a pool of a few if you. That we'll do like just from fronting its next requests and they're gonNA they're going to locate you write them using our little locator deep protocol. We just kind of a cool little DNS for items as we call it, it's kind of its sensor UDP broadcast A. Do all of the cluster and machines that have the direct items will just respond with the. CAST, and so this is how we are able to locate items within the cluster and then the connection is redirected and everything happens over. With specific date node this is the path into right path everything. If you want to write to an item or create a new one, you're not just able obviously to talk to a server and say, Hey, create a directory for me. You have to talk to our catalog system, which is our centralized task you and it will receive the data make sure that it ends up being an item perform all of. The texts that are necessary in what was talking about earlier in terms of like space being available, etc, etc, and then he will write the item and like leave trace. So we have like some some degree of also forensics trace of whatever happens in the archives, and then the other big piece of the architecture would be the Meta, Data Api which is the directory service for all of these items so. Does its aggregate data from you know catalogue. Date within the item and collectively collects data into files that guarantee that you have after dating formation about the Meta data of all forty, fifty million items that we have right now. And like so from from high level perspective, this is kind of what the storage infrastructure looks like. What did the pieces are you have the cluster? You'll have the classroom with the items you have the catalog and you have activator API. Can you tell me some general lessons that emerged in how to do digitisation at scale Oh sure plenty I think one one that comes to mind immediately is the same between building up our cluster and building off or digitisation infrastructure, which is using as much as you can of the shelf cheap things. So our our scanners. Which I guess I should talk a little bit about because maybe like you're imagining scanner like a flatbed scanner, not quite we have three different families of devices for scanning books dealder one, we call the Fulford's try is kind of like a telephone box. Is. A tabletop strive which is a scaled down version of the of the same system just like sits on the table and then we have something called foldout strive, which is kind of like a table with a camera. To take pictures of let large large format and a map newspaper stuff like that. So as we built up the capacity to digitize very large amounts of very different kinds of formats of books. So what lesson was do this with as little specialized equipment as you can and this especially true for cameras. So there is a Thanh of very sophisticated industrial sensors that you could use for this, but it turns out what works for us is using Sony cameras we used to just Kano's before it is We used to have five days, but we faced those out because after a couple of million shots like mechanical shattered activator of would would fail and Sony has disputed new camera as pretty. Cool. We started we'd be a six three, hundred Alpha. They're pretty cool cameras because they have this. Cheryl, this mode and so there is no mechanical activation involved in shot, and in fact, I think we rolled out three or four hundred of those at this point and Defillo rate is negligible I. think these like Literally Lake. Less than ten probably failed sometimes it's the lengths that fails and stuff like that. But amusing amusing reliability from from consumer hardware there. However, the other lesson that we learned is that books specifically are kind of weird beast because. You know in every engineering problem I guess at some point you have to model it and you have to make some assumptions about okay. This is the size of book that I'm expecting. This is the kind of content them expecting if I have to do like auto cropping expect like will. White area here or whatever like. This kind of size and it's amazing how quickly any assumption you can make about books. We'll go out of the window especially when you can like thousands optima today it's it's really interesting. How many different formats the they will. and. How to how many educators you will run in and this goes from books that have like pockets in them to books, CDs books that have electrtonics to that have like bizarre full doubts that are really difficult to capture so. The, lesson here is. Don't be too sure about what you will encounter and via ready to accommodate it. So for example. One of the things that we had to do is modify. Pipeline that I talked about earlier if you'll recall I said, you upload your book and then it goes into this pipeline. It comes down to the other end in some to website whereas the physical goes away into a warehouse well, sometimes after he just can't a book or while Canet you realize that it has weird foldout and he would be a pity not to not to capture out so. I modified the pipeline so that after book is uploaded, can actually be downloaded in a different station rescan with the missing pages and then re uploaded, and this process can be repeated for like an arbitrary number of times. So we have books that have traveled like two stations than they got that corrected pretty interesting process and kind of kind of involved but. It was a classic example of we can fix this with software, but it's an edge case that we would have never thought about. Yeah. Those are two lessons right there. If you're interested in the software? 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Is that for cost reasons or consistency reasons, or she'd been doing it for so long that why not reasons? Greg classes. So I think there is different orders of reasons. First of all is cost first and foremost. Again, this is not a storage projects like high school storage project that this is this is a long term preservation effort and it turns out that you know fads are fads. But what we're interested in are kind of long term reliable technologies and we found that if we roll out a room solution, we can be a lot cheaper than the cloud. I think right now we are more than ten times cheaper than the cloud the depending on how you define cloud or whatever whatever you you. You compare it to obviously if you were if we were to store sixty bytes of data in glossier would be very different than during the in s three or easy to bud what is certainly true as well is that we have been lucky enough that the cost of storage has decreased in a manner that is kind of. Similar to the manner in which users have. Have increased, and that is not at all guaranteed. You know but we managed to to keep that pretty. On point and so as our demand for space has ballooned turned out that we could kind of keep up just by relying on the fact that that hard drives for getting cheaper and we've been expanding our capacity significantly but all of dot still in terms of cost significantly cheaper than what have been if we had outsourced it and also in terms of engineering 'cause Dan, you know you need to re architecture platform have a couple of years if you were. This platform fails then you move elsewhere with not. So this is like a first. Reason then derar some some more philosophical reasons why we like to do it that way. First of all, we'd like to have control over our data, and that means that you know if the national security letter arrives at least we know that it arrived and we successfully fall one a few years ago, but it also allows us to. To ensure that our patrons data is safe by something very specific. I mean that there is a very long and sad story of libraries being asked about you know list of things that people were reading. We want to sure that such lists don't exist and to the extent to which the exist we know where they are and we. Nobody else can can see them but I mean, you know obviously we have some web server logs before we get rid of them we only used them and everything but even that is something that we want to have on our own premises. We want to have them in somebody else's computer so to speak and. The way we are able to do this because this may sound pretty pretty interesting. How do you get to be ten times cheaper than cloud? Well, we have a very different online Sara apptime requirement than than the cloud to cloud needs to be off ninety, five, point, five, nine percent of whatever we decide that it's It's better to take a hit on fail ability and it's amazing when you drop the requirement from nine to just ninety nine percent, you are making an incredible amount of saving Sunday on the infrastructure required to keep you going then so you will find a twelve year the archive every. So often maybe down, it may be down because we get fiber cost. Like we did last year could we have another fiber? Yes but it would be very, very expensive. In fact, we're getting another one. That's a separate story. Could we have a three four five replicas of every piece of item that we have sure if we could. But would it be worth spending three four times hard-drive budget and everything else is killing up things so that we can guarantee if point one percent of Filipino Lady, you are Amazon Dot com, you have a car the needs to be dispatched. Maybe we calculated that we're not and that it makes more sense for us to save and sort of push the limits of frugality that way and so yeah, this is why. It's very interesting about the. Reliability for cost management. Are there any other ways in which that? The. The trade offs of the unique the unique domain that the Internet archive is solving for anything else like any other interesting trade offs or anecdotes you can do can share about that. Sure well, I mean I met. You were asking guests in terms of storage one that I mentioned this and maybe we didn't really talk about this much. But one thing that I mentioned this data, our obviously doesn't exist in a single copyright we have as a policy we keep paired copies of everything. So every the way works is that every server has a mirror image of itself in a different data center. How did we come to the realization that to was enough is simply A case of this. So it would be fairly easy. I think to architects things so that we could have triple copies or quadruple copies for certain items or whatever. But the reality is that the dot cost is not offset by the benefit that we would be giving to our patriotic thing our patrons a good way to think about this is like to think of again back to our users, it's hard to find them with a broad stroke, but what brings them together is the fact that they are interested in our. Offer certain content that we have, but will not paying for it and like some of them are are donating but everybody understands that sometimes the library may be close right now you're not going into the library with the same attitude. This you'd be going to a store and fact it's very important that the library remains free Andrew Carnegie who is by Any where you can imagine an expression of calm of capitalism when he founded. The Boston Public Library had free to all written in big letters on top of it. You know and so this is an interesting way. It's the engineering is actually serving the mission allowing us to trade reliability for cost makes sure that we actually make the Internet Archive available into long-term. Tell. Me Anecdote about something that has been incredibly hard in the digitization process. What kinds of tasks have been really difficult. There's been a few I'll talk about my personal experience of rewriting the software stack. So when I picked up this product by can fifteen the we had an existing existing digitisation system. We call that's great too, and he was kind of a relic of the past he didn't really be maintained, but it was kind of working and chugging along and it's what most people did they're scanning on what they knew, and my job was to essentially rewrite distinct from scratch and were few things that were the were necessary. One major requirement was that instead of working like the previous system did of which was kind of hooked up into our infrastructure almost at the network level so you would have like every scanner. Vp End into tournament cluster. This could only interact with the Internet archive over eighty is and what a huge challenge there was that we just didn't have all of this is. To find a way to expose like part of the guts of the system to the outside world in a way that that was kind of secure and acceptable to you know did the existent developers of the of the internal the internal software? So does like for a first silent and re architect the system the second one was that I wasn't starting from scratch. In fact, I had inherited that this little script and descript was like called scrape three was a new version of describe canning softer. It was a maybe like two thousand lines of python in this gooey system called TV, and what it did was it essentially make some of the main features that. The previous system had wiley like did some crazy things trying to make the historic trying to get to the back end data is the we still didn't have and so the problem with this is that it was already being used by the time I came on like ten or fifteen people were already trained on this and it wasn't great software vie and like it was just very early and so a huge challenge was developing the software back end. So cluster creating all of this new set of is while we were creating a new front end for which we had the. Existing legacy users already had expectations about how we would have to work, and in all of this, we couldn't lose it. The of production is not like could say, Hey, let's pause everything and get back to the drawing board. So Ping backed up technical debt took a couple of years and I think we are now in a good place where the whole thing was was reacted from being just a script now would slit consensually a little operating system. So that was an interesting interesting little challenge. I'll tell you another one. So I mentioned that in the previous incarnation of the system. Lab The was hooked up to our main cluster at the network level and Teresa was interesting and made at the system and unnecessary was that did not were running the same PHP monolith as the rest of the cluster and we're able to. To Act as Internet archive storage notes. So whenever you scan to book your ended into this thing and Dan just gets shuffled away to to its final destination wants it what's done and what this allowed you to do was to have access to all of this wealth of internal API's for processing. They mentioned earlier once we decided to cut off the cord, not only we lose access to all of these but we also lost. Access to the ability to control this candidates remotely right because suddenly you no longer have all of these notes that have addresses Dr just the clients that talked to our API and the reason this was a problem is that a lot of management actually happened in in a centralized fashion where for instance, you have a manager that wants to say me show me all of the books that are being processed in my position center or. Something happens and you want to clean up all stations that have that belong to this other center where we know that there has been a problem in general like we didn't have we lost entirely visibility and the ability to contact our stations from the central mothership and so what I ended up doing to to fix that was create I just used IRC. It's still a great solution to this day. There is now I see server that acts as commander control for all of the stations, all of the stations essentially talking their own channel and the reason they. You can use to send messages who all of describes and so that integrates with our with our management tools and it's yeah the devils pre does that was pretty cool. I didn't expect that I would be a solution in nineteen to a problem that I had. Fascinating Let's talk a little bit more about the Internet archive now that we've given A. Good overview one of the particular projects under the auspices. Generally speaking how does the Internet Archive scale? Are you just racking and stacking new servers and scaling that way? Pretty much yes. For for decor Beta product that is exactly the case we will add bigger and bigger discs over time I. Think our most recent addition art, twelve terabytes, and so the density of a single rack will go we'll go up over time but other than that. That's yeah. That's how kill by by director it's never want rackets always too because items are paired. And I think at this point. So every rack is then they the notes every. Thirty. Six discs I think right now we're about four four and a half terabytes per pair. And yet I was killed that way. There are other components of the infrastructure that don't scale or downscale as well. So. Differently so Our we use read this a lot for for caching over the place, and so we scaled out to a to attend notes cluster. Was An interesting project we scale elastic search, elastic search social skill, horizontally, and we do that within the context of our high-performance virtual machines bull, and then to are like some other components of the infrastructure that will scale less. So I mentioned this catalogue task q dot that's kind of a problem for US still, but we meant to make it go faster. But by killing it like vertically making better things, happening it adding more layers of priority making faster database access. All that stuff. But to any practical purpose at the core of the Internet archive scale just horizontally, we'd just rack and stack. What's the worst case catastrophe scenario that could happen? Are there any worse case scenarios that can happen like a? Earthquake or hurricane that you're not resilient to not cloud. That's a great question and I I think that's above my pay grade that requires a certain amount of scenario planning that I wasn't necessarily involved in but from my understanding. What keeps me up at night is the earthquake more than anything else we do have off site backups we do have partial backups. We do have some ability to recover our data even we're not fettered to the cloud, but the reality is that the majority of our days here and if something happens to the bay area I, think that's the nightmare scenario for me. I am less worried about cyber threats. I am less worried about other kinds of. Manmade threats. What really worries me is you know the big one and That is not so much because they will be lost is because again I said we we've already done our our best to to make sure that they too will be will be available even disaster recovery scenario if because that will no longer be available and so that that goes back to accessability rights preservation the moment the archive goes off line in a disaster scenario it starts losing value dot very second dot dot scares me I, think that's the disaster scenario for me. What are the plans for the future of the Internet archive or any new projects that are going to be taking a lot of the time? There are, but it can all talk about them. Okay fascinating. But. Stay tuned because there are always thinks cooking for sure. What keeps you working at the Internet Archive. The people and Domitian I want to say and I want to spend just a few words commanding the people that I work with Google and Dr Really. Some of the finest errors I had the pleasure to to interact with I learned a lot at the archive and I was given the opportunity to you know build up a pretty large system with a pretty significant amount of backing from high up I it's been incredibly empowering and not just because you feel you feel like you're building something you feel like you're building. Something for people who care so that's the mission part of it. All I believe in universal access to all knowledge I believe in books being important and to information being important and I think ultimately, this data set will prove useful I. Don't know it's pretty simple. Really it's the people in. Domitian okay w well, thanks for coming on the show. It's been great talking. Awesome thank you jeff. Operations teams can find themselves choosing between two options either take full control over the infrastructure yourself or give all developers permission to access production. The first approach increases the operations teams workload, which often results in overwhelming situations and ops becoming a bottleneck and the second approach allows for rapid deployment of changes to production, but it causes a serious risk to infrastructure up time. With octopus, deploy operations teams have a third option. The octopus platform can be authorized to run approved steps and play an intermediary role. Octopus delivers self-service without sacrificing control over production, and it also provides a comprehensive audit log of the changes that are being made. Developers can enable self service with automation by automating the processes that are forming a bottleneck developers can free themselves from the waiting game. You can check out the most frequently requested run book templates. BY GOING TO OCTOPUS DOT COM slash self service. You can find those run book templates at Octopus Dot com slash. Self. Service. And I WANNA thank octopus for being a sponsor of software engineering. Daily.

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45: Aliens, Take Me Away!

Never Thought I'd Say This

1:00:35 hr | 8 months ago

45: Aliens, Take Me Away!

"And welcome to this week's episode of never thought I'd say this I am your host. Jodhi sweeten that still my name, not really sure if. I did I did have to think about that. There was like a big pods well I'm Celia Bay because I was trying to think of something funny. I. Know all right I mean it's Kinda funny that you took a long pause to remember your name? I'm with it. I guess it was I? Remembered my name trying to think of something funnier than my name but I couldn't not really funny you're. You're out of funny. It's what you're fast, so I'm I'm not a everything. My God, so am I different never that I wanNA talk about. First of all I. Think we have to say. We never thought that we would make it to the end of a home school year with now they never are into home schooling. No and four kids are all still alive. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I have to say. Mine did were so great by the end like I. Don't know what happened like they. They just really got into some sort of routine, and they've been really great and Harper ended up with straight A.'s and I. Just need to say that had absolutely nothing the Fox today with me because. I'm really within really proud of her. Zoe Buster ass and build up some grades at the end. Awesome, but you know we struggled a little bit, but she. I was really proud of her. She worked really hard, and like got a ridiculous amount of assignments done. Make Work and all that kind of stuff like she really. Did you know? Put that effort in a at the last minute? But I'm hoping that we don't. We start off a little bit better next year I'm so yeah I don't know what next year is going to be like this point I mean this is is there isn't going to be a next year. I know I'm I feel like you know what? I don't ever GonNa make. It just want to twenty one. I mean I'm waiting his on base. fucking now I. Thought zombies man. I'm thinking just giant. On their. Violence Background I. Well No. I think I'd I'd I do mind Steven Tyler I'd like Steven Tyler but I feel like I'd do it if it's going to be my last song that I'm listening to staring a giant asteroid. It's going to be something different. Fair enough. Yeah? That's gotta be next like something. It's yeah, or it's yeah, I mean on. Aliens take us away at this point honestly like it was Calgon. Take me away now. It's Alien Alien Sake me. Instead of getting a back GONNA throw dish soap hands to just not wanting to be on this planet. Any other one would be great. No the fucked my hands I'll take an alien pro over this like up. My, but I've I'm at I'm done. Just you know what Bucknell rape proving. I know I mean I I. Don't know I'm very tired. Also I have to tell you right now that I may or may not be a little bit high. Look I gotTa have my coffee yet. So I feel like that count I have on my property either I. my anxiety has been as you know protecting you always been so unbelievably bad I know. I've been eating edible cookies. That Jill might show US decay. Edible cookies amazing. And, Let's just say I I. Had I sometimes have more than than one of them to make it. I just. I'm not sleeping well and exciting. It seems to be the only thing that's like working, but I definitely. Felt like it's good, we're just letting our listeners know ahead of time like look. This show may or may not be funny and may or may not make sense. That we're like we're giving people a heads up at the beginning yeah yeah. They considered by your just. Go bus get because I have a feeling that like usually when we're not feeling funny and you're a little bit high. Hi. That, we get some really great comedy out of it, so let's. See what else like CPS is like not completely back yet. They won't show up at my door right away now. You're gonNA find you got. Yeah. I don't have my kids I WANNA. Make that very clear. I'm not high. Roll my kids. I'm Dustin Right now so I? Don't have my children although going back to them as far as I know of anyway that you know. Man If they're here I'm just kidding, I'm just kidding. Now they they're. They're with their dad. They the end of school was so weird. You know I'm so glad as the end, but it was so weird and it was so funny like Bam, because you know. We did Harper's eighth grade like combination drive-thru You know like that was the end and. I was interesting and I got. It was just so fascinating because we didn't have that. Growing up like I didn't have A. Real any combination for eighth grade. Eighth grade we didn't remember. I did his sixth grade and eighth grade. My God. We did it. I've just had a total. Yeah, like you know, listen when you have high school and you actually have your high school graduations. Get GonNA. Mean that much more. And I said to her like right after came out of my mouth, I just thought. Lesser another. Literally as you're telling me that you told Harper, this I was like urinating. You're. You're an idiot. This never goes it right, which is. Terribly pessimistic I don't think any of us want to think about that, but I also feel like at this point. I can't make any guarantees that like Godzilla. Isn't GONNA come? Down before you graduate school, so I WANNA. Make any promises that anything's going to happen. I know I said it and I was like fuck. I shouldn't have said that, but I mean. You've got you know. What four more years of didn't sanity to get through? It's going to be so much worse that it's not. That's not even be a thought. Probably. I mean it's also and this saying this. Because I'm joking, I do know well not. Really it's hard to. Harper Harper did I mean? She handled it really well like the kids that were really excited about. Doing that she she did I'd say handle it really well the Disney. Really she did I mean she cried a little about not being with her friends anymore, because like she's been with them for so long and then she's. Going into another school and they're they're not. They all split up, but it was so funny because Lulu a heartburn. If I, have to see people at this point like not because I just. I. Don't know I'm crying right now as laughing. I'm pretty positive I was dead inside. I don't really know what happened because. I. Okay That's me sorry. Dead inside. But Yeah I. Don't know, try a lot. It's really bizarre, and like sometimes I start crying and I'm like I'm so confused. I'm like what why am I? Wait. Are you. Are you hormonal? Messing. ovulating. Shifts time it's just. I just want to turn it off. I'm really done with my uterus. I need a switch right? Be Like just turn it off. It is I don't need it anymore. I'm done. I'm not doing this. I'm old and and it needs to like. It needs to be fired like I mean to me like you can leave now rebecca. Right go find somebody else like my uterus like walking out in my. Yeah exactly. Like I. Don't need it anyway. the funny thing was a Lulu was done on. Friday but Harper on Thursday and. About. The fact that Harper was done on. Thursday she like. It's not fair like I have to go to school. Where like one more day? I had one was done a week before they were on different spring breaks to. Calm down. I'm not going to say that Turkish she will repeat that right. It'll be a problem Yes, she she was just like ridiculous better, but then there's some to finish school, and then they wake up the next day. They're like now what? This. Like so the I think they were just happy, and I will agree with this. It was just nice to have one thing removed of down. Let's let's argue over one more thing today because there's already not enough. Yeah, yeah I mean I. It's at least I don't have to worry about zoom meetings and like they have to get on and stuff like that to worry about right now and and. I guess we'll just see what happens. We, all need to drink a lot of water dirty. Tell me about it I. I've been trying to do better with my hydration, but it's not always easy, but I'm trying it's not easy, but we really need a lot of it to stay hydrated and healthy. In fact, sixty percent of our bodies are made of water, and if you're like me, you probably don't trust your. Your tap water and really, why should you now it tastes any? Don't like Oh. Yeah, virtually every household in America has harmful contaminants in their water, which I didn't know and I do so I've been using a revolutionary new water purifier called awkward trail heard of that I have not. It's so great. It certified remove fifteen times more contaminants than ordinary pitcher filters opera troupes not. Age countertop purifier that works with no installation or for plumbing. Really I got mine the other day. We've been using it here. The kids keep telling me how they. It tastes like your drinking bottled water, but you're not on your countertop, and it's fantastic. Fantastic I love that so much easier because I. You know like filling those pictures over, and over again takes forever like alcohol on my counter will be so much easier. It's really A. It's really pretty amazing. If its patented ultra reverse osmosis technology is certified to remove eighty of the most harmful contaminants including chlorine fluoride lead arsenic arsenic, really PF. I don't even know what that is. Nitrates and many more, and it's the same technology used by all major bottled water prance, which is probably like my kids think it tastes like bottled water. Yeah, I, mean I would definitely not like to be drinking, lead and arsenic, and whatever PFA s czar in my water I, would all? equi plus the filters are affordable and long lasting, and in these times why we're about sold out water bottles when you can just make your own at home, and just one set of filters makes the equivalent of four thousand five hundred bottles of water. Yeah, that's less than three cents a bottle plus you'll save the environment from tons of plastic wastes liberty high. Shopping, forty five hundred bottles like that's I mean just for the environmental factor alone. Yes, not to mention the PF. which are coming in? But that's amazing that it's so. Honestly the water tastes fantastic I mean like it, said case like bottled water. You definitely can taste the difference you know. How sometimes a taste of water as a little medically. Like that here. I love my awkward and so thousands of satisfied customers and opportune is the only water purifier that clean water activists. Erin Brockovich recommends her. Why plus Aqua- true comes with a thirty day. Guarantee yet can't beat that today. Our listeners receive a hundred dollars off an aqua-. Troop plus free shipping just go to autry DOT COM. That's A. Q., U., A. T., R., U., DOT, com and enter code. Say this at checkout. That's a hundred dollars off plus re shipping. When you go to aqua true dot, com and use code say this. I want to tell you this story. That happened the other day because I was laughing so hard that I was like I started crying. Because that's what I fucking do apparently, but Lulu I asked her claim. The shower and I. Just put US wait. Wait wait wait I know why on John Lulu lead anything larger than a postage stamp yours my logic, not because Lulu isn't brilliant. She is, but not in that particular. No, no! This is my logic. They'd be in the pool. She was still in her bathing suit. And I'd put a sponge in there and I'd already sprayed it. All she had to do was turn on the water, and then just like wipe down around the surface. It was more just so that she liked was doing something. It just shows what might in the bathtub with the chemicals, no and okay, now you know, thank God, it's it right. Yeah, it was like it's like more of the organic stuff. I bleached it before. But she was in her bathing suit, and the sponge was next to like the. Shower handle you know and I said all you need to do. It's wet sponge and wipe down surfaces, and I watched that kid took the sponge that by the way we still a little bit wet, because I had reached it before walked across the bathroom to the. What this fund under the sink and then! Back across the bathroom with the dripping sponge to clean the. Right turning on. It's. That's a that's a Luma right. Kiddies in gifted and talented program I well not. Not. Logic and reasoning so that's you know I. Read It. I just looked at her and I. Just Go Lulu with the. because. I can't say Fox because my twenty dollars that I put in ahead of time in the swear jar. Used Up. Believe me I what I said. Why are you doing? She goes. You told me to wet it and I go. There's a faucet in the shower like just now they're using. It's a sink that you can sit in basically. Eight? And, of course, then she starts crying and I'm like. This is not a reason to cry like just like no need to cry about it. I cleaned the shower, and the you know just standing there like crying and holding the Madrid. My God please just clean Astute Right. And then she did get into her bathing suit, and like you know scrubbing it like she was like. You know it's a hard. Knock wiping like right. You've Mrs Hannigan. Your Mrs Haley background. I hanging out of your mouth. I, I I have to admit I have given up. I've lost control. My House is being run by pirates. It's. And I'm. Like I'm the worst pirated. God Dude. We've fallen the fuck apart over here and I am. I'll admit it like I have great intentions and they just have. Have worn me down into just A. Little Mermaid, you know those things that grow out of the immersive caved like Apple. She stolen. Out The. That's what I. Just. Like. I don't even know what like she's stuck her. Chin into her oop. SUCKER! Yeah, it's really unattractive. Face that I only you can see. This is a radio show and not television radio show hot cast. You know what I mean. Cheese you know what I mean. You know odd okay well, aren't you? Listening away. First off. You guys I just want to tell you the before. This episode started. Judy shows us in Emily. Her Nights Dan. which is the most ramp nightstand? Sat It's become. It's just full Detroit like I'm GonNa try to win because like. Is it detriment or detritus? I thought detriment. I thought that, too, but I've heard someone say detritus. I'M GONNA say. I don't know anyway. Number One. Show I'm going to describe what's on there? Okay, first of all we've got I. suspect a half, drinking warm look. Next to. Drinking! 'cause Johnny I. That looks like a coconut water, which I also suspect is how a protein shake. Drink it I did oh, just empty and garbage sitting, yes. fucking trash right for water bottle and then her starbucks coffee I. Don't know what that pink thing is. Is that a French assistant ten pen with? You and your fancy pants and another fancy pen, maybe the one that emily likes with my. Pen, yeah a little fluffy Bulla Candan. Some and. Of something business is not empty. This is my breakfast. That I had that okay okay. It's megabytes Yup. So. There s books in my puzzles are over here. Her puzzles puzzles that after she listens to the radio. Hold on, you really hold on. Let me lead into my fucking elderly heater. My my word Puzzle Games are over there. My hardcopy ones. My. Store yes. Variety Games puzzles because near my favorites, the fucking penny press puzzles. I'm them. I've got several of those over. There haven't been able to start on because everybody focus, but then my jigsaw puzzle is downstairs and I spent hours on that and so the jigsaw puzzle that them scalps. Aren't you that you still don't know what it is? It is Oh my God. It's Christmas card for me and the girls. It's the picture of the three of us. For Mother's Day so. I finally, we got the edge, but I don't know if it's completely done, i? Don't know it's done well or correctly What do you mean you're just like jams piano? Duck look. It's one of those puzzles that you have made so like every piece is by two variants in. The it's an Meyer only slightly different, so even the ones that fit together perfectly kind of move a little bit, and then so the ones that don't fit together perfectly. Don't move that much more, but just enough to where you're like. I don't know it's quite right, and it's a picture, so it's not like color would. Moments in my dating life by the way just say you know it's pixellated. Like Japanese porn. I, have. A lot of the discoloration. Even the whites are like pure white is it's from a photograph? Make it a little bit than normal pozo like a ravensburger which? Doesn't nowadays the really good puzzles. We've now spent two minutes talking about puzzles that just so you know. Everyone's aware i. Was Doing I nine hundred years old you. And this is my life I my bed angry. I'm having a hot flash on because I'm drinking tea. I am ten years almost ten years older than you and somehow you've managed to become fifty years older than me, so I don't know what's happening, but it's something I used to be cool, and now I'm not I. Don't think I was ever cool. At least I have that and. It was easier for you. I. I? Did my first TIKTOK dance with Harper the other day in the pool by the way, 'cause I refuse to really use my legs because I knew I'm a shitty dancer, and there's no way during the pool I could just use arbs and kind of look like those doing yeah I feel just look like the most like Dorky like mom. Try to keep fielder really cute daughter. I'm just like I apparently untold by the kids friends that I can do some of the tiktok dances, but the kids are like you're absolutely terrible at it. Oh. I'm not sure I. Think Eli. Harper said to me the other day, and she was very sweet like we did the dance that she's like mom. You did it really well like it's really good at posting it and then I looked at it and I was like a liar like they look. You feel better. You Suck. What I might actually not be terrible and they're like. No, you're bad. I'm like but wait I'm not no you. I! Got It yet they don't. God why do apparently throwing it back? which is that move where you'd like body kind of your day eight eight when I do that because I can't do it, but apparently I actually cameras. Friends that I can do it so i. just like to do it, too. So even in the middle of our kitchen with nobody else home, and she gets so mortified that lie and I can imagine there's nothing worse than watching your mom like throw her aspect I can imagine, but there's really. Nothing I mean Oh my God. I can't imagine my mother doing I mean my God. No multiple reasons I can't imagine. Doing that no, but now I feel like she said your video just because she wants to make you right. My mom used to have a a rebounder like little mini trampolines in. A relationship. That, too. A. Different Okay Anyway I. Don't want issued like yours. Again. I'm on how to read and I was like. Oh! Boy Arena. Yes many times. I. We have to go back to my mom because I. Just really it's a big, but let me just say this about her. At this show makes so sense, did he just? To somewhere in the middle of the first season, so okay, so my mom had rebounder that she was like that little trampoline. Yeah, yeah, yeah, a little small one like the crazy. Crazy like jazzercise. Twists and turns in the kitchen when we eat breakfast friends over not and and put on like Michael Jackson or Phil Collins, like that and just be like doing that in the kitchen, and like you and. Just be like well at my mom is tiny and has really big boobs like if a just a lot of bouncing. You see this like at all. You just reminded me of two things. First of all mother's Day I meant to say this an earlier podcast, but I kept forgetting because I don't have a brand anymore I'm going to show you. This actually have not shown you this yet. Oh. Wait. The blind is. Moment so on Mother's Day. My mom sent me attacked and. I don't. Look for what? I mean I, don't they? Check your mom or my favorite though because. They don't make any sense, but they are the most non sequitur random out of left field. Like like there's no, I couldn't begin to tell you. It's like when you watch like those things about like people that murder people yet. What were they thinking like I feel I get that same sort of like what the fuck thinking when your mom says over where I'm like where I don't even understand, were that could possibly come from in a person. All right this is. She set me on Sunday may tenth at eleven twenty three PM. She writes she's right anything I just get three screen shots. Okay, and I'm going to. We're on a trampoline I wish. I get this. Can you see what that is? Okay? It's It's like the little when you make the little hands with your heart. Make your hands her. I also dyslexic, make your make your heart with your little hands, but then there's like baby feet in it, and it's happy day right? Okay, okay, so that would almost right back ray. It's like something from a maternity shoop like a big breath announcement. Yeah, okay. Lovely white flowers yeah I think that's queen and Queen Vans Lay Sweden's lace right Ed. I know nothing about flowers other than that. I kill them and this is the last thing she sent me A. Good mind there is no tackling. Wait. Wait wait. Wait is the big, is it? Is it the do but the big? See. That mom, be great. No, this is the last thing she sent me. Keep in mind again. There's no context of this. She didn't write me anything. She sent me these three pictures all at one time, and this is the last one that I got from her for Mother's Day Oh. Boy Are those goats. You guys a gallon a minute. Let me do my Christopher. Walken goats. No, it's what the fuck. You're not leaving. Start Moving over to the center. A little bit I can't see. We're doing this over zoom. You guys. It's literally a herd of goats on a sidewalk. That's what she sent her goats. Because nothing, Mother's Day like go I have a picture of pulling a goat's tail when I was very young and I. Am pretty sure that I learned a very good listen. which is don't do that. Duty on you. Know that it dude on me but I definitely had some feelings about being pulled by three year. Olds Yeah. Well? That's what I got from my mom I. Feel Like I've said this on another podcast, but I can't kit totally remember but for some UN I can't. I have pandemic brain, but they're Jerusalem their Israeli goats very dear Israel. Yes, there from there in Jerusalem That's how my mom titles every single one of her emails for I've never said that before I. Think I probably have my mom. Just, say is this in Jerusalem. Question you Israel. I'm not really sure yeah I I I do that. She titles at Jerusalem, because I know that she's still bearing. She's not here so I appreciate that. Up with a bear. I don't know why I was thinking about this. I guess maybe 'cause yesterday was father's Day and I was thinking about my Stepdad. Who I also haven't spoken to you. And I just remembered all the sudden one year, and maybe I've told the story if I have I apologize, but it's almost worth repeating one year for my stay on facebook when I still was connected to them on Facebook, and so is my sister. We opened up facebook like almost around the same time in they call each other like hysterically, laughing and screaming, because Harvey had written like this big post to my mom for mother's Day, and said all the things that he loves about her and the last. Generous. Yes Yep yeah. Don't need to know that I don't why. It pops into my head. Sometimes it really inconvenient, and maybe maybe it's because like she loves things a lot like I mean not like she's. Let's now think about that. On him a lot. That's what. I'd rather be. I can't it can't really wrap my head around. What made him do that? Let was it public. I, could never if my boyfriend ever said I I. Ever said that I'd be like what's wrong with you. Who Abused? By. My ever posted anything like that. Huck laid public. It'd be like Something's wrong. We got to go to the hospital. Yes, you have obviously lost your mind or having a stroke got. Yeah, you can't just the words lover like. Word now. It's no go. As you know jody. I'm obsessed with trying to keep my skin looking as young as possible because I myself have not young anymore. Book Your Skin Looks. Amazing I mean derisive glowing. Zero! You can dare to say that it's because you know having a really great skin. Routine is one of the things that's easier said than done, so I've had a lot of trial and error with mine and I never know what I need. You retinol vitamin C. do you need a chemical exfoliating? Are they safe? Have they been tested? Know Right, it's scary. I don't know it's out there. And so I did a lot of research, and then I found an amazing amazing product, and it is you beauties resurfacing compound own you weren't. You read about that. It's so awesome. It's a patent pending formula bill on the idea. That more isn't always better. It's smart in clinically tested compound that brightens as you said, resurfaces titans, tones, imbalances skin in a single bottle, one bottle, not a thousand things on my nightstand, which I love gives me a foolproof way to streamline my beauty routine, and realizing all of my transformative results as you also have realized right now yet now it's pretty awesome, and whatever your skin type is. Whatever your concern as you beauties resurfacing compound helps your skin achieve quicker results with less irritation and emphasis on quick. You know expect to see smoother. Smoother brighter skin and visibly faded fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots in three to six days. yet judging from just looking at your skin right now i. really feel like this is something that I need to dry. You definitely need to try. Everybody should try it. It came after two years of an intense collaboration with one of Italy's top cosmetic laboratories. The resurfacing camp compound was born from that and it's clean cruelty, free gluten free non GMO. Begin a never ever tested on animals, which you know is huge thing for me and this multifunctional compound takes the guesswork out of building a well rounded. I have loved it, I saw a difference right away. My skin is super smooth and I. Love it I mean it. I really just even in like a week I noticed a difference. You look great, but that's about how long I've been using it. Thanks for noticing and even over. You know like zoom I find when I'm on. Assume call people have commented on my skin just like you are now. Yeah. You know it's. It's a good thing. listen. We are not the only one singing the praises of you. Beauty boob called the resurfacing compound. A Game Changer and Harper's bazaar dubbed it as the best exploiting serum in this year's anti ageing beauty awards curious to see what a smarter routine can do for your skin. Go to the you, beauty dot, com bats, the letter you and enter Promo Code. Say This at checkout to receive twenty percents off of your first order one more time T., H., E. U. B., E. A. U., T., Y., dot, com and use Promo Code say this for twenty percent off. I'm GonNa go get nice and glowing like you walk to for you. It's with. You know the words that I haven't like. It's yeah waist. Panties. Not Girls sneak nurse don't like. Now. Not a lover of sneakers. The word meant makes me WANNA BARF when you've been. Yeah, do I can't moist or Stop. Title of the episode. Wait boy kment. Grossest thing one of the first conversation that I feel like dust into my ever had like maybe like our second. Like we had slept together or anything because I waited a long time and I was like. Listen I'm just going to say this right now. If you ever say the words, make love, this is over. Ever Fuck Dot. Gusting and I've been with men before. That are like I. Want to make you A. Create me up with the way you look at that data really. I, don't I don't feel that way that UCLA. I Love You I. Love Make my mom. My Mom's sexy. Oh. Why didn't hate me right now? She's making a face that looks like like she's I. Don't even know greeting your teeth and stickier lips out. uh-huh. Yeah, Donkey! That your best. Picture I have with my mom. She's making that face. Wait hold on, let me take a picture that face. Wait. Wait okay, we'll place See if you'd have to take a screen shot on my computer garrity gum. Oh, that's amazing. Yeah, it's pretty good I. Don't know why my mom again today. You know why not? Go! It's Mother's Day like what the fuck is that? People. Like what here's the deal? If they weren't fainting, goats doesn't matter I love goats. I. Just Pass out when I'm scared. Emotional. What, what were you? What were your thoughts you had never thought. Well besides the. GET TO THE END OF A. Year of the school year homeschooling, which is not but I would say I feel like it's going to be a little controversial, but I'm going to bring it up. Anyway I never thought that I would have to argue with MOMS online. That politics is prepared king issue. If I I don't understand moms in mom groups well now. Here's the thing. Here's the thing politics as they used to be. Are Not a parenting issue? Well, that's not true. At all that, set up. What I'm saying is what people think of. As politics, but we're having now where we don't live in that world that our yeah I haven't been handle the amount of. Ito Trump this the shit that people say online, and like the trolling and the you know just being like this. Is it for parents? Like what do you mean? It's not prepare of course right now? Yes, it is! How are you how I'm sorry? Celia that was me. Off! The chores on your wall are being I do just to go after myself. No. Wanted I do. Not much time on my hands. Only, to I, you know how much. I. I just sort of given sort of giving up with that, but I find it very frustrating especially now because the kids are older and they asked me questions about what's going on politically. Call I am going to play. I'm going to play devil's advocate on this, though okay, just because why not cause? albeit astle. Okay, Great. What how do we do we do. We then have to have differing groups for different political views you on parenting that united. Do we out what's not because that's that's a trust me I get it and you know me. I am so vocal right now. Every definitely knows where I stand and I'm. Anti Fascist wait. Can I just say though? Followed working my way under like every FBI, I can probably get on so. Sure when we became vocal on our on the never thought instrument about black lives matter automatically. I was watching our stats. We've lost two hundred followers in one day. I JUST WANNA say at since Fan. We've gained almost a thousand. By the you hundred, but that a natural comes back right listen. This is the stance I took in Mama's. You know the. Somebody right because I'm asking you this. As seventy two runs sort of moderates, it has dealership of a moms, group and again politics at this point is now for me. It's not a difference, necessarily politics it's it's a morality thing if it's all of that, but let's let's say we're back in. You know less tumultuous tides. And people are arguing about politics on there then Ben Ben. What's this? This does the stamps that I that? I took him I think. been my stance. Agree with Celia I'm I'm? I'm just as you ask me all the time. Anyway. You've seen it happen when people get up in open mic real as the youth say and. You know as you say, and as discussions. Did you solicitude This is the this is what I say. Whatever you're designing your parents and group to be than you design it that way. We designed Mama's to be a support group that was all encompassing all walks of life, and no judgment and acceptance of You know every sort of parents and if. If your for this administration, then you don't belong in this group because if you are voting for I, give everyone. A pass voted for him the first time. If they voted for because they thought this is going to be different, and there's change coming in I. Don't believe his rhetoric. It's just all for show, so he gets elected. Okay, that's my right eye, is you? Still Riding Yard. Right got a better you do better and if you can't do better, you're telling me that you don't think that Trans lives matter and that. Parents shouldn't be married or have children. You don't belong in my group. That's not right. That's not. What we're saying is basically at this point light. Look, there's there's you WANNA. Go do that, but just do it elsewhere right because I want mama stay as a group that. Okay so real. Leading meant trump supporters. You're right, I'm not because to me. Those people are not supporting everybody else so you. Get that I get that I read a i. read a really interesting thing about this and it was talking about how on you know our pages and stuff like as. MOMS or parents, or whatever and like having. How do we have those different discussions and like educate people as but I think at this point what we're finding is that. Are we at that point? When like we're just so far past? Because I, really I try to like take in an and I do, but that's what I think is like at this point. Are we just there where it's like? It's just were so far on opposite sides. There really is but see I don't feel like there isn't some common ground. And I, and that's what like I on my page on my instagram I don't i. don't block and delete a ton of people that are down. I I leave him up there because I feel like if you want a, they're on there, being particularly hateful or going after like some of my younger fans, whatever then I'm like all right, fuck you, but for the most I try and leave those people up there because I feel like much like I know if I don't have any opposition to discuss with just it an echo chamber of my own things heartbea. Get to a place where I don't know. If. He goes I agree with. Him I will go after people, and whatever and it'll be like or be your fucking lead, but I also know it's different in appearance a group because when they come in there and do that then it's it. It makes the discussion about only that right now on my you know my page that is. The only discussion. On your page I don't know if you followed what happened. When I posted my friend Evans Stein wrote a really amazing description about the difference between white privilege and privilege in general. Yes, Great. Yes, I posted that! Socioeconomic, wide of ninety two parents, and all that stuff like you know I was privileged. I had all those things that my I am also white privilege, and here's what white privileges right any breaks down and I thought he did such a good job. He's in his Mensa person, so he should, but you know he's. He's really back. MENSA types I mean literally solve a Rubik's cube. That's really all I care about. You can't solve a Rubik's cube than to me your like. Brain surgery on both ends like swap rains like all on. He turned my brain into a Rubik's cube. We're just getting rain already is. Not In any sort of completely right? But there was a guy that America we. He kind of looks are arguing with me because he didn't read it right, so he was like well I don't. There's no such thing as white privilege. I didn't have two parents, and I didn't have this and that and I was like you're not reading what he said. You're like Oh. Back and reengage requoted, and he's like I read it. And finally I was being really combative, and finally I pulled back and was like. Listen like this is the thing. Thing about white privilege versus privilege like it. Okay, nobody's Mattie for it. Like nobody's saying you have white privilege and so fuck you, so you should feel shit. We're just like acknowledged that that if you set up right and acknowledge that we all have biases and acknowledged that you know that built on slavery and the end, therefore racism like it's Oak. Nobody's telling you to feel terrible about it. They're saying acknowledged thing and move forward, and I have to say he completely like back down and came rats. Okay Curio that was what this this post was talking about was like particularly. For White folks wider than others. Yes! We're totally in my phone. Is that Diana? But it was talking about, and it was saying you know at particularly white allies. Yes, we're outrage and all that, but we it's our job is to be the ones being nice at trying to work and feel at you know what I mean and I don't necessarily agree with that, but otherwise it falls only on the shoulders of. Are, black and Brown right brothers and sisters that have to explain it what I mean. Yeah, so yeah, and I know he didn't WanNa talk about this again what I do! I SLIP! Out Right now right now it's I. You and I have just made it a point to be like. We don't want to completely be two more white people talking about something writing. You know what I mean, but. I get what you're talking. This is bigger than than just that this is about. How do we as mothers and you know all of that? Get along and create spaces for ourselves to share those experiences. MOM's group you. Do you get super motorable time you're sharing about? Aw, your children and things that you've failed at are like Oh my God, i. had the Shittiest also your child having cancer or anything like that I mean by? Let me make it clear if there was somebody out there, who is a trump supporter and you know was had a sick child and was desperate for help. Help of course I would still jumping and help that person. That's you know that's who I am. But if you're going to be in my group and you just want to post things like Maggie Twenty twenty. Get the fuck out like the all you're doing. Which happened as you know, and all you're doing is just making like everybody you know who still vulnerable about where presidents feeling. States and you're just did that. Jodi. Have you heard of better help? You know I don't know that I have I. Mean I I might consider us as as like. Help so I. Feel like better. Help is going to be an improvement, so no, please. Please tell me about better help, but better help would be better than are mediocre. Hope. Yeah, well, I mean. It's pretty awesome it's. Listen if things with our happiness and like big will prevent us from achieving our goals. That certainly happens me I know. It's happening already trying to say. Well. I'm trying to tell you that better help will assess your needs and match you with your own licensed professional therapists. That's better did is that's better help? That's better than talking to yourself probably. You can start communicating in under forty eight hours. It's not a crisis on. It's not self help. It is professional counseling done securely online and as therapists. We know how much I liked. You recommend that people you know. Do some therapy. Onus I. You know how much I love I love therapy I. Love It on both sides. Honestly, who doesn't need to talk to somebody every now, and then you do, and there's a broad range of expertise available, which may not be locally available in many areas. This service is available for clients world wide. Awesome exactly you just log into your account anytime. You send a message to your counselor. You'll get timely in thoughtful response, plus you can schedule weekly video or phone sessions sessions, so you don't ever have to sit in uncomfortable. Waiting Room as you do with traditional therapy better health is also committed to facilitating great therapeutic matches so that you know can make the change. Easy Adan just communicate with your counter if you need to, it's more affordable than traditional off line. Counseling and financial aid is also available. That's really rare pretty amazing that they do that. Yeah that that I know so many people don't seek therapy expensive so if you can get. Get it for cheaper and get some financial aid. That would be amazing. Yeah, I mean that it's just such a great service and better help. Once you start living a happier life today, so visit their website and read their testimonials that are post daily, and you know see what people are saying about them. visit better help. Dot Com slash save this. That's better. Better, H. E. L.. P. Enjoying the over one million people taking charge of their mental help with the help of inexperienced professional. In fact, so many people have been using better help that they are recruiting additional counselors in all fifty states so special offer for our listeners. You'll get ten percent off of your first month. At better help, dot com slash, say this. What if I, what if I just start responding with inappropriate means? Oh my God and I just start doing that. Yes, that's what I do anyway. Gifts and memes and completely derail conversation. If I feel like that. I mean what kind of weird memes! Post this. On facebook ads. I don't even understand like your wish stuff out. Wish somebody at the wish. Sales Department thinks I am like your. Most dark leg, beatty s M. Foggin Weird Shit. I am. Yeah I. Don't want to doll. The leg weird baby doll! Like babies on chains. All kinds of weird media and masks, and just all kinds of shit, but yeah I don't know why vicarage up those people get in fights online from now on I think just got tons I look at the things that are screen shotted and saved in my phone. That I've saved from the Internet purely for my own amusement when I'm just bored somewhere nitrogen through my pictures. I'm giggling myself. It's worth it. There were so I will just start doing that I almost I think. That's how you get. If it's just going nowhere the argument start doing just go random. Go completely irreverent in and just start posting like will ferrell means. You, know just realized I if you're. Your phone. I can't this I. Haven't been out myself I think I would. Do it crap. Traffic Peresic moment. There was a picture you bibs. I was scrolling through through pitchers. Harper was walked by and I didn't realize it for a second, and then I really fast like put my phone down. She just yells at me. And I was like now. No No, no. Yeah. I don't know what to say. I. Mean Look we're at. We're now at that. Our children are old enough now. Oh, it's where we can't. They were. They know about sex. Yeah, they know what it is. They know that it's there and that we do it and that they're really fucking interested in what the hell it is, so you know what I mean, so it's like it's both weird, and also they're like. Oh, like fascinated. Visit episode. With interim relentless over your. Natural in its greatness, but it really needs to be having a conversation, and I want to sink George to Michael Assets. Natural sexes thought that was my first concert ever was it really? I bought that album last night and looking great album. I went and got beat him 'cause. You're such an idiot. That's that that's stupid. One here I'm going to add onto my crap parenting moment now that we've gone for politics this, which made no sense at all, and there was literally no segue Ed Bucket. We don't speak. Our show model needs to be never thought I'd say. We don't believe in segues. Of the grammatical or the technological fuck says Oh flew high and I don't really care. Replied this show is so insane. You're going. To the next, I have the attention span of a GNAT anyway. So we are jumping all God, I hope everyone that listens to this is just hire now because. Okay, so here's the intentional four twenty special now. A honestly thought that I was doing a good thing when I when I was starting this lesson. Which because Harper's older, and so would have definite. I started dating she. Obviously like had questions would be with Labor you sleep over. You know that kind of stuff because that's like the only thing. I'm going to use this as a teaching moment as a teacher moment. This is going to go. Totally back, run this by me, I so. Know. I'm like I. Don't remember this conversation well as you know I wanted to have this relationship. Be Very different, and so you know I've had made it very clear to us that unless I was officially his girlfriend. We're not going to have sex I never done that before in my life I don't many relationship. Experts say to do it now. I understand why. His works and it made us gets no each other. You know. Take it, so it was really. Smart thing to do so I. Actually you know, had said that to Harper. Had asked me questions when I'd like. I slept over his wife, actually like ooh. She had that harbor I'm not making fun of you. I'm sorry and so I was like no, and until his girlfriend like I. Absolutely. I figured because I have two girls. It's good to set that example absolutely I mean you know we got to talk to? If we're not talking to like our, say somebody else. You if you go to your eighth grader for sexy by then, you probably don't want to. Either Right! Michelle Obama. You know they don't know. Shit no right. It's. So anyway I thought that was such a smart idea, and then at some point you know the title happened and I became. They were like. I think I did send you video where they were just. Running after me, they were like who. They would not leave me alone and gap kept having to be when they're like, so, are you? I kept saying I'm girlfriend now and they're like. I'm still fred now. Why are we talking about this? Oh my God. Go Away at again like it's like what it comes back to is what my sister's stayed her kids, which was like there are some things you really can't. You're literally cannot UNRAE this. You asking me that they back down. Mean I suspect. They put together, but like Oh my God wanted one. Hey, you know. WH. Whatever look. Please tall. Speaking of children. Yes, which I feel like we haven't talked too much in this episode, but you know what. Zoe once they want to be on the PODCAST. Yes and Harper really wants to do so. Yes, we are going to do this right I. Think I think I think we should? Oh my God. Yeah so he wants to do. He wants to come on I. Think Harper to basically WANNA come on. Everything that I made and make fun of love and make fun of us which I'm just saying it right now. They're probably lined to believe anything to say. Nothing! I've never. Had or did it. I think it's great. I think this would be. This could be really interesting. Episode I. I'm terrified. Terrified of it like honest to God I might have to. I might have to drink threats. I think maybe no judging from the podcast I've done with you while you're drinking. exerted. It just carried over Syria. But I think I think this is going to be a really uninterested in this one and now the girls aren't in school, so we can have them we. I think we should do it. Oh, here's another speaking of kids nowhere apparent running at a time has nothing to do with being podcast also well Lulu would be. You'RE GONNA WANNA be on the podcast if they. have, them onto. That shows GonNa Make Zero Sentinel, just as though everybody knows, and then everyone would be like. I see it right, original right? Yeah, it's very czar This is what Lou said to me. The other day I wrote it down because I was like what she. Can't even read this. Boy. Listening Music Gutter IPAD that she comes in, she goes. Hey, mom. That bieber song. We. Go! To. See a doctor about. CDO I've said what. He's a solid called pussy dough and I said. No he does it. All. How I'm Nazis. See? Not yet, yeah, she argued is. Though. Positive it was procedo shoot really didn't believe me finally. I was like I. Swear to God he's just you know. She looks at me serious injury. Yeah well. It is a lot of inappropriate words in Spanish in it, so don't sing it. More in more or less appropriate implicit data. Zito, mom, you should hear the words they in their in Spanish. See you didn't grow up here, but there was. Doing Yes! It's going hold on. Pussy down here, but there was a car dealership in Long Beach. Cal Worthington here in Atlanta. In beach and is hip dude like your typical used car salesman with a big cowboy hat in the place on the movie, and the the the jingle was go see cow! Go See cal. Go See cal and I can't tell you how many people I know. That thought it was pussycat cow was. Like, what is I mean? It is not will the put counts go, see cal, right Pussy, cow, baby! Let's see. What. PUSSYCAT pussycat pussy dough. God. Headphones on Hillary. Get so heavy that some people still listen to us. About. Like usually like probably get that people listen to this podcast and by the end we've lost like three-quarters. Yeah for sure, and it's pretty much. Joan Gemma and Kevin. Ellie Ellie Are Four, four die hard fans that yeah. Yup, and everybody loves US for Larry's. Zero. Drink. My knows. Through my nose just! You. Know. I say that that was disgusting. I was weird visual. Oh. We shouldn't I shouldn't have said that. No? They're going GONNA. CUT It out, but I should say. MOM And then I start going off the rails and I just picture my mom listening at home like this chicken, or how did this happen? Did this happen? Yeah, I will tell you right now. I feel about maybe on your next birthday I'm going to write a very long love letter to you about pussy dough, and also maybe call you generous lover just because Moscow. I'll do it okay. Scout won't do it. I'll tell you that. Way We didn't bat speaking of which I know I sent this, but you know we got. We got that private message asking if we were, we were lovers. Right right if we sit right, we did ask if we were. Lovers are generous lovers though. Little stitching young going to be is going to be honest. You're kind of not very generous within you should. Things from your mother. Okay. We need to end this episode I never. Happens I cannot believe that came out of your mouth. I don't know but if you WANNA complain about how fucking awful and disgusting we are. If you think we're funny, if you think I, don't know it whatever. It is let us know. Let us know follows on instagram and facebook at never thought I'd say this or you can hit us up on our email. Never thought I'd at Proton, mail DOT COM. Is laughing so hard. She can't fucking breathe. I'm going I'm doing my thing. Just I'm just waiting for you to breathe. They're together. I also forgot your high so I'm extra funding. Not was not funny. Not Funny. It can't believe you sit back. I can't believe I did I really I. Those last four minutes just gave up on having any certain propriety. Anyway. Remember you guys. Keep killing the parenting game. Not Your Kid I. Never thought I'd say. This is a CO production by audio boom and main event media.

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Episode 44 | The Color of your Plates and Bowls

Home Space and Reason

16:11 min | 5 months ago

Episode 44 | The Color of your Plates and Bowls

"Hello Welcome to home space and reason odd cast. Home. Hi there I'm Christina Browning your host. If you feel like your household frustrations are stealing away your life hour by hour I, discuss home functionality aesthetics and automation with a bit of history and psychology. This isn't your typical house podcast. I'm a realtor in Portland Oregon, and a home functionality coach everywhere I out on various subjects, regarding your home in yard challenging you to think of your space differently. To. Get the most out of every square foot I post questions for you to think through about your space and your reason this podcast is all positive making adulting easier one podcast at a time. Remember there's no such thing as perfect, but you can still aim for your best every day. In this episode, let's discuss aesthetics and psychology behind the choice in your dinner plates and bowls episode. Forty. Four. I recently received a text from a dear friend of mine that read what are your thoughts on brightly colored dishes. I found some online that I absolutely love but I don't want to be stuck with something that might not go great in our house in the long run I like the plates and bowls so much that I might consider a planning a room around them though. To which my answer was there is actually a lot of psychology behind this and I should do a whole episode just on this question. So here we are when I looked on Pinterest, the category of Michelin Star Pleading, not, surprisingly, the images that came up were either in white or black plates leaving the business of dazzling you and your taste buds up to the food. I tried the search again using the words food plating and again white and black plates dominated the screen. As. A lifelong photographer myself. One of my most favorite areas of work was clary photography and when photographing in restaurants, the star of the show had to be the food itself with ambiance coming in as a close second after all, why do we go there in the first place to indulge in wonderful food that you yourself don't have to cook and to be embraced in an environment that allows you to linger and enjoy good company the same holds true in your home. According to an article by NPR, which I will site in the podcast notes Charles spent an experimental psychologist at Oxford. University who has dedicated his career to studying how environment affects the way we experience food and drink he has found for example that the weight and color of our utensils can affect how sweet or salty of food tastes. And people tend to enjoy the same dish more when it has a longer more descriptive name. In, the perfect meal, the multi sensory science of food and dining spence and psychologist betting pick yetters fiszman in the Netherlands explore how even the most minute adjustments can enhance the dining experience. The perfect meal means something different to everyone spent says, but there are commonalities and the quest of looking for the perfect meal leads to a lot of interesting research. As any good chef will tell you how the food is arranged on a plate makes a big difference. When the plating is artistic people tend to enjoy the food more than if the same ingredients were just dumped on the plate spence and his colleagues found that people enjoyed solid more when it was played it to resemble a Candan ski painting. The shape and color of the dinner where can affect taste as well in general round white fleet tend to enhance sweet flavors in food whereas black angular plates tend to bring out more savory flavors and serving food on a red plate tends to reduce the amount diners eat. Why we know that if we change the actual color of the food or drink, it can change the taste and flavour he says. For, example Dia Glass of Sauvignon Blanc read and your brain may trick you into thinking. It tastes more like a Merlot. The same food can look different when it's based on different color plates spent says and flavor our perception. I enjoyed this article because it touches on how much other stuff comes into play. subliminally, the tasting table seems to concur stating unobtrusive white won't clash with food or sauce and shifts the focus to the plating itself. But at an increasing number of restaurants, character rules when it comes to your dinner plate more restaurants are opting for plates, platters, and cups with a handmade look. The difference isn't just in shape or hugh, but also in texture and form instead of glossy perfection. These plates have a little more character at Lilia in Williamsburg. The acclaimed Italian restaurant from chef missy Robbins, you'll find matt plates in shades, of ivory and white the plates have a defined lip similar to a tray a flourish. That creates a dimensional frame that turns a meal into a composition. That lip often reveals a muted Brown Hue that echoes the Natural Hughes of the restaurants, seafood meat or hearth baked bread. These details bring out the beauty of the food rather than relying on the blank canvas of a standard white plate. Here's a fun exercise. Jump on Instagram do a search for the Hashtag food plating. From there, you can quickly gauge what food looks good to your eye and what doesn't and see if there's a commonality in what you observe. What are the plates and bowls look like in these images? What color are they? Michael Welsh is the executive chef that backyard kitchen and tap and Pacific Beach California I read an article on top chefs sharing their ten food plating and presentation tips, and he explained that using the right plate size color and style matters because the plate serves as the canvas for your food. He says, typically, chefs will stay away from blue plates as there aren't any natural blue foods and this is thought to be an unappetizing color. He said if you have food with a lot of vibrant color. It might stand out better on a white plate I've always said when in doubt keep it simple a plate with a bunch of decoration or design won't get seen any ways once there's food on it. So despite looking cute in the store, you have to imagine what it will look like on the table with food on it, and then you won't just have a plate on the table. You'll add in silverware and the Napkin and the glassware, and the table can become a cluttered mess if you're throwing too many colors in and too much stuff all at once onto the table. Top The point is here the food should be the star of the show. If you happen to know someone in the market to buy or sell in the Greater Metro Portland Oregon. Kindly send them my way. The finest compliment I could ever receive is the confidence of your referral. In my twenties I made the mistake of buying my first set of plates that were literally called attitude and they had it colors and shapes on the shelf. They were cute with food. They were distracting I learned my lesson and after enough broken over the years that it warranted replacements I bought. White. Right now and my Crock Pot, I've got some homemade split pea soup simmering and be ladling that yellowish green thick soup into a nice wide white bowl and tossing a few red and orange pepper slices on it. I've never regretted the choice of buying plain white dishes. Mine a little curve on the edges, making them more like sheets of paper lying curled to give the presentation a bit of depth. Rachel Farnsworth is known online as the stay at home chef bringing you restaurant quality recipes that you can make at home. When I bounced around her blog and perused her youtube channel guess what all the food was on some sort of white vessel a plate Abol platter follow her on Instagram at the stay at home chef, and now grab a pen and paper. It's time for the questions to ask yourself about your home space and your reason. Question number one what size cupboards or shelving. Do I have four dishes? In, an article on the kitchen dot com likely Laura says, you may love the look of those big beautiful plates, but you won't love them so much when you can't close your cabinet doors, consider your space and storage restrictions before buying anything just make sure you get dinner plate that fit into normal cabinets assuming you have normal cabinets I loved our pottery barn dishes and they're super durable. But the dinner plates are exactly twelve inches in diameter most upper cabinets seem to be twelve inches. But that's from the front to the wall, not the inside of the cabinet space. Windy a explained I had to return a set of Martha Stewart dishes because the dinner plates were too tall to fit in my standard dishwasher the fan would smack the top of the plate. A lot of today's plates are just huge for those watching portion sizes. A smaller plate can really help the bigger the plate. Even if you fill out halfway full, you'll still be eating more than if you fill a smaller plate halfway full. So pay attention to your proportions here question number two what do I really need and use? You don't have to buy a giant set if you don't want to what we use our dinner plates and bowls every single day. Especially, if you have a smaller footprint for storing dishes, don't buy a whole set by just the things that you use. You can buy open stock choices that are sold by the piece instead of by the set, which allows you far more flexibility and less wastefulness. Question number three, what is my budget and this is kind of a trick question because if you plan to live with these dishes for years which I hope you do don't skimp on quality my sister-in-law kind of balked at the price tag of the dishes she fell in love with and so she bought some others instead that were cheaper and then she hated them, I told her to reeboks them and take them back. Spending a little more to get exactly what you want. Even if you have to do it a bit at a time is so worth it. You will eat on these every single day you will enjoy your meals more rallies in the small things like simply loving the plates you chose for years to come next I. Want to mention that there are an immense variety of white dishes just like white paint all white is not created equal and will have undertones so you can't necessarily mix and match. Unless you're matching it with your eyeballs in person don't assume the white plates you already own will go with the white bowls. You see a photo of online. I found an article in the Washington Post, called the best white dishes according to taste makers and all include it in the podcast notes. If after all of this, your eyebrow is raised and your arms are crossed giving me the. Pass. On the concept of white dishes, I would say next to consider the entrees that you make the most and go opposite on the color wheel since it will be the most complementary color to what you serve often. So a large solid wood wonderful on a red plate because green is opposite read on the color wheel. I have often said to refer to the color wheel when thinking of your home and it holds true here too. If you have an Amazon Echo. You can say play the home space and reason podcast by apple and easily listen to this podcast on any echo or dot to those people who've taken the time to leave a review. Thank you so much because these reviews give people confidence to give this podcast a listen for the first time I appreciate you friends. If you haven't subscribed yet please do I'm not always able to release the next episode on the same day of the week, my family and my real estate and home functionality clients come first. So when you subscribe the episodes automatically downloaded as soon as I released them giving you one less thing you need to remember to do Lee Iacocca said in times of great stress or adversity it's always best to keep busy to plow your anger and energy into something positive. So focusing on taking baby steps and making your home more functional and enjoyable is something you can proactively do for yourself and your family I'll be right here rooting for you. If you're on facebook join our group called Home Space and reason with visual examples and links of the topic at hand you can follow me on twitter instagram or facebook by clicking the links and the podcast notes or searching for my handle space and reason. Remember. If you need to listen to an episode a second or third time do it. I often hear things I didn't catch the first or second time around my favorite audiobooks slurs no harm in that. If you WANNA, learn more about working with me. Check out my website space and reason dot com. Thanks for sitting in on this conversation about creating a home that thrives I'll meet you back here for the next episode.

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Hogsmen Podcast presents Talk To The Hog

1:54:05 hr | 6 months ago

numero treinta y tres

"Got. Als. Now for the moment that you've all been waiting for. From the land of the rising sun to just north of the border strong style Meat Street style right here on this podcast. Because you're listening to. The Osaka sate the CY Thomas Superstar, the Mad Titan of Tokyo the American Kaija You let's double your pleasure w fun. Because right now, you get two hogs men for the price of one. He's the own bray with no known Bray Man Mano from another mono he's the. World's greatest Ruto. Oh. Numerous. Oh that's right. You're listening to two of the three hogs men big Duke he couldn't make it this episode. He said he'll be here next week but it is Monday night August thirty first. It's been a week a whole week. You guys without a hogs men show and we're back added Devin sparks what's going on I haven't seen you. In almost over a week now I know it's It's been far too long I i. don't I didn't think you'd recognize me I rarely do I need a haircut obviously at this point I've given up on life I'm wearing sweat shorts. And fucking free t shirt I got it a movie one time sick sick. MPA what's going on man? How's life? You know. All right rough. Rough weekend. Up. Weekend rough weekend I got drunk. Too drunk sweet lockout drunk for the first time in my life at thirty four you black the blackout drunk? No no no. there. There was an entire portion of my Saturday night that I do not remember. I texted you right before it happened to. Okay. When I told you, I was watching Palm Springs again. Yup. There was really it is. There was a moment where I was watching the movie and then I'm not gonNA go into too much detail because it's No one's business, but he started stuff was happening with somebody that I did not remember how we got to that point. Nice and this is is the first time has ever happen. I mean I'm sure I've been really drunk I, mean you you probably have been around me when I've been drunk before the. I've seen him blackout drunk on more than one occasion I have a I. There's a lot of bike my after I turned eighteen. To like, let's say twenty two I don't remember a lot of. Payment I. A lot of is from Tijuana I remember having the greatest time of my life. Every time I went I went to Tijuana after turned eighteen. It was one of the greatest trips ever could can't remember shit from it though but there's no had a really good time. And then Yeah. There's I lived in a house with five of my. Best friends growing up and. Their stuff they tell me about when. We lived there that I have no I have no recollection recollection of I apparently chased out a dude that was burglarizing our house. Nice and I have no idea about it. They had told me and I'm like, I. Don't remember that at all. and Yeah. So maybe it wasn't true. They all were like dude, you don't remember. Chasing out the guy who was burglarizing our house and I was like I have no recollection of that. But. Yeah Man. I did that a lot when I was younger. You want to hear more stories like that. Make sure you follow. Mike. On twitter at Mike Candan Eighty, two or instagram at might underscore Camden. You could follow myself on twitter at Devon sparks instagram at Americai Kaija and then Mr. Producer Adam. Just changed his his twitter handle. Recently he got he got twitter famous for posting posted during payback and he's now at Adam NPA. His booking rate just went up his looking feed just went through the fucking roof. anyways. He posted a video about biggie going off and it just it struck a chord with. The video you and I was like it. Doesn't make any sense. All I was doing was making an observation about what I was watching and saying I think they're going to do biggie and Romanian everyone apparently loved that take. And you know damn very strange damn. You can follow. The HOGBEN podcast at hogs plot on twitter instagram. We don't have the credentials for it right now lost what he means by that is we've we forgot the passwords. We can't get them right all it takes us to click forgot password. All it takes is for. NPA to do some work. For and get those passwords Soleil. No let me know that he is going to go to work I'll. Oh, boy, I, didn't today made me sad I told us my wife a few times. I love saying it's work because she like she immediately like Things I sound like an idiot which that's what I'm going for is like he's he's wearing a tight is shirt and board shorts with his long hair and I'm going for a superstar Billy Graham Lowe no is pulling it off. No, I like it but I'm just saying you're like, my wife thinks I sound like an idiot dismissed something we have to we have to go for in the future like. I wouldn't we I guess the thing man like color right? You like Vinnie Mac likes color early so like we should come out like tied I and like Thai. Yeah. Just just be loud assholes man almost like warrior status you remember like when he came out it was just so bright I'm fine with that I just don't know the tide is the theme I mean I think it's making a comeback. At the shirt. On Santa Cruz shirt. It's actually a tank top. And Yeah. I think tight is making a comeback with the kids interesting, right? But anyways man, it's been a almost a whole week since we've seen each other actually it it's been a whole week. It's been over our last show. We recorded on a Thursday night two Thursdays ago. Yeah. You got to hear before his debut you got to hear from. From. Dom Stereo Dominic. Yup Get. The name right I can't call them down I. Don't know I'm trying I'm just in what the feds I'm not in the circle. I wonder when they start using that prince mysterious thing. I think I, I think he has to get like knighted or something zone. But Yemen let's jump into that a little bit. So we watched a dumb. He actually had a couple a few matches since then so he had just taken off. His debut at at Summer Slam. Yeah. And then he had a Monday night raw match. So just payback last night no, he had a Romo Nailing night exactly was a tag match. Budget, I just want my first match ever was in the boxing ring in point Loma. Domes dumps, Dominic. Match was it's obviously but how many real people were yours? Yeah. That's for sure I have more people in the crowd. Did, Jeff, some family and friends show Yeah I. Think my first show I had probably fifteen twenty people there. Well, you were in highschool right I was in high school you. Were you were you papering the halls now? No no I didn't have. No because this one was It was in like point Loma I'm like, no one's GonNa. Drive the point Loma. No one's gonNA drive the point. I duNNo. I used to pay for the halls at the colleges and they went to though I'm like, no one's going to go here. But here you go. Yeah Man. You know what? I was in Chicago and I. For the match I knew I didn't watch all summer time I just watch dom match I thought he did a great job. He did great man I had a whole list of stuff I want to talk we're supposed to talk to them again. Last week we will had a whole list of stuff that I wanted to talk to him about Just. From the beginning match on Obviously. I. Hadn't been there training with you guys seeing what he was doing but putting in the work I was when they made it into a street fight I'm like, okay he's not going to get to Russell very much. Yeah, and they let them get away with a lot. They let them do a lot. He got his first of all his punches were real strong at the beginning of that match punches. If you're doing a street fight, the one thing that you have to do whether you can wrestler not as yet to learn how to punch. He was throwing punches in there. He was he was thinking of men real good. he hit a pop-up drop kicked that I thought looked great. I I think for the most part there wasn't anything that you know where I where I looked at it was like, Oh, they're gonNA. They'RE GONNA, ask questions about that or they're gonNA bring out to his attention afterwards. But I think the only thing that they probably said to about any change of last night was the Hoodie had in the back of this actually I talked to him about that and he's like, yeah, they're gonNa Velcro, it and Completely gone last night it was. They removed. Yeah they I brought that up and he was like, yeah, we're GONNA take that thing off and I was like, yeah, good idea. But I loved it at the beginning he played to the to the crowd. gave him the radio. Play to the crowd. I wonder if that feels Oh, there was one thing that I did notice too from his first match his second match. In the first match eat he he sold something I don't know what it was maybe when set put his knees up or something and he sold it like a non wrestler like a like a manager or something like that where you're like, oh, they're not getting up what I mean they sell whereas if you're arrested, you take you take it and you you kind of feet up for that next move. Yeah. So from one match the next and the first one he sold it Mike okay, that's good selling, but it's not like. You don't you're not expecting him to get up from that and do anything, and then in the second match when he was sold something similar, then he felt like he sold it in different ways. Interesting. Yeah. That's actually something that we're working on with him. A lot is different cells on different almost like same body part different cell. Is something that they were trying to kind of beaten his head and. Yeah man he did a great job, the one I actually the one thing that I thought was a little and this is very minute. was they they? They let us it. Wasn't a street fight right? It was like a fight does that they they promote it promoted it as by the time it got to the match they they promoted as a street Catholic. So like when they started off that usually with street fights, it's a heated you know build up. To blow off is right right. So you come out swinging you come out throwing hands because we're past all the you know professional wrestling part where we're fighting. And so when they came out and they were kind of like actually doing wrestling moves I was like I get what they're trying to do. They're trying to show that, hey, you know dom does have some skills in wrestling he he's got a good arm drags and all that kind of stuff all. That's the other thing I thought his arm Greg I thought was great. Got On ass a little bit at about a his arm trash because he didn't roll the way he he got up wrong but it's very minute also, but I was like I'm not. I'M NOT GONNA I'm sure Seth I'm not gonna I'm not going to tickle your balls the whole time I gotta flip them you know like. I got I gotTa take you down a peg. Right. GotTa. Take you down a peg. beat. Nobody at that point nobody know so. Yeah I thought that was Kinda strange but I also. One thing I talked to him about afterwards is the story right? The match. When you have a story like that. And you're able to use your father's at ringside. He had his mother in the back they included her in the match. It makes things so easy to be like, okay, and at this point, you know we'll do this rather than like spot spot spot spot spot it's more about the storyline. and. I liked man I thought it was good for. First match he looked great. Better than what I looked like a guarantee it. And what was so funny is obviously you have you know a lot behind that first match you have a lot going into the first match. Yeah. But if you think of any school. Any school where students doing a first match and you're like, all right. We want you to tell a story. You put on a good first match I'm like that's like one of the best I matches I've ever seen. Yeah. That's I mean no joke. That's like up there with the rows debut because, yeah let's not rowzee had a great debut she did but she was also surrounded by years and that and that by the way I know that you on twitter we're like it's wasn't Mabel but that's a credit to you and everyone that worked train him because there are guys. That come out of the performance center, which is a highly, you know it's it's machine to machine and guys come out of there and they don't look nearly as good as he looked in his debut match. Yeah and you know so don has been training for three years. He started with Jay Lethal in Florida went up till the storms place for I think twelve weeks or some shit like that, and then he's been at a level up with Benny Honner myself Conan O. Combi Phoenix will come by. So the guy you know. You know it's not like. It's not like me I. I walked in in June of two, thousand thirteen and I was already debut in by October two, thousand thirteen you know. So dom is really been putting the work in. And Yeah looked great. You know what also liked 'cause it was the first time I actually checked it out with that Thunderdome Shit I. Think it's Great. I liked it. I fucking liked it man and it was it was funny because we're talking about like weapon their dicks out and stuff like that. You know obviously some some shit, happened. Or a couple of things had a few things. What's what did they had somebody posted a fire velveteen dream thing somebody posted a picture of Chris. Benoit's fucked up somebody posted some. Ku. Klux Klan thing. Yeah and then another one posted a isis beheading or some. Shit Yeah. My correct on that Adam leg. And then was there another one to the other one? I can think of is someone put a picture of Kenya Mega there. And I'll make given responded to it but no, I, mean there was there was something going around that was false. That was during the Sonia Mandy Map someone put the guy on the screen who broke into her house. Someone photo shopped afterwards. Didn't actually happen. But I I. Think the visual of it looks great. Yeah. It does if you can't have real fans. Hey man there's the next best thing you can do. The only thing I would change is it's the variants from screen to screen is so striking because it it includes back there real background. Yeah. which in the NBA, they all have the same background they all have this like whatever looking chair behind them. So they put it they put in like an after a factor or. If, you've ever been on a zoom call you can put whatever background you want behind you. Okay. I think they should put in a uniform background to where it's just it takes away some of the. So everyone's still doing their own thing and their chair eating drinking whatever cheering. But you're not gonNA have a white wall behind one person or read wall behind the other you know someone's got. Some light pouring into their house because they're on the on the west coast during the live taping. Like a big light from coming from behind. So just to make it a little more uniform. Or like to see that kind of after effect put in but. There's also apparently a huge delay between what's actually happening with the people are seeing really because that's what a Derek. MANTIA as. He did it for one of the shows I don't know a smackdown summer slam, but he said there was like A. Thirty second delay between what was actually happening in summer slam versus what he was seeing on his fan stream or whatever. It's called. Yeah Don told me there is a delay there. So there's like. For every twelve monitors, there's one person. Watching those monitors to make sure no stupid shit goes up on there. and. There's like a few second delay also yeah. So I can one percentage wide w because you have no control. You. Know you see those people can do whatever they want and they get away with it for a few seconds and those few seconds are a big deal. So did retribution take those take control of screens yet? There are thing anymore virtually disappeared from television. Other than they did something that was thousand forgot the dominic match, the town and They since then they have not been seen it all. So they didn't do anything with the TV screams that'd be a good idea. Yeah. That's a missed opportunity I. I think you know come in turn off all the lights put a message on the screens is kind of a cool idea. Someone. That way. Yeah but yeah actually. I wonder if they yeah, they might WanNa. Talk to you about I know I'd be great for creative. Occupy appears to call. I'll let you is all over smackdown last week I. saw you saw that but that was I wanna I wanNA see. The I think the anonymous face guy who anonymous non like the real world you ever see V for. Vendetta. I didn't see it but I know what you're talking about Oh the mass. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So that that's like part of a thing called anonymous, which is like some hackers go around fucking shit up. So I think that'd be a cool thing to see like lives if that was part of retribution or whatever is awesome the lights go out and then you've got the anonymous face guy up there cutting a promo across all the screens. That'd be bad, ass? Yeah. I think I think have some opportunity to do something with the I mean I. Don't know how much longer they're going to be. Doing this Thunderdome Gimmick but I think they have some opportunities to kind of that to their favor. Oh, absolutely I I'm just ready for. The Smart Asset Guy, who's fed up and his about to quit his job in. So all of a sudden he just puts them like beach balls get bopping around the fans. Before he gets fired before he walks out e w last week went back to they have real people. They put tickets on sale now. So there's actually there's actual crowds back at some wrestling show's very spaced out though, right? Yeah. But you could hear it for a good part of the show. So it made it definitely made a difference that was the funny thing is with the crowd noise with the Thunderdome. stuff I'm like man this is like the video game Background noise, and then somebody pointed out like twitter something like that today that they took the the background noise for the video game linked it up perfectly with like like. Payback or some shit like that, and it's so funny because I was just thinking about that and then boom on twitter somebody. Somebody sinks it up with what was going on. It was pretty funny. Yeah man so good good good job dom. He looked great gear looked phenomenal I. Love his gear dude he's a body guide. You see that guy he's got a full trust protector and everything that he asked about that. Did he did he said at one body to another what would you do and I said I said up to the neck dude cover the whole thing. Bush. Shirt out on the shop and he doesn't have his warney yet though Oh really. Now, but I mean, he could wear to the rangeland guys wear their shirts to the ring. I think it's shirt looking shirt. It is a good looking shirt. When is it going on sale on up you WT? Actually I got you I got a chance to this past. Thursday I got a chance to go train with Domin, Ray 'cause they they had their match for pay back. they were getting ready for that and they needed They wanted to get some some ring working. So Hunter and I win worked with Ray, dom. and. It's so funny like. Working with ray like this guy he's been doing it for like thirty years right? Serious vet. and. Sometimes, like and I I've seen this with Phoenix before too when he comes in trains trains with us these guys are fucking nuts. Like the shit that goes through their heads. I'm just like. You've been doing this for thirty years you're. ray must be what forty, two, forty, three something like that young forties I think but that's that's. A wrestler's forty three. You know like his body's beat up. He was coming up with I was like no fucking way even at my age which isn't too much younger I guess forty five he's forty, five, forty, five this the stuff that he comes up with in his mind I'm like. I wouldn't be doing this if I was twenty three like Holy Shit Dude like you're insane. But that's like what got them to where they're at today. You know like I don't know maybe like just when you're. When you're obviously him when he broke into the business and he was basically the smallest guy on the card if not on the planet of wrestling, he had them go he had to work harder. But some of the stuff he was coming up with I'm like Jesus Christ, sell us or is it proprietary? He? I mean this is just that training he was like, Hey, hunter set up on the Apron I'm going to see if I can. hit this Rana. He didn't hit the Ron. He just wanted to see if he could set up for it. So. He He had dom all on his hands and knees inside the ring. And then ray would come running up and just jump onto hunters shoulders and I'd be kind of standing there like where's hunter he was on the Apron Oh waiting for so basically, it would be like It would it would basically be like if if he hit Arana off the Apron on somebody but he remember how he's in the ring, you know how the hardy's do their they do the corner to corner those the court but Jeff jump off mats bats. So he jumps up catches them Ron and then spins down to the outside hunters on the outside of the. Zone on the apron but he would spend to the outside and then hunter would take a flip to the floor and I like he was. He just wanted to see if he could get up right and he did no problem and I was like he is. Nuts man like this guy is nuts and even some of the other stuff that like. He was thinking of I'm like dude, this guy is crazy like. I'm. I'm a lot healthier than him as far as you know body like my knees are fine. My my lower back. Fine. He's had probably plenty of surgeries right and he's still like, yeah, let's do it and I'm like this guy is crazy dude. But I was really cool I got to do a spot with Bray. We were just doing we're warming up, we're warming up. So we're doing the roles and then you know hunter would call a little spot. I would call for a little spot dom would call for a little spot and then they call spot little warmup spot. So it was like a whip off over hit the ropes dropdown leapfrog shoulder tackle fairly simple. So I was with this is the first time I've ever linked like with ray or anything like that. So, Ray with me off up over hit the ropes he drops down and legit almost tripped over them. I was like holy crap did I can't believe I almost did this and even like domin hunter started laughing and I was like I don't know where that came from. But I- legit almost tripped but it looked real good cell. And he's trying to do. Yeah. But it's kind of funny I'm like God Damn doing little spot with ray here in the training, nice? Yes. Fun. There's a nice little thing actually that high arm drag that dom did at payback. The springboard arm drag on on Seth we practice that and it looked great. It came great on camera for him. Little Lucifer DOT COM. So it was fun. Man. Opportunity. He looked good That was the other thing I was gonna say he did really well that I liked it summer slam as he did that the corner. DDT where was where he went up and over caught seth. Murphy. was, a buddy Murphy I think it was Murphy okay. But it was don giving it. It might have been said he went up and over you got caught he did this. No, it was set. took a he took a big spike in the middle of the ring yeah. Great. Look. Good man took care of him. They're definitely taking care of them you know, and that's one thing dom I hope Tom. Realizes. Is Dom dom is doing very well he's doing very well, but he's also working with some of the best of the best. So did you see the the reports online yet of like, oh, he's got backstage he. He has no no no. What the guys like Oh, because he he skyrocketed he didn't have to. Go to. Know I know. That's what I'm saying. I thought it was just a bullshit story, but I'm like this is so fucking sleep. He goes in he has he's been there for five minutes. You know what I mean and he's already got people talking shit well, industry dirt sheets. That's funny because those dirties I've seen somethings with dom that they've said. And I'll be like, dumb. Hey, I read this and he was like, no, I have not talking about so. Yeah those things are pure speculation. Oh Yeah. It was funny. That is funny or maybe like one person in annex t or developmental mentioned something maybe one person yet. So it's always one guy a friend of a friend gives you know there's people that are. Dating. Some off color comment on it switch livestream now I guarantee I like. Dom went in there and got whipped up by God Damn Kendo stick. He went in there and got some some chair shots and all that kind of stuff. It's like he's not getting the red carpets getting rolled out for him like he's getting. He's getting he's getting beat up he's paying his dues paying his dues and what does that mean? Exactly I don't know but I pretty sure dom getting is getting it right now because. I ain't taking no fucking thirty candlesticks to my stomach's why won't get signed. Dude exactly. Why you won't get signed I don't know. Maybe I would. was. Right. I think you would. That's my guess. Have you ever taken a Kendo stick shot? Yes. Who who I don't remember I've taken one probably todd probably probably Matt twisted my guess you remember like it was like one or multiple couple it was fine. Yeah. It's just like when you take share shot to the back and you're like, you're like, oh, she's GonNa kill like it wasn't that bad. Yeah. I, remember At Russell Cave. Out North Carolina I was part of this big rumble I swear to God. There were so many people it was it was a battle royale there must have been. Fifty people in this ring like it was like shoulder shoulder like you're packed in there like Shark Sardines. And they're like, yeah, there's kind of a lot of people will try and get people out fast as possible. You know. So the guy who was booking the event, his name is Devon. Welcome. It wasn't booking. He was I. don't know. He's just kind of age eating all that and. He Goes Hey, man at this time I want to get out afterwards and I go is that and he goes Sam's coming out. With. The candlestick, right. And I was like. Yeah you, right. Like I was in there for maybe two minutes not even that. and. As much as glacier was in there. So I was like man, maybe you like. Get over there and like you know, throw some punches at glacier a glacier like take some punches from glacier. I was like dude. I don't WanNa Take Guardian candlestick from like San like he might look at me in the ring and be like, who's this fucking J. Bone and just take it to the face like and I'm not that big of a San Mateo mark to where it'd be like, yeah, I'm GonNa take a candlestick from San Man. You know I was like Nah I'm cool. I'm going to get out and. Get. Back into my. Regular Street clothes and go party with deal. But. Yeah, you take a toothpick from razor, right? Oh. Yeah. Wouldn't time too big old. Yeah you know what's funny is I I. Guess that I'm not like a big San Man. Mark. W. Didn't exist that much to me because we live on the west coast where wasn't a fucking thing so I guess I didn't find this out until. A couple years ago like you had to like stay up to like two in the morning. A Wednesday night. And like it was on Saturdays for me but was it was it was on very very trash out here. I remember seeing the I remember seeing the advertisements on pay per view and I'm like This is crazy and I'd be like Oh yeah, this Wednesday at two way m twenty, nine, ninety, nine, I'm like get the fuck out. In New York had MSG network, which is basically just they just play bunch of classic stuff from the garden, but then like one or two in the morning on like Saturday into Sunday if you're up EC W on yeah I return on one time in like sid was on there and I was like the fuck is said doing in this company what what is this and then did I remember seeing those papers and being like what the fuck kind of trashes the? Because they'd be like, they would just show the same clips of guys bleeding. Yeah. All over the place I'm like what the fuck is and I had a buddy at the time you know how old were twelve or thirteen, whatever I remember we were but he was so fucking into it. To wash his easy, they beat the children like it looks like trash food trash. It's pretty interesting like. After we like, you know that was kind of in the same way I was like, oh, it's just like hardcore. But how influential it was towards these WCW and WBF at the time. But. I didn't get to watch EC W because it just was not a very convenient time beyond on the west coast you couldn't find it. I had no idea where to look but. A few years back. Or I know how long I watched the Sandman. So if you go online, there's like seminars, right? Like there's free seminars if you on youtube or some shit like that, you'll find like a free seminar. Always good. You know you watch a seminar for free rather than going like pay forty bucks. And San has one. And I my respect for San Man Wind up so much. For when I watched Salmon Seminar because I I don't know how you know like I said this is no disrespect I. don't really know how much of a worker Sandman was. I knew him as the guy that came out smoking cigarettes to. Metallica like bashing or chugging beers it over his head. If you saw today you'd be like sick. Man I still look at those videos and like. If I saw it happened today be like Oh, that's a cool game when he came out. To that. Yeah. Huge pop. Yeah. Of course I thought it was sick. It is yeah but. That's why I knew was the candlestick guy you know all that? and. Watching the seminar. and. There's one kid in the seminar who has no experience out of shape can't do roles you know. He's somebody that just. Found out that salmon was doing a seminar and was like, Oh, I'm going to do a seminar but has no prior experience in being as being oppressor are being trained in the ring nothing. So. Sandman just goes. This guy does like one role in San. Man Just goes. Hey do that again man like just kind of like what the hell? Tells them to do it again the the kid like just. About to say the Kaija no-no. Okay. The Kid. The kid just like Fox it up and the San man just goes. Hold on man here. I'm telling you to do this and like does like some kind of like frontal like bump or some shit like that. And the KID wants to game can't do it and he goes salmon goes how much. Experience you have training as a wrestler and the guys like I've never trained as Russell before and he goes okay. Listen man this seminars not for you just get out of the Ring I. Don't want your money just get out of the ring. Okay. Just take your stuff and gathering. I. Don't have time for you and I was like Fuck Yeah Dude because I've been seminars where people who have no previous experience. Have shown up. No No. But? Don't worry about it. So I'm referred laughing you guys were laughing because we're looking at each other and referring to the time that Adam. Broke his collarbone and a seminar, the role. Reference to people who didn't have any experience. Someone, who hurt himself? The joke is that you're in on the joke. There's a lot of other things about why I got hurt in the ring but I'm not gonNA. Live. Yeah. So anyway, the next episode for Ya, the the amount of respect for salmon after I watched that seminar like skyrocketed because I was like, fuck? Yeah. Finally Somebody said Hey I'm sorry I can't help you out like you're just GonNa drag this. Year's drag the seminar along because I've been to that I went to a seminar one time and you know not that bad mouth anybody here but it was a low key seminar and. Put It on and I was like all right. Cool. Man I'm GonNa go I'M GONNA do this seminar and you know see what happens out of it, and there was like multiple kids in that seminar that you could just look and be like you have no previous experience. You've never stepped foot in the ring before, but you paid your fifty bucks or whatever the fuck you did. And now like they're letting, you do this. which sucks because. You know there was a few people in there that did have experienced in your. You're looking to get as much as you can out of these seminars you know. So as low key goes around to everybody out there must have been like twelve. Fourteen. People in the seminar. And he'd be like, Hey, what's your one good strike? It could be a panch could be a kick it could be arms, it could be whatever. And you're, GONNA, give it to everybody you know and then he kind of just you know. Rate Your strike that you say that you is your, that's your go to strike. So There was another guy in this in this class that had wrestle. That's so cal pro F- time cameras name. And he was like one of the first people in line. And there was a kid right next to him that that is one of the kids that had no experience. No just flat out. You looked at him he had no experience. And they get to this kid and he goes what's your? What's your low key goes? What's your best strike in the kid goes kick. A A a straggler ticked of to the midsection any pro wrestling kind of know how to do it if you'd. Probably trained. So, this kid his first kick. To the Guy The previous. So cal pro of the previous rest I can't remember his name either but he'd wrestle at. So Soak approach couple times. This guy loads up and kicks this guy right in the fucking nuts jest right in the fucking nuts and it's just like. You know first of all you inside your kind of laughing because obviously, any kicked in the nuts is fucking hilarious. But. It's you know I've been there before man where we're at seminars and it's like, why is this person here like? I understand like. He paid fifty bucks. That's fine. But like. They're they're not. They're not. This is it this is it they're just wasting time. So when I saw salmon. Do that ask a personally the seminar I was like fuck Ya Bro, that's sick. Ever done. Have you ever seen that before? Yes. Would you aware at all? Where I've seen multiple. It's almost that every seminar that you go to almost it's not It's not I. Mean. I. I would say it's probably if you're playing seminar Bingo I mean that would be one of the squares every single time this guy who doesn't belong or the guy who never trained or the guy who trained like twice but showed up because there was a big name there. The Chris Disney's of the world. All. Right. Take. Shots. Dude. You know remember when? Just opened in La Right and they were holding like the week long seminars yes or I don't know what they're. Oh Yeah. I'd see some pictures on I'm like interesting this one kid he trained so-called pro a couple of times he's one of those sporadic kids he would show up for a couple of weeks and then he would leave and then he'd show back up for a couple of weeks and then he leave And every every school has them you know. And this guy hits me up out of the blue after not being around for a long time and goes, Hey, I got accepted into this new Japan in quotes. Yeah. Like Week. Long Tryout. and. Do, you have any tips for me? And I'm just like thinking dude. Save your money. And just go to a pro wrestling school right now learn the basics as much as you can stick with it. And then go do that. Because, right now you're spending a few hundred dollars. And I don't know if you're GONNA stick around for this like you kind of just taking up somebody else's spot. You know. Man, it's kind of frustrating. Oh, it's very frustrating. But I think that's part of. Being Green and wrestling see these guys who upfront. I've seen it pay off. Don't get me wrong but I'll see like an upfront fee and the upfront fee. It's like a thousand dollars. Yeah. It's a thousand. I saw something tiered the other day on on on twitter. It was like all right. You can get like weekly. It's like a one hundred dollars a week or you can come and Russell t train twice a week more if you WANNA pay your monthly fee it's it's two fifty to train monthly in. We'll let you train three times a week or you pay two thousand dollars for the year and trying much as you want I'm like Jesus Christ yeah because they'll post pictures afterwards of. Like Oh, here's our first training seminar. I'm like holy. Twenty five thirty people there and you're like Oh my God. Money hand over fist because shit and I've I've been duped in the past. You know what I feel like I was duped in the past for signing up for something that I thought was. Yeah. Something that it wasn't. Yeah. You find know real. Fast. Oh. Fuck me. Okay that's right. Yeah. But it's just part of the business I. Think you know like Kind of learn how to like spot but you know. Unfortunately as far as you know, one of those things is taking advantage. Of people goes in the industry or the business weeding out those type of people. That's one of those moments, right? Yeah. If you can't. If you can't spot it and you fall for it to three or four times you're probably. You probably not going to last very long. Yeah. You spot. Let it happen you. Once you go. Fuck maybe it happens a second time you're like, Oh, I'm noticing a pattern here. Okay I get it. I'm not going to do that. Again I'm not gonNA WANNA, find a reputable trainer I'm going to go there. You know what I mean. Yeah As opposed to someone that might say like Oh he's doing a summer I wanNA. Learn how to wrestle. I'm going to go to a seminar. Yeah, oh. That's not he learn how to wrestle. A seminar with guys that had been wrestling for six years because they're trying to learn something new from Loki. You don't. That's how you get. You break into the business. Yeah. That's a huge man any anybody who's thinking about becoming a pro wrestler just Deliver homework before you go to wrestling school you know like. Figgy do a little bit of research. It's not hard nowadays. Right? Got Youtube you've got on everybody's got websites defaced folks all of that kind of stuff thousand, four Jesus Christ. Probably trying to find a place to train in two thousand and four was so fucking ridiculously hard in. If there was like one bad thing, you find something newspaper Oh Shit someone broke their neck they're like, well, I'm not training there. You know what I mean. It was just to find somewhere back then and then The first place I found was in two, thousand four and that was real hard to locate. And then they're like, oh, there's a wrestling school in San Diego I was driving up to L. A.. Addressing school in San Diego and get the fuck out of here in two thousand seven. We didn't Mead Rick Ellison. Keith Rudy. All trained somewhere together and we didn't know anything out here. Right. So we were all GonNa, move up to San Bernardino and go to aws, right? Yeah. Until we found out about new wave. Yeah. I. Almost did that I almost moved up there. And, they found. but when I was up, it wasn't wwl somewhere else and they go. Oh, why are you driving up here? There's a school in San Diego which was essay W, which didn't last very long but that's where like nestor trained. To wrestle in. Chris Terry anchors away was there. Bun Bunch of guys thrashes there. Yes you hit me up the other day he hit me up with todd. It's probably like two months ago. Now, they wanted to call a bullshit. I'm like, yeah, and the kid was being crazy and I had to put her down I couldn't do the call McCall you guys later. I forgot about it like a month later going into my message off fuck I'm going to call you I'm GonNa call you just saw this tax I'm going to give you guys a call. I texted him. I'm like, Hey, dude was a facebook message like Hey, I'm really sorry I have time later this week. My wife is out of town. I'm like I've timely this week I'll call you when the kid goes to bed. During her NAPTIME, she didn't nap the whole week. So I just forgot it again, and now you just reminded me a nominee actually have the hit them up again texts or something you know it's funny. You guys saying that about 'cause yeah. Back in two thousand and three, I started training. At wf no, it doesn't three I started W. F.. and. I lived in in college area of San Diego and I was like, okay I should probably like. You know move closer to San. Berno. So I moved to Temecula with a friend. And I I hate it. Macula. That time. So I think lasted like four months up there like Living Tequila, and then a few months more trae traveling from San Diego Wf, and it was just like the worst the worst travel ever and it was one of the things I looked online and I looked for a wrestling school. And I didn't see anything San Diego. There was no websites popping up on like the the Yahoo engine or whatever it was back then. and. Now that you know obviously when I started writing again in two thousand thirteen I was telling people that and they're like Oh. Yeah there was new, not new wave. What was the other one? Chaz Charles. C. H.. W. Or not essay w no it's the. CDW. Four W. Yeah. There was CCW in San Diego and I'm like at in this year doesn't three and they're like, yeah and I'm like well what the fuck man like. You. Know I looked online I looked on the on the Internet and I didn't see anything when I was eighteen because I was like I need to find something real I almost moved to think it was like probably Harley Racist School I, was like I'm just GonNa, fuck a move out there and do this, and then I almost moved to I think it was maybe like the wild samoans school there was like four or five places like I guess to be arrested, you just have to move to the east coast. You have to do. Yeah Man Yeah. And I look back and I go. God Man like things could have been a lot differently if I stuck with wrestling back in two thousand and three but. Whatever yeah. Know what's funny is you know you've got all these. All these choices now in California even in. Guys are getting signed left and right out of California Santino Bros they have guys in. Ring of honor wwe. Impact Mel W. I mean, they are across the board and it it You know level up. You've got WWe guys there I know. So cal pro had some people go didn't they go to annex t? I thought I. Think they were sent there to so cal and they ended up going no There's been people that have come through. Certainly has guys all over the place. I think what Scorpio Sky came from there TJ came from there. Peter came from there. So you you got them e W and new Japan and fuck man I mean I got a question for you because you've been doing this you no longer in kind of seen. Has the pendulum swung between like East Coast West Coast? You know like I remember when I first. In two thousand, thirteen I saw a lot of cats from the east coast that was like kind of the hotspot. You know like you saw a lot of the mid west cats getting signed big names that Kinda stop, and now you're seeing a lot of southern California talent. We had. I mean everyone thought we were spot monkeys out here, which is crazy because he had ring of honor and stuff out there and you know a lot of the guys that you're seeing on on. Ring of honor on the East Coast. All guys that are going balls the walls, right? But I remember You know just wrestling. Out in Texas or wrestling out in Kentucky, and they're like Oh, you guys you guys guessing to slow down you guys do too much I'm like really that's when you went to Lovie wrx old school. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. but it was just like really like I'm not doing especially me like fuck if anyone's ever seen me wrestle. Doing much. Believe me. But yeah I mean. I. Think we definitely are from the from the I. Think the. What people used to say about recipes from California. To what they're saying now and obviously we've gotten way more way more. We things have happened out here in the meantime. So we just we really just had PWG and now is it. And they're like, Oh, well, if you're PWG, don't matter what was actually going to bring this up because last week after the Pwi five hundred came out how they're monroe. who was a guest on the podcast? When pointless lady? I. Brought up the fact that she's in her mind, she still thinks that in general. So cal is very overlooked. For. Talent like there's a lot more talent here that should get opportunities that don't. The problem is and if you live in Philadelphia, you can get two New Yorker. Yeah. You know upstate New York Pittsburgh. Wherever wherever you want to be I mean, you know this I mean how how long would it take to drive from New York to Baltimore DC? five hours probably five hours right a little longer but that's about roughly bodas. Oh for us to get to to to Hollywood taping it's three and a half hours for one taping. From New York to Washington DC to fill it out you could do a whole loop. Probably five major cities in three or four different states on the east coast in one weekend, and you can wrestle to shows on Saturday and two on Sunday. So, there's a good reason we're. We're overlooked here because you could be you could be major three, four major markets in one weekend in work shows whereas out here. Yeah. You could probably work three four days a week. Maybe. But you're really in the same town I remember talking to somebody camera who was in those like an east coast wrestler. And they were talking about, they'll they'll work Thursday Friday Saturday. Sunday. Yeah. You know that's how often shows are put on over in those areas, but I also look at it because this is the same kind of idea with like sports out in you know the West Coast. You know. The East Coast the Mid West have harsh harsh winters, right so you can't go out you can't go to the beach. You can't like go out and just kind of like you know do stuff like southern California especially is is huge on like extreme sports right motorcycles snowboarding, surfing skateboarding all that Kinda stuff. And over there, they're not as as much as into the extreme sports. Football, and there's not as my options. So that's why you have the die hard football fans the die hard sports fans. You basically have four or five months where you can't go outside. Yeah. I mean we're talking about the fucker from New York so he would have a better future Kaga you know. She, will you know people were from Chicago? Winters out our winters are worse than Chicago where I've been there. I shoveled snow one time when Beth and I went out to In the wintertime I shoveled snow and I was like Oh this isn't that bad what he has bitching about and they're like, do this at six in the morning and I'm just imagine you're getting up to go to work in the morning and you normally eat up. You worked twenty minutes away. So you get up forty minutes before if you live on the east coast, get up an hour and a half for you go to work these tear. It's GonNa, take you forty minutes just to clear your driveway. So you can get on icy roads where you then have to drive much slower than normal because if you don't you might. Run over some black ice and spin out. Yeah. It sounds terrible man terrible. But you want to hear about my trip to Chicago of course man. Leans trampolines kid my roots. If there's ever a time to fly. It is right now. Right? It is fantastic everyone. Tsa. Line maybe had three people in front of us. Nobody in, the airport. Get on the flight, there's nobody on that flight breath and I sit in a row and there's nobody in front of us for three rows. There's nobody behind us for three rows. There's nobody on the other side of the aisle at all. It's beautiful man they make you guys separate seats or because you were together. Well I mean there's so many there's there's The the amount of people flying they don't even have to enforce it because you know like. If you're flying your like I'm not gonNA sit next to this fucking person you know I'm going to try and have my own little corner especially with time going on. So like southwest I'm sure they enforce it when a certain amount of people get on the flight, but it's just natural order for us to kind of be like listen. Get the fuck away from me as far back as I can I, find the NC I I know no one wants to sit hopefully, get that middle seat but now I guess you're going to get no matter. What L. is beautiful man I mean we had the whole like our own section of the Goddamn plane. BMN enjoyed it. Like Chicago Lot. It's cool. When everything's Open I a as much as I despise the cubs growing up. I Love Wrigley. Wrigley. Bill. Wrigley is just amazing. But. Yeah. So all we did basically we got we flew out Friday. I kind just fell asleep on the flight out there. And then we got there around seven thirty straight to her brother's house and just hung out with the family a pizza drank a lot. Her brother has a huge backyard with a pool and a trampoline. So there's we didn't go out really. We basically just hung out in the pool and drank and had fun. And then Saturday night we actually did go to a restaurant that's not too far away. Guess what only people in the fucking restaurant fucking nuts man. outdoor to. And Humid Little Yeah Yeah Yeah Pretty Humid out there. But when we're like in the pool the whole time, you don't really care about that stuff. And then I thought, I'd jump on the trampoline show my little nieces how how how to get it done. I'm like a Guy Goddamn Romanian gymnastics coach. Tony's kids how to. Flip boom. Next thing you know their land in front flips. Damn. But and then I thought I was I was pretty bad ass and I was like Oh. Yeah. Used to do this all the time when I was a kid. Goddamn paying for it the next day. Dude I forgot how some of the best how exhausting it is the jump on a trampoline you get on there for one minute. So so this is this sounds so stupid and ridiculous. But one of my favorite things to do for cardio for wrestling is go to the trampoline parks fucking bounce around for an hour. Exhausting and they have they have like. I guess it's a dodgeball area normal but set up to look like a half pipe. Yep. Nothing legitimately nothing other than being in a ring and hitting the ropes can compare. But this is the closest thing to hitting the ropes that I think there is is going bouncing from from halfpipe. Side to side of that will have pipe full speed because what you're saying is they have trampolines. On the wall Yeah Angled Yeah Yeah Yeah I've been doing a couple of times it's exhausting and There's gyms those trampoline parks that will have a class like a cardio class had a certain time. and. I really can't people I'm like Yo you guys want to do this and they're like, no, it's like, oh my gosh my favorite thing they were hitting me up This is like this is a couple years back. But. It's I I it's so funny because when I was a kid. My my my friends and I we would be on trampolines for hours. Hours playing dodgeball did you ever like have your friends on the side? Like. Standing on the ground and then like though throwing like you know, yeah, volleyball that in your entre, you're on the trampoline and you're like flipping trying to look cool. Yes and then next thing you know like get your timing down as yeah exactly. Have you have your bet on a tramp? tramp bike yes. Oh. It's a bike, but you take you take the wheels off and all the mechanics off and all that in you wrap towels around the forks. Okay. In you tape up the forks sees take the towels around the forest real well, and you just doing BMX expert like Game Shit you're bouncing on this bike up and down and you're trying to flip with it and kick it around I don't remember what the fucking names were, but you kick it around So comes back is awesome. My Buddy. I got a trampoline sixteen. My Buddy made me a tramp bike I've never heard of it and I every day after school is like I'm on the tramp for two hours fucking balls the wall tricks for nobody. Your backyard doing stupid shit. Now, we did we didn't have that I remember taking skateboard decks. And doing that I couldn't do that because they hit the shit out of my shins all the time I. Think I think I remember one of my friends took like old pair of shoes and somehow attach them to skateboard deck. So like so it goes almost snowboard. Yeah but that's boring. I mean you still doing flips and all that. Game Shit like when the X. Games I started but yeah man I I was exhausted man like I beyond there by the way I showed a video you boy still got it. I thought full of flips I'm four flips. What are we gonNA. See on the ring. That was like my first two years of pro wrestling I was. Doing flips, and then you know now a break him out. I need that big paycheck to breaking out flips. That's true. Yes. That's true. Yes. But. I could I couldn't believe. I was like I'm exhausted. Hey, for has matt I'm breaking. The bank is I want to see a flip. All right excellent and. I, WANNA. Four fifty finish I don't the guy before fifty in me. All right. It's six twenty you funny too is like we're able to do backflips in front flips and all that kind of stuff. Yes. So funny when you're trying to teach kids how to do a backflip, they're so scared when it's easier than front flip, that's what I was telling these little kid. I'm like dude. The backflip is so much easier than front flip and they don't WanNa believe you and I'm like all right I'm not pushing it. was unfortunate. You get so good at backflips on a trampoline. There's been so many times I'm like I to try back here like I'll just be like on the beach on the sand I'm like I could do it I can. You know what I mean you just confident in the sand yeah, and I've never I've never actually attempt it because I'm like I'll be the astle lands on his head and breaks his Naggah. Channel. Cool and I'm like days over days over but I mean you do it so or like I would even do it on like in the ring I'm like I bet in wrestling ring could easily do a backlit to my feet to my feet not just a backflip splash to my feet I could do it. Yeah. I even in a ring alone I'm like. I'M NOT GONNA. Do you know what the crash pat? I'm just like what's the point? I'm not going to do it in the ring if the crash pads out I'll. I'll some shit out next time we go train I want to do the crash pad. I can I can backflip onto my feet too but it's my ankles my my right ankle so bad right now where it's like it's rolling the dice where is it really worth doing a backflip off the ropes? No not off the ropes don't just on the on the on the ground or on the Mat. Are you talking about like a standing? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. What's weird is not get the height standing moon saw really I've done them but they don't look good wearing the ring. Yeah. Okay. That's what I'm saying is I bet I bet I could do that and standing backflip. Actually back like a to my feet, a bat was it a back Tuck is that what it is? Yeah like when you like a back handspring is when you put your hands down yeah. Just without that. Wow Look at you. Kid I, Bet I could do it like that's what I'm saying is like I'm so fucking good on a trampoline and but. Again, it's a trampoline is a massive advantage, but that's what I'm saying I mean unfortunately, it gives you the confidence. It's like a trampoline is the equivalent of drinking beers you're like, oh my God I'm amazing and according to some people wrestling rings are basically trampolines. Yeah. Of course, of course, your friends and your family ask you that you're basically a trampoline. A trampoline you know like that's all. Yeah. Ain't that fucking question actually trampoline especially just a trampoline right? I hate all those whenever like somebody hit you with like those fucking little like. All the fake fake right fake you guys know each other and stuff. But you know and you want to walk away from a conversation when you start talking about wrestling and there's like you know they have no idea. So they started talking I. GotTa Get out of here before they say something stupid. My brother-in-law did that to me at the table when I was watching Dobbs match for summer. Slam. He's one of those. He goes. You know that's fake right and. It's funny too because I smash both my brother-in-law's. But like still very nice on Mike and even turn my head I just go predetermined. Lab. So I watched. summer, slam match I was at a brewery in San Marcos. I hadn't been out to like a brewery and longtime actually. What's that? Thank you for the invite you will come from lakeside. Yeah I'll come on. Okay. I was like. I gotta get out of the fucking house I want to go to a Barua I need a drink a beer somewhere other than my house. And I went to the brewery and I went with my boys and I was like I'll be back in time for summer. Slam we were there for four hours of the brewery, which is showed a wild barrel I think it was called is that I don't know it's everybody the dmv up and same where it goes I have no idea what anyway Quick though, yeah quick shameless plug. This show is sponsored by ten barrel go ahead cheap from beer. What's up what what kind of up there? It is all right They didn't have one in San Marcos I couldn't go there and they had a different I went to a barrel place though but I went there and so I'm sitting there. I'm like Oh we're not getting out of here on time. So let me try to watch on my phone. So Watch his whole match on my phone. I like what? The fuck you watch it. I showed him like what's this shit I'm GonNa give you just interviewed him on a podcast and like here's here's a picture from the thing and they're like, well, that's good. Cool. Dude. This watch my friends who don't give a shit about wrestling. But they were drunk. So yeah everything's cool. Thing man here's the thing. Wrestling and alcohol like fucking pieces are good. Right? It's like peanut butter and jelly goes fucking together peanut butter mayonnaise right there. Bro. I don't care who you are if you if you're liquor it up. and. There's wrestling going on I'm watching it why? Because it's entertaining as fuck especially when you're when you're when you're banged up, right. So that's that's always my I I had. Finishes ends. I've talked to like you know obviously like I know people in the nightclub industry right and I always tell these mother fuckers yo wrestling alcohol peas and carrots and like you know it's such a hard sell for some reason but they don't understand but it's like listen guys I I'm telling you straight up. So I. was. I don't remember what birthday was twenty five or something like that, and I had like A. FAMILY FRIEND UP IN LA. Who Apparently? Some really good money like I didn't realize that The white made a lot of money was like. Tight with like a bunch of movie stars I when I went to their house us all these pictures and my holy Shit. You know them like family outings with like Deniro and shit like okay Bobby Bobby. Pacino. Anyway. So my birthday present like, Hey, you know it's been a while. I haven't seen you I want you to come up and we do lunch with us and I have something special for him. All right. Cool. It came up and they're like, Hey, look. Bring, bring some friends, bring a bunch of friends and whatever Anna we came up, and there was they're doing smackdown I. Think there are filming smackdown and the goddess seats at the Staple Center. For smackdown and we went in there, the room was stacked with. All types of Beer, fucking liquor. Food Galore. You talking about getting drunk watching have never been that drunk watching wrestling. Time of my life. You Never WanNa watch wrestling in other words. No never that's happened to me twice. Yeah. So it's not wrestling but football and baseball. So my wife end up getting. This is years ago the chargers the pats on a Sunday night game sick at at the q also known as the Murph. Also. Known as Aztec Stadium Yeah. WHAT DOES IT S D C. Whatever it alone won't be there. It always be the Murph. Yeah. So. My wife goes I got tickets to the I think it was the Miller. Miller the core. Sweet. Or something like that and I'm like, all right we'll go. We'll see the Patriots and the chargers I was just like. All right. Let's go like who but like she wasn't making it sound like a sweet who thinks only I got tickets. from like Miller lite or Miller or something like that. So I'm like. All right. Cool. We go I think we were down there. And we go in and we and I'm looking at the tickets and I'm like well I think what they call a lodge or something like that that area. So I'm like, okay. Well, here's the escalator up to that area. And we're walking. There's no little like. Hallways to the seats, right. So I'm like kind of walking around like what the hell and then finally there's a door with the number on our ticket. So I'm like Kinda confused because this way too nice. You know these are out of this is out of my price range growing up and you know all that stuff. I open it up and I have like this confused look facie, these two cats. And they're like, they can say that I'm confused and there you go this door I'm like. All right. It's a sweet filled with like beer food. Like hamburgers stuff it was. Incredible So like Oh Shit Beth it's going down. I wasn't planning I wasn't planning. To work I wasn't I was not planning. On going there and getting banged up. But I was like it's on you know like this is like one of those opportunities where you're like it's happening you go wedding there's an open bar you're. Definitely Getting Hotel. So, I'm like all right cool man like start. All, these cats there's a bunch of Patriots fans in there and but they're all cops from the from. The New England area. They're all cool. Shit. You all being real. Nice. And So you know we're we're drinking. We're hanging out having fun as play starting to up a little bit. It's great time and the game's about to start guess who fucking jump on the Goddamn Field Fuck in the Hawk stir. fucking. Hall Hogan I. Think It was there for that were you? Yeah. Hogan. Does like some opening announcements or something. Yeah. Well Fuck, and here's even more of a reason why you gotta get fucked up in and why we this is where I need to be right now in my life. and. Was a great fucking time in the the charges. beat the beat the PATS. Beat Tom. Brady. Probably the greatest quarterback of all time but it was a fantastic great time and then. at PETCO PETCO Park. My wife goes, Yo. Like a lot of things had to happen for for us to get these tickets and we got him. We got the fucking Lexus seats. As Yeah Oh, my God. So the Lexus seats are right behind the backstop. And these tickets are like. Like serious money, right and her. So the place that she was the general manager of the owners offered the tickets. He didn't. He didn't want him the it was the pods playing the cubs. So he was like here I'll give them to you. And we went holy Shit Dude they don't. They don't stop serving alcohol at all when you're in the Lexus seats. And You can order off the menu whatever you want that the whole the whole Ballpark, and they'll bring it to you. And there you have to pay for anything it's all included. I threw up. Much not from drinking too much from eating too much. And like. I was watching kids like these are young kids. You remember when like when we went to like ballgames when you're younger, you know, i. Didn't come from money, right? We didn't come from like serious money. I was in the right Field Centerfield leftfielder my ball with my baseball glove hoping to grab a home run ball right three rose from the top exactly. Yeah. nosebleeds and like your parents your like listen kid you're not getting no. Ball right. these kids like this kids running around back there and I'm just like I hope these little Fox understand how fortunate they are to have these seats man because like anything you could grab there was open buffet there's a there's a restaurant behind their servant prime rib and I walk up I'm confused I'm so out of place. I walk up you're drunk. I walk up to the prime no, not yet I walk up to the Prime Rib guy and he goes I'm just kind of like confusing to go this your first time on I go. Yeah and he goes don't fill appeared. You still have another buffet out there plus you can order more like these smart and me up big time it was the grace and now I never want to go to another game because I don't want to sit with the peasants. I don't want to sit with the peasants I wanna sit with the rich people. In. One wrestling's back in the hogs center on top. You won't have to worry about that obviously for the rest of Your Life Mike obvious only sit in the legacy. This podcast is just going to take us to that next level. Thank you. We're yeah and likened subscribe and it'll be a tax write off. We'll just get season tickets and review with the with the. Tax write off. You know we'll have business meeting there we'll taxes. I was GONNA. Say You talked about throwing the game. So my buddy, Bruno Bruno, he oop Bruno. Migrant Bruno you know how to say it Bruno. So he Ruined Yorker not say the project at the PADRES. Games they have a I don't like sprint thing where they like race right you like race from left field right field. and. They have two guys or three maybe and all you spray. You're just bringing to the other side he was so banged up at this game he didn't couldn't realize barely realized that he got called up. It he goes like he's he's like a huge mark for the padres like we both are. On the so sick he's on the field they say go go he could barely run he's still sprinting, but he could barely like in his ad I'm sure he's going to. But, he just looked like it has looked like a baby duck throwing haymakers as he. Zhili other side as soon as they're done and they're like, okay, you lost and he won and here's what you get. He's like okay and like hops over the wall quick and bolts to the bathroom and just blows chunks. He was dude I was. Kim So funny man by the way this let's. Update with sports. Adam. What are we on sports going on? Football in. A week from Thursday you guys watching that hard knocks at all Oh my God yes we are. But can we stop? That's not the sports talk. The padres made like ten trades at the deadline might cleven jer from the Indians who's like GonNa, set up their team for fucking postseason run like you never seen and the padres are content as intenders and Austin Hedges Hedges Your Boy Austin hadn't Cleveland Austin three six. No. Actually my wife called me this morning and she goes. Apparently Austin's like getting traded yet and I was like, and then she she was on the phone with me looking it up and she's like she he's going to Cleveland I'm like as a great sports town, but that's just the business, the business you know. And remember that time he he shit on your Austin. Three. Sixteen To No one knows marketing like I do I, know Tony I know but you know what I think got different Austin. Didn't they get a diff- Austin Nola us a Nola they knew guy so we got Austin Nola. He's a catcher like. This fucking padres team. Man They're exciting right now they. I was in Chicago when the five Grand Slams in five games. That's unheard of there. They're talking about him on ESPN which I can't even remember the last time that the padres were talked about as much on ESPN as I've seen in the last couple of they're calling Ted tease the face of baseball manny. Machado. Was the play the player of the week two weeks in a row, which is pretty hard to do do Totti's is. Fantastic. visit good team man I. Hope we can keep them around and I hope we keep the team around for a few seasons. Of course, they'll win the world series the year that there's only sixty games will complain and say. Yep. Greatest. Runs a win but. you know I. Love it man it's what Sandia needs. We need an exciting baseball team. have. You guys heard like the proposal for like the playoffs like they're gonNA have the AL playoffs in Petco Park Yeah in. La La Basically, and then they're going to have the world series in Texas. That's what they WANNA. DO THEY WANNA try to bubble all the playoff got uproot. Did it. Okay. Well, they want to try to make it. So during the world series that aren't people missing games because of COVID. Yeah Man I'm. Oddly enough. The Star pitcher that we contract it was only available because he ditched the team to go party with his boys came back and then tell them about it. They sent him down to the minors like get the fuck. Yeah Man I'm excited I'm happy to see the padres got something good going on. And yeah man it'd be good for San Diego be good. San Oh. By the way we haven't mentioned this. For a few weeks now, and it's like when it came out, it was kind of like what the fuck? the rock. Purchased the xfl there was a week where I was going to bring it up but we talked about so much stuff and I think the podcasts like an hour and forty five minutes and I was like. We could bring this up. We'll talk for another twenty but yeah now it's official now. You're DEB your the big marketing guy here Yup. Does that do anything for the FUCK XFL? Yes one hundred. Fucking Gore's as the biggest action hero of all time. He's looked at as a wrestling guy he's looked at as. A famous. I. Understand that. So like from a marketing perspective, people will get it so magical. Of Tom Cruise Body in the nineties you'd be like holy ship. But that's where we're at like that was the biggest action hero at the time in the nineties right down crews Maybe. A few of them, there's some cats back then man maybe arnold or by the way he's playing he played college football and was really it was not great but he was pretty good. But in Miami and I understand his credentials and all that kind of stuff but. Is, anybody really clamoring for here's why it's great. Okay. Go ahead. He's got his own Hollywood production company. He's got his fingers in a bunch of Shit. He's got contacts up the WAZOO. Vince has got his contacts obviously but I think the rock is probably way more like convinces but to answer the question that Mike was going to ask the answer is no nobody knows clamoring for another football league. Yeah. So I'm just like, okay the thinks they are going to disagree but I am on your side that nobody's clamoring for a second less. Professionally looking leak. Well, here's the thing. The XFL When I got rebooted and you know I watched the first week I watched the second we it was it was fine. You know you're not getting the greatest football games out of it but fine Devos's upset because the canceled he was in the front door basically of being like a part of a professional football week. But when I saw that the fact when the rock you know winning, you know he's obviously got some group that purchase xfl I'm just like. Is that a good purchase is that is going to do anything for the is that going to take it over the Hump? Is that going to make it into anything bigger than what vide- MAC tried doing? It didn't fail this time I. Go because a code so Ended up being like a wash financial for Vince but. For the Rock and everyone else said, he bought the thing with its whatever they were doing. Well, they'll figure it out I mean what's very well compared to like the first time they went around. Yeah well, the first time they tried to make it to wrestling plus football oriented. So that was why it was a failure the first time they were making money. Well, they had the contracts with the right companies as far as airing it on. TV They were doing very well. I was very interested. About expansion, you were also interested in the fleet. So. You know I'm not gonNA like. Go too far there. Right. Everyone. Fleet podcasts basically like that's it for this week. Like subscribe. Oh. Man Up on the twits but anyway. So sports, we got the pods I'm looking forward to it Football's coming back. He's they shit. Can Leonard Fournette today and Jacksonville? Which is strange. Basketball plants are still going. Well, let's not talk about basketball because we're going to. There's a whole mess a- shit that happened this last weekend in basketball yeah. What happened there oh the seasonal shutdown. Oh, that's right because they all went. Well. Not all of them but a few of the on strike, right? Yeah apparently. Protests apparently went ended up really happening that was reported different things but apparently, the bucks just deciding not to play a game was never told to Lebron and he was so mad that he was just ready to just leave really I guess and this is another instance of where my camden ends up being right I guess a lot of these guys are very burnt out being in this bubble away from their families even though some of them are now led to bring their families in. But I'm Paul George had thing reset. He was like depressed because he was in the bubble they've been there for a couple of months now so. I felt like there was a large part of them other than the you know. The social reasons they wanted to do it which I agree with. But I think part of it also was a lot of them are burnt out and one of them wanted to leave. Yeah man they want to get that side piece the come on man. It's crazy. It's like. We'll go. Go ahead. What do you want? Off. Know what I was saying is I get in the NFL in major leagues. Guys were like I'm not playing the canceled Major League Games, NFL canceled. Practices. Meetings and stuff media days and whatnot. And I, get it. I just don't know. Like like Oh we need to we need to take more ownership and we need to be the change and I'm like, okay like what what is it because i? Don't see it's just such a complex issue like what is saying that we need to do something going to do like even like I saw I think it was Cleveland. All the Cleveland teams are going to come together in unite to. Form a social justice front or not Social Justice Social Front where we can come together on issues and talk about it and stuff. I'm like great. That's not changing what's happening right like these people that are dying on the streets or getting shot in the back or whatever it might. Not something that you're going to be able to change. You know it's crazy is so the NBA The major league baseball. They've had to jump through hoops right with like cove it and the time that we live in right now right to like just get these sports these these these leagues, the season's up and running. So they're like, okay fine. We got this go and we got the bubble going on. We Got Major League baseball going on like. Okay, you know it's a fine line they're walking on because of all, and then like a social issue like this and the players just go now we're not you know we're protesting we're not playing this game, but it was just one game for every for every or was it like they ended up not during the two days they didn't play but it was mainly that I a world was the bucks because the thing that happened happened in Wisconsin. So the bucks were and the brewers I think take part in two but then everybody in the league. Yeah. Apartment I wonder if the Commissioner of the NBA and the Major League Baseball just goes into their office, shuts the door and just yells. because. This is hard enough for them to try and get all the squared away and put it together and it just I mean Goddamn like. The. Next couple seasons if they go back to normal is going to be fucking breeze if they can make it through all of this stuff I can actually tell you what the Commissioner of Baseball did. What did you the Commissioner baseball tried to pull a publicity stunt in wanted I think it was the mets my wrong about that. It was kind of revealed that it wasn't the it was the owner of the mets not. Manfred. Well, at the time it was it. Manfred the Commissioner Baseball. That was like, Hey, we should stop playing baseball at seven three in take an hour off to make like a statement and then come back and play baseball. The mets Marlins, the other night came on the field like they were going to start the game the first batter walked up. They stopped forty two second moment of silence Jackie, Robinson okay. Oh. Okay and then They all walked off the field. And everybody. I'm going to bring I know what you're going to bring that up later. And then they just walked off the field and they never came back but according to the GM of the mets somebody who initially everyone thought he was talking about the commissioner said you should come back out at eight ten an hour later. Thing and. The, Hill where I was going to go here. GotTa wear it was going to go here. Is You WanNa get you WANNA. Do it now I'm ready. No let's keep talking about this. We'll get to that social issues. Well, we can move on if you want to move on I've just before I forget what I'm not gonna I'm not GonNa Cause I'm going to bring it up. Okay well, I was going to bring some those two but. You're talking about Chadwick Bozeman? Yes. Yeah. Man Crazy. Answer. I saw what about us? Yeah. About Ashok when people are going through that kind of stuff. Obviously colon cancer is a fucking. It's a death sentence basically. What somebody's going through like that and they keep it hush like that. I. Respect that Shit so much because I'm you know. I I don't like. Me Personally, I don't like taking a lot of personal issues that I have like that kind of stuff like putting it out there So when you hear like somebody's a of his fame and all that kind of stuff do that. That's that's fucking amazing more respect for him. Even because there was a video, he did right out when the forty two became out where I think he had just found out or he had just gone chemo he was really really really skinny. To the point where people were commenting on the video, he's a crackhead or all this other stuff and it's like you would think like after that somebody would be like. Well, I. might as well tell them why I'm like but he'd never yeah yeah, I don't I don't know who knew but I don't think anybody had any idea that he was going through that. No, no. So. I mean. That was a big bummer for a lot of people I. Mean I think he standup guy you know from whatever would knows it's so stupid because it's like all these other l., all these other major shoes are having. Something like an act, but it's important because you see all these videos of all these like when the movie came out and you just see these people coming in and like there was this Jimmy Fallon. The screen and there's all these African American people coming in saying how much that movie means to them and whatnot and that he comes out he just like they get so emotional because I mean it was a big definitely was a big deal. Yeah. For like you know social issues and for people of color like well, this is some nerd shit to but like. Growing up in reading. Comic books. I'm still I still read coming books but like I was super into Captain America and Batman, and then my other one was Black Panther and I got super into the history of Black Panther and all this shit like, oh, he's like the first ever you know blacks superhero. In it's fucking kind of crazy and so as they I've been waiting as marvel was going through, they're just blowing through movies. Fucker you guys, GonNa do Black Panther. Man Like. His still black superhero on your roster what the fuck are you doing? And we had fury, but it wasn't really a superhero, but they also had a war machine. Used side Gig. This. Aside. So I was like come on dude like a black. Panther. Did they did Black Panther? They did it in the best way PA so good. So well done and I think the guy that they they use for Germany. Chadwick was was such the perfect like just the most perfectly casted perfect person. You can do for that and so everything. Then like you said, the reception that a got, it almost won awards, the awards shows and. Did you hear such a valuable moment and movie for society and Fuck. Did you hear the story about Denzel Now? Oh he paid for that. He was he was going to some acting school and I Guess Felicia Rashad was his teacher. So she would go out to. Friends acting friends and they would give money. So these guys could go on to these bigger acting schools and you know get more rapid or whatever. So, Denzel was the one who put Chadwick in through the squad didn't know until years years later. But I. thought it was I know Denzel didn't know it was him or didn't know who he was but right it's a really cool like Chadwick Bozeman isn't even where he is today if it wasn't for Denzel Washington that's crazy and I mean, he's done my love them and forty, two but. What's crazy is I think like right after. Black Panther came out or maybe it was not endgame. was that the first one infinity war after infinity war. There was all this chatter about the second. Black. Panther, they may be wanted to do about his sister sister would take on the mantle because he disappeared. Right he got snapped away like they're talking about doing a Black Panther with go what's her name Surrey sure Syria Suri. like like Oh maybe she'll take on the mantle and they like they kinda teased it in the first Black Panther like why the fuck would they recast like why would they do that already and make it about that, and then I read something like Oh, we'll. There's also talk about. Michael B Jordan coming back and like you know he admits to his faults and sins when he takes over his Black Panther I'm like what the fuck is happening why is everyone talking about replacing Black Panther and now dow this happens and you're like, oh? Okay. Obviously the. The studios knew something about it and we're like trying to probably for the future. And God. Damn they hit me right Hit me hard. It was a there's only been two times that an actor dying his hit me pretty hard. The First One was Heath Ledger, and then this one was the second one and Chadwick. Well, the saddest part about it is you think like like you said Mike Colon cancer is very serious. You think like all the while he's making all these movies he's getting this fame and in his mind back of his mind he knows. He's probably not going to be able to enjoy it. He's he's probably not gonna live long enough to. Kind of just sit back and relax and enjoy everything that he's done like most actors get to or maybe you're enjoying it more. More. Right. That's the crazy thing. So I didn't know much about him prior or before Black Panther right so like that to me sounds like that was his big break and that move came out what five years ago not even that. Yeah. Yeah Me Too much role for him now. Got Him. That's what people got people to notice him I didn't notice him until a black. Panther. Lack Pathos, but all of his movies have been all his the majority of movies have been statement movies. That sure I. Don't know maybe. I didn't know I like I said I didn't know who he wasn't until civil war when that Black Panther showed up and I was like Yo who the fuck is this character and then like the Black Panther movie. You know I'm GonNa say a little something. It was wasn't the best marvel movie. It was a it was enjoyable but it wasn't the best okay visually incredible and I understand the importance of it because it had like an all African American cast but Yeah I mean he seemed like a good dude and actually what was it Sunday that that was announced that he passed away Was it Sunday some like who I think it was it was either Friday or Sunday, but I I will actually I woke up and I looked on. The social media on twitter in Jordan Creek Jordan cruise was the first thing. I read was Jordan's tweet saying something about Chadwick Bo Chadwick Shadwick. Bozeman. passed. Away and I was like recognized that name why do I recognize that name and merely went to Yahoo? And from page was like, yeah, I was like Oh Shit Black Panther passed away from colon cancer what? Yeah Man. Guy Seemed like he had like a lot of good stuff going on for him like a you know like, I, feel like that his movie career was just getting started but man that's crazy and that sucks 'cause when you say that like you know like certain actors like hit you hard I remember when Robin Williams passed away. That was another one that's true and then also Patrick swayze who happened to pass away the exact same way with colon cancer. Crazy man crazy. I mean, yeah, I forgot about Robin Williams yeah and then there's Couple couple wrestlers hint you. You know when? Eddie I, it was. Right. It's just from Lincoln Park. I. Don't know if that matter then you guys but that was. For me because the song that he performed like a week before was like about his other friend who committed suicide and then. Garden Yeah soundgarden. Yeah and you know you wouldn't even know that he was dealing with that. You know suicides always incredibly sad because you know. I'll never understand that like level of depression sadness, but it's like. Let's not. You can really do. Let's Vonda. While we're on the topic of movies. Because I don't want to go a little able to segue but movies I. Don't want to go down the path that that. Adam was going down. Did you guys see the Batman trailer thousand sick wide. What's here for it? Now here's the good thing. Here's. Everything. Here's the positive thing going on when the Dark Knight got released. I was Kinda like. Heath. Ledger like I'm not sure about that. Right and then you hear about this Robert Pattinson dude being Batman you're like what? I don't know about that. Now Hindsight Heath Ledger probably the greatest joker of all time in my opinion everybody has a different opinion but I think a majority of people really enjoy that joker. After seeing that trailer from that man I'm like, okay I'm on board. Now I'm on board was so funny when Pattinson I got cast, I've seen him in a bunch of Shit and I know he's got some depth, his roles I saw him on in twilight and I never everyone reacts. So here's the thing is I've never seen twilight and that's probably the only reason that I was like I've seen in some other things and he's he's a great actor. But I've learned after they cast Christian Bale all the casting they did for those movies I learned to stop questioning them because they hit the nail on the head when they gas bail get Outta here dude they cast The castle ledger I'm like. What are we doing here? What are we doing here at this point Cast I was the only one who was on board with Ben Affleck Casting I've been a I think he was still great when cast patents and I'm like Oh the everyone's going to think he's you know probably the best Batman ever now when they bring Benson, everyone was furious when. They showed trailer and everyone was handle. Here's the thing. I think. I'm not too sold on. Patterson's Batman. Right. Now because we haven't really seen too much of it, right? You see the part of that trailer where he's he basically just bludgeons the guy to death row only film twenty percent of the movie. Trailer I'm amazed that they made that trailer. Movie filmed. Yeah and it was coherent. Yeah. Well, that's the thing like. I think patents and right now is just catching shrapnel because that trailer incredible, right. So we were automatically like pads and sick as a fucking Batman really using ship from him yet. You saw you saw the gear, you saw the gear you saw that one due to death wasn't doing a goofy voice basically do give voice. Engine. So did the Michael Keaton thing where he just talks a little deeper, but he didn't do the growl I. Like the voice modulator they had on. Sick but Yeah I I'm I'm like. So promos or material is a promos right? I'm fucking sold. You Got Me Batman People. You got me right now and I'm looking forward. To this match Aka the So. Let me get this. The is the bad guy in this movie, right? It's very much. No one really knows I. don't even know for sure if the guy in the trailer with the tape is the ridler. Yeah, exactly. It could it could be many but. penguins in the movie WHO's Colin Farrell. Yet even recognize that. By the way he's got his little army of Darby Allen's. Tat Woman's in the movie to like I I think it looks. And by the way. Putting Nirvana in the bachelor that's when he told me the most that song is, yes. I think it's such an art and talent for those people that have to go. Okay. I gotTA match up a song to match this visual. Right. Like songs make soundtracks they can make trailers like. Whoever goes okay. I know the song for this like visually I see this matching up I is awesome. So that trailer came out after the signer cut trailer as well, and if there's one person who knows how to use music for their trailers, it's it's Act Snyder. Yeah, and he used I think Hala. For But yes, you'll slow and to snyder cut version and like that if you go back to watchmen. All of his trailers are incredible with the music that they choose. So yeah. The music they chose for the Bachelor was great quick question on this. Zach Snyder. Cut of Justice League. What the fuck are they talking about now is this a new movie or is this? Before? No, it's basically like did you ever see the Justice League movie when it came out? So trash it was bad. So when they making the movie, I guess something I think Zack Snyder's daughter committed suicide or something like that. So they basically removed him halfway through the movie. No He filmed seventy five to eighty percent of the movie. Okay and then they brought Joss Weeden who is more known for lighthearted Jocelyn Did the avengers. Okay. So they decided here's why when they brought him in, they saw the Justice League version they compared to what they saw for Batman versus Superman which terrible reviews from critics and they said this is unwatchable. We're not going to go down that path again, we want to be more like marvel. So they brought in just we didn't go ahead and then the movie is basically just a mish mosh of. jokey too serious jokey too serious, which is completely like if you saw that member vs Superman that's very dark movie. Yes. More in line of what? Those movies should be because. Batman. is a dark character like people trying to make Batman Ironman. That's bad. That's bad booking to use wrestling terminology. So so they crammed all that movie down into what was it like two hours and twenty minutes or something like that for justice? League. He wanted it to be a three hour movie. They re shot I think it was seventy percent of the. So seventy percent of the movie that you saw for the justice you saw wasn't Zack. Snyder's version over they put in a different villain they they changed the look of the villain and Henry Cavill was not allowed to shave his mustache that he had for the mission impossible movie he was doing. So there are big parts of the movie. Were you see him on his top lip probably look so they weird shitty. His mouth megalithic. He didn't have a moustache. So notice. Is. Terrible so anyway, the Snyder cut people are like what the fuck are we what this isn't what we were promised. This is not the movie that was promised. Snyder goes yeah. The movie is almost done. So Hbo Max Go Hey we need a big movie to come out with our new streaming service Zach. Snyder de WanNa. Show your original cut he goes fuck yeah, and instead of putting the handcuffs on it, they took it off they gave him more money and they go hey, we know you were seventy five percent of the way done. If there's anything else you WANNA do to here's some more money. So he got bat fleck back the suit he got everyone recast back filming some more scenes and shit and instead of being limited originally WB wanted that movie to be two hours long which they've finished it to twenty. They're giving four hours. For the Snyder cut. So Hbo Max Goes You'RE GONNA get a four hour movie we want it done this way. A weekly installment of one hour, we're only gonNA show one hour, and then at the very end, everyone can stream the whole movie you know as one giant, they're releasing it as a series. So the they're releasing it as a limited series, a four part limited series that will be coherent that at the end when it's over, you can watch a one one, four hour cut of Justice League. All right. See I. I was like I watched it and I was like I don't get what the Fox going right here because I've seen this movie before and they're like, oh. This is the Zach Snyder on and I'm like I don't know what that fucking means. Okay. The Guy who was originally supposed to make the movie. Now, you're all going to get to see his version of the movie and decide if you'd like it better. So here's here's it'd be hard snyder for the DC what do they call it? The D. C. extended universe. The. Cinematic, universe or whatever Okay Zach Snyder was the vincent man he goes. Okay. I'm doing man of steel I'm bringing in Batman. I'm hiring the person that's doing wonder woman in in suicide squad and getting all these people he's piecing together. He's world building. He's the world builder and he's making sure that he has all his puppets as a part of his university different the different directors and whatnot the actors right he's casting the actors. So when they pulled him out and they put someone else in there like what the fuck is. This is in the same universes this shit. So now they're saying, okay, we're putting Vincent Kennedy McMahon back in charge of the wwe. What he's not, we're not talking like current Vincent Man we're talking about like. Attitude Arab. The best thing. Spin Yeah Yes. Okay. Cool and then do wonder woman looks sick dude you dig that wonder why I I remember DC movies, kind of been like a right but that I wonder woman movie was sick. Loved it plus. Let's be honest here not hard to look at wonder woman for fucking an hour and a half right she's fucking one of the most beautiful woman in the in the win in the world but it looks good man I like I like The. Visual of the trailer, the the music again is awesome for it was at one, thousand, nine, hundred, four. G. I'm looking forward. To that. Did. You guys see the the trailer or that the trailer but like the behind the scenes thing for suicide squad great. Now here's my thing. So John Yeah. So that's supposed to happen in the past, right? No. It's it's a current after this suicide squad or the last. Their newer thing. Yes. Okay. Because it looked kind of like. They were going to like retro kind of Shit On. They were just on an island they kinda of like Vietnam or something. Okay. Also one of the most beautiful women in the world frigging Margot Robbie I I love her being cast as that character. Unfortunately, they just fucked up those movies. Yeah. The birds of prey. Trash. were. That was the most egregious offense in the entire DC. Now, suicide squad was now I liked it the worst thing I've ever seen I the focus of the first half was great. The second shit I thought all the birds of prey was trash. Yeah hopefully they. They rebound from that Shit. I like the Actors League Castle and then I thought that was cool I. Thought I just noticed John Cena Oh and they got that e. I like him. Even. Though he was in that piece of shit movie, the Hobbs and Shah. He was the bad guy. That wasn't a good movie. I can't no. No than if you know fast and furious movie has been good since the second one I never saw Tokyo drift it looked like trash I. Don't think I've actually whoa what's the which one's the one ludicrous to fast he's in all of them. Now I mean the first one was. That was oh. Okay. That was the third was. Tokyo jesuits everyone on. The second one. Three sure. Yes. Sorry. So seen all of them. So so I fought with the first one and the second one everything else has been garbage though after that I can't believe they're still making these fucking things they make a ton of money and that's the thing that amazes me is because they're so ridiculous that their basic like it's one of those things where it's like you the. When they're making the movies they know how ridiculous it is. So they just go further and further with it because they know that the audience think they they're in on the joke to that. It's it's. Stupid driven a submarine through ice like that's obviously dumb. But like I mean like. There seems like there's one in one of the movies where Iraq has a cast on just flexes and the cast explodes off our own. Cool. fucking. Moments an action movie to me like I don't take them seriously I'm not going like. To See this, well acted film like this is GonNa. Be Really Dumb Chases and action I want to give you guys are are listening audience a recommendation. If you WANNA watch a crazy insane fucked up move like like along the lines of the fast various franchise where. Like this is ridiculous I to watch it because it's popcorn movie bill like this is stupid I may have talked about this before. In my opinion. The, best ridiculous action movie that's out there. Is, crank? Have you seen crank? Is that with stadium? Stadium no movie where he needs to keep his heart above certain his. Speed, but with the human body so this man so he's like an assassin right I forget what happens he gets in trouble with the gang and he has to keep his adrenaline adrenaline camp go down otherwise die he needs keep his adrenaline flowing. So throughout the movie, He does Shit to keep adrenaline pumping. So he like. There's no way pounds on Amy Smart. In public. Such a crush resume. Weird. That's the only part of that movie. Fantastic. But he does feel like that the whole movie you know what? I mean like punch a guy in the street because it needs to take off running stuff like the whole movie jumps out of a plane at the end in calls his girlfriend he's like I'm not GonNa be home and then like there's a crank to. which was can scrape too. So I would not recommend to crank. He I think he had a an electronic thing and it's body that you had to keep shocking him with electricity. But he goes. Oh so he goes to the hospital with Amy Smart Right and he goes I. Got Her back for you. Cool. Yeah. All, my heart diet or whatever. Just. She grabs like the adrenaline and the hospital and shoots directly into his heart and he freaks these in the movie he's doing lines of code because he has to have his heart pumping. It's it's. I recommend it. Zany crazy fucking great like just trash have a couple beers. Sit Back, pop this thing in. It's fantastic. Watch these movies sober because then you just go this is stupid. But if you're drunk, it's like when talking about people watching wrestling if you get really drunk watch these movies I, he'll be into them but you're not watching you're not telling you to go to this movie and be like Dude it's titanic, it's it's. It's well at. Its it's inception. It's just as beautifully well-done piece of art. No, no no. This is. Mind Bending action with Shit just laid. It was made by guys, four guys. That's all it is. You know what I watched last night. The the new bill and Ted's movie. That's out. It's demand. How much was it? Twenty bucks was w bucks or something like that. That's what you get. When you get those Lexa I had to watch it man it's my boyfriend. Was it. That's fine. It's fine. You're not gonNA like. What is were you expecting like a cinematic? Move is going to be. It's not GonNa Blow Your Dick Back? So. It's not going to actually he does make a little appearance. But It's fine. You Watch it and you just go. You know what? Is fucking thing reeves. Is that where the anti go I'm sorry I love you and then you super kick that franchise back to where belong. Wick if you like to John Wick movies of because those are Kinda, crazy to right. I've only seen parts of the first one. See I can Fox with the with the John Wayne Movies way over fastest even though like John. Wick. And the the feeling of when someone kills your dog Oh. You're going to want vengeance. Want them sent one of them said if if you're not willing to murder for your dog, you don't love your dog. But also Johnny's in that movie but like it's ridiculous. are kind of ridiculous because he's killing his his his. Kill. Count. In those movies are like in the high hundreds and crazy shit that he does when he kills them, right he like uses like. Objects to kill people still love a man I love them but yeah. Man The new, the new bill Ted it's fine. It's if you WANNA just Kinda like get nostalgic on it like in watch it back, ok. Cool. It's not like I said. I don't know what the rating is for it. I'm guessing you got like a six. Ten IMDB's many hogs. How many hogs we out of how many do you think deserves all right out of three hogs. Out of three hogs, right you myself, right duke. I'll give it. I'll give it a devon. Sucked I'll give it a devon and a half Duke Devon and a half dukes. Yeah. Okay. Yeah it's. GonNa Blow Your Dick back but it's like whatever man? It's cool. Theaters are opening back up this week. Yeah. I have a mission I'm GONNA see tenant this week. No matter. Come water. You see what the New Christopher Nolan movie? Come home that's coming out. It says Thursday. But I know that there are some places like in Arizona it's already out. That's the one where it's like it shows a lot of reverse stuff. Nobody knows what the plot is. Very. Much. Miss a big big Nolan Fan me to. He's thing now. Here's a question. Okay. We live in different times. Do. You think like say movies will be released in the theater and also on demand because you might have people that don't want to go to the theater yet. No, you'll know they've talked about this universals getting in trouble because they're dropping their ship on demand. So theaters are saying all right, fuck you you can't put it in our theater. All really yes. So there's going to be used as a lot of money. There's GonNa be there's GonNa be. There's GonNa be some issues where I think like universal might be on the outs for a little bit. Maybe a couple of months slap on the wrist before they're allowed back in and there might be a couple of other companies like like I know. Disney's putting Moulana on there and they have another one. I think the black widow movie they were talking about maybe putting that on on Disney plot instead of doing it. Already you know. I, think. It's funny speaking of like universal right being in trouble you know The fucking production company for that bill and Ted's. Orion like the little like now when I saw that I was like I haven't seen that in for ever. But yeah, that was the original. They were hot back in the day like you always saw that little logo pop up prior to movies. Yes but. I mean. I mean, you can only have what X. amount of percentage of. Twenty five percent of theater something like that. I mean that's that's that's not good numbers right? If you're if you're if you're put out a movie. You Ain't getting Yanking, make your nut with a twenty five percent filled theater. I don't know. I don't know man. Plus there's nothing coming out like ten and anything is the only movie coming out in the next couple of mothers it's relevant. There's no real point of releasing anything. They moved everything the next year basically I. wouldn't I mean. I'm glad you said that big fan I saw the preview for that for that movie and I WANNA see. Denzil son and Robert Pattinson are the stars of the movie really I didn't know that did not know that. anyways, it's good seeing a little bit normal normal. See back. You know who? I also know like this pandemic almost over. There was traffic on eight Oh five years ago. I. Was driving on the fifty two east and I look up you can see eight five overpass and I was like there's fucking traffic on the it'll five right now. Over we is over, we took the kid to the beach this weekend and over to moonlight. Yeah, and it was. From the water. To back, it was probably. In a moonlight to short beach a short sale Zambia there's there's like. Eight to ten families deep. Between you know where you get often starts at setting up in the sand to get to the water. Yeah it was bad. fucked on a people. So people are over it as as much as like okay. We're still in this problem right? People are really starting say fuck it I feel like they're really starting to be. Is that a good thing I don't know. But I feel like. People are becoming a lot more relaxed I. Think took this pandemic very seriously. You start to see them even kind of start relaxing a little bit more because. I don't know maybe it's that time. Right like I think people are just adjusted to well, if I go out. Storm going to wear a mask. If I do this, I'm GonNa like I think people who are just like they understand what the normal is well, a two week shut down turn into a fucking six months shutdown basically I know. It's fucking what's right and say that too. Yeah. Yeah. Knots I mean people were like, okay. Summer's almost over get out. Yeah. Tan. It's almost crazy like. To think like man. I mean it. It's fucking. It's tomorrow September. Cheese and all this shit started at the beginning of March like what the fuck happened man. anyways. Happens up man we going for a while, wrap it up. But you know where I'm going to be this weekend of Friday night where we're going to be at the Friday you can be in Las Vegas. Vegas for Canada out his tag partner Jesus. For. Guys I'm trying to. Trying to give up with you we're trying to do. Are we flying out there? So if you guys WANNA drive out, feel free to meet me out there. Cana pro wrestling is happening out in Las Vegas. Invasion is still being. A little hell held quiet, but they're going to release them information I know later this week if you WANNA go. Check this out. Please go visit Cana. Pro Wrestling instagram. I'm pretty sure she called Cana pro wrestling that ca a pro wrestling. Yeah. So we'll be out there or I'll be out there a few other people will be on the card to I'll be wrestling. Jordan crews he's going to be on the job for me, I guarantee it. Yeah go check out at Cana pro wrestling on twitter, and then I'm sure it's on Instagram to. What else we want to put over next week will be on altered schedule. We are my anniversary next Monday? All right. So we'll have to figure something out there. anyways we'll. We'll keep you posted on that also. The football season's upon us and fantasy football is a big deal. A good friend of mine. He started his own fantasy company way back when his living room, and since then he has turned this thing into a serious business, it's called fantasy jocks. So please go visit fantasy jocks, dot com for all of your fantasy football kit needs not only that he you you know where people are winning these fantasy football leagues, right? Do you want a stupid fucking trophy? No no, that's for literally kid you WanNa, look like a hog what do you want? You want a fucking championship belt and that's also what he's going to provide for. You go on checkout fancy jocks, DOT COM and. Tell them the hog sent Tom, the hog century it ain't GonNa get you nothing but Hogson that's cool who the fuck of the Hawks Yeah like I said this guy, he's one of my one of my good friends growing up and he started this company in his. Living Room. I think probably ten years ago, and since then he's made this into a pretty good business. So go visit fantasy jocks dot com. Ten barrel brewing. Beer. Cheap on beer. Go pick yourself up some. Go get drunk. What else we got? That's it man. I hit her. Up. Front. I hit a subscribe like what this is why Andy Brown man come on the thing you say at the very end, you don't say whenever Fuck Andy Brown open the episodes of Fuck Andy Brown also listen to us on Google podcasts apple podcasts spotify go give some. Some ratings and reviews Devon wants them ratings reviews. Yeah why some cool. Say like. You know hogs are cool. That'd be. View, every. What else can we put over anything else? Yeah. Probably still kids radio who also supports the show. Still. Caja Radio. Thank you go go follow them, follow them, and listen to us and like and subscribe to them. They have other content as well as their podcasts they do. They do. I think that's about. It and my correct on that. Yeah. Nagging Fuck Andy Brown and uh Mike. They want the tip, right? You're right. You got it. You gotta come on. Whether you gotTa do, they gotTa take the whole. Hog. Ideas. Think.

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20 Minutes About A Nootropic Gum Neuro - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #191

20 Minute Fitness

21:24 min | 9 months ago

20 Minutes About A Nootropic Gum Neuro - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #191

"Last week we touched up on a few different dietary supplements at can truly enhance your general health and fitness performance as promise I wanted to take the opportunity to go a little deeper into the subject matter today, and I have two guests actually on the show to talk more about tropics this Martin, Kessler and you're listening to twenty minute. Fitness brought to you by shapes scale you personal three bodies. GonNa that keeps you health in check. You may have heard of the term. We tropics before, but if you haven't, I wanted to shed a little light on the topic I determined. Tropics generally refers to the compounds that are thought to improve your brains function without any serious side effects, so yes, we're definitely not talking about psychotropic drugs alike like the fixtures ends eighteen, forty, eight, shown in the movie limitless that ended up giving you some crazy for a high, but yeah fruity most natural compounds that have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years and are generally proven to enhance focus, memory and energy levels some. Some of the most well known natural in the tropics actually include things like coffee, Ginseng, tea and fish oil just name a few now. Surely not everyone is a fan of T. getting the dosage riot is also a whole another matter, so Kent Yoshimura and Ryan Chance Bend over two years of tinkering and lots of testing to invent neuro, a new tropic type of gum that helps you with your energy and mental focus everyone. It's Martin Straight out of San Francisco I have today to founders that involved in the tropics, the founder of Neuro Camden Ryan. Why don't you? You introduce yourself little bit. Ryan I am one of the CO founders of neuro, and that one of Ken best friends than we got started this project off about five years ago. How would you can? It's basically the flipside arriving at best friends with Ryan St-, started on this company five years ago, we met in college. Ends isn't a crazy adventure I guess to like go into a little depots or backgrounds in athletics and science that got us into this wanting something that just worked a lot better than energy, drinks or populism bills right on and Yami Ni you. You, you actually had some background in neuroscience. Right? Yeah! I had I can Euroscience, and Ryan had background, Chemistry and Economics. And what was the product out of it? What is actually neuro so? Nero is a functional government company. And what does that mean? What is a functional gum question so against only functionality at the moment or to us? Coming into the scene was always based around Freshman Year Brad Whitening your team that really folks on oral health more so than mental performance and you don't gum admitted to. The format is amazing because it absorbs faster to the. Plans it's easier to carry around. You know. I'd also freshener breath if you wanted to have that. For Ryan I. It was looking at each other while we're on a scuba diving trip taking supplements that. I have mixed by myself in my own in my own room and green. Like Hey, you know this. There's no approachability factor to this and gums, inherent share, ability, factor and that. Functionality could come together because it's much easier to pass around gums. Share with some of your friends. Then I don't know sharing a five hour. Energy drink right. Exactly, no one wants to seemed funny. And now what actually makes it performance enhancing in terms of your mental capabilities, but like kind of inside story to with like when it was first mixing these supplement in his room and kind of sharing it with like his close friend like he was training with the Olympic. Judo came out in Japan like it's like training buddies. It was like powder format and like when I met Ken. Who's mixing supplement in his room like he was super passionate about the research, and why these two compounds might work really well together, and that was Kinda essentially versions of neuro like long before. We knew that we could change the format to answer the question in. In what the ingredients are now, our products natural caffeine, healthy eating, which is a main amino acid in green tea, which gives you a calming more focused at that coupled with capping. There's been hundreds of scientific articles on how they work really really well together and your six twelve item, so we kept a very simple like they call stack, but it's like a combination of compounds that you know really give you a nice boost, and without the crash and the typical use case would be like I. Don't know like I'm starting into my day or I need a little bit more focus energy, and I chew one or two, vs basically as simple as. And, so why not coffee? Why this? I mean? You can't coffee in your pocket. But but I think I think have caffeine pills at being exactly, and and and that kind of goes back to the original thing was like you know. We were taking these pills and supplements, but capping Tober also kind of hard to share in separate going out before you know, boxing, class or to the gym or you know you have a weight night I work or your late night out with friends. You know maybe getting an energy, drink or a cup of coffee, or caffeine or anything, so that's. That's in your pocket, always ready to go. There's that convenience Dr to it and so can set like it was. It didn't occur to us until we were getting our scuba certification back in like two thousand thirteen and we're super tired because we're trying to cram certification like four days we were like pool dies during the class, and all of a sudden to ocean dies, and and that was really when we're like you know on the boat. How do we figure out a way? That's more sharable like more. Time. We went down. This rabbit hole defined. What manufacturers what? How do you even manufacturer gum and who would even willing to take on? This is of random crazy idea and you know we're lucky to find like some amazing partisans. That's kind of how we got started was basically cobbling together a savings, and and putting together R&B mic like batches and having ziplock bags of gum. All look the same. It looks like he's white tablets, and basically having our friends family as Guinea Pigs and getting feedback, and how how did that process look like for you? Because obviously, they are quite a few of different while natural. Compounds that enhancing your performance and yet you arrived at Caffeine Alpha Nina and B. Six and vitamin B twelve fried. Why those four on why also the different proportions to it because I saw that thing, you have like a three to proportion of. Nine and caffeine nominates is supposed to be from what I've been hearing so like within the tropics community. There's kind of like the extremely popular Rasa camps or the catching Elke Nin. which is a you know like you said. The two to one is very standard beginners new tropic. Before you get into like offended or MEDAPPA hills of the world's and for us, it's funny, because originally we started off with okay. has should we put traps Tam into this and be like a whole new Tropic Ryan, and realizing that we limitations truly based on one ambiguity, Laguardia, the products, but to our gums, only some in hundred milligrams on based takes up a big chunk of it. There's only so much you can put in there so with trust him. You know depending depending on the type. Put in its entire dumb right, but you know going back to like this beginner's. There's news traffic stock catching. We're just realized was absolutely perfect, and you look at B. Vitamins, and how they deal with a nerve impulses in the brain or why? As a whole five hour energy uses B six B twelve vitamins. For reason, it's getting that like more energy feature and make it a more consumer, friendly feature, rather than being like some each in its application and you know. It was like a a very serendipitous moment that we chose to go down that route as consumer level product versus something that's tied specifically into just new tropics. An. How about like you know the different amounts that you have been using like I'm sure there was a healthy amount of experimenting. Going on like Ryan mentioned you get family, members and friends right? Oh. Yeah I mean going back to the two three things you know we wanted to become more of an energy gum product while maintaining focus elements that healthy Indian when. The Catholic right, so he didn't want to much common inside of the product. Right Exact Roy. and you don't rilot on like if it's two to one and people are just taking, we're not meaning. It's a product that I'll team. He's one hundred percent safe, and like I. don't even know if you could does on it, but it's a product that you could take throughout the day consistently getting the energy effects of. Of it versus like the over distressing calming effects out the and you know we're coming out with a common choir diversion of a product that has like no catchy, but has lpn vitamin D three and the gabba components, so we just wanted to segment it out in terms of functionality, so you're going to have one for the morning. She focused and then calming fodder for the evening. So that helps you feel artist leap eventually. That's exactly it. Yeah, we have We have it all like ready ready to go so nice. It's not out yet. Yeah, we we've. The formulations finalized all like the product. Just being made right now, so we're really excited a long time. It's been over a year in the making so yeah, going back to the formulation and testing the compound ratios wavering, it's. Definitely a long process and I saw that you guys got your initial sorting by going crowdfunding Bhai actually launching an any go combine like. How did that go for you? Yeah I mean I'll speak to that a little bit just from a tropics perspective I was pretty involved with the red at Newtalk community and you know early on. We're luxury, just launch like worshiping to try like trump fund and coverage, because we're running really low on capitol and the ink fully. When we posted on the tropics community in read it, we became one of my top coats of all time, and we got a flood of support, and we restart on three days, and from there was just like all the media in Greece came in. We landed on Doctor Oz we? Started selling to different retail, it just became like this much bigger thing than we thought it was, and it's let us to where we are now. Nice and five years award. CFPB been setting what like twelve million different pieces Austin hearing and you went into shock Tang a lot. Yeah probably even more at this point, but yeah shark tank and then Joe Rogan gave us a few like amazing. Shout out like last month, and it's been really cool to see people from all around the country. Try the product, so it's it's Kinda had this broad appeal which is awesome because you can't get in college originally like our thesis that is it probably for college students young working professionals and we found that, but we found the consumer basis is. is kind of everywhere like male female is about half and half onto this day, even with fibers data older demographic was product to because you know we, we got one of my favorite comments and feedback from a customer was. There's a handwritten letter and she's like seventy nine years old and she was saying that she loves the products. You know exactly how much getting every dose versus your depending on what beans are used or how it grew the content different. Chauffeur's presser can be anywhere between forty to eighty milligrams of caffeine. Right exactly or even more, you know. large starbucks is like three hundred plus noises, so there's a consistency element to the product, and that was kind of this upside that we didn't even think about. Every every product that we make every piece of Gum. Like the same exact. To the Microgram, so it's It's been. been really cool process to see the broad appeal. Nice and house things evolved since you know. He had launched now the Negro campaign back in late, twenty, sixteen, now Europe introducing soon the conning product, but has anything changed between that day and today in terms of how you approach this type of market, the product that I think in terms of like the last five years has been definitely like this roller coaster of growing and learning a lot like making a lot of mistakes in terms of. Just deals with distributors or learning how to advertise and present ourselves and I see that process you know we've continued to refine our product and make the formulation better I I can't i. don't know which version we're onto like version like twenty, eight of our like original. Neuro Gone Mitch Flavor. 'cause like we continue to go to conferences all around the country. You know meeting. Meeting new like flavors and like flavor houses and scientists that have developed for example using monk fruit, or you know. The blue flakes in our gum is a spirulina allergies as like a natural blue coloring. Things like that where you know, we're really passionate about the formulation process how products are made so in terms of that it's been. It's been a good journey alongside with. The company in general yeah. I saw that you have like an interesting mix actually, so it's like re sugar. Free right and you don't use. US Patani US What is it Steve Among through? And what else do you use for for the sweetness act? is like a sugar alcohol. We for the. Also uses Iowa tall just like a great sugar alcohol to not dentists like love it 'cause it helps prevent cavities, but yeah like. The ingredient processes. It's like a whole science. So, we like we enjoyed working with kind of the RND scientists and the flavor chemists like with our manufacturers and third parties, long kind of developed not just our current offering, but like new new product offerings of all right, so all the chemistry happens in house in your company and how it's. The manufacturing and sourcing of different compounds understand look for you. Yeah, even the source thing is a manufacturing partner they're. They're like investors of ours, so we access to the best in the country, there are just contract manufacturers here, so he had access to amazing team of scientists and and sourcing. We're able to have a lot of leverage and being bliss source. The best ingredients so I was just got. We just got the phone actually with. With this gentleman named in, and he was serious athletes. He now represents a lot of Olympic and Paralympic athletes. It's called like Olympic sports group and yet he was really surprised. Because our our our water certified which Stanford World Anti. Doping Agency like all of our all of our products with a lot testing to make sure that Olympic and Paralympic athlete, and like anime or pressurized can take it and not fairly drug, past or yeah. A little extra testing that we go, it goes a long way, and that's reassuring. There's so many could supplements. On in the marketplace. USC or anything you can see all these people testing for supplements Sunday pop for steroids or the proper suburb. and. It's because nothing. WanNa test, the NSF certified ends we WANNA. Make sure that never happens. Like we are very strict about that Nice I'm guessing you know a lot of people listening right now. And all of them are working from home, and we all sometimes struggled keeping focus and suffered men's definitely one way of achieving that goal, but other any other things that we could hear you follow any best practices that would recommend in terms of lifestyle. Choices of hobby can improve energy levels mean with anything. We'll just talk about myself. like at my schedule of. Whatever that means. I would say like I have a pretty consistent sleep schedule now entry. It's like almost forced myself to stay awake to do all this work. And there's this on this correlation between sleep, happiness and productivity that kind of work together, and so as long as those bounces are met alongside finding time to be able to explore whether it's creativity or even playing video games like being able to explore something that's outside of your daily stimulus. It allows us to kind of maintain at least a mental health portion of it, but also incremental growth, ideally as as an individual yeah I echo that hundred like is everything and think there a point in time. Where like you know I I've been pretty. Pretty Adamant about trying to get you know, get the right amount of sleep, but that is so key is being able to have the right amount of sleep and eating healthy exercising like Ken very involved in art I think in the back. You can see a lot of art pieces that he's made. He's one of the official murless for the city of La so tense able to like not just do business and think about business growth, but also like to use the other side of his brain with creativity and bounce. It's just good all all just in general like I, bring new ideas to the table brings balancing your life and it's it's great for like Ryan's carving right now. I think I think like we're all trying to explore different things anything if you look across the board within our team like fifteen people and everybody has their own hobbies, and within our selection of hobbies, slack and really cool to see like what people are involved with. You have a couple of people on the team. WHO ARE SCUBA divers, one of our interns this year's love, scuba diving and Dan and we have one. Our marketing manager is training for a bodybuilding, competition and so it's like it's really cool to see that and I think having that balance is really key like mental health, just being like successful. Think it's it's really enhancing your creativity s while right like going out if you call and working on other things and really stepping out of that comfort zone, and and doing things that you wouldn't do yeah, and you never know like looking back like how things like how how the dots connect, and seeing that like maybe trying something new and exploring that might draw inspiration or something that you might be able to implement at work or vice versa. Really Cool, too, and just going back to the topic of sleep like personally for me once also notice is how important it is to keep regular habits so to really follow your own Kadian Rhythm, going to bat at the same time rising at the same time makes a huge difference in mind life as well like just being attuned by your own, really most of your body. If you go bad like irregular times, it's totally having a profound impact on my part of yet we keep we keep it schedule for a reason. You think there was like the biological schedule. There's the constructed schedule. Of anyone and Beyond Your next product line the calling product line. Where do you see the future? Niro I mean like our bread and butter is is really is coming so like we really want to explore kind of taking within the medicine cabinet, taking other other combination, other relations, and and just owning that functional infection. Category, I'm just making it more available to more people around the country so We got a couple of really big retail Coming up from within college campuses and other you know national chains are really excited to get the product out to more people. We also want to promote like this last conversation. We just had like we want to promote that lifestyle across the board. You know we are a product that you can take throughout the day you keep it in your pocket. You can take care of you. Go and we just want to be there to help us. You be a better person to get you in a better state of mind, and you know that's not just taking a product that's. Like you said it's an entire comprehensive lifestyle change that sometimes needs to happen, but whatever that journey is for you as an individual word to help, you will be in your pocket. Nice and if our listeners WANNA, try your own like. Where can they find you the way to find us as our website? GET NEURO DOT com G.. E. T., E. R., DOT, com, or soling about four thousand CVS pharmacies some some some other places around the country, but mostly online is still the best place to find us our website. Nice, and do you have anything else that you would like to share with our audience if you are a healthcare worker we are donating product, so that's a big initiative that we've had. We've taken on and in the state not to be overly political. An impromptu like setting like this but. I think for us in our company since we're tight as a group, even with our teammates are coworkers, like human empathy is one of the most important things to promote across the board, and we want to continue to spread that message like to feel empathy for other people to feel like what injustice in whatever framework you see that big word mean that we are here to support so again. How could you be mentally happy? How do you feel mentally fresh? If so many things are weighing you down? We're here to in the lifestyle segment. Segment of our company. We want to hopefully take you know. Take that burden away. Nice, let's the right spirit I guess to and our show today well. Thank you so much for coming on here. Candan Ryan. It's been a pleasure to have you. Thanks so much Martin Alright, and that concludes my interview with Ryan and Kent. You're has Stephanie Cup quite so way out to having originated out of their college dorm room in subsequent crowd funding campaign on Indie. Gogo back in Twenty fifteen right now when it comes to you, tropics, Caffeine and Nine a deaf among the most classic improving choices to enhance your energy and focus what are released about healthy nine is that counter acts some of caffeine's negative side effects like increased blood pressure, anxiety, general, worst sleep, quality and Digits that you sometimes get when you drink too much coffee, and since you would have to consume about three to five cups of green tea, and New York chewing to neuro gums to absorb about one hundred twenty grams of nine. I definitely prefer the gum especially when I'm on the go on I don't have access to capital. T and like Ryan Kent, mention you can hit up the website. Get Neuro, dot, com, and you can also use Promo Code Twenty fifth. That's choosier fit to obtain. Obtain a little discount finally. Don't forget that new tropics just like any other nutritional supplement will only give you some amount of boost the best way to keep your brain healthy is to get regular. Good quantities sleep eating plenty of whole foods and Greens, and of course exercising, but you know that already right anyways, as usually can find us on shape twenty fifth on twitter and Instagram. You can also reach me personally at Kessler I. Oh, I'm Martin Kessler and this is quoting minute fitness.

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Dark Origins of Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes!

Strange Brew Podcast!

1:02:38 hr | 3 months ago

Dark Origins of Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes!

"On jeffrey dahmer bomber waco texas in bed for hitler fishes death man samsung again which mysterious toys hot days. A product loans. When you're feeling all alone tone podcast rains agitate out. What's going on you fucking hoes. Heads all of them. All of everyone of you to be frank to be frank. I'd have to change my name to be free. So it's funny we have now the halloween's over and shit that we got it. We got a little skeleton man and chelsea called them francs now. Maybe she knows she knows. I love halloween. She's like maybe like after halloween. I'll just leave. Frank like sitting on the chair. And then we can you know like dress them up and hauled the christmas shit and that fucking stupid. Don't you dare skeletons and chris. I will or what about nightmare before christmas. It's stupid all right. Yeah so you'll hear episodes episodes like this on the picture on. We have a bunch of stuff. We're talking about doing patriot now. Thought this one would be a fun one for drip drip arrow that actual the dark origins of nursery rhymes and fairy tales. Oh damn. I've smoked a little weed and i have some and tonic bill thornberry zone borey fucking horror cider. It's a it's a ticket easy clinton night all right. Well let's get right into it. Plagues prostitution burning at the stake outs mak- song about it. Common nursery rhyme. Yeah no these topics you would ever talk to a toddler about though the differ. However i all i talked to. They don't know what the fuck them saying. So you ever heard of this guy. Called jack the ripper identity murder prostitutes and cut them open definitely told my one year old nephew that his going to ready he loves is going to die. You're all right. I know i like sang a baby. Because they don't fuck and no one just looking at their face reactions scary. They can feel your energy so if you're like no i'm smiling. Everybody loves going to die. Scary girls up however so many of nursery rhymes and fairy tales that we grew up singing and watching movies especially on like fucking disney humpty dumpty was i have humpty dumpty so we'll get in. I didn't think so. Humpty dumpty was a it wasn't a it was just a humpty dumpty was brandy mixed with aol what they called humpty dumpty before the nursery rhyme really thousand percent share so dumpy sad to wall humpty dumpty had a great falls fucking drunk and humpty dumpty cracked open his skull fucking because i would just crack open. A skull humpty dumpty had a great fall. Humpty dumpty ain't so humpty eighty s era part about that ryan this though is that all the horses and all the king's put humpty back together but that was my favorite part is like because i have that nephew i just told you about so we watched way too fucking much of that shit but it on the on the video. I didn't really put that together. That in the rhyme. They pretty much said the horses tried i while leg like a bunch of king were like walking around i got this one king pats on the shoulders. Wait let the horses have attorney that the horses might be able to do this sooner. Sharam in general because he dies like he disliked cracks open and then they can't do anything about drunk all right so let's get strange baby. Strange london bridge is falling down falling down falling down. London bridge is falling down. My fair lady said to man to watch watch out for nine say said a man to watch all night my fair lady. Suppose the man follow my calls asleep. Suppose the man falls asleep. My fair lady okay. There are several singing all of them. This dessert i'll try. Don't talk in the background. There are several theories behind the origin of this rhyme. Really thought it was just the one i know what i think. That's what everybody thought. It was the one that released stands out. Okay the one human sacrifice that's all right. You tell me what you think it's about and i'll tell you know because you're talking about human sacrifice so i know we're going to be way off point here. It is believed that the bridge will collapse unless a human sacrifice was buried at the foundations. So the bridge did collapse. The practice is wrong so they did. Nothing practices called a munem remained. Momentum earner meant amusement which is still practice of entombing someone within a structure where they slowly die from lack of food and water. And i've seen that too. There's a fucking son. And i posted on now. It's called the strange. Bruce hose heads page on the group page on facebook. We change because now we have the business page. So when i post nine wild. Go on that about this guy that like. In the medieval times he killed some people are did some shady ass shit and then they like slowly like bricked up in like two most where brick by brick. It's it's a lot of labor. They must have had like at least seven mexicans. Do they had slaves. They were called because nothing all right. If you think about it a game was played while singing this or two kids form an arc and the other runs underneath till the end of the song. Whoever was left was trapped by the hands. I played this as a kid. I just wanna present you. Whatever was left. The end was trapped by the hands of the two kids. Forming the arc. Now doesn't sound all hug each other and then you kill the sacrifice you block commend. You stab them with a knife. Seventy time billy to stu in scream love it. So that one's creepy. I think that's weird in the fact that we play this game and then you balk somebody in and they used to do that as torture and i know show things out too often but listen on the patriot. We will on the main show. Daphne beginning into punishment torture. I have a whole book about it. Then goes into like the history on fucking sadomasochist. Show mary mary quite controlling. How does your garden grow with bells and cockle shells and pretty maidens all in a row the fuck contrary mom used to say that shit to me so contrary the rhyme the mary refers in this rhyme to marry the first all right. Turn that shit off or get over. All everybody's okay. But you haven't drank like i put a little bit of fucking talk on the top. I like gin straight in a while. But does the scotch kind of goes on smooth went so it refers to marry the first the daughter of king henry the eighth and we had henry. The eighth is the fucked up on that cut. It's fucking and his first wife. Catherine of aragon sounds like lord of the rings. Harry the is wanted to marry and bolan. We just talked about this weird. Yeah literally talked about this on the strange haunting episode and petition the catholic church for a divorce time and time again which was refused back. Then that i wanna. I wanna divorce this. This sick puppy okay. I'm going with this guy into. She refused so he isolated himself from the catholic church. Catholic church refused. This makes sense. So it's it's henry wanting to divorce. Divorces i can marry next woman i you said that right. Yeah so you wanted to marry the woman was. They refused so we isolated himself from the catholic church. She was like well. Fuck these assholes and created the anglican church funny and that's like king david. Why don't we just look rights from shooting the bible in all alright it. You know what. I got some spare time. So there's this guy named jesus. Jesus was real actually or not so. We'll find out when i die as a result of this england was at the time of mary's reign divided between the catholics and the protestants process. You you're not you're not you're as protestant. I don't know i every day. No i still sunday when someone asked that question i is that you don't assume my religion so that's a fucking ballsy savings if i say i'm fucking atheist your atheist. Yeah no you're agnostic. You do believe there's aliens and shit in the afterlife. Yeah i don't believe aliens. You have to be something while aliens not in the sense. I say i didn't say i said aliens but not in the way Chilean's that i talk dot in that way. Yeah maybe the patriots all the start all just do an episode written fucking awed reptilian smell. I wish we could see all the people that download and stop listening. When mary came to the throne she wanted to convert england to catholicism. Again going contrary going against what he wanted to england's wishes i guess england's wishes to since most of england was happily protestant you the difference between catholicism and protestant i honestly don't even catholicism's truth was i know but like what they actually more always priest wise. It's just yeah catholics. And protestants okay. Sorry that i thought that was something different. I think the majority of it was. What is the different base point. I guess what i found. I could be a little wrong. This could be more. But what i found is catholics are more focused on the virgin mary. How she produce such a beautiful being where protestants were like. No that was god that did that. That's also i was going to say. That was the biggest. And then catholics touch a lot of people they know they had the priesthood. And the vatican. And all that shit and i was going to say i'm not recited. Think this'll be good episode for the patron me and bill. You'll probably do. This does talk about religion. We'll do episode about religion and the differences. Because i find it interesting. The fact that like christie any is the almost the exact same as catholics. Just like catholics more. Lean on like. Let's hate gays and fuck kids and then christians or more like well. Let's protest fucking soldiers funerals and and fucking yell at everybody 'cause like there's those christian groups that are extremist right islam and everything else. But that's what. I think we should do that. That's on the docket for sure. I would love to talk dive in her short reign from fifteen fifty three to fifteen fifty eight so like what fuck and five years was mark thus by thousands of protestants so while she was in rain. Guess well king. Henry was just isolating himself. Which also i want to get into that stuff too. Don't wanna get the rona. Yeah it's been reading stuff makes you really want to get into the shit so they called silver bells and cockle shells. It's cawkell was not cuckold. Your wife too. Fuck a big fucking black guy are torture devices from her time. And i really wanted to get the torture shake tortured. Then i suddenly silver bells or something. They they did from your balls to stretch the out so it hurt. I think something that like like held your balls out. There's the bond egos deep like getting into fucking deep so those are torture devices and we'll definitely get into another episode. Probably the main show. And then all the pretty maids in a row are referring to the hundreds of women burnt out the stakes for the crimes of being protestant which is like. We're not burning witches anymore. This is fifteen. Yeah this is actually just around the time they started burning a lot of which is i guess they have. They did at that time for many many years. But it's just like i'm randy of yours in islam also wasn't a main huge religion. It wasn't the middle east where it never traveled over england and stuff like that or you probably fucking murder especially at that time compared to what islam is doing now. But it's kind of crazy. And that was just like dominated by god and religion in fucking juicer has refunded gave us a fucking crazy anyways. Three blind mice three silver bells. Just i know. We're all these. This rhyme refers to how she's sacrificed. A bunch of people who say over christmas is coming. I don't don't know the words of a lot of nursery runs anywhere forgotten. I was trying to think of it. I know so. Three blind mice. Three blind mice how they run they run. They all ran away from the phone or they all run away from the farmer's wife who could off details with the carving knife. Did you ever see you're such a thing in your life. As three blind mice three blind mice is just somebody's very rude depiction of three blind men that hung out together near those wral circles. Sir more my thing. Because i'll get into what we're getting into more of my thing is the three blind mice run. They ran away from the father's wife. Farmer's wife who caught off cut their shelter dick off so he cheated on them so no. It's the farm guy has a farmer's wife got gang bang not shut off all three dick's it's the farmer's wife so it means that key got caught cheating and she cut off his dick. Oh that's because the farmer's wife so she oh yeah no gay maybe the farmers gay and the white this over three point three blind mice three blind mice run they run. They all ran after the faw farmer's wife who cut off their tails with the carving o k maybe maybe she was just getting maybe rapes and then she cut off all the all. The dick's yeah. They clear as day didn't see the sharp knife beside her which is an airline. That doesn't mean nothing. Even if you wouldn't know the more dark tales behind these the origins it is live. You like opera. That she cut off the tails with the carving knife. Like that's just like a dick move. But i know they're in your kitchen or whatever i bet she just fucking cut some guys dixon. Yeah i agree So there is or whatever dude. This is another rhyme actually dedicated to marry. I rain so this seems like maybe which episodes her because she also became known as bloody mary. So maybe that would be a good history episode for me and you to get into because that sounds fucked. Okay re blind mice are believed to be the trio of protestant bishops. Hugh leamington murder maccabee to french. Nicholas rally and nicholas rally easy old name and archibishop of of fish of canada. Candan berry thomas cranmer cranmer. Who conspired you overthrow mary. These religious fox. Yeah they obviously were unsuccessful and when she found out about their shady shit then burnt them at the stake for treason and heresy is mistakenly believed that she also blinded and dismembered them. Our think aka cutoff. Dick as the ryan goes as if they're being burnt alive wasn't enough so that's fucked a lot of these survivors z. Yeah the dick's. They're they're they're they're a different religion. Go ahead go ahead through asset their women and they don't want to keep their their things over their faces their burqas just acid burnham's. I'm sorry i other guest all. I got what i'll say i'll say i got everything but i got things against every religion you know rather than seem like oil. I'm i'm being a fucking bigot. I don't like any religion you. That's you being a bigot. All right well fuck religion going on on on that. But i'm the jack and jill went up the hill. Yeah this one detail of water. Jack fell down broke his crown and joe come tumbling after. Everyone's heard this year. I've heard this is this from the never heard from okay Until i looked it up obviously but to the roots of the poem are sore so dark. They should not be allowed anywhere near children. Jack and jill or actually from. The france is france like this stupid country of french people. I'm sorry guys lewis. This is x. V. i i don't know what the fuck that is and five one sixteen k lewis the sixteenth and his wife. Oh mary and five three. I don't fuck it. Could be a could be sixteen. I dunno xs ten the five. And that's what i thought at first but isn't v one three. I don't know. I don't remember that's five plus up to like i think six something like that so mary antoinette. She's the one that i was like. Give them cake even though that's a power kate. Being want of talked about getting into. Mary mary antoinette. Because that's who were convinced of treason during the french revolution see. I love history. Shell of the french revolution all this shit. I'd be don't sounds it. sounds boring. We talk about when you actually get into it. So it's supernova. The french revolution known as the reign of terror and beheading jackson louise the sixteenth losses crown. So he lost his crowd king his throne and his head. And jack and jill. Jill is mary antoinette head soon came tumbling after which is fucked up. So it's about him. Being the king of france is pretty much and then getting learn and then. I'm pretty sure they killed them. I'm pretty sure mary. Antoinette got killed. It has to be strange podcasts. It'd be the nursery runs. don't lie. they're the most truthful things in the world. You realize how fucked up there. Actually it's weird that like back. In the day like fourteenth fifteenth sixteenth seventeenth century like that though centuries coming up to over and now it seems like a lot of the should they talk about is very depressing and very like dark well because they weren't nursery rhymes and they weren't made to be nursery rhymes. Why weren't they know 'cause nursery rams weren't a thing until this fucked up. I wanna see her. Name's helen thuc. What's her name helen. Something it was again foggy. I know late seventeen hundreds. I'm pretty sure eighteen hundreds. She put together a book called really hauled rhymes for the nursery And then all of those book rhymes were those songs and make it up though she had to go schreider or someone else saying these before. Well maybe but she wrote that book well and that's why i wanna get interns for a nursery. We have like about. Witches is for next year and like that i wanna get deeper into back then because that shit really interests me. Maybe that's all it is. Maybe like maybe it was all heard. Just like a super crazy bitch. She's like talking a little kids. Like i talked to my nephew and she was like the fucking up then right back to know. Centuries i'm saying like the fucking beginning of time time like the the twelfth century up to like the seventeenth eighteenth century yeah is was just more death decay and you guys that were twenty. Five thirty forty. Were having bride twelve eleven. She like that were like and then so. It was normal for that shit. You only live till you're forty fifty so you would have or young. Brides would be taught things so quickly. And i've been looking at day kara's where the get into him and like how they taught kids so young to like know about death violence because they thought it was an apocalypse and shared draw. Because you only got thirty years left buddy. So that's the point right that's fucked up with me and wanted to cover the bell witch and they were lacking the one guys like fucking thirty. Try to get with a twelve year old. That's just like is the time is is the era of time so imagine being thirty back then because then you'd be like oh man. Yeah i slaved. I only how i have slaved. I've only Only got a few years left but like most times you would die of heart attacks in disease getting sick. Oh what does that sound like. A flu covance. America ring around the posey a rear around the rosie pocket full of posies ashes ashes. We all get balls down fall down. We all gang called the origins for this nurse your this nursery rhyme or this. Rhyme by far is the most infamous the rhyme refers the great play of london and sixteen sixty five. And everyone knows that too. That's a super common knowledge. I'm surprised that one is none of the other ones are the rosie from the rhyme. Is the rash that covers ones that we're contractor with the disease contracted with his contract with the disease. You sign this. You have to get it the smell what was it. Oh yeah yeah and the smell of which they tried to cover up with a pocket full of posies which is fucking disgusting growth for that smell. Smells like my ass. Really let me just get a bunch of flowers in the garden of cologne. I for breeze wasn't out yet. Yeah scented candles probably wasn't even a thing and have a bunch arabic. Do just like covered and bathing in. Colona go clubs and then sitting in the corner dot the whole buck rooms. You leave your host badge mazar watering. I think that's johnson off. Let's go the ashes. Were cremated remains of the deceased and while they all fell down. I'm called the disease. Hold down which bother black plague. Anti fares them leave him way. No no what. I guess we have to get into this sometime because the great plague of london i the black death with a blue bonnet plague was in the seventeenth eighteenth century so what the fuck was in sixteen sixty five nursery runs from him into that. What is it. I think the great plague know probably syphilis. It's called something. I don't remember what it is you. That was a big thing back in the day jordan. Georgy porgy pudding pie. Rose georgia board putting pa camille girls and made them cry when the courses georgy porgy ran away. Oh dan so he was kissing all the girls. I love slain and one of slain. Rams back in the day when he was one of the most coked out rappers ever talked about georgia bush. You put it in pie. Immediate rapper boat that. Because if you listen to if you like slain look ash-shaeb loco kenosha if you listen to is like first albums like the white man is the devil in the white man's double volume to when he's talking about the white man he's referring to cocaine biggest cocaine in fucking hip hop history and fucking like e would talk about all that shit and you hear how his rhyme schemes changed completely so georgy porgy refers to george villers the dutch of buckingham. Who is rumored to be. King james as i love her. Whoa right kanus gain is back then. Yeah well there's no proof of this relationship. It is evident king james. Oh no i fucked up. It wasn't king. David it was king james evanston too much rush research. What you saw king. James i said no before. King james is the one that rewrote the bible. Oh yeah version. Because that's what he did was the. I was very fond of billiards. That's why he was like like george who was given a lot of money. Entitles billiards are villers. Good looks very well documented though although his his love for women oh it was well documented that he loved women are okay. He loved that. Pull say that. Why didn't love him no but he seemed to like the the company of men also. It was the first bisexual rival. They'll probably went way back. Not even social. Maybe you know sometime has been with. The boys have a boys night. Go and tommy watched the town drunk. Fuck two-horse man that gets my rocks off. You know what. I've always wanted to fucking go to those things. I've always wanted to see person. Someone actually take on big as very fucking clerks when he fucking they had the donkey show. No no. there's another. There's another movie i'm thinking of. They go to they get the horse and they thought a horse that is like that's next and that's why as no big cock is even gonna come loest a horse and clerks to they get the donkey show when they think that. What's her name. Some stupid like cinnamon or ashley. I care remember. We put in the clerks they bring for like don. I think it's Dante's birthday or something like that and they bring the they think it's a donkey show and the think the girl's name is this and the no i'm butch in this guy getting fucked by remember so it is said. That george villiers earned. Our villars earned the wrath of several husbands whose wives he had sex with so he was lewis what they call nowadays a fuck boy he was a fuck boy who did not always get the consent. Oh shit fucking rapist. And then somebody comes. The gigs is like i didn't do it by then makes sense. Because why did he get the girls to cry. Yeah poor poor porgy ran away when the boys came into play is because they will come with fire going on yeah probably probably their fists even ten dudes coming at you gonna run pretty fucking quickly all right. We're going to get now into fairytales. Rotel sleeping beauty creepy and every iraq comparisons creepy and it is and the fact that disney takes it into a kids film. These kids nursery run. Walt disney wasn't aussie shit cells. And what are the very earliest versions of classic story published in sixteen thirty four by. Oh my god janina mount battie stat bells. Wow how about you just said. This book was published in nineteen sixty. Four is sun moon and talia. So that's where the name. It's what if i was k the princess. There's not prick her finger on the spindle but rather gets silver of flack struck under her nail. So we're flax must be just like fucking mail. She got for you now. She falls down barely down apparently dead but her father cannot face. The idea of losing her so sh- he ends up laying on her body in bed in one of his estates. It's just like laying on top of some reason later. King out hunting in the woods finds. Oh so he thinks he doesn't know that she's gone yet or something like that and since he cannot wake her. Oh this is fucked socio. He rapes her while she's unconscious and then heads home to his own country sometime after that she still unconscious. She gives birth to two kids. Count them to after the rape and one of them accidentally sucks the splinter out of her finger. She's like we really like. I don't know what his kids and sucking things like daddy's not around you can't put a penis So here's my finger sucks on it and she takes a spindle allowed which is weird. So they're like they're like plop the kids next to the unconscious fucking mother and she had two kids while she's unconscious. How so. How long were you feeding this woman. That's what i'm saying. So that this huntsmen finds her. And then i guess fuck ser. And they impregnate her. No one stays for some reason pregnant and officers on country but it says he's often country but she says sometime after she still unconscious gives birth to two kids every he didn't talk. Okay who's watching over her prime. Maybe you're dead. You'd like some sun you put her out in the forest. When hunting came by. I so fucked up and then like the is so fucked up and that she has she bursts two kids while the unconscious like she's like it's like a baby flops out and then like very weird and the oh isn't the king also like who raped her is already married. So goes fucking deep. Don't be don't be finally but he does. Anyone know who it was is back in the day. That's why these are nurse. Rooms are based on real schiff kind of or fairytales. Yeah and he burns his wife alive so he en- talia can be together. Don't worry the white tries to kill and eat the babies first so all our moral sounded like it's like that's one of the craziest wants to me. That's super fast beauty. That's the disney movie that disney produced was based on this. You guys fucking iran and they made money. I guess little red riding hood if you can believe it. The brothers grimm actually made the story a lot nicer than it was when they got their hands on it so the brothers grimm was a big person when it comes to fairy tales and we all know that and they made them fucked up and also like they took these stories from older stories. Yeah and they made them. All fairytales are now portrayed as nicer than what they were ever takes. Fairytale like adds a bunch of fucked up shit. They're always like okay that needs to go so in charles pre alz version including in his sixteen ninety six collection of stories and fairy tales from the past so these are things that have been implemented for centuries which is fucking crazy. But it makes you think back then. Right like we've talked about before. You only have candlelight and all the shit kind of just stories or what it is. That's the shit man. That's the movies man. Like you like your daddy tell us. This dragging was like trying to kill. This made him but in this case you know he's like what do you want. Dragon dragon kneels down this year and need about three fifty okay. That's from tales of a mother of mother. Goose there's actually no huntsman and then little red simply strips naked fun gets in bed and then dies nasty original little hood and then eaten up by big bad wolf because it is a weird thing. But it's like because. I heard the good old joe boy. Joe rogan talking about this. Tony Yeah maybe it's twenty hinchcliffe. But he was talking about like how wolves will actually. If they're hungry enough they will through bowman. That can fucking anything. I'm honestly even terrified. A coyotes cody one in the cottage. Like coyotes fucking scared like especially around winter when they get hungry. Don't think you're safe. That's why night nabi little red little red simply strips naked gets in the bed eaten up by the big wolf with no. There's there's no really like relief of what actually happens in other versions. She eats her own grandmother. I so it's not crazy. Grammar lash cooked up in her blood porn into wine by our wolf ish friend. So isn't that crazy like an instead and pure oats gives us a little rhyming verse reminding us that all wolves are wild beasts so obviously he had a bad time with wolves. This scary. i don't like it some seducer one eight my cat you hate cats. You throw at the wall of his totally. Okay if you get your dinner buddy. Some seduced with gentleness sneak into our beds and get us there. There are sexual undertones that are lost on us after all all off. All the idiom. It's this story is essentially about a girl losing her virginity and she was a little red riding hood. Oh this is so my sense do so. Why on a wall of a man. Probably how little red riding hood kind of lasting rumpelstiltskin robinson story is pretty simple. A miller's daughter is trapped in forced to spin straw into gold or on pain of death so she's constantly in pain wall. She's spinning this gold. A little man appears to her and spins it for her but says that he will take her child and payment unless you can guess his name and the grim version as retold by poem was made in finally figures out that rum a rumpelstiltskins name. He reacts rather badly the devil told you that the devil shows you that the little man yelled and in his fury. He stamped his right foot so hard that he drove it into the ground right upon his waist so up to his waist. Talk so past Then he took hold of his left foot and both hands and tore himself into. What's literally the rumpelstiltskin thing. He does not crazy he had a fucking spas attack and then kill rested literally ripped himself up. You found out my name. And then she's like. Who told you the devil dive deeper in that sometime fucked. I don't think there's much there but there's probably much on everything that's a fucking weird one so thing to do all these are very fuck it we. I'm hitting my fucking weep and again all these are fucking tripped me out a little bit enjoyable. I'm actually kind of. I might go home and violent nursery. Kinda wanna see really. That'd be sick i would. I would buy the brothers grimm. If i saw now that we've done this out read it. Yeah yeah. I think that'd be great. I even just like audiobooks. I've been doing but i've been listening on audio book to helter skelter. They've really good book. I'm i still have twenty six hours. Left only house every work half an hour on my way to work when it's rainy normally home and it's fucking interesting. It goes so deep. Like i didn't know and we'll talk about when we get in the episode that charles manson loved his cutlass sword. He got a cutlass like pirates. Or that i want. No wonder i love this guy. He wants a list like a fucking pirate soars and he got one from this guy from one of these dealers for one of these gang members essentially of this other upon store would i felt found him at amazon shit the shape. I want someone. In the grimm brothers version we're talking about cinderella dam. Ir really liked this episode. Actually 'cause it's so fucked up my favorite thing but as if that shoe fits. Oh fucking perfectly fucked. That drives me nuts. I know to write like what drives me fucking nuts so a little shorter. So in the grimm brothers version to step crew stepsisters. Right get married off to members of the royal court. At their cin- cinderella is probably marriage to the prince so she ended up getting married off shoe because she got married part of the okay before the in the grim story. Not only do the stepsisters. Cut off a pair of their feet to try to fit into the glass slipper. Could really trying to that fucking printed right like that fucking surprise surprise. The blood pooling in their shoes gives them away which is but at the end. There is or pecked out by dumps just for good measure so to measure goes that they died from loss and obviously the prince sees it and like like like. Oh who was that. That ran out and it fell. Only one person showed that cinderella in the movie like that. She still a slave in that. The princess looking forward but the stepsisters are mean. And don't want her to be part of this would have watched these movies before. And because i when i first got disney plus and i want to get rid of it. I only keep for the star wars shit. We like simpson's but they do have like old school movies that you could watch when you're drunk like that's how i look at it like i nokia drunk shit and be like man. That's weird. Insert picking apart weird shared for nokia. So when we i'll just a lot. I was watching some kid. The danny too is What was it not emperor's new groove but gronk new groove. Oh you watch that while we were watching it with with With my nephew cc's and do it and like holy fuck they do this song and dance in their baking a pie or pizza or something. I stopped watching. We paused and re just watch the scene. Like seventy times ryan laughing. Because they're dancing dancing singing and there is a part of the song where she and harder and he goes and faster and literally holding your hips while her ass is like. She's bent over and her on his fucking does. This and i was like what just happened. This podcast. Mike did dive into like dirk disney. That needs to come back. We need mean you need to start talking about more dark disney ship. Because i think it's and that's what i was gonna say i've all these movies are all fucked up. Tumbles fucked up. He's fucked up like it's just like the wrong with bambi. The movies are fucking so different than we grew up. One hundred percent in the way they're put off and like there's no like our other than some disney movies that have came out. There's dead parents and all this shit. Pixar movies are fun. She ever but like. It's fucking i a monster and i got one. I am a weird mall university. Anthony was don't think i ever watched the university when it was pretty good so i wanna finish. That's fucked up like dad. Like this is fucked up and she comes to connor fucking feet like hey you do it. I sasha scary movies. Trying to shacks like i bet i wonder if they try to angle it. They'd have toe shape at the end so it was all right. Good they tried. They're trying to fit there. And how small i want to know how smaller fucking pete were for the prince to be like. There's got to be only one fucking person. Say guy be like saw scream to are scary movie two when dr phil and shack like i know i gotta do it. And he cuts wrongfoot these things up. But it's not fucks me up so let's get a snow white. All these are very small caps. Lead actually are so first of all the original eighteen twelve grimm version of this tale. Eva queen is no weights actual mother not this evil queen that we don't really know of not her stepmother. No but what makes a lot more terrifying to us is that the disney version also left up the fact that the queen says the huntsman out to bring back snow weights liver and lungs not chart. I want everything. Black market skyrocketing these days and the fact she actually was not in a deep sleep when the prince found her all and also when she was wind to the long end the liver the the her her real mother a gas in the grim version. Wanted to eat it. Eat it because it's good livers delicious. So the prince actually finds her in the grimm's version dead and he karcher a he. He carting her off her dead body to play with the when serving servant trips job. Also the coffin and dislodged the poison apple from snow. White's throat taken poison. And he's kind of like carting off like just like pushing her off like vol's in the apple just goes storing yes and the servants for some reason are actually like tipping and fucking with snow way like tipping. The coffin. isn't that fucked up the doors doing that. Maybe maybe they have doors on one half and the have normal size people and the other half so they can't keep it steadies. Yeah by finding that. They're like the book we gotta get that book. But they're moving the coffee is you would like a fucking launching and which is crazy most notable however the punishment the grimm's thought up for her when the queen shows up at snow white's wedding. She's forced to step into iron shoes and had been cooked in a cooking in a fire and then dances around till she's dead. Oh my god. So and so sincere. She dies at the end that to the prince and she lives happy life and then when they're about to get married sheila which is i think ten times better. Why is this not a horror movie like this whole story or movie the fact that she puts her in iron shoes so they force her in shoes that are like like swimming star wars were. They're burning it's the beginning of the return of the jedi. And they're burning the bottom of the robots feet like. Why is the robot feeling pain. Why are they torturing a robot. Get that russ. Don't feel pain. They wouldn't feel physical pain. Could now i'm telling you that's fucking weird so explain putting her in a fucking iron choose as a human and then like dates bitch dance. You're like just be smoldering. Eventually in your shit with your ankles would just fucking. Yeah you you'd be done. You would do everything he could to get shoes off the puzzle. Let down your hair. Why talked about this. Fuck it goes down your hair. well the grim version. She does a little too often aren't so that's what i was talking about. We talked about this already on the last episode. Remember we were talking about. Story is that republicans might be and she went she winds up in. She's pregnant by letting her letting her hair down to often for prince talkline down. Yeah weird. that's a good innocently. Remarking to her jailer. Which that her clothes were they fill too tight like all my my clothes feel too tight which language to our my clothes field. Too tight okay. Yeah so. she's saying her clothes to tight pregnant. Oh that's what she's saying. All mccoy i thought he was saying that her cole is too tight because like she wanted the prince to come up and just have her in lingerie or god but the which not having any competition. I guess for for mates which is weird Chops offer puzzles hair and then magically transports her far away where she lives as a beggar with no money no home. So she's like getting sick of her and then sensor away to some reality where she's known as a homeless person no money no home and after a few months she has two kids s. She's pro prostitute right. No she was pregnant pregnant prostitute to hungry mouths to feed so she had twins as for the prince the which lures him up and then ends up pushing him from a window which is crazy so like just like like you want reponse. But don't you want that like milk like like status. Don't wanna fuck a milk and then like she pushes him out a window. Some thorn bushes break his fall. Also poke his eyes out. That's fun fun for all the extra the extra bloodshed. However there is still no happy ending. Why could you fucking die. I know maybe she's like why checking in. Maybe she married someone else. And i just started sledding really rich these stories were get the premise that these stories were like hand down history and all the stuff. That's why walt disney. The nazi chose to do it. But the fact that like why did he take such grim stories and then just adult these things in. It's like hollywood since the beginning of made it interesting though is in plagiar- i know you just said was why anything happen. We have two more. We have the goldie bears. Little the golden bears go along all. Oh my god will post pictures. My favorite thing in the entire world fucking man reading a book to a bear and he's like turned back to the part that bitch burns hormone them. Poor fair is is the name. So gold lawson three bears and this tale early known incarcerations incarcerations people in jail. Fuck in goldie so so in the early incarnations of the story. There's no goldilocks which is just a fucking so interesting. There was only three bears so scape foot which is cain swipe your nose wiping and this guy's a thief and he's a fox's name is scarpa foot pain could be. They took it from great. That's i it's a long jumper on. We'll see maybe they did. Maybe the different who enters the three bears palace and this version. These mother fuckers of a palace. The dad bears did really good. An ibm his fucking. Put a lot of fucking money in the company building up dude if you cash. Ibm two thousand to you. We've only nary how weird this is and this is. I'm only taken this rumor. Moral technique verse is that he talks about how nazis had money in. Ibm isn't that crazy. How long years later. That actually became an thing. It's not a thing anymore. It's not but i'm saying how do they know about like what. Ibm was going to be early. Didn't it could've just invested you. Don't lose my mind and the blow mine. Shots does not even. That's way big long shots and it doesn't matter because it's not. it might not be the nazis. Ibm might just be one. German person thought to invest his money and chose tech company. and he's like. oh yeah. By the way nazi. You're not you know do you. How many a honestly as a nonce perspective. How many places and businesses do you think. They're really putting their money. That don't have jews in it. Every businesses a fucking. I don't like i talked too much web chilean's and those a stupid law but we're also gonna invest who who else tells the truth of david. Ak- inventhelp has immoral technique. Man don't just say the truth and the obvious conclusion goddamn palace the fucking fox slips in. He sleeps in their bag. Mom's sucked a lot of in this version. He messes around with salmon falkland sam because they liked their fish. That's a. that's a way worse than porridge. Pours like a pairs is going to be like fish. Get fucking day. Close the door on you day. I heard you. i'm just choosing to ignore it. and yeah. Salmon is one of those ones where you'll be in the bedroom and the walk into the bedroom and they will close the question for you and goldie. Bears is oriental. A bad word to say about asian people because in brantford with place we live. We still have a place called the oriental. And i think i i thought thought my miranda i'm joking. I thought that. I thought i thought i thought oriental was a word. Lab was bad now. Because it's saying it's generally exertion of i guess when you say. Oriental oriental means other things. That doesn't it doesn't or oriental mean like Different well that's bad then like it's bad when you say the orientals this august i think oriental means different. Different from me in you so it was different food. Like i don't know that's a long shot to look that up but it's fucking me and chelsea loss our favorite chinese place. So mitch was telling me the famous mitch said way back up. Every chinese food place. He's the as l. Elgin yummies every single one of them share recipes. They it was a k. Handed on the us was still one chinese menu. They and they gave it to every chinese person. They said. open up a restaurant. This is what you serve and this is how to make it. And they went okay. That's wrong i wrong of just joking. I thought was funny but this place was good. Oh good pad thai that all my shit and then we're trying to order on the weekend and it was closed permanently and then chelsea's like my girlfriend's cova gutten focke cova gets everybody. Where are you trying to order the dishes now. We we call lot exciting. This is a chinese number. I'm just joking chinese. Nah so whatever go locks in the end she either gets thrown out of a window or eaten so the fox is a girl. K depending on whose tale. This is weird that you say that. Interestingly it has been suggested the word vixen meaning female fox is how we got. Goldilocks by meaning a crafty old women in the tail. She's an old women are a young woman she's like a child is being the story teen carnations. All right we got one more have a fun. Fact do the little mermaid redo the little mermaid we all know of the little mermaid. She sells her voice for a pair of legs. A skit. sasha really fucked up yet flops. Around for a bit and then wins her. Prince's heart right. That's what we know will not exactly in hans christian andersen's original tale She that's a boy or girl boy she wrote it. She trades her tongue for legs. All right yeah. But the part of the deal is that every step will nearly be unbearable which is fucked up like walking on sharp swords and the And so that's fucked up man so he's like that's how like i feel like magic and she goes if you're gonna step on this if you wanna walk if you want to sell your soul to the devil that's how this is kinda if you wanna walk. You're also gonna feel pain every time you do get a wheelchair in have wheelchairs back. Then no one sure they had something. I'm sure she sat on a chair and realized she could hop on the chair so get a pogo stick. Does that count as walking. How post sex back then me. You don't know who pogo sticks. And who didn't the day after the prince marry someone else because he actually marry someone else in the real story. She dies and turns into sea. Foam the shitting reincarnation hoping to win the prince's heart. She dances for him even though she's in agony claps along l. how she take off her clothes but eventually decides to marry another so this is another version of the story. The mermaid sister sell their hair to bring her a dagger and urges her to kill the prince oh his blood drip on their feet. Ohio which then later becomes fins again. So they're using so the story of using like sacrifice drew blood on their feet to then gain magic abilities to have their fins back which is so crazy. she's super fucking weird She sneaks up on them are up on him. So mermaid does fucking aerial so that the mermaid comes a daughter of air. This is like so fucking weird if she's if she does good deeds so she kills him but if she does these three hundred near years she can get her soul and go to heaven so hundred years she kills all shit they put poison on his fucking feet which is like so crazy and then if she three hundred years. She's like aimlessly walking purgatory. It seems like no. You should done good deeds so you have to have someone to do good because mermaids could live longer than humans. wow. I can't believe i didn't know what is day. What are you dumb. But this is all bullshit obviously. Why didn't we talk about rock. A bye baby. I looked at up a while ago. Rock a bye baby. One interpretation of this famous lullaby is because it was more of a lullaby because it more realized it wasn't necessarily university run but still kind of it's in the same as like king james. The second of england mary. It is widely believed that a boy was not their son at all but a child who they brought into the birthing room and passed off as own to ensure a roman catholic hair to the throne. They stole a bear hair. So i said you set not say you said hair air. Nobody they puck and took a kid accent. No completely on purpose. They ran into the delivery room when she probably probably she probably like light on the bed and went through. Baghdad women pumping baby their birth control so every single room is filled with a bunch of them. There's so many all right okay. So it's going to be fine. It's going to go now. I mean us if you own this this is my wife. Thank you for your listening pleasures. Hey you can end up on a quick. Like what do you call a can opener. That doesn't work all right can't opener i'd say you're shy and no patted mateo. Stay with that you to cost to track god because i'm ham suck on my bed. I'm blind advice and listening giving it. This is what you get. Sometimes we stay lost. We play store and grew star to set their snakeskin award or there is no wonder shoulder being placed in that same his base. Say john. And you didn't pay attention as doing. And they decide how much. And i love what you say. A wish shocking. Killing you on the spot. I believe a lot of times and saw sean. The stores and so i did more more.

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NutriMedical Report Show Monday May 27th 2019  Hour Two  Deborah Tavares, Honoring Memorial Day, The Draft and Wars, Mind Control of Slave Citizens, Blood Bath of Wars for Banker Profits,

NutriMedical Report

59:45 min | 1 year ago

NutriMedical Report Show Monday May 27th 2019 Hour Two Deborah Tavares, Honoring Memorial Day, The Draft and Wars, Mind Control of Slave Citizens, Blood Bath of Wars for Banker Profits,

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Triple eight hundred two eight seventy one so male, Andrew pases reversible as well as prostate problems was prostate flow better up and sleep flower, pollen, contact us for your protocol from bail, hormone problems and prostate at triple eight, two hundred eighty eight seventy one or Neutra medical dot com. The best place to find the wellness protocols to make you better with toxic poly pharmacy. Take care and take action with neutral medical dot com. And welcome back. We have Varas. Deborah. You've got lots of interesting things the secret weapon for silent wars. I read off some documents please continue. Dr Bill, of course, today is turns Memorial Day, and it is very, very important understand that all war is literally part of blood sacrifice and genocide plans war is peace and sovereignty for the elite who have stolen of all of us and to eliminate the creditors. Which are all of us, I'm going to read some of the quotes about the military service out of silent Wolters for quiet ward. That is a, a free. Download it's about one hundred forty five page document against Follett weapons. Quiet wars. I'm reading cage thirty nine right now, and I don't want this to spend the veteran because God loves them. Today, by the way, so please. They went and served the country they thought was the country for them. And it's most important on that start out by saying this because there's so much to cover after I go over the final weapons what we learned in the UK. And what is happening in France, and it all relates so understand, we're under a worldwide government of occupation in the definition for occupation means seizure, control of country by military forces using weapons systems, in this is a silent weapons system in its fully engaged to massively reduce and control, populations worldwide going back to the final weapons quiet, wards document on page thirty nine it says the DRAM as military service, do you ever of human behavior on vacation are more remarkable or more effective than that of the socio military institution known as the dra-? The primary purpose of a draft for other such institution is to instill by intimidation in the young, males of Sidoti, the uncritical conviction that government is often he soon is taught that a prayer is slow to reverse what a book can do. An instant a man trained in religious environment for eighteen years of his life by this instrument of government can be broken down, and purged his fantasy delusion in a matter of mere month once that conviction is instill all else, become easy to instill more. Interesting is the process by which young man's parents, who purportedly loved him to be due to send him off to war to death, although the scope of this work will not allow this matter to be explained in full detail. Nevertheless, a course overview. Will be possible and conserved to reveal the factors, which must be included in some numerical form any computer analysis of social and war this team we begin with the -tunities definition of the draft around, selected service excetera it is an institution of compulsory collective scholar, Feis in slavery device by the middle aged and elderly for the purpose of pressingly young into doing the public dirty work if further serve to make the use as guilty as the elders thus making criticism of the older by the less likely a general stabiliser. It is marketed in Seoul to the public under the label of patriotic national service once a candidate economic definition of the draft is achieved that definition is used to outline the boundaries of a structure called the human values system. Which in turn is translated into the term of game theory. The value of such slave labor is given to the table of human values a table broken down the category by intellect experience posters, job demand excetera and it goes, I won't read it all, Dr Bill. But I'm gonna continue because this is so unbelievable. People need to understand. The same reason why we have abortion now the left is pushing in Santa side, because after right situation. Exactly. Yeah. Goes some jobs are harder to value because they are unique to the demands of social subversion. For an extreme example, the value of mother construction to her daughter, causing that daughter to put the demand up on a future husband ten or fifteen years him, thus by suppressing resistance to the prevention of government, making it easier for a banking cartel to by the state of New York is say twenty years such a problem, lean heavily on the viewers and data of wartime espionage and many types of psychological testing, but crude mathematical models or algorithms can be have been divide if not to predict at least to determine these events MAC maximum certainty from ical on this is on page forty and it's called important, not. Gary enforcement factor one as every social system approach ability to change only by understanding accounting for human nature. Action reaction pattern, if Sawyer to do so can be an usually end disastrous as in other human social systems, one form or another of intimidation or incentive is essential to the success of wrath, physical principles of action and reaction much be applied to both internal and external subsystems to secure the draft individual brainwashing programming. And both the family unit and the peer group must be engaged. Brought under control. I'm gonna read the sentence again to secure the draft individual brainwashing programming. And both the family unit appear group must be engaged and brought under control. Factor to the father, the man of the household must be housebroken to ensure that junior or son will grow up with the right social training attitude, the advertising media excetera are heavily engaged to see to it. But the father to be is pussy whipped. Before or by the time his Mary Hughes taught that he either conforms to the social. Requirement cut out for him or his sex life. We'll be horrible and his tender, companionship, will zero he is made to see that a woman's demand, demand security more than logical principles or honorable behavior, by the time, the Mary has been manned and son, much off to war. The father was, which the jelly jelly for a backbone swam a gun into junior sand before father will risk the demands of his peers or make a, a thought of himself in consideration by crossing the investment, he has his own personal opinion of self esteem, junior will go to war, or fathered will be embarrassed, so junior will go to war, the true purpose, notwithstanding factors threes, the mother, the female element of human societies rule by motion, I and logic beckoned in. The battle between logic imagination imagination always wins and it goes on. Tell us the fantasy prevail maternal instinct zoning, so that the child comes first and consensus, a woman with a newborn baby is to starry-eyed to see a wealthy man cannon fodder as cheap stores of whatever a woman must, however, be conditioned to accept the transition to reality. When it comes sooner or later as mature mission becomes more difficult to manage the family unit must be carefully disintegrated. That's what's been happening Dr Ville, and as the state control public, education and stay operated. Childcare centre must become more common in legally enforce. So as to begin the detachment of the child from the mother. And father at an earlier age behavioral drugs, such as woodland can speed up the transition for the child the mandatory, which is mandatory caution a woman's impulsive, anger can override her fear rate woman's power, plus never be underestimated and her power over a pussy whipped husband much. Likewise, never be underestimated. Because I went, you desire opinion. This is something you're quoting, what's Dr? I'm reading from page of forty forty one from front weapons for quiet wars, and they're going to continue because this is absolutely. What has happened to our society and? I'm a dual citizen of Candan United States, and I was born in Detroit, Michigan, my mouth, North Dakota, and in in I was actually attending school. Dartmouth Nova Scotia got my draft card in nineteen sixty I think eight grade ten and I got a call from my cousin actually is draft board actually, in Boston, Massachusetts at well, I haven't heard while they was christianson right as it. Why are you calling? He said, because we know that your call up in the draft Carter said, yeah. I said, I told me I got an draft board officer coming to visit my hospital. Dartmouth to give me my draft and he says, it's very likely I'm going to be shipped over to Vietnam, and my buddy, who went to class with which is older than me in, in class decide to volunteer, because a lot of military, Dartmouth owes Gosheh? He went over after six months of training. He died, two months, two weeks later in a rice, Patty in Vietnam. And say you know what I did is I tore up my draft card until the draft officer when he actually came caught me walking from my school to my home. And so some, we want you to do your duty. I'm thinking, what do you mean do my duty grade, ten student in Darby? Here's the completion of some of the factors here in weapons. I was not brainwashed by these idiots. And I was at a back on stand up to adults when he tried to give me things. I did do. And you. By the way, I took care of yet nam vets I lost friends died in Viet, nam soda Canadians, we were not some Canadians were stupid enough to volunteer to go to nominate died. I wanted to continue here. It goes on to say, I'm gonna read this caution caution a woman's impulsive, anger can override her fear, and I rate women's tower must never be underestimated and her power over her pussy whipped husband must likewise. Never be underestimated. Got the woman the vote in nineteen twenty factor. Number four, is junior. The son the emotional pressure for self-preservation during the time of war, and the self serving attitude of the common heard that have an option to avoid the battlefield. If you can be persuaded to go is all of the pressure finally needed to propel Johnny off to war. They're quiet black mailings of him as a threat. No sacrifice. No friends. No glory. No friend factor five is the sister and what juniors. And what about junior's this ter-? She is given all the good things of life by her father and taught to expect the same from her future husband, regardless of the price, and then factors, six Cavill, those who will not use their brains are no better off than those who have. No brains. And so this mindless school of jellyfish father, mother son and daughter become useful base of burden or trainers of the same. I'm going to read that again. Cattle those who will not use their brains are no better off than those that have no brains. And so this mindless school of jellyfish. Toddler mother son and daughter become useful beast of burden or trainers of the same. Now I wanna go on to talk about the article that I read today on Memorial Day they talked about how many asides per day that the veterans that, that were were veteran related twenty two Shula sides a day. I think it's pretty clear that this is all part of the continuation of extinction plan and the intentional war. For twenty seconds. It's also an astral demonic sacrifice to Lucifer. Yeah. If you don't understand that's why abortion, they don't wanna control pregnancy by putting valve they want dad. Maybe they want dead young men. And now if they bring the women into the war, they wanted women fighting overseas as well. When we come back from the break, there's something so much more to cover. Yeah. Coming out, France, when we were. Legacy merchants. Foods is the top recommendation, Dr bell legal for the Los auction concentration largest entrees highest about a protein, the most very entrees as well. The longest food stories like nothing like legacy -mergency foods, and if you place a regular muscular twenty percent off and free shipping. Do get Versi foods for your supply for preparation and get it from legacy foods. Contact Archer Bill Diggle for the lake at traumatic dot com. 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In fact of the two hundred and how many years now thirty years since it was founded does nothing too many war war for years of the American Republic. And we've been basically the vassal for the British empire and the Vatican, and so on, because we're business. I mean, look, Donald Trump part of the reason why the Democrats Republicans both are pushing for war. That's the only time you can actually get these guys to agree is when they're on a war footing. Isn't it? Tremendous might of the bankers make money on both sides because they fund both sides of the warmest shame. But I wanna throw this in our journey into understanding what has occurred with our veterans because there's so many homeless veterans, and as we're saying, twenty two suicide within the veterans community alone, on a daily basis that our country is not supporting that. And in fact, when they're vaccinating them with poisons, toxins, sending them to the battlefield where they are testing in using new weaponized technologies and all kinds of toxins, they're being intentionally experimented upon and they're coming back a sip with PTSD and all kinds of digital salts with electromagnetic frequencies on these guys. And. But, but I wanna talk about a personal experience in life and the transition into realizing my sadness over those that have bought this country believing that they were fighting for a country, that was a sovereign country that had a, a legislative body for voting which doesn't. We've been also greatly to see. But I wanna say that my husband was in Vietnam, the summer of nineteen sixty-seven, then he was on the aircraft carrier named the Ariftini and they heard heavy explosions, and they headed towards the explosion, which was the fourth doll, which was an aircraft carrier. That was what was blowing up from the deck. When John McCain's, you know, hot, a hot start from the plane on the deck, and that nearly thunk the aircraft carrier near risking. He went there to help recover the many of the injured of they took on many of the dead. And they handed over all of their firefighting equipment, which left them actually without any firefighting equipment on risking to help and prevent the foreign stalls for literally thinking, so when, when, when he read the silent weapons for quiet, wars, and other materials and patent and understood how war works. He became very sad. Very sad. And he realized that he was fighting for the bankers, for the bankers causes now I'm going to go back out weapons quiet ward. And when I look at on page thirty eight and then willing to break into something another layer of what is happening, not only in the United States, but abroad as well, that is Representative of our frequency incarceration, which is a layered. Weapons of death on all of us. But now I'm back into silent weapons for quiet ward, I'm looking at page thirty eight. And this is a summary. It says the people hire the politician so that the people can obtain security without managing it obtain action without thinking about it in flicked assessed injury and death on others, without having to contemplate either life or death. Avoid responsibility for their own intention, obtain the benefits of Leonti incients without exerting themselves in the discipline of faith thing for learning either of these things. They give the politicians the power to create and manage, they war-machine to provide for the survival of the nation's wome prevent encroachment of anything on the nation's womb, destroy the enemy who threatens. The nation's womb destroy those citizens of their own country who do not conform for the sake of debility of the nation's womb politicians hold many quasi military job. The lowest being the police, which are soldiers, the attorney, and as next who are spies and saboteurs and license and the judges who shout orders and run the closed union military shop, whatever the market will bear market. The generals are industrialist, the presidential level of commander in chief is shared by the international bankers, that are rebelled, again, the presidential level of the commander in chief is shared by the international bankers. No, the people know. That they have created this far and financed it with their own factors and their consent, but they would rather knuckle under then be at the Chris bus. Thus a nation becomes divided into two very distinct parts. They awful sub nation, the great silent majority, and the political sub nation, political sub nation remains attached to the docile of nation tolerates it and leeches, it's substance until it grows strong enough to detach itself. And then devour its parent, the military technology. Dr Bill have grown strong enough to detach themselves from us, and devour, then that is now what has happened. Agencies. The world is run by Intel agencies tied to the United Nations globalist and they're not under the control of the sovereign nations like the United States Britain, or your anybody, there, actually come to think of to themselves superstar Brin. In other words, their sovereignty, overlays, the sovereignty. That's why even cogs the, the continuity of governments that by the United Nations is a parallel government. We are parallel financial system. We have a parallel even the funding, for example of World War, Two was on bankers on both sides. You know. You know. When he when Z Y, what nam happened to tied, an oil company decided that the world reserves often area so they wanted to get involved there. Of course, Vietnam wasn't a whole prize. Dr bill. What people are hearing of disgust today is, is with complete reverence to those who have served. Absolutely. Fair for them. Because unfortunately, our society is to see first off rate. Now, what Trump is doing is basically say, look, I can do other avenues to denuclearize Iran and North Korea. He's are so basically said to China, you're not gonna have a deal with me unless you cooperate in. They know it wanna wanna mono Amawi mono talks the Trump's gonna give a deal to China unless they denuclearize same with Russia, North Korea, the Rosita reactors Russia gave an Iraq rocket systems were giving North Korea's a proxy. But we don't need to go to war with these countries. We can do economic trade deals that actually could hurt him so much. They have to actually nuclear is the fact warriors run by globalist on all sides, including even side, Russia and China. Remember, these countries are not in control of themselves. They're actually being manipulated at all levels. Aren't they? On our impact, I think, is most important to understand, again, all countries are under occupation by the Richmond of this earth, and occupation, again, is the seizure, control of a country by military force using systems. So it's important on the fan, the United States has been seized we will bankrupted back in nineteen thirty three and ever since then every officer and office and agencies in the United States exist today in name, only, we are a corporation USA Inc were also earth, Inc. And the new world order now, Dr Bill is not new. It's as one moral government if has been there really are known forder, the borders are defined so to keep us in the war machines is understood that we were loving, human brothers, sisters globally and. And now we have bad, people that do evil deed. But if people understood the enormity of the assault in the illusion that has been set up on us, I'm gonna read a couple more things of weapons for quite ward. And then I think I'll mention very quickly right now, something that's going on in France. We're going to have that posted, Dr Bill on stop the crime dot net within the next few hours. But I heard this when I was at the conference in the UK, if you weeks ago, a French lawyer in her late forties, was literally, a not out of France for fear of her life because she needed to expose what was really happening in France was McComb, and with the elevator. And what the media is not telling any of us even England is on a wear what's happening in France. And so this young woman, very brave by the way came to England. Or she's trying to get her story out with what is happening in France. And this aligns itself, which is exactly what we are told that would occur in the report from iron now reports from Iron Mountain is a two hour twenty minute you U2. and you can watch from stop the crime dot net. We have it loaded up on our video YouTube channel. And I would ask on Memorial Day that everybody takes the time to watch the report for Liron mountain, and then to further understand what has now happened in France for has has been taken, what do I mean by that? It is a Decatur ship. A French politician have called in military and police mercenary. They are on the street in France. They are in on Mark of clothing jeans, and, and no badges numbers of their faces are covered up they have helmets and they have no Terry weaponized gun. They have all been told not to shoot the oldest protesters in the head. What are they doing? They're shooting them in the head. They're using rubber bullets. There are dozens. And dozens of peaceful yellow vest protesters who've lost their is there are many who have lost their hands because they are using various types of weapons systems on these protesters. In fact, it got so ugly in. July. I believe it was. Sometime. No actually sometime. They of two thousand nineteen where the mill the nursery police actually formed a line with shield and ran towards these, peaceful protesters. Now there's insertions within the peaceful protesters of these mercenary police that are making it look like the yellow vest are blowing out windows of their fellow commercial owners there in, in Paris. But it's important to understand that there are literally hundreds and hundreds of thousands of teeth Uva protesters all over France. All of this. In Canada, too, by the way, and it's all things suppressed by the media because this is a slow take the, by the way against the green agenda, which is ultimately, the Elleman Genta is a global suggest which is green globalist and Moore agenda. And, and. And they've they've, they've put all the nations by the way into ten. Territories, just like the book revelation talks about we don't we no longer have independent nations. We have zones basically dissolved fade zones, right? What is important, what the best have said that they're protesting again, is the fact that costs have gone up, so tremendously, they can't afford to survive their cost of living of for hospitals for fuel. They don't have feel costs. They say that branches they world country. And when you look at the climate action plans all the global is ongoing after world countries and reducing access to fuel Phil. You're seeing this occurred in France. You're seeing the cost of travelling in France, they can't travel because of the fuel con they don't make enough money now because their wages have been oppressed and costs for rent have skyrocketed cost for food have skyrocketed so there's monitors. There's husbands, there are retired people men and women. That are dawning the yellow that let other people in this cut. Well know what's happening, and what will happen is happening to off. I hear break at will continue more on the other side. Stuff understand where it's part of an end game. 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Are remembering veterans that died and all the past heroes died under the delusion, that they're supporting country would. In fact, everything has facade of for example, people don't understand that America's, but on Marshall objects to be reinstated by the president every year since nineteen thirty three previous takeovers by the setting up of the fed reserve system. And the Christmas Eve, nineteen thirteen world wanted to totally manufactured. The previous wars were all banker wars read going back down to the war between, you know Tina. The in France, a couple hundred years ago, basically all the worst out or on our just banker wars, and the people. People don't understand this that they're being manipulated and even artificial intelligence, the, the world is being set up to make us part of the internet of things, and they don't understand even our nation. State is just a facade. We get the election that we have government. We look at the media and the dance back and forth, whether or not they're gonna investigate or not investigate the terrible attacks against Donald Trump may not like them. But all just the dance it doesn't matter if you're on it doesn't matter, if you're on the left or right in this, we are being pushed into a tribal group, so that we will accept the travel groups dialectic, which all Americans all part of the game. Isn't it? Bard game and I want to continue on with a couple of final comments about France in courage. Everyone to go to stop the crime dot net that video plea from pronounce. We'll be up about the Levesque so to be perfectly clear, Frances they dictatorship, and they have been taken. They have mercenary police on the streets. Now, injuring a good and decent people. And as the interviewer is this is interviewing this brave young woman that is has come out of France talking about what has happened in. What is occurring in France that the media is covering up? There's poor Latian now between what is also happening in London in the UK. So I wanna go on into weapons for quiet wars in the last few minutes of the program. I wanna talk about something that we have personally witnessed that it's occurring now in. In the United States and worldwide so on page thirty seven of the silent weapons for quiet wars talks about the political structure of a nation dependency, the primary reason why individual citizens of a country create a political structure is a subconscious wish or desire to perpetuate their own independence, and relationship of childhood, simply put they want a human God to eliminate all risk from their life happened down on the head. 'cause they're bruises put a chicken on every dinner table closed their body cuff them into bed at night, and tell them that everything will be. All right. When they wake up in the morning, this public demand is incredible to the human God. The politicians meets incredibly in credibility. With in credibility by promising the world and delivering nothing who is the bigger liar, the public or the godfather, this public behavior is the render born of fear laziness and expediency is the basis of the welfare state as a strategic weapon useful against a disgusting public, I'm gonna stop right here for a moment. One of the aspects of Lokeren in France. And you'll hear this on the videos of this woman is that he refers to the French people as lazy gusting illiterate, and it is unbelievable. What this man how he relates to the people. He hate the French people, which is why they're being gunned down and hit and criminalized injured on the street. The france. Continuing on page thirty seven of silent weapons for quiet wars action and offense, most people want to be able to subdue or kill other human beings, which disturb their daily lives, but they do not wanna have to cope with the moral or religious issues, which such an over at, on their part might raise, therefore they assigned the dirty work to others, including their own children. So as to keep the blood off their hands. They raised about the Hume humane treatment of animals and sit down to a delicious hamburger from a whitewash slaughterhouse down the street and out of sight. But even more the critical they pay taxes to finance a professional association of hitmen collectively called politician. And then complain about corruption in the government. And then they follow that up by the. Responsibility. And again, they say most people want to be free to do things, but they are frayed to fail. Now, silent weapons were quiet wards again. They must read a download for everybody. Please read this loud and understand what has occurred now Dr Ville, we thought of humid left in today's program, and there are several cities that I want to add that we have recently discovered with our own eyes for ourselves here in northern California. And I would like everybody to be on the visual lookout, we're noticing, it have noticed for quite some time of various, Comcast AT and T telecommunications, our utilities around on the telephone pole. And in fact, we will be uploading on stop the crime dot net. Very soon from very large, staging areas of that have in one instance, there are seven thirty five. New trucks, that have been shipped in on flatbed and they've hired out of date orders. They're claiming to replace the telephone pole that are rotted out here. And yet, every day that goes by Dr Bill, those trucks are sitting in place, and they're not doing what the purpose is the people believe they're there for we were told that suggests electric, aka Rothschild was going to replace telephone pole that were were rot it out. And there's no sign that they're doing work in their hiring out of state people when we talk to a man in the yard, he said, yes. Most of the workers are coming Hieaux here to northern California. There's another massive staging area also in northern California near enormous casino and this staging area is huge. It has. Got overnight trailers. We will be photographing them. We show that all of us that are listening right now who see this for yourself war is being staged right now by Rothschild and the Tilleke now what we have discovered is that they are, deploying utilities are deploying with other companies, it's all instances, so interesting. Dr Bill, how they have created a consolidation with different groups that come in and deploy different aspects of software and hardware on the. Common for twenty seconds. It's a comedy is aired official intelligence is eating the earth, and the Rothschilds news of functionaries are part of that process, please, continue their e n us and considering asses as part of what's called the internet of things, and everything is being commoditised ties, including the green agenda, people don't understand this is. I want to just have everybody think about any that is, as being green, I want you to think of how the programming of linguistic programming is being used. These are all genocide programs to do would bring one think Brown, we wanna think about. So every time you hear us, they green, we, we want to member, it's Brown, his, it's genocide getting back to the polls. This is vital information right now. And we're in the process of investigating the further. But I wanna tell you that they are deploying hardware, and software platforms that are combined to top, the lines delusion. And they say that they're deploying cameras in covert polls all over the country. So we saw this occurring. We saw a Pacific Gas and electric. Truck off on a pole. We actually filmed. We will have this on stuff. The crime dot net for I am questioning what this lineman is doing every one of you, you need to question whatever you see happening on your phone poll, wherever you are. What is happening is? They are rolling out a secret platform couvert polls are now smart poll where we were told by the wineman here northern California. But once the cameras, and the wireless has been completely connected that, about this miles away at a PG any center in Fairfield, California, or they have all of these computers in spring, that they can watch in real time anytime the areas where these cameras are and they can power. Off the mainline if they see a fire starting, which may have created, by the way. And what we're so what they're saying and what they're doing is watching the war games. This is just like the situation room in Washington DC, during the Gazi when they were enjoying watching the take down of the embassy there in real time and did nothing. It was a blood game. It was. They were getting power, and enjoying this from watching this, this is what is now happening within the United States of America Inc. We are being taken down and destroyed poll by poll by poll smart meter by smart meter cell phone by cellphone cellphone towers, antennas five team. That's already mostly. Artificial intelligent world that's up. And the primary note of this AI systems in Colorado river for space. I put it up on. Yeah. At TED talks video base. They pose up just now that fact people need to understand what you're saying is the commoditisation the accountants, the agenda, everything. And by the way, Memorial Day is very good data's talkable this because memorial day's an example of how previous generations have been manipulated to die for the globalist visit Astro sacrifice and for the bankers to get profit because there's nothing more profitable than war or totalitarian control. And death. Because obviously, we know that the genocide programs we've talked about of the Degal dot com website, not anything to do with you. But what they're saying will be accomplished by the year, twenty twenty five and that's the proximity in eighty three production reduction of the population within the United States about seventy some odd percent within the United Kingdom and fifty percent in Australia understand June aside programs have been adopted in your cities by your city council members that you believe you've elected that are bringing in of programs that will serve, you know, the, the mayors are having private secret meetings in various locations throughout the United States. And they are part of rolling in a genocide of, of dehumanizing us of reducing our access always sources. And while I wasn't England a woman brought me documents and I was rather stunned, and they'll. Be more shows that I will start more of this, but she brought me some documents showing how apartment owners now before they're allowed to rent their apartment out most get a license the license requires that they have retrofitted certain aspects of their apartments. No retrofitting is the required the requirements of the climate action plans all adopted in your city, where you have to come in with wireless devices to meet the new death agenda, the green agenda, and they come in. They decide not only if your -partment is meeting the retrofitting requirements, but they're also Dr Bill. They're also interviewing the owner of the -partment, she if they're fits the license to rinse their property out as well. And I had this. His. All right. No, this is an England. This is in England, and I have the form that. They laboratory like England or China. Then they've bring that laboratory process over to us. Saying this is people need to understand, just as the yellow vests are showing us in France being lied to by the media with the standard of living absolutely being brought down our standard of living is intended to be brought down to up real time of seventeen fifty.

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Ngobrol Perkara Iman - Waris (Ustadz Abu Salman Yusuf, Lc., M.Pd.I.)

"Mobile gotta eamon. He often for many years and him as a monocle. Model the law Hundred las autosomal soldevilla. So you didn't mohammadu our lady who also be hama bar do not album macabre under any smoker underdone. Gloria thirteen the salon lou guidance off yet the dark wood onslow london modem wudunn affable can get the harry medium mundanity burqa then wound up at can go. Rhino gallows bernarda desserts mobile. Okay but he can get there and i'm looking at the same all honored the it'll be more peacefully. Humbler mopey but as house at abu salman yousef lsu mbda guitars pablo toby asylum motto. Hobo gutters were more mental law. Hundred less marchand later dog and ugo segment done properly status. Lalu ready. Dedham cadets is it was it a split be as a baloney bundle. Mambas dante mccain's londoner. Then they market wasn't juarez. Use it then putting list what the ela a little bit roma salaries then guitar medina godina in must me. Gusta finucane adela muslim than boccanegra muslim. Body dunia back on you but rather must be blended format islam in the blue mama mia jato mandela on. What is the number narrow here spoke ama- data and bs mantra dilemma. Bogere watterson labidi. Mugabe dumond settled around the maroon. It'll be nicholas. Buddha yet to split the upper america manga malkin adama jeremy. On what is you need. A puddle model attitude has a gama inisia- through by next album local gomez limiters nearly now garnett opener but it won't be gallini spoken that he gave us a book. Kenya doggone number hasn't omar is lonzo jenny. But as study on behalf dhamma mogambo monk invalides up by animals unwise. His islamist leave Hamdi level so it was announced you love about in what is the source at illman. Sanding then could connecticut me a lot. Birket alad la mental seal at branch the rating on her combo. Again hathaway's authority send ellum denin sign up ritchie simply woman lineas solidness being the home. What send slum rubicon bachan who commun- ideal that is can accomplish began had diane the going to cut not whole modest but somebody lost panama. Leeann muhammadu number. one sardinia that he combs means median. La moluccan elmont symbol. Then the last jedi atto didata mom malkin in support dummies slump in what is economic leading in naama lying. It'll it'll move for a settled by suck at it. Did they find out. end them. One year the ban the yuga. Gorge you ben. Sira cilla cherie for eel roper. Canyon mumia jerry. John duncombe begin. Had our present a though teddy could by the younger huckabee adopt one. Sarah or mombasa in what is the latter aiding and hot up near lens might adopt consumer dalil in wadis. Adela ron lewis sooner. Then jim opera sabat remember. Jerry mortis adela For defy then among kannada worship the sat bomba again. How what he's sent there have been worries the but is still lactic. Doha ban burning gallon Sockeye putting your land my it. It was swept to young girl. Can only my bro- diane yup rollies lama leukaemia adult. How might you by the lanes. But the but i'm young the huangpu up one by dwi dory scan. The and rene don't how did they do you walk off dion so he woke up one in the alley. Somebody comes on you when you go then. Then there are an but he ascendant. Young lena younger Hotter young polly linenger harlem super trian india go to see haskill proceed linnea had others worldwide. You become whatever the millennia toby's reckon young but Hickman the john sherry from begin what he sent the underneath della but in derek and regina percent at the on the lump laura goodwa when he it in buna fitna heart would and hard time in. Gigamon you'd get delenda. Lem our gordon shattock. Ud michelle likes. Lemme demonstrable subordinate glamour. I thought aquarius against mickie. And lupu demand radhika delenda behalf. Gordon didn't alcon dingaan. But mr hannah pitied. Delete by the zimin upon. How any woman jimmy dylan. Then harmony san the lumps work were gusting. Yeah he did get getty. Laghi precisely hand america. But the crap. Gatty the massascre. Any law by jakob dylan show lawyer. Bergemann osa that lasts consumer juarez ramona boulevard. Opening alan might that he had guijiang top gamut. Who already last gun komo kanye then when you should lasca comedian said unworthy. The anwar is. They'll let me let me at the bus apopka that the automobile little anthony young mighty to adele harris then comedian harris economic daily. Dalliance morning. break them today. It is more hardtop in england. Mehta hannity says gun. One radimov clocks morning giddy. Melik awadhi at the hawk hawk. Kakuei house diesel second subliminal abdollah bloomberg up needle mattress superbug. Ican the elite. What is yeah you. The saw wah owning girl then dingo can help america hopkin but creighton. Us my detroit. Lima and thelma. Prosciutto comments young. The bitty dedicate goffin were among illegal boron Oklahoma and candan young lane. Yes whiny idol. But once you might get a little bit of buggy gun alleyways montgomery how does the automa- candle who it'll make you guessing. My determining galkin tom sonia. How you lan saka swamp. Yeah in need what. I'm young enough guys my muster. You got the armenian enough behemoth the ambulance data. Go lemme younger. The what huck huck young. The happened spaghetti bahauddin day in debate oregon at the jet. And hooton the jimmy manhattan to. How any dominican sla be a precip poma comments to my not sued maliki along and ganja and toge- hockey empty that rydin have the semi that the writing. Untangling your money. But the who. Don jamuna zakat cafod young but writing and then barrio on my young bloomberg and he balloon sun. Hashtag any house. Tom kandari or see at buchan. Imomali been the low and over catta. Yes some wounded also lost a lot. Hollywood salon monto soren. Everybody's house munoz. You down see my hits. Boom then again was yet yeah. The iraqi not alma albahari young young tonight and bloomberg on dilawar was yet Some sarah subotica. Yeah how did happening gallon. I'll be sticky. Young debris john podesta legalities of so but at the at the allies. Harm than thiede bakes. Bunia do what worries in how awa- yet when taurasi lane alleyways coming almost hanauer toddler to khaderah from begin how easily what is was yet. Undergrad sokaia malambo. But does that. He couldn't one a lot about khotan. None need because kennedy cup rally worries. John cena museum though among google kanye. how began. Had daniel dope debriefing. But that's to elite nian spotted. Mckay was lassana can the Sonya what is to be the is in young lenient now love. We'll see it until slain. Hawaii's honey buhler together that it had happened gallon. Then libby bike rousey support again then. Saas yet onto slain. Hawaii's you got laukahi dairy setup Dora bening gallon number one because surely kalugin educate young mumble can was seattle be there is a two particular mccotter was yet boil ideal gone. Assume la sombra day of the year. The bully him on beacon was yet by the hawaii's Allegories is gone had india. Reckon lima the game. That are here on began. Hata what his dicamba crooked Did make on then yet. The as yet mukai towed in manhattan. What he signed in. Eli young jedi. How hollywood addison. Yeah masahito alana beichman shallow. Bending scalloping naria mahnken bungendana gme but khudobin yati december gun bachan young dragon boy near villa harum apathy. See my neighbor to us yet. Goodbye dolly what his hand but arlene. Bunion podesta masuda. Since the again now with the la- circuit when you look at any the the linear model nevertheless edwards connecticut. Alto yom we can be. Sad's edgy cundy vc. Demand nine doubt that he will not home with anybody can how does couple. So organises orrin michigan leeann adele cany threat that little deportable rally among daddy manda easy in hollywood the buchan tidy subliminally december. Being the hockey. And how does the tonight. Candle obidos bloom debugging on what is it to you know. Comedians had selenium. Caliber are masala harassed. And you got the halley on mongoose gorka steady now. Morgan bodied break and yoga above desks. Outside atherton does that naming a ni- cialis anybody happened about can have our. Does that idea The lesson for allama up the county had our son. Emily huck alley. Worries out of stepan hero. Coon then shut. Yeah so sat two zero one then shut what that at hema. How toughening gillan my it. It don't but hackney but he can't values near the funeral. Komori senegal saito bar is see my in good. Were adela alleyways young ramada. What san young. Sadler habitat yet young scandinavians with teddy adhan charlotte. What he's done that. But i'm not come at the end Police combat yen bawar. ec domain my baker commodities Hockey thought you will meet climate. Omit lama near hilo. Carnot's bobby jon allen. Atoyac young north dakota and what learning golden slope apichari mcnally. Young were alleyways. Musi he do them at the end. Boris will upon on his bike. He'd upstairs hockey upon me. He do oriented komeito adela spotty giannini on the lump can one union then because the latter ben took would come with yen lie here lump garden younger together the la monta vista above what he sent zoran but hutton the can hotter as an use above. Then up on jalan leah young mulanje bottom up. Can kennedy center that you get you. Get your not stop button. The about one third were around the glad on that hassle nikunja doi- nico nico is. Youtube occurred swami. Then he city young saas jewish idea. This loan yeah scully. Porn bloom gone. Who wants from israel at all bloom. Some but will underline to come out. In get mahmoud abbas khan woulda biscuit duct going to be a skin do happened document about can disrupt that song mama deka cancelled widow. Candy deacon maliki who went horses young cutting an monica candidy got doc young cloudy merdeka. Canning dunia mahatma. Tanya worry scan or they see only or at the dunkin' on jalan young how long is around up but can horizon that ito. But i would be us on. Would that the than Halley what is that. be manetti me. One year from liquid doctors ymca war but when one of them with new honey on you. Bub gun black oni. Cady milwaukee son adela but when one bad alexander bernardo super this oregon woman. Yeah john doxa groomed apart norwich on any less a hit. The donavan reason mooney connell sherry expertise sauce. The jumped by young's through the amny got adopted. But gun worrisome younger. But it'd be a gumma. This ought on a gun that senior. The would sonya any selling morrissey on kefir. Data milwaukee see dr moseley any. Us with him. So by the rwandan. Shut up and then the young someone but but saw hackneyed broccoli. Daddy alana bake all morgan. Mandela number has any thirty three. And i do go on runs. One won't be gamma slandered. Guitar golden tongue robot alleyways up musudan started titles that denmark believable see how Dari see my. Does he wanna halle berry. Dealer on young but huck rematch. how towery son allies Lombok alleyways but it does arkansas bob alleyways but it does our can disclaiming a worries but it does arkan job the cotton crop button alleyways but our doom lobby guinnea interim than what we adapted joke. Open some wildly. What is it to then gen beginning. Amman stirring us army worries young Allies you got it. The is absorbed absorbent up again. Then the Colombo colombo. But i'm under a hollywood. Is bob dhawan. Nasa you don't alleyways up at kennedy son karamat bubka tune-in but i got the data in but if jello pamela lure in duke at lahore deluca sokolow bus for eight need to us. It hollywood who might maria della by william ebou cockayne that he bought by tuba modiin but alani that he by two ebou by median kalima. Ninette that ibu ibu ibu then. Social got us delorean. Gotta say are they being about one hundred and the skin young slung you get la jolla catoon protocol ronan that he might inigo boa any young told the cotton and my it. Then marica did the hulu kandalama what is sensible etc. Not lucky lucky comedian. Prompt one to two lucky lucky. Lucky lucky i hit the last to chew. Bondi lucky lucky. Any yellow toronto called a deeper donna. My it got us around and goodwa deliver my it kabbalah one hawaiian and knocked on sort of young slender lady again. Dillard's odera the cotton gear. Yeah monica so that us dominate america. This house she l. Cutty in what you how she cutty. Who will end up being karnak tan cotton and mayton elite fronta sludge. Putman jill lepore. Monica la ma so lucky lucky scandal and would the end so that up on one scan so that one scandal on the end so lucky lucky about but so from one spot. But i'm not lucky. Lucky that he so deira lucky. Lucky scandal anoc lucky. Lucky derry so that alecky sobar younger to do so. That lucky. lucky eagle younger here. So jerry one siebu kundun. Young lady and let your common america by unscom dome comedian comments about but a knock lucky lucky comments and not lucky lucky repairman supply worries karnak. Bob cotton panic. John young sir. But the second sharia islamic ricotta so media is three comedian. Ali mahdi's on. Bob mambas can lucky lucky at open. One young la i'm baskin boudicca. Remain then would imply the spending on charlotte montana support. That maliki worries us up at double n. Nikki han allies in the region exclaiming the columbus columbo kato. But i'm on a halle worries. Lucky lucky me by blessing. My lucky could were. You lucky. lucky. The lucky dense kabbalah comedian baba combat lock baba youtube sort. Got us number of mandala. So lucky lucky scandal would yank and i'm so lucky. Lucky swapan wound so data. Lucky lucky seibu. Who didn't could lapin anak. Lucky lucky so lucky. Like scandal camilla. Anak lucky lucky so lucky. Lucky swap the million scandal by papa. Doc lucky lucky. The rebound scandal within an lucky lucky jerry. Palm unsa and swami younger. I hit adela lucky. Lucky young mama. Dicta would be liberal compulsory little alley. What is lucky lucky. Mckee young hungary. Marie sent aniela diga around. Yeah to lucky. Abandon swami within one the is does what gun young. Plus we just adela alleyways. One ito but i'm an upper one in good. What the lucky dense jungle boy literature from one day did he luminaires now. We didn't you boo moon and daddy bubba. Bubba didn't and daddy do you. Then them so daddy prom once and on the usa. Daddy wants lepanto. Durham once ebou similan than that. I follow from moment. They would about billable compose. Laura is clump mccain young but how come the oregon yearly marin yeah he one didn't wonder wander Lucky eagle so. Jerry ramon condone. Dan is three of available to compose little lucky lucky one mccain but hutton remorse and and nearly model said yeah he do and not lucky lucky an opponent one but he boo swamy though is three step. Hollywood maggots bragging but can begin what. He's an athenian but it are not do lucon than could the catania. Dan see my it. Smug is sonya to. It'd be an up but how long do you can listen to. The we had any idea putting the cat then society that halong. I find interesting. What is the joe cut nobleman. But then what is it. The bug mccollum broken into gotten allies one. Helen two elite. What is the cut woman. Geico button dan my young button. How long these young libido who wound noncombatant getting on my bike mahogany stood up. A dollar begins said said could alleyways star helen ethel alley. What is young for helen. Only hung you don but can begin worry. Sonya carmichael do kanye libby. Joe will win the the neon my alley any the patent remorse and gca young. Halong yeti data on worries edouard much.um. How'd you and the door much.um. Mehalla will pacify autobahn see. That antillean didn't do country and then pohang groupon alleyways lanier young by my pohang group adopt visit and too young it into country at the two see Cut by that saw young. Helen about san see photo on this to a bermuda con woman then but abidina gumma hollywood. Seattle maliki c. n. Eater jalan that is little begin. Riessen colbrad america. The gop did young up to daddy seeing gut. The houck's get ponder had our son then de button hungary slania young younger doi- hungre hollywoodish slania ito spaghetti. Hawaii's young halong begin oregon. Yeah yeah bake among how long it'll slow began. Yeah adult so beginning said you my how long you need the game. He didn't go much on jalan young spaghetti jet the horizon. Holly what he slating you. Then did that mahogany slow. Beginning indicated. hollywood is mukaiyama's nabataean begin reasonably by younger. Doi- on jalan young guns worries that helen stood up. Bow then the montreal again. What he sends scally awhile yeah silent up their alleyways blackman the remaining Daily halima said. Yeah i'm hella under Mistaken column among around one through that about good young depot. Cordoba danita yeah. I'm saint julien but not much love. Eleven dhillon adia. So that my money to the yes. Oh your bike. dilemma rally democratic. Attorney my grandma. Condom don mcgann. Juarez young says waiting on saturdays at the end. They do surgery combined. Johnny to monroe at the geraldo said abbas idea. Because i lan young woman nubia thirty. Add mitra on. Buggy anwar is younger. That can a local bank account from one. Bs news at nine is okay. Yeah Niemand alaskan but yes kelly. Hanan longer slammed begin. San the under slung salani. Dan that must key. Buron kobe to do a look lajolla. Kabila but then. Dan didn't law about angela. Macron gender asanga salon glue and they'll bloomberg authority sent young your dd. Masha begin. Goma's lean it tom. Manila murata jim lob again. Lucky dan from one by that will lead the kerry missile jalan saying. Yeah you from benigno. Last begin like you're lucky. Not moon moon buggy summer after a slew aluri's by the hubble flow of enemy and but how lumbergh am and up to full of quadrophenia mcginn began the kc one. Our younger together. Lemberg had senator from licata worries missy. He i ne- schal my demo. See the because that can be sunny to because he got shut. Mr jacoby small. Take another shot at winning in. Can he bought up on you. Were going to say now within young but a lot he damn meson coping. Lincoln hazardous from is three Guinea level marketer in manila's. I'm not swami up in milwaukee. See how does the current slump singer sweden and manhattan music swami. Then monette how did that. Maliki st in colima. How does swami underfoot. Because there is three a dasa began. Then did anybody can. We were slain young but huck when the young nam and buggy gun had already sunk by the orion young double remote and is in the what if. What did i too to cut by the moving abdullah. Libya that is the did. The narcan alum Islam dan Younger you had lama. Bogey-bogey can cotton carnet when he dirty hookah maurice young lad it and do a lot about qatar nuclear knin young lebron londono number thirty cents on paper lewis meaning in some lima muggy hot. What sense blum lunacy. Who don't eat without a d. and then went on my the muscle above The governess who down out of the whole lonzo bloom debugging alley. What is kenyan. L'americain was yet hotel. Subotica is tally. What is it by is in this little valley. What is our don. Maka buggies slam on talknet the horizontal more. What is any atop lima but tanya whether lien for saleh vicar. Incontinent alamo daniele. Ron buck dilemma. Too young specialist. Don't you don't alenia maka calpeda. The can our baton the that sweden but mcgillion up shut slam. Alana bike wants. Although in each other he ran cohen ari. Study 'cause along salani. Operatic won't gin young suffering bonita magnon macon's. Wr is though miami. Gone on o'clock that night alpa dot com camus young when by a nerd and you get the duga young setting a dilemma know nyc and haircut my body that roofing never thought has kind of bloomingdale's or debugging ball all musty risque dining science alligator about them walk the movie and get the because preliminary beaten renews the presenting said something on the opposite presenting us the bike and dang dong from buggy and what is in use it but yeah keep much belly edito koran down For it at worries makati behind a lot about a quarter plumbridge shot up the yoga maurice dilemma slam into it depends discount l. Mood and fake malla hanno allen also what we pan latte the matia the smart how any be stuck out an on deco loss of our. Let's don whom worries then begin missing missing a lot about kata. Yeah the unfit along. Ferry loton law in the lock and hacky men in dublin abundance. Some allama hung up the legume huh. B jackson yeah and you can see what the just slow gun around cayenne directing and lien chan. It'll move at the hope. Amari the sort of any safety limit needed but fatal arrhythmias scalia. Alumnae would ken dorsey for a lion. Slamming you would gentleman one fetal seaford elmo muhammed the heathen a hickman. I'm happy just sending karna allowed to allah muhammed. The who lead and hung senate a look alumni at the julia up by emptied etiquette the who we only hamburg than a look. Boone more buchan swat to sweating and tom button mean but villa print all could the gunman but got the worries by that on oregon but happened up. Atkin coming from begin. It'll but the san elmo along about the alden. Hey c'mon yemen dalom and then mcginn what by the permian about each d. had yanni logie got hustle ala moana geneva bloomberg in etowah county. Linda's caboodle han. Han also so that at the hague my alumnia singer. You throw a gun nimble mugabe or they could do a lot. Ala fatty who a law do abdullah who commun- putting bike volume jason nelson who one who is bugging money. A lot adapt gun. I'd less work what you burn. Sabrina not yet teddy much. Gone the ball here. Moomba over couldn't won. The lump mcginn had thirty seven. Derek doin young la la the top gun alana wake michelle law in poland and ukraine saddle. But he does more in europe and things scully enthoven bratty than donkey. Deb mcgann. What is here. Remember undergone qatada radical community dolphin to kenya. Won't i'm on up nudity. One a boletice alaska magazi- amal equal model model hct. I'm pat i don under the gate abroad young niba half job that he put a tiny candido by the tiny joa. Sms ginny who to act up and tell.

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Dirty 1

Mojo In The Morning

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Dirty 1

"The check this shannon's dirty thirty chanting got for us in the dirty on the thirty. The lawyer for britney spears's dad says fans habits so wrong. Jamie spears actually saved his daughter's life. I'm recapping this story in case you missed it at the very end of our so yesterday. Is this attorney's name and see appeared on good morning america to talk about the freebritney movement that is gaining lots of traction following the release of the framing britney spears documentary. And you explain why britney's lawyer is saying. She doesn't want her dad in charge of her finances anymore and she's actually saying at least through her lawyer. Her lawyer is saying that britney says she won't perform anymore untold. Her dad is no longer in charge of her. Throughout twenty twenty brittany and her father had many conversations and in fact early on in the pandemic they spent two weeks with other family members. Hunkered down in louisiana britney and jamie went on long drives together. They played and worked in the family garden. And every night jamie cooked comfort food that the family eight and enjoy together in that time britney never expressed those words to her father. She's never asked him to step aside. This lawyer said he understands every story needs a villain but people just have this particular. Stray wrong vivian. It is difficult to understand. Then why britney's lawyer actually took it a step. Further and said that brittany was scared of her father. Scared of jaime. Does jamie have any idea why that statement would be made in the many conversations that jamie and brittany had the route. Twenty twenty brittany never said those things to jamie. She never asked him to step aside if brittany through her lawyer. Though is asking that jamie be part of her conservatorship. Why does jeannie then still insist on being her conservator. Jamie serves as britain's conservator. Because he loves her he wants. The best for britney took the most sh- stoic responsive and she actually avoided any direct answering of the questions and had a lot of prepared stuff she wanted to say. She's a robot blacks even more so it was a very strange interviewed sounded like my book reports in high school. I clearly didn't read the book. But i have to answer and a half to fill five hundred words so i'd always answer and repeat the reason not a former. Us olympics gymnastics code with ties. to larry. Nassar died by suicide yesterday after being charged with about two dozen crimes he died from what appears to be a self inflicted. Gunshot wound michigan attorney. General dina nestle announced in a news conference yesterday morning that john was charged with all of these crimes including sexual assault human trafficking and running a criminal enterprise. He was expected to turn himself in for arraignment later in the day yesterday. Now this man again. His name is john. Gutter was head coach of the twenty twelve. Us women's olympics gymnastics team which took home a gold medal. He has long been associated. With larry nassar and he was accused of turning his michigan. Jim into eight years long criminal. Enterprise by coercing girls to come train with him and then verbally and physically and sexually abusing them he was also accused of lying to investigators in two thousand sixteen when he denied ever hearing anything about larry. Nassar who by the way is still in prison and will be imprisoned for a very very long time attorney. General dana nessel said yesterday. This is a tragic end to a tragic story for everyone involved. Megan thee stallion got a courtroom win yesterday when the judge overseeing her criminal case against torey lanes ruled that tori can not public Do give any sort of public comment on the case anymore now again. He pleaded not guilty to one. Felony count of assault with a semiautomatic firearm and carrying a loaded unregistered firearm a vehicle. This is the shooting case. That goes back to last summer tories. Attorney sean holly argued that the protective order. Barring him from talking was unfair because it doesn't apply to magazines so shouldn't they both be under the same set of rules. Meghan has been speaking publicly about tori mostly to correct some of the inaccurate things. He's been staying about what happened. Prior to that protective order that came down yesterday tori maintained his innocence on social media and also in his music. So she's free to talk. He's got zip his lips. There are some rumors that emma watson is retiring from acting and her fans are absolutely freaking out. The harry potter stars agent made some sort of statement this week about her career being quote unquote dormant at the moment and then her publicist piled on that and said she is not taking on any new commitments in the foreseeable future so ms fans just flock to social media to voice voice. Their disappointment with one. Tweeting emma watson. Just retired from acting. Could this year already get any worse. And lastly pepsico is launching a new drink because more people are drinking at home especially over the past year. Neons zebra is what the drink's going to be called. It's gonna launch on march first. So monday comes in four non alcoholic flavors margarita. Strawberry dachary mo- hito mix and whiskey sour mix so each can has recipe on it to show consumers how to use the product. Pretty simple. just add the right to these things. It's made without artificial sweeteners but it does have thirty six grams of sugar per cans. So i'm in suite. Six pack is gonna cost you about seven or eight bucks if you wanna get why. There's so many products out there that have the alcohol included to. I mean you go down the aisle now where it used to be apple cider. Now it's every kind of liquor and mixed drink even classics like old fashioned and stuff like that or now candan ready. Have you guys tried the truly iced ones that are out in the big rage. Now truly i. It's a they got ice tea mixed with a whole bunch of different stuff Huge sales of those things as a friend of mine has a party store was telling me. That's the hottest thing you can keep it on their shelves or in their traitors for today's dirty check out the dirty page in the morning dot com shooting dirty on the thirty eight another world. Famous phone scam is next.

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Is Canned Food Really Worse Than Fresh or Frozen?


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Is Canned Food Really Worse Than Fresh or Frozen?

"When we started the show i had read a lot of true crime i thought i knew what i was getting into but i wasn't prepared to stop sleeping after those all too real monster to visit me in my nightmares from i heart radio in tender foot tv monster prisons insomniac listen and subscribe to monster presenting insomniac at apple podcasts on the iheartradio app or wherever you listen to podcasts welcome to brain stuff the production of i heart radio hey brain stuff lauren vocal bomb here let's face it some canned vegetables are so very different from their fresh forums think asparagus but plenty of kids grow up swearing off otherwise delicious foods forever so it's no surprise the canned foods have a bad rap but the bad reputation goes beyond just the food comes inside those cans it's also because of things like the growth of farmers farmers markets in the last twenty years and influencers like california's alice waters and michael pollen who's in courage eating locally raised fresh foods over processed foods end bp linings scary accounts of the dangers of vented cans told by wellmeaning grandparents so is that bad reputation deserved first let's back up and talk about canning foods as a whole kenny was born out of a search for convenience an efficiency french candy maker and chef nicolas a pair developed the process at the end of the eighteenth century napoleon's offering a huge prized anyone who could helping feed his troops payers original process is very different from the kenny methods used today put food in bottles in jars covered the look corking lax x and processed the jars in boiling water the french government pay the parents make his process public in that led to the first recipe book on canning pairs process spread quickly not twenty years later the british navy fed soldiers the first meet suits and vegetables their work hand in ten instead of jars during world war two governments and a number of countries including dui some uk promoted home canning usa printed and distributed circulars and open thousands of canning centers help home cooks preserved food food grown in home gardens getting became patriotic supplementing bland and sometimes inadequate rations in the nineteen fifties commercially can in other packaged foods were introduced as nutritious timesaving modern conveniences is a popular book be can opener cookbook by food editor poppy cannon promised readers they could open some cans and create a gourmet meal without really knowing how to cook the recipes including roast camp chickens lumbago with black cherries made with whole cans chicken another meal was made of candy hamburger patties covered with fried onions in red wine baked in the capital district twenty minutes canned food was promoted emceeing is better than fresh especially at industrial agriculture begin to incorporate more modern fertilizers end technologies the author of the can opener cookbook wrote the flavor of fresh tomatoes bad and it for real tomato flavor you should open a can fifty years later kansas tomatoes are still in off season go to for tomato lovers and cooks and i certainly can't deny the convenience of a can of beans already cooked and ready to go into salads soup tip or whatever other dish no long soaking or power boiling required from nutrition standpoint the counting process today is designed preserve as many nutrients as possible fruits and vegetables pretending are picked at the peak of their rightness as opposed to some pros picked for fresh fail which maybe underwrite to prevent spoilage during transport from farm store perhaps destined for canning are grown closed packing facilities he's gonna be processed within four hours of harvest the heat used during canning does decrease some of the water soluble vitamins in refinished food like vitamin b and c n austin salt and sugar are added during the process experts suggest rinsing can do to reduce some of added sugar and salt or buying low salt and sugar products and of course that he'd also changes the texture vegetables regrettably so in the case of those canned asparagus that that he is a plus when it comes to food safety safety the heat introduces pressure help seal the cans but it could also kill or deactivate deadly germs remember when we mentioned are grandparents aversion to dented or swollen cans those fears are based in reality let's talk about my favorite scary condition botulism it's caused by bacterial toxins so deadly the just a million of a gram is enough to kill the united states in other countries even explored botulism as a biological weapon during world war two the bacteria create this toxin clostridium botulinum are everywhere but people associate botulism canned foods because the bacteria only reproduce in low oxygen environments like eight portly process can today commercial canned foods go through what's called botulinum cut this is a high heat cook that dramatically lowers the chance that any custodian botchy lineup spores or other organisms the cost foodborne illness survive further eckerd you should discard any can that's puffed out her swollen that's caused by germs reproducing inside of it and it is bad news cancer dented are usually fine as long as the dent is not along the cans seems the most recent concerned about canned foods though isn't the food at all it's the camps themselves in what they're lined wind whipped including bp eight over the past two decades public attention has focused on beep ea the compound used make polycarbonate plastics in the poxy resins in two thousand eight years governance national toxicology program concluded there was concern certain about its effects on the brain behavior antastic lands fetuses infants and children other studies have linked bph cardiovascular disease obesity as much as diabetes bph exposure is widespread the centers for disease control found bp eight and ninety three percent of urine samples of more than twenty five thousand people aged six and older bp aken leach from containers including canned foods and drinks and so plastics and canning manufacturers have worked to develop replacement materials else can manufacturers institute says more than ninety percent of food camp today are lined with new bp eight free materials such as polyester acrylics end pvc note but that ninety percent figure just refers to food cams it doesn't include cans drinks or bottlecaps end although replacing ain't no concern is great the safety of some of those substitutes is still being researched we spoke of cerebellar a senior research and that'll based analyst at the environmental working group she said we don't have a lot of data about how these materials are used because the formulas are protected by trade secrets end even though cans with newer linings can help you avoid endocrine disrupters they may not be good for the environment some materials don't degrade if you're concerned about contamination from canned foods now i recommend using fresh frozen or dried food instead of canned but if you simply can't get away from the convenience of canned foods absolutely don't eat the food in the can finally be aware that some compounds including beep ea i become such pervasive contaminants in the environment but it's getting harder to avoid no matter what you're food is packaged in geller said detectable amounts of bp eight may make it into otherwise bph free cans from other sources including the food itself the end slightly lighter note even though food was first candan metal cans around eighteen thirteen it took about forty years for someone to invent a can opener end can openers her home used didn't become popular popular until eighteen sixty before then break out the hammer and chisel today's episode who's written by sean status and produced by tyler clang brings productions i heart radio how stuff works for more on this and lots of other topics so we put in the can just for you visit our home planet how stuff works dot com insular podcast my heart radio is by heart radio app apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite shows when we started the show read read a lot of true crime i thought i knew what i was getting into

ninety percent twenty years two thousand eight years ninety three percent twenty minutes fifty years forty years two decades four hours
West End wipeout: Londons restaurants issue dire warning after horrendous weekend

The Leader

16:17 min | 4 months ago

West End wipeout: Londons restaurants issue dire warning after horrendous weekend

"Hi, it's Bonnie here. I'll be with you for the next couple of weeks while Davids away. Thanks for listening to the leader. If you hit subscribe, you can get the latest news interviews and analysis from the Evening Standard's newsroom every day at four PM and if you like it gives us a writing to from the evening standard in London this is the Lleida. Hi I'm Bonnie Christian London's west end struggles under Tia to restrictions was pretty catastrophic I. Think for we about as bad as anyone feared the Evening Standard's consumer business editor Jonathan Prynne on the double blow dealt to London's restaurants and buzz and the number of campaign events that trump is holding multiple events day crossing multiple states, which is very different than the Biden campaign right now US politics expert Dr Julie Norman on how Donald Trump and Joe Biden a trying to swing the battleground states. Taken from the Evening Standard's editorial column this is the leader in a moment how tier three restrictions could be better than t a to for London's West End. The normally `having Straits of London's west end were left desolate after one past midnight on Saturday. When Tia to corona virus restrictions were imposed a secretary at Hancock designated the capital a high risk region people cannot now meet over households socially in Dole's Al aditorial column says it's critical. The hospitality industry gets more support ahead. Of Winter. The current situation is clearly intolerable. It is simply not fair that businesses hamstrung by government imposed restrictions are being given no support to help them cope with the inevitable drop in custom. Proper financial help must be given to help businesses survive while we remain at the current level of restrictions. That will inevitably cost significant sums of money on top of the huge outlays already made by the government during the pandemic. But it's needed because hospitality another businesses need to remain viable. So they can help lead the recovery closures and muscle employment must be avoided said the government must deep once again. Hospitality workers in London's Parliament Square on Monday banging pots and pans and holding signs that read cancel the curfew. That calling from old. Goffman. Support amid more measures to halt the spread of Corona virus, which top chef Yashem Langi says have been badly executed. Many people are dependent on. The industry and all those livelihoods are at risk without the proper from the government standards consume a business editor Jonathan Prince by the owners of the West. End's hard hit restaurants Jonathan. What did the first weekend of these new restrictions look like it was pretty catastrophic I think about as bad as anyone feared the minute, the announcement was made last week they started seeing huge numbers bookings cancelled and that Rove through Friday Saturday and over the weekend all. In central West End, be looking at restaurants bookings down for got fifty percent late night bars. Possibly as much as seventy, eighty percent I mean it was it was pretty horrendous. Probably the worst weekend they've had since how sounds came back on July. The four it was quite nice weather the way. Candan paypal had the option to sit outside but as we head into the colder months, what does the future of the industry clock if these? Restrictions continue. Well, it's pretty bleak and he's even Jason Atherton who knows mission style chef with an incredible track record of success saying he feared the huge swathes of the industry will not survive through the winter for Saisi. Those reasons they've had three big hits. Now, the rulers six, a ten o'clock curfew, and now the remixing rules of Tattoo. Regulations. I think each one of those would have been bad but not. Fatal but put the three together and it's just. It's just incredibly hard for them to operates at any kind of profitable level that they all desperately trying to make the most of any outdoor spice that can. But as you say, Oh, Tiber is one thing you know January February is another so I think they're all going to be extremely. Extremely, clever in how they tried to sway British people London's who traditionally eat outside in the winter months to change their habits and it's going to be haters it's going to be rugs. It's going to be blankets ulcer the Windsor I think one of the restaurant says he interviewed said they will facing the worst of both worlds. What did I mean by that? Is intended to you have this huge knock to your revenue because people in different households come out. So that takes away a lot of your customer base from families and households. So you lose maybe fifty seventy revenue but unlike tier three where some businesses bond some bars and pubs. Food A full SDI close down and get compensation from the government in return into to no one is actually forced to shut down. So doesn't trigger any government assistance. So you get that loss of revenue on the one side, but no support from the government on the other side and I think that's what people complained about. That makes to to uniquely tough for businesses just trying to do the right thing the CD's leading business owners were out to die protesting against the restrictions. What are they called on? The PM want the PAM to address this gap between revenue and government support by standing all sorts of measures to astounds sector, which could include waving. It could include a more generous furloughs game that Sir I'm just how sounds. So it could include help with business rights is all sorts of things that they are only grants as well. It will be available to tier three businesses that are the shut down by the government. As a whole range of measures that could help people survived through these next few weeks and months but. None of them on the table at the moment although they are for the two or three areas, which is Liverpool and Lancashire and nothing Manchester's about cigarettes Ansari as well. None of that is available for London and I think that's why they're so angry they argue not unreasonably that they everything that was also the when when reopen soya sauce covert compliant coded safe. Also, they point to the very small number of outbreaks of of coronavirus that can be traced to wrestle. and. Say The being clobbered unfairly an unreasonably away that will put many of them out of business. Next the numbers are certainly mobilizing the trump campaign into full force. In these last two weeks the US presidential candidates target the swing states. Looking for a new podcast to listen to. Here's what we love courtesy of a-cash recommends. You need to watch the reality. It should make you officer shot and killed a black woman in her own home after incident year after year. Say their name. A podcast that focuses on the assault and killing unarmed black people by police and in stand your ground states what happens when the Hashtag stop yet the community remains on the mother. Flawless sister. This is a person who has our friend, our colleagues, the opposite. If anyone you feel you need to defend yourself from, please listen and subscribe to this and other DC P. shows DC P. official DOT COM one apple spotify. Google Pandora or wherever you get your shows. A-cash. He will surrender your jobs to China. Surrender your future to the virus. The November three US presidential election is just over two weeks away and both candidates have spent the weekend campaigning in states that trying to flip president. Donald trump began his Sunday in Nevada once considered a battleground state but is not swung for a Republican presidential candidate since two thousand and four main while Mr. Biden attended mass in Delaware campaigning in North Carolina where Democrat hasn't won in a presidential race since Barrack Obama in. Two thousand eight lecturer at the UCLA, center for US Politics Dr Julie Norman joins me now Julie. How did they states vote loss time well, Bonnie right now both candidates Biden and trump are really focused on the key swing states in the US and those states are geographically dispersed across the United States. So we saw Biden in North Carolina, which is supposed to be a major br state that will definitely be in play I'm. Trump meanwhile was having a much more active campaign over the weekend on he had started in the Mid West in Michigan and also in Wisconsin, and then ended the weekend in Nevada in Las Vegas, and we expect him to move on today to Arizona. So all those states are really key ones both candidates will will want wins and all of these places and how did they state vote last time? So North Carolina is one. That Biden is hoping to take back for the Democrats. It hasn't gone for the Democrats since since voting for Obama in Michigan and Wisconsin those States in the Midwest Russ Spo were states that narrowly on that Clinton narrowly lost trump in twenty sixteen. So those are states that the Democrats are hoping to take back as well in Nevada Clinton. Wind. Bhai a very small margin. So it's the Democrats are really hoping to hang onto. And an Arizona when they're hoping to take back as well and what are the key issues that an and trump trying to hone in on how they trying to convince coaches. Yes right now, we see very different messaging from both candidates from Biden where releasing a focus on the corona virus pandemic on exuding some sense of empathy to the American people right now with how they've suffered not only from the virus but from the economic crisis as well and really trying to emphasize some clear plans and messaging around how she would address those conflicts are those crises. But it was interesting in North Carolina Biden also had a stronger message around racial justice that isn't something that he's emphasized in all the states in which he's been campaigning, but he is hoping for a strong. Turnout from African Americans in North Carolina and was emphasizing that point in particular around reforms are on criminal justice and whatnot. So that was something he was hoping would resonate and not particular state I'm in trump we've seen much more of a a rally kind of atmosphere in most of the places where he used campaign that tends to suit him. Wow, and tends to resonate while with his base. So there's not quite as much direct policy discussion as much as there is emphasizing kind of excitement around around trump as personality around him kind of as as as a person, not regard and again. Trying to underscore some of those same issues but but in a much more rally like formats, and so what are the polls saying and h? They states that the candidates really focusing in on right now you know Biden is ahead by almost ten points in the national polls. But again, it's these key swing states that make the difference for the US elections on right. Now, Biden has an edge and most of the swing states, but it's it's in the single digits it's relatively small it's especially quite close in Florida and Arizona. So those are two states that we expect to see a lot of focus. In these next few weeks. In the Midwest, it varies as well. Biden has the largest lead pie right now in. Michigan. Whereas Wisconsin and Ohio are much closer and Pennsylvania is sitting around five percent Biden lead and that's another quite crucial states. Trump is someone who likes to win. So how do you think these numbers are going to affect his campaign in the coming weeks? Well the numbers are certainly mobilizing the trump campaign into force. In these last two weeks, we see it in the number of campaign or the number of campaign events that trump is holding multiple events day crossing multiple states, which is very different than the Biden campaign right now, which is being a bit more conservative on slightly fewer events, definitely more social distancing and fewer people at those events. But it's interesting Bonnie right now, I think the Democrats are are also feeling a bit uneasy even though they're ahead in the polls this is such a feeling of Redux from two thousand sixteen and there's a real worry that that you cannot ever be too comfortable and you you can't take anything for granted and I think Democrats are also making sure that voter still feel a sense of urgency and importance and don't feel that Bahrain has. It in the bag that they still need to come out and vote whether that's by mail or early voting or in person. But this is not you cannot be complacent. Now is the lesson that I think Democrats learn from twenty sixteen the debate is coming up on Thursday after the second one was scrapped. What can we expect this time round? So this will be the first time that the candidates have met face to face since the. Very antagonistic debate back. At the end of September. This will be a similar format to that debates. Trump's aides have suggested that trump will. Kind of go with a bit more decorum than he did in the past but that's that's always kind of a question work with trump. The debate will take place in Tennessee. It's moderated by NBC anchor I'm Kristen Welker and it will focus on right now the issues there saying we'll be co vid race. Climate, and then some issues that we haven't heard as much about to American families on American leadership and also national security, which hasn't really come up too much yet in this election. So I'm a little bit different in terms of the focus there. And that's the later tomorrow we have the first of three special US election episodes that we'll be running h Tuesday in the late up to November three tune in from four pm when Evening Standard Columnist Phil Collins Speaks with editor-in-cheif George Osborne on what to expect as we countdown the wakes. Thanks for listening.

Joe Biden Donald Trump US London Evening Standard Bonnie Christian London North Carolina Arizona Mid West business editor Straits of London Michigan Dr Julie Norman West End Davids Wisconsin Tia paypal Jason Atherton
Duty call: how Ukraine sees the Trump scandal

The Economist: The Intelligence

22:48 min | 1 year ago

Duty call: how Ukraine sees the Trump scandal

"Hello and welcome to the intelligence on economist radio. I'm your host Jason Bomber. Every weekday we provide fresh perspective on the events shaping your world. Indonesia's presidents is in a bind and he wants sharp economic growth but that might come at the cost of an anti corruption efforts. Islamic conservatives are pushing for restrictive new legislation but that has brought out student protesters in numbers not seen for decades and our correspondent digs into a pile of autobiographies biographies trawling through the life stories of America's Democratic presidential contenders what qualities of a president our parent in the musings of an author uh but I in America. A debate is growing increasingly fervent did President Donald Trump withhold military aid to pressure Ukraine into investigating eating his political rival Joe Biden Adam Schiff the head of the House Intelligence Committee thinks he did short of its rambling character and not so many words. This is the essence of what the president communicates. We've been very good to your country very good. No other country country has done as much as we have but you know what I don't see much reciprocity here. I hear what you want. I have a favorite I want from you. Though oh I want you to make up dirt on my political ponant understand lots of IT MR trump surprisingly perhaps doubled down yesterday publicly making the same unkind suggestion that now forms center of a sprawling impeachment inquiry so I would say that presidents Alinsky it were me I would recommended they start at investigation into the Biden. Likewise China started investigation. Is it about Ukraine scandal also about just that Ukraine. The center of the affair is President flawed. Amir's Alinsky former comedian with no clinical legal experience is tasked with resolving a five year conflict with Russia following its invasion of Crimea twenty fourteen the kremlin-backed war in eastern eastern Ukraine has killed thirteen thousand people this week there was a breakthrough in peace talks between the two countries during the pathway to an international summit but for Ukraine to maintain a strong position misters Alinsky depends on help from America that means military aid so what does this scandal look like from Ukraine nine. I was in Kiev at the end of the week win. This story hoods broken and Macelroy is a senior editor of the economist and it was fascinating every bar cafe went into new could hear words Zilenski trump and heated debates about what happened was it meant in Ukraine and crucially who had got the upper hand at the end of it all. Did you speak to many Ukrainians about what they made of the the unfolding scandal. Yes I wanted to hear the voices really of emerging generation in Ukraine. I spoke to students of Economic Journalism Very Bright Bunch. That's a university and I found that the opinion was divided as one young woman for instance felt it reflected badly on Ukraine. I had this feeling as a shame about Ukrainian President Gordon because she didn't seem to like her president very much. Being a supplicant in this conversation having to flatter president trump's and agree to his demands this feeling kids are insecure want to repeat era since the trump said it was like we are not independent country but we'll do Ariston United States for us because during help from United States and one of the other students even suggested they shouldn't take the military aid tool after all of this permits meets not acceptable and what about this eight I don't know if we should take it now on that because for media media I know that it's necessary for our country and we might not handle it without it but maybe we need to change prosecutor on this but I did speak to another young woman. Vira translator and she took a different view was interesting. Throw her view Rosslea hope obviously was I think that if the price to have this chief military eight from from trump just for President Dolinsky being thankful and brazen. He's eager little bit. It's a good price to pay because we will need this eight eight. Do you think that is common. In Ukraine. I think this pragmatic view that whatever the embarrassments of those encounters with Donald trump trump that it's worth it if you get to hang onto military aid which does amount to lot it's about one point five billion dollars since two thousand fourteen and this is essential essential to this effort to ending the conflict with Russia on good terms. I actually that's a view widely held. Perhaps not so much in the elites. It's in among young liberals I think if you went into the country in particular areas reelected by the wall they about money continuing to flow from Washington and they're prepared to do only anything for that to happen what about that ongoing conflict and to the degree to which military aid is maintaining the balance of powers in Ukraine now how how do things look Ju- politically the the reason that this funding matter so much right now in it has been restored. Is that the deal on elections the DUMBASS region which was part of the Ukrainian demand mound for going onto an international summit on peace talks that deal was reached on Tuesday so something is moving but it's very important that Kiev goes is into this final round of negotiations with some military spending in its back pocket to push back against Vladimir Putin as we tried to get through this painful endgame game. It's clear what's at stake for Ukraine in that sense but what about America. Why does it have skin in this game geopolitically since the end of the Cold War Ukraine has been extremely significant to America it is very large country its location between Russia and Poland and the rest of Europe makes it always interesting fulcrum but most of the point if you take relations with Putin has been very changeable you really do need solid relationships with Ukraine lean and there is a lot of interest in particular I think a lot on the republican side in supporting Ukraine and seeing it as a bit of a counterweight against an over mighty Russia and what's Mr Putin's perspective on reaching a settlement with Ukraine one voice I consulted about is Richard Deal of he's the former chief of MIC so Britain's top spy when he was in office crucially he knows Russia and he knows the Old Eastern Europe and the old communist world very well indeed. Mrs told me that Moscow really needs to know this problem. I'm absolutely of the view which I have had confirmed by speaking to senior Russians. They're on a hook in. Are you Kramer's that desperate to get off but they need to get off without loss of face. He said that Putin's popularity is declining sharply. Russia is under sanctions funds from both Europe and America. They have bodybags coming home because of that conflict in eastern Ukraine. Even though it is acknowledged in the media that is a very sore point joined with public opinion so he wants a deal Mr Putin but the will have to be compromises along the way the west will compromise and we're going to fight Russia Ukraine. Just you know we're not gonNA fight. Russia over Crimea forget about it so we've got to come to some accommodation and from Ukraine's perspective if if that negotiated settlement comes about Ukraine simply gets it safety back Ukraine would get its safety back its security but it would also be very good for Ukraine Ukraine economically. There's vast potential in the Ukrainian economy. It is not realize partly because of corruption but also because the country has been docked in conflict with last house five years. I mean it's clear what Mr thinks about this sort of a net positive from a security and an economic perspective for settlements to come about what do you reckon well. I I think from the intelligence services perspective and the geopolitics. He's right the difficulty. Is this if you accept that there is an endgame with Putin it's in in which is kind of negotiated settlement you extend playing Mr Putin's game that you can invade countries you can cause untold suffering and loss of life life and then a few years later when you had enough of it you could come to the negotiating table and a deal will be done and it will off benefit Ukraine half benefit Russia. I think they're a moral problems. That position Mr till of is very pragmatic student of international says he thinks that's about the best that can happen. I I would just say be cautious along the way that one doesn't then simply encourage this kind of frozen conflict thinking in Moscow that they always end get away with it and this question around the now infamous phone call between Mr Zelinski and Mr Trump had been framed as a sort of who wins come out the worst. What do you think about that question. Donald Trump has certainly suffered whichever way you look at it. It's embroiled immediate impeachment inquiry. It's just another turn of the screw. I'm sure he fight back very very assiduously. Mr Lansky point of view I slide. He changed my view of him to build this. I think he's really an inexperienced politician. He has other interests in the background that he needs to deal with. Corruption is still being dealt with adequately in Ukraine but given to he walked into fly into the web. If you like Donald Donald Trump. I didn't think he came out so badly after all and I think it will strengthen him. Thank you very much thank you. Jason enjoyed it when he was President Joko Widodo universally known as Jacoby Roast Power in twenty fourteen as a political outsider presenting himself as different from other politicians small-town businessman he wasn't from the metropolitan elite had little experience. They often corrupt horse trading of national politics. He was reelected in May of this year increasing his majority but some have begun to question his appetite for reform and is positioning as a man of the people outside parliament in Jakarta and across the country tens of thousands of people have been protesting twenty one years ago a university students formed in huge protests that brought down the late dictator Suharto Dominic Ziegler writes Banyan column on Asian Affairs and now a new wave of university students are protesting against it's government policies in ways that consciously echo that earlier raffle marcy movement so what is it that sparked the protests this time around what really sparked the protests was proposed revision to Indonesia's Criminal Code that would have criminalized for instance extramarital all sex now if you consider that two fifths of Indonesian unmarried adolescence have had sex well then you understand the depth of student feeling but the code was swinging in many other ways crackdown on religious tolerance for instance and it was certainly student protests that led Jacoby to urge the bill to be suspended and that's what parliament it did last week and so if the offending bill has been suspended then then why are the protests continuing well opposition to the criminal code is not the only only thing that exercises the student protesters. There's a range of demands. One of the main ones is opposition to gutting of Indonesia's Anti Corruption Commission known as the K P K. This is one of the very few successful institutions in the so called refer- Massey era after Sahara's dictatorship taste ship the democratic era and it really wasn't effective body that went against corruption corruption by politicians the police state enterprise executives tips and people close to the president's office now the proposed bill takes away all the KP case strengths it removes its independence it would put you in charge a current police chief even though the police is one of the most corrupt in government and it would also make it much easier for the politicians who engage in corruption to get off scot-free the bill was passed hurriedly without consultation towards the end of parliament's session which ended on September thirtieth thirtieth what the protesters are still out to the streets demanding that Jacoby the president now suspend that bill for a year so we've got this criminal code bill which has been suspended ended at the last minute and a essentially gutting of the Anti Corruption Commission which went through hurriedly neither of these sounds like the kind of legislation that Jacoby Koa the reformer who is elected on a campaign of reform would have been behind. Why was he yeah he was elected because he was seen to be clean and that he wanted good governance but actually perhaps that's w- many Indonesians and outside commentators misread the man? The thing that really concerns him is to achieve fast economic growth. He wants an implausible rate of seven percent growth a year. He wants to do this by building stuff. By Building Bridges Newport's roads power plants things that he he says can turbocharged the economy now to get that stuff built. Actually a little bit of graft doesn't do any harm in his book. It helps oil the wheels and so no he's not really out to bring about deep institutional reform. He's much more interested in getting stuff done so that's one reason why he's up forgetting this bill. The other reason is that he does have powerful political masters Megawati. The daughter of Indonesia's founding father former president herself is the party both there are others in the coalition that he needs on side so it's kind of easier if he doesn't go after corruption but what about the elements that are more more socially minded religious tolerance and extramarital sex. I mean for whose benefit is this. Bill has so riled the students well I in in one of the great ironies when is his next vice president because Jacoby is about to be inaugurated for a second term is the head of Indonesia's top Caracul the body and this man roof amine was a great supporter of the Criminal Code Revision is very much a conservative and Jacoby himself has to appeal to that conservative wing of Islam. He knows he's vulnerable because that wing has in the past accused him of being faithless even spreading rumors that he himself is not Muslim at all but a Christian to do you think he'll be able to survive this. He's seen other protests damn but those ones have been organized by parts of the elites. They'd been elite driven this time. It's a a different type of movement. It's a bottom up movement and for Jacoby. That's also knew he was the outside of he was the guy from the bottom. He worked his way up and now the people oh who voted him in the first place are saying hey no we. We want to differ carry. It's not certain that Jacoby can pivot fast enough. Ah Please these protests which is why I think they could continue for some time dominic. Thank you very much for joining us. Thanks Jason uh-huh Even though America's presidential election is still more than a year away away. There's been no shortage of headlines about the Democratic candidates from Joe Biden's sons connections in Ukraine. Bernie Sanders is health issues but beyond on the news. How can you get a sense of who these candidates really. Are you read their autobiographies. I think the politicians write books for two main reasons. John Vitamin is the economists Washington correspondent with a long reading list. One of them is that it's signals their seriousness to donors two journalists and party elites and the other is that it lets them explain who they are and what they WANNA do at length on injure mediated and without interruption so when you read these books. What qualities are you looking for. What skills do you want. These candidates to show well all the books are telling in some way whether because of what they say or or how they say it or sometimes what they don't say one of the qualities that a president has to have in the American system is power of persuasion right the president has the bully pulpit pit of the books that I read the candidate who seems most able to persuade people why she thinks what she thinks is Elizabeth Warren and this is not an endorsement of her policies Ozzy's. It's just a note that she's really good at the political skill of saying why she thinks what she thinks explaining why policy matters and I think most importantly only telling stories that connect policy to ordinary people book is just. She's just very good at this so if Mrs Warren makes policy readable and persuasive. Do any of the other books get bogged down in the theory principal well if what you want to someone who is the most committed his ideals then I think what you want Bernie Sanders Santa's book and Sanders himself himself read like the product of a man who is a hundred percent convinced that he's right and everyone who opposes him is either cowardly corrupt Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren earned seemed to be competing for more or less similar pool of voters. If not the exact same they're both running on the far left the party the main difference between them and you get this from their books is that Sanders seem singularly uninterested in persuading anyone who doesn't already agree with him. He has never seen a complicated political problem problem that he doesn't shout at rather than wrestle with whereas Warren really does explain why she thinks what she thinks and explain why she thinks her view will be the best for the country so in that sense what you're interested in is a progressive candidate who can grow from the base rather than progressive candidate who is mired in that base and and that speaks well of Warren rather than Sanders. Do you think that comes down to writing skill. You know there's there's plenty of brilliant but unreadable treatises out there. Do you think there's a strong parallel between a good leader and a good writer speaking of someone who writes for living. I have to say not as strong as I would like but if you're looking for a potential leader who is a good writer then I would recommend people to judge this book. He is a couple of times that if he weren't in politics he likes to try his hand at novel writing and his book really is the most sort of novel Listrik of the campaign books in that sense. He has the the most skilled at evoking place and evoking character. His book is quite introspective in a way that that other candidates or not he sketches inches out his own personal journey quite well and he is. He's a deeply thoughtful candidate will yeah the the personal journey thing is kind of dairy. Say kind of a a trope of of the genre isn't isn't it is and another candidate who does that very well is Joe Biden. His book is about his last years in the Obama White House when he was trying to decide died whether he wanted to run for president in two thousand sixteen the ultimately didn't because this is what the other thing is about. It's about his older sons struggle with the brain cancer that eventually actually killed him so biden. One reason people like him is that he is just just a very big hearted emotional guy and that comes through in this book quite clearly. Is there ever attention in any of these books between the the kind of person that comes off the page and the kind of person you think would would make a good contender would make a good as leader yeah. I think you cory Booker's book. Just as when you meet Cory Booker you come away convinced that he is a thoroughly decent person who got into politics folks for the right reason but he also seems to completely lack ruthlessness which speaks well of him as a person but I think speaks speaks somewhat poorly of him as a contender and are there other books in this giant pile. You've read the you can kind of look at the book and essentially see the outcome of the candidacy well. I think Comma Harris's book was dull for the same reason that her candidacy is struggling which is that she is so careful and so- rehearsed the book. Everything's teams teams. Candan staged and that's been a problem with her campaign to so far. She does the set pieces really well. When she has prepared line she delivers it quite well but but I think she doesn't think on her feet terribly well and that leads to a sense that she doesn't quite know what she believes why she's running and I think that has been the main drawback of her campaign. Impugn so far so so all told do you do you think there's much to be gained in terms of you know insights and future gazing from from reading these books or do they amount to to nothing more than sort of politically useful vanity project. St Reckon. I have to say I was really surprised. At how useful it was to read all these books and it gives you a fuller insight as to who the candidate is is and you see their campaign in three dimensions in a way that you might not reading the book now you can you vote for candidate and follow the races without reading them. Yes you can but if you're passionate asked about politics and you WanNa make the most informed decision that you can. I highly recommend reading at least a couple of them. John Thank you very much for your time. My pleasure as has all this and that's all for this episode of the Intelligence. If you like us give us a rating on Apple podcasts and you can subscribe to the economist at economist quantum EST dot com slash radio offer twelve issues for twelve dollars or twelve pounds per see back here on Monday

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Vigilante action against Emotet. Third-party risks and data breaches. Cerberus is for sale. And WastedLocker ransomware and the fortunes of crime.

The CyberWire

20:35 min | 7 months ago

Vigilante action against Emotet. Third-party risks and data breaches. Cerberus is for sale. And WastedLocker ransomware and the fortunes of crime.

"Vigilant appears to be interfering with tents. Payloads of fintech breaches blamed on a third party service provider. A list of cloudflare users dumped online. There's a going out of business sale over the Serras Cyber Gang Malek Ben Selanne from accenture labs on deep fake detection. Our Own Rick Howard gathers the Hash to sort some socks and Garmon restoring its services after last week's attack may have been the victim of evil corpse wasted locker rent somewhere. Now a word from our sponsor. Securing modern business with cloud, native network, detection and Response, the massive shift to remote work has turned the reality of work on its head with cloud and multi cloud adoption. Comprehensive visibility is more important than ever, but in order to protect your business, you need more than unified visibility. You need intelligence response workflows, so teams can collaborate easily an act quickly. Extra helps organizations like wizards of the coast detect threats up to ninety five percent faster as John crease senior. It engineer. Put it quote. Extra hop is helping US accelerate cloud adoption by ensuring our workloads our secure. See how it works in the full production demo free, and no forms required at extra dot com slash cyber. That's extra hop dot com slash cyber, and we think extra for sponsoring our show. Funding for this cyber wire podcast is made possible in part by last pass last passes an award winning security solution that helps millions of individuals over seventy thousand organizations navigate their online lives easily and securely businesses can maximize productivity while still maintaining effortless strong security with last pass last pass can minimize risk and give your it team up. Breakthrough integrated single sign on Password, management and multi factor authentication solution. From. The cyber wire studios at data tribe I'm Dave Bittner with your cyber wire summary for Monday July twenty. Seventh Twenty twenty. A vigilante is contesting control of the IMO TAT infrastructure with its criminal Masters Zinedine at reports about a quarter of all EMMOTT payloads are thought to be affected. The specific method of interference is replacement of the images that carry the militias imitate payload with harmless animated gifts. Imo Yet you will recall had for some time been reckoned among the more dangerous strains of crime wear in circulation. It's bought net went silent in the first week of February, but returned in its present form earlier this month, the vigilantes work was first observed last Tuesday who the vigilante might be is unknown, but speculation runs from it being an individual or crew from the security industry to independent white hats to a rival criminal gang, trying to take market share from IMO tent. Digital Banking at maker Dave, also tech Unicorn, and no relation to this host of your podcast. Yesterday confirmed that it had sustained data breach that exposed more than seven million users data Z. denied reports. The data lost include names, phone numbers, e mails, birth dates and home addresses, social security numbers were also lost, but were apparently encrypted and password accessed in the breach are said to have been hashed. Dave attributes the compromise to a breach at way, have a third party which was once a service provider. The data have appeared on more than one hacking forum. The most prominent release was by these shiny hunters on raid where the data were posted without charge for its part. Dave says that it's working with the FBI, and that it's brought in crowd strike to help recover from the incident. Interfax reports that Ukraine's national, security and Defense Council reports that some three million cloudflare users have been named and their Ip addresses identified in a dark web dump. This story is still developing. Hard Times in the world of crime at least for the gang responsible for Serra's. The android banking, Trojan is up for sale bleeping computer reports that security intelligence firm Hudson rock found the for sale. Signs Malware as a service racket is auctioning itself offer a reserve price of fifty thousand dollars. If you'd prefer not to bid then the whole Shebang. Customer List Installation, Guide and Source Code Can Be Yours for one hundred thousand dollars cash on the virtual barrel head. Why, the sale according to the post offering to sell Serra's, it's a matter of time. The gang broke up and the maintain can't sit on the site twenty, four seven to provide users the promise support. We hope Sarah's disappears, but it will probably be back under new management. Last week's attack on garment is now believed to have been wasted locker ransomware leaping computer says the BBC reports that the extortionists demanded a ten million dollar ransom from Garmon. The company is continuing to restore it. Services Aviation Services were I back up last week and service for wearables returned over the weekend, although some users are still complaining problems. The company has been relatively tight, lipped, concerning what it's characterized as an outage, but Garmin has reassured its customers that to the best of its knowledge. None of their data are at risk. The. Perpetrators are thought to be the Evil Corp Russian. Cyber Gang Evil Corp was placed under US sanctions in December of last year, and that complicates the risk calculation of any victim that might be considering paying the ransom. We know too that there's been no suggestion we've seen that garment is interested in doing this paying Evil Corp. would itself constitute a violation of US sanctions and could expose any victim who paid to legal consequences? So. What's up with Evil Corp here? We turn to British tabloids and the American feds enlightenment. Fleet Street, which glories and Lurid Tales of crime has published some screamers over the weekend about maxine Victoria Jakko. Bets generally regarded as evil corpse proprietor. Permit us to share some of them. The. Daily Mail calls him a thirty-three-year-old Russian. Playboy Hacker who drives a customized two hundred fifty thousand dollar Lamborghini. That sports vanity plates filming. The word for that is thief. He shares the Russian underworld's predilection for making pets of exotic big cats in his case, a pet tiger and lion cubs. The mail sites as evidence of his immunity from molestation by Russian police Mr Yacob SS selfie videos of doing doughnuts around cop cars, his tricked out Lambeau, which apparently don't even get him a traffic ticket. The. Sun Points out complete with Glamour shots and wedding photos that Mr Yackobitz is married to the glamorous and well connected Alyona Ben Jeremiah, whose daddy is a senior retired officer in Russia's FSB one of the KGB's successor agencies. Papa is said to a pop for a two hundred fifty thousand euro wedding at a golf club, which the sun reports on rather breathlessly as if all of this is a bad thing or something. Maybe. There's something to that. Since traditionally, golf was regarded as a decadent western sport over in Russia. But Times Change, and as for those two hundred fifty thousand pounds spent on cake, Dj Hall, renting, catering, specially printed paper Napkins and so on. Well come on, it was the bride's special day. Where's the love? But any who any of that high octane social juice is said to explain in part why Mr Yackobitz enjoys the apparent immunity. He does from arrest in Russia. A more significant piece of the explanation at least as seen through anglo-american is, is that Mr Yucca bets is in cahoots with the F. B. That is his gang is among those the official Russian organs call upon for various services against those. They wished to damage in cyberspace. That's what the US Treasury. Department said when they lowered the sanctions boom last December. So Mr Yackobitz is wanted by the US FBI for conspiracy and conspiracy to commit fraud also for wire, fraud, bank fraud, and for intentional damage to a computer. The bureau is offering up to five million dollars for information leading to Mr, Yaacob SS arrest and conviction. He and his associates remain at large, and they're expected to do so until they either wear their welcome out at home or decide to do something rash like vacation in Florida, which when we last checked, had an extradition agreement in place with the United States. Still trying to check in at the Disneyworld Four Seasons seems like a logical next step for one consumed by criminal Hubris. or at least someone with a major, urged visit the happiest place on Earth and whatever they may say that ain't the are bought. Rick Howard is the cyber wires chief security officer. He is also our chief analysts, but more important than any of that he is the host of the CFO. Perspectives podcast over on cyber wire. Pro. Rick great to have you back great to be here. we are deep into season two and I guess not too deep episode of season two and you are kicking off something. You're calling your Hash. Table Interviews Br what what's going on here? Yeah, we're bringing new element. We're calling it. The Hash table interviews We talked about this last week, but I cajoled a bunch of my friends in thought leaders, and just really smart people about coming on and talking about a specific topic and this show be the first time that we do that. and it turned out really well all right so I i. think you guys will all. All be pleased with the results. Yeah, yeah I was able to listen to preview. And it is. It is compelling content Take us through. What some of the stuff you're covering this week. Well, the thing I wanted to point out here is that we've been talking about. What are the skill sets for? You know just generally cybersecurity people, but specifically in this episode. What is a sock analyst need in the last five or six years? SEASO's have been talking about just table stakes. These days is not really having a deep computer, science, background or some deep technical math background. A little bit helps, but while you really need is be able to learn on your own K. and because I'm I'm not going to solve your problem for you. I'm going to hand you big dripping bagger problems and make an expect you figure it out all right so and so that's kind of been the general theme but I was talking to Kevin Ford on the show. He's the. CEO over the State of North Dakota. which is this a fascinating job? Then we could probably spend three hours talking about that. But he has a different take, or at least an additional take on this right, but before i. play the Clip Guy. Just you have to know that. Kevin cut his teeth as a young network defender at NASA right a cool job. Yeah, he was a master, information, assurance and security specialists, so he's kind of space nerve. Just like you and me. Yeah, so here's the clip. I'm looking for the astronauts I'm looking for the people who won't. He won't buckle and generally those people are the people who are. We'll have a conversation with you and be very genuine They won't be afraid to tell you. They don't know something. They won't be afraid to tell you. Hey, you know. I'll I'll try to do this, but no guarantees. Because I want people I can trust not a bunch of guests, men and women when we're doing incident response. I want people who aren't afraid to fail. So that's something. I really try hard to instill in the team. Is that you know? Don't be afraid to fail. We need to try try things. And one of my metrics is is hold your beer moments. So how however many hold my beer moments? We've within the SOCK and a week. I take more as good as long as things as long as smokes coming out of the machines, then and something's on fire right, but if we've tried some pretty interesting things and failed okay, well, at least we tried, and now we know, and we've learned lessons. You know the more lessons you've learned. By the time you have your big event or your big breach, the better off you're going to be. Interesting stuff. I love both of those points right? He's looking for people who will not buckle in crisis. Which is you know? I guess I always assumed that, but it's great to pointed out. And also people willing to try and I love this phrase he uses. Hold my beer events. Right inside the sock it. Kinda reminds me a member. Samuel Jackson Jurassic Park and they had to reconnect power to the whole thing, and he's you know they basically do a reboot of the system in when he does, he goes. Hold onto your butts. My hold my beer moment. Right well, we'll look forward to checking it out. It's Eso so perspectives over on cyber wire pro- do check it out Rick Howard. Thanks for joining us. Thank you sir. And now a word from our sponsor GD it cyber impacts every aspect of our lives. That's why Gd I t is driven to ensure. Clients have cyber protection today while out thinking the threats of tomorrow. GD It secures today embedding resilient cyber solutions into every aspect of the mission from fortifying our nation's critical infrastructure to securing the technical edge, and they prepare for tomorrow, deploying new technology and partnerships to anticipate and preempt future risks. Their cyber experts enable agencies to evolve with confidence, accuracy and resiliency. They do all this because they know. Cyber is not a singular part of the mission. It's the thread that runs across every endpoint, every network and every person by proactively protecting instantly responding and constantly evolving GD. It makes today secure and tomorrow smarter learn more at Gd, it dot com slash cyber. And joining me once again is Malek Ben Salaam. She's the America's security are in lead at accenture labs Malek. It's always great to have you back. I wanted to touch today on deep fakes and and particularly How do you go about detecting if someone has generated deep fake? Hi Dave Yeah as you know, the effects are becoming a real problem. you know, depict I are known as these manipulations to image, sound or video content. That can be subtle but you know they may have drastic consequences and so accenture. You wanted to look into this problem that are a number of deep fake detection. Models have been proposed that look at the You know the facial expressions and extracts the subject's expressions from the frames in a video. And based on that. They're trying to predict whether the video is a deep fake or not. But there have been limitations to those models of a mostly rely on CNN's the confidential neural networks. which show great ability in detecting the deep fakes when they trained with data, but their their main limitation is that they cannot generalize meaning that if you. Expose them to data that they have not seen before to videos. They have not been seen before. They are unable to accurately predict whether the the video at hand is deep fake or not. So within within my lab, what we wanted to look at is addressed this problem of lack of generalize ability or what we call. Fitting to training data that was used to. To Build Co model and in order to do so we build some additional models that were Candan hammed with the full face CNN model to make this prediction, so you end up with an aggregate model. Primary model that is the full face Yan and a secondary model that itself is made up of weaker models. that. Look at certain features within within the the image or within the facial expression, so you may have a model looking at Chin, you may have a lot model looking at. A now blur and the edge, etc, all of these secondary or weaker models are making their own predictions. Secondary model is evaluating all of them and making its own prediction, and we aggregate that the the main FL- phase CNN model to come up with a final prediction whether the video at hand has been depicted or not. And this approach we think will be much more robust Less vulnerable to overfishing, and will be able to predict deep fake said at a reasonable accuracy when it sees of previously unforeseen date. So is the the idea here that you know I could have a video clip could load it into the type of system. You're describing and it would i. don't know, come back with a percentage, number or something say with this amount of confidence. We think this either is or is not a defect. Exactly it will come up with that likelihood assessment of whether this is a deeply video or not. And in is this? To a certain degree, a game of cat-and-mouse I mean as the as the fakes get better and I suppose they would react to the type of things that you are developing here to try to stay one step ahead of you. This has been yeah a cat on my game at it will continue to be so. As as an anything in insecurity, I suppose so we'll just have to keep improving. The technology has is our adversaries. Keep improving, there's. All right well, interesting work for sure me Ben Salem. Thanks for joining us. Today. And that's the cyber wire. Links, to all of today's stories, check out our daily briefing at the cyber wire, dot, com and professionals in cybersecurity leaders, the one stay abreast of this rapidly evolving field sign up for cyber wire pro. It'll save you time and keep you informed. Listen for us on your. Alexa Smart Speaker to. Thanks to all of our sponsors for making the cyber wire possible, especially are supporting sponsor proof points observe it deleting people centric insider threat management solution learn more at observed dot. com. The. Cyber Wire podcast is proudly produced in Maryland out of the startup studios of data, tribe or their co, building the next generation of Cybersecurity, teams and technologies are amazing cyber wire team. Is Elliott Peltzman Peru precaut-? Stefan Zuri Elsie Bond Tim no Dr Joe Kerrigan, Herald -Tario Ben. Yellen, Nick Lucky Tina Johnson Bennett Mo- Russell John Patrick Jennifer Ivan Re Coward. Heater Kilby I'm Dave Bittner. Thanks for listening. We'll see you back here tomorrow.

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Barbra Streisand T04 #16 El Vuelo de Yorch

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Barbra Streisand T04 #16 El Vuelo de Yorch

"Bobby so fun those prosecutors bay full veiling. They say they don't think. I thought they came a Copy phantom of the on the recommend too messy interstate serology in particular medical parallel to us but historical compartmental chauvinistic. Hold on to you From the she is funny with a to own system. I'm stuck in moustakas a month on. Don't do nicasio thought sanyo center. Yesterday the always. Cu that he'd done the nosecone should benefit chicago. Same i let them even giving every two of in the middle of winter squash komo about joins three seven in the center of the media. Who the aim williams. You're in my noticed station. But for sort of kylie did to the mobile three at agape political quandary yet any app in asking with mrs that your sheldon unit. My draws linkin to matrimony. That's why they don't ask he can get as far though this week. Got some spectacular decking on your body if base. Jekyll unilateral highschool in upper that meeting thirsting. Way governor neil diamond yambio infrequent benita amiga look at explicity. A computer on the fisher stale codes took a story land. Not enough the stays on the competitive saying three don tissue hero million interesting as wonderful. The auto allow the the frank but was instantly byun but another went to sit there in the house of the august. Amman desk said picnic. Intermingle was interesting when you're not in texas into the mobile funeral death rallies independent. This drift booed dane six comedy. The boyfriend another evening with harry stonecipher specific to throw within doses in that. When the can do this don't there's no bureau berry than the non go go through the nervous to enter. Took the lion moment units. Comecon dante notre yuckiness window at the university prima shown in the potential confusion s sleeping. Be inappropriate everybody There's the tonight show. They will tell him. But a million of those and then we'll see car. I can get it for you. Wholesale representative prepare dealer. Senorita model stain of view has positive. Then we'll just for this story so domino put in your donate. Put him on hold. They almost got him and let me throw enormous studio but advocates douglas county. I can get it for your wholesale. Don't monster dot com. Economy will not stain the union. That with that. God what are they doing to us now about the aten mass who took them after. See uh son who and where the days go laughing by as comes a call in on you sleep on. Don't what just he's a father. So is bob. You see suey be done taught me i will walk with my feed off as a committee. Just these frothy take. Maybe i use odd to be tall. You ready to hear your day. You're ready to learn what history has to say. Yes this community. Koala petitjean in billboard me does participate in part of a message on this. Call me now. Being eighteen quantitive saudi-owned deny been needles. Don't interpret schloss. What seventy six pain was writing books with a main reset. Now go through. Libra song predatory president of columbia records. Get down another the barbara. Give your manager. Martier only got lock your forever. Absolute kantara district. Eric matsushita in industry discography go can't stand on threes track. You can buy t known on your status interest. Washington advani allies whispered slowdown. Jaw columbia records the planet but as a middle level. Bussey come into postal got about interesting in studio owners. Trump does com Stuff many nine. Establish juanita's i've sunday puszta. No matter what you've done in respirators. Grammy in three years old. They mean horrible kelly. Stephanie now built in what about in that muscle renamed the vitas w mccord. Album in semi nacionalista diller. Weisman data. i'd love to swim in a clear blue stream where the what is high seco. Then go to town. In a gordon gown and fortune just schussed one johnson to want wa designed to be kissed upon the. I like to dance till two o'clock maybe standstill dawn. The bad could stand it. Just go on and just not to waste. Oh we've got to do out on fasten so oh to the law to do side but never done some bad change much Stream mumble of kissed stiller still serve the fun again this discourse flippity. Ms moore exeter. Evan does. Japan newman to identify recycle. Miss this must have been devotional. Billboard cranky took control the beatles domain list as they exhibition in the mid level the sitcom. Barbara's album moment. Those a few time goes by in the middle. They mean within the quadra giner ceos. They're funny gal third albums and a clever thirty or continuous Kind of Model other reference he will dealers threw a normal call candan it's same story. Believe fired full down as well blah. Funny gail did junior stein overall mostly cloudy roadway in depth of our funny breeze. Clooney actually throttle moment. This was being. This is the mark from within those off but officially they have come to this way but other time you live we'll be own. Put him on. That will be interested in meeting of him. Really julia dominion doses synthesis. Larry in on this another one contenders. That funny guy knows before you. There's been talk about it. But i know talked to in the data at two to the most simple addition. Then swear that the figures are a comic but titian onstage then mission and as far as the man is concerned if i've been The i know he's when the sky ground started ringing know that he's by the thunder. I words that can't start my heart. Sing a is the all suits and in the last two the A and you know. What only in percentage saito people. I won't push own. There's bound gonzalez beaters month. And in the run in question on as people look toward respirators in three years with your family just not yeah but if either enormous parameter interim no interest isn't usually doses entries. Obviously it's on sunday. Utah go more extensive. Not my with komo. Content dante point up to leaders and the judy garland show initiative. Judy can cut way down in the your only super mattis piano player but are say my name is barbara min into sentencing bushwick. See throw skull enough. United sunblock on komo the is diplomats. You need up. Dr como study that young okay. They make incorporate semi gonna wanna computers elizabeth theology bus juwan numa those into these quasi including next ninety the on demand. Borio move you. What i me put lemon daniel. Consecutively was my name. Is barbara contempt noisy or second secondhand roles spectacular and let me see what multiple syntheses. Sammy caller me. Barbara in the wall on show. I come from the next week. Wildlife up. And i wonder why not last sisters the exodus some some place some place some place where we as i sit down and back at me telling me what to be on the pain can just get out this time. Some big. no some brag newtown. Most of ood find him a man who already about where i go a manual nice. What i know changed my life gonna live in town and And nobody of inter societies boubacar shin- barbara medical michel legrand continuous kanthasamy. Fantasy english this quarantine complexity under barbara not mere old Do in november. Kim percentage land does simplest rayson for the film. The standardize mostly cloudy somebody of numerous numerous. The last last year christmas album. This math latimer lobby daniels contained little covered this another jingle bells silent knight maria loss and corner. They may not in the jane. Medicine would actually funny gal canto to the two thousand eighteen commuters on his story of these this the special edition a happening in central park. Actually about a pack a beyond the contest odeon say could but i am but it's your number and the democratic party That bobby the rock dente. Quick on walkabout day anytime minerals infosys and innovate the upper valley. Come rusty he bought it again. Does this 'cause august one zero. If i sang at a to would you stand up and walk out on me you france. Lend me already Sing you us. Ano- try not to sing addict key. Thank you oh. I get by with a little help from a friends and Get with a little from a friend. with a little help from What do i do when my love is way. Does it worry you to be on. How do i feel the end of day. Are you sad because you are on your own. No you get by with a little help from my friends. friendly and gonna With a little help from for Your want some tune with a little help Ooh water olds could just boost fromm in connecticut of stoney end who licata emperor of the with interested then up to the nervous admit skit at school. You don't own interpretation good job. He started to pass all sky. Amy good gummy. Donny begins his a theology. That logan cater into timber barbara jones. Three thousand dollars. You know it on you so into that. As for my fianna combo bob. Either saddened drugstore com. You you them at the other little symptom but they must throw swap or your particular makihata interested in those trophy nita pollock sullivan hopeless. Mother and bonilla. In this live concert at the forum concerto politico funders per candidate mcgovern. I was telling somebody this got by. The artists stigmas musculus synthetic among people. Don't rain on my parade. Happy days are game while in moscow stony. And where'd you lead through inspiration or make your own kind of music in on. Probably the discount jamila mass. You won't win. Offload undoing lady barbara not going on emporer steps and you don a good book tweeting on now dollar store. August is our out now on. Golly almost cast this guy. Aw so interested entities portugal. What want us to the barber. Stay send an older musical instruments. The typical bureaucratic sds equal mafia many different. Sme's minute romantika. The way we wear did he that for sydney pollack will not we. A permanent home does different. The political scopus alien to critic as possibly was on mother's like four lucky me three recent force though he's meanness in the needs the in november mean interested in what you buckle up on. This went on a monday. Joan peters fully one butterfly get professionally to amass got us spectacular petitjean threaten. I'll be in november this year. Your say detour lacy afternoon does not send us down. He super medical film contributed hans treats need a. What have i gone. Interested they say. Cj medicine raffia villanova. Three-year simple classical barbara will not multi blessed the streets and the focus. Does i lost critical mass lewis. Could you gotta walk on. Dot com victoria dishonest. Stay san otago. You're not gonna go hold on sunday. You never been ruled who haunted within. Then theater shepardson streisand superman valuable mess mental caterers conduct tamika exit door and aluminum Is in mind. You're listening to the song bird on the democratic party. I love this on next month sunday. Tomorrow against the you don't believe me is lower amar's foiling through with industry so that the heat up or even kashmir fade away. Tommy lee jones station which i thought bubble mista scholar country on prisoners new w bush depending on do. Don't bring me flowers minarik interested in three this joke. They will name you soda that i love your other sin. You could ill media that. Yeah chem was if you don't about home to that amount next door Threes on memento parabolic. barbara's threes and greatest hits volume. Two no matter. We're not gonna spend for that. Meeting with interested in other saito went on that mexico. Maybe donna summer tim on no more than fishing cynthia. What an owner ecological monica discount man skiing a donald off And september them in novi. Tinto move on to here. The to the guilty next connects directly Got a phone where the owner of those spaces on their considerable think of this and it still is only those needle masturbate units at copious until she ended. This has been on this three send. Are you gonna hold door game. I mean if you do put us in theurer guilty look. I'm funeral pasta. Raise their bill. Were hot thin the mission for a woman in law searching for your massive she so they told us what you want to put your nomination whether it'd be hot. Dish meant the brand new kind of rested their mind victim and i won't demeaning and figures commuted on the next week during our sponsors mondo goma. What kind of fool from blurry promises wonder where will be tomorrow. Zero three sundays medicine not filmed the gentle yelling again did not input abandoning discuss mental stallone. Respite understood did the camera in your memory. Moreover most cats he coming in and out of your life. I'm boston mass lamented. You got started listeners memories. Yeah combat tempo in classical districts and wonder coppola theriault gained louis. Es the las vegas mass massively to memories citadel said saito in normal the billboard up into course they patino joining us. Steve an bluer scattered of the spa smiles game. Two one full all the man could What's too painful to remember Simply shoes I'm here those interesting. They think look. Unt-until unfunded gathered. Deborah where gonna getulio grander discourse to a compost the cleanest but then clean diesel. Repeal cargo bachelors multicolored brockway. Come on a little night music. It west side story including teachers send in the clowns is sound. Were put us. Dad won't not putting your grammy and audio hoarding film boucle immune dozen of winter. You know citizen thome said the of this just for the record hickory. Ataullah restauration inquiry. I must visit into unison. Three unisom people. Exeter's as they must thursday damian within doing and joe never know estemirova theaters S- sent you see that other than the bill. Clinton got precedent brooklyn the macos. Funders company. Electoral. mrs francine figure. I've got across on you but a won't do it it. My exit fiance michigan and september. The meaning of internal stress and lethem fully commit feta the less than three dollars seven. Lucky down play one of those muslim. Listen they stood that in one respect. If what if you got up a lot of time in to moscow that it's all day and nighttime here we saw never had the least notion that i could fall with so much. Emotion could moved Mud crush on sweetie and all the song could fall with who look pod in september street. Center yoga's directed. That's a done deal. Quattrochi must contact us. Dawson says he doesn't know york Wounded studio vienna. Christmas may maurice those missing column la tongues but other guilty guilty pleasures film. Cocoon on this series. Barry chip in this is the only and fota they say. Barbara smile. Tony bennett lucasfilm promo productivity boom optimism daniels bennett in says donna. Ready to propose or to the recco that formed off but unless multiple goes if he ended up from the station to saint-etienne and what job. You're center philadelphia would approve ray staple center painter tour up to exit riddick i but your records in gossip mentors that he does the other three thousand money. Francia your the rain. Only twenty. Julia does not compare this group of accuracy. Content broadway exeter critic. Brian canary high food every cloud. I abbess the oh kok to missed much. Sure in those kaduna volume to the love is the answer this call diana crow. Jaguar premiums posters list as the uk albums chart the billboard. Painters litigate on. What what they're small. Start back to brooklyn partners and my your they those mid-eighties as streisand she end. Album in core moisture noticing broadway. Cause unkown i was supposed to enough quantity of with you. This including the media theaters threes and confidence focused on the walls s data. We'll take take on mr trump. So you'll does the november the postal lesson Pista they're stuck s. Don't lie to me is the restriction jecklin threat physical notre dame on the taliban. Talk like you're the guy. Chad does but brassy do enough. What does but of controversy there they. Affirm not accumulates minardi asset defense. Maybe being in the this we yet another goes on the on the surface later. S demand meet the komo fiorella fianbiiro. In those days. Straight circumvention done differently nkhoma discourse. When did this come with the beatles. Garth brooks expressly. This does communist rolling stones. Bruce springsteen imada nasa meal laugh along schumer. Would okay commissioner syria truth super fair to who the avenue clean employers who worked for exeter straightened circumvented artists. Sam salmon rantissi's the top ten. The rest is he is like anton. Tiffany nakamura's been steria restauration. Local molde's demonstra proficiently. That do number two to talk about as issue got combative done to donate has under this act. Hollywood call new has done muslim. Bitter taste impulse Brand s jess. Let's static glen this like ocean. But i do know group of the funky rhythm-and-blues they must exit only study at gwen. I'm fire. this change. Think mindset tonio hours controller not meet the evokes facebook instagram twitter. Winners this improv. And tony cole. Taback kim made it golfed.

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What's Going On In Pittsburgh?


22:21 min | 2 years ago

What's Going On In Pittsburgh?

"Yeah. Part of the rupture, but I'm Mike wilbon, Tony. We've been pronouncing, Christie, Teague is name wrong the entire time. It's Tigers only been getting mine wrong to actually Tony. Okay. No, it is not. So what is the biggest pronunciation change in sports ever Dorsey scores at the door? So that what he's been tied all these? Yeah. So I thought it was Christie criss. So I got that wrong, but her hobby big. John? Yeah, that's big PTI songwriter out there as far as I'm concerned, whether the PTI boys and girls in today's episode, the bears to see off today, Tom Brady tempers expectations for Josh Gordon and Eric Dickerson proposes a boycott of the hall of fame, but we begin today with the mysterious actions of Antonio Brown, the high priced wide receiver. The Pittsburgh Steelers did not show up for work yesterday. He also yelled at the offense coordinator on Sunday. And yesterday tweeted, quote, trade me unquote to someone who tweeted Brown wouldn't be all that without Ben Rothlisberger. And I'm not even going to mention that levian bell was last seen by TMZ on a jet ski in Miami will on what is going on in Pittsburgh. Little question is what's not going on in Pittsburgh, and by the way super agent drew Rosenhaus says that Brown. It was a personal reason the he missed the day and had nothing to do with the team, but has everything to do with the team because he wasn't there always ages. Now nobody wants to take. Players ages. They don't want to take accountability for what they say. If you if you skip something that be bold enough or band enough to come out and to say, here's the reason I wasn't there. Don't give me the brush off and talk around it and skate around it, but the Steelers and the bigger issue Tony is sort of, wow, this is not a franchise. You hold outs, everybody has those, but we don't really discuss the Pittsburgh Steelers, historically having these kinds of issues with management or coaching staff either or every year you look for a team that you think is going to take the big plunge. The New York Giants did last year and every year we look at the patriots and we said, was this the is this here they fall little bit. We'll look at the Steelers right now. They have very, very, very big stars in. It may be that their time has passed Ben Rothlisberger and you off season every year, threatens to retire Levy on bell is not there and Tonio Brown, who we thought was happy with this young time hasn't come. This is all time to win a Super Bowl. Oh yeah. In terms of their physical athletic prime. What they appear to be dysfunctional at out that have. Okay. And so in Tokyo. And I saw what Rosenhaus said he said, I talked to team. He didn't say, I got permission for this. Many said, all Tony wants to do is win, but doing house says this about everybody. You need to look at a team like the Steelers, and you need to ask yourself, are they? Are they now sort of not too big to fail, but so big that they will fail. It was a hand guided this ship through a lot of time decades and stuff and championships. It was Dan Rooney is no longer with us that this can't be a coincidence cannon. No, no. The bears beat the Seahawks in Chicago last night, Tony, Khalil Mack. Let another assault of a Super Bowl quarterback this time, Russell Wilson whom they sacked six times and forced into just the third pick six of his career. The bears offense they are. We thought they are did just enough to not get in the way, meanwhile, Seattle own to for the first time with Wilson's quarterback. And just a second time with Pete Carroll is head coach, Tony, did the game convince you that the bears on the rise or perhaps the Seahawks are just on the slide. So a moment ago I wondered out loud of Pittsburgh was going to take the big plunge. Seattle is down. We all think that down the boat it's over. It's over their defense, which is one great is scattered to the winds. They never had a great offense. Marshawn Lynch is no longer there. They don't have any offense at the moment Wilson. And he kids stand over the last x. amount of years when they played our zone. It was for the division title now for last place. And I'm going to go the other way too on the bears. I'm going to tell you that the bears right now looked to me like Seattle looked when they began to be very good, and I would suggest you Khalil Mack could do for them what Reggie White did for greenback. I hope you're right. I worry frit as I really do. Yeah. Frit wants business. Oh Tony offense. This looks like every other bears team to me every other bears team that has great defense invoice will you can go back before Bill, George, and go back before Butkus and Doug Buffoni Doug actors and all those guys up through singleness seem as Bill, but they don't. Offense used to walk out the field because then tells the story and he was say, hey, just stay out of the way. Just let us take care of the scoring because they thought they could score as much as the offense. And sometimes they do like last night, the big scores provided by whom picks I worry about the bears inability to play off. It's modern Leno to this. Let me go to this for a second, didn't they make the Super Bowl? Rex Grossman who wouldn't say a great quarterback. If Mitch Trubisky can get a hope he can sixteen eighteen point. He's not accurate. I mean, there are people wide open and he he's left and right, and I just worry say in answer to your first question, I believe these teams are going in different directions of both. This both ping this Seahawks. We can agree it's over. It's it's actually over for them. The New England Patriots made news yesterday by trading for the problematic wide receiver. Josh Gordon who ran out of chances in Cleveland. Now the patriots explosive talented wide receiver which Gordon was when he got on the field. Everyone wonders if Gordon will be like Randy moss was in New England, but New England also acquired Chatto Cinco who didn't do squat. There will on who will Gordon be closer to moss or Cinco Tony. Neither one of those guys comes to mind for me really know talking about an illness addiction that caused him to miss two full season plus other suspensions. And I know the pieces out their one piece compares to Chris Carter who's talked famously introspectively about his own problems early on his life the one year Philly. Before he got traded to Minnesota and became a hall of Famer and turned his life around. But Chris Carter didn't miss seasons. I know the drug policy may have been different than substance abuse policy may have been different, but I look at this say my first concern is, can he actually functioned with the patriots a zero tolerance program after having all this tolerance all his life. So there are two in my. Life. There are two uniforms that I believe if you put these uniforms on, you got magically better to uniforms the Yankees. Uniform was one and UCLA. Basketball was. Having a great they put on the unit. Great, the patriots. I'm not sure about that. This would be terrific story of he is a great player because what it does, it changes the ark of the season for the patriots 'cause you can't double cover gronkowski. If you've got a great wide receiver, it gives Brady both sides of the field to work with which he doesn't have at the moment. But like you, I share the grave doubt that guy with this track record should out on the patriot, I don't know. And by the way you as we all do to Sunday, what about Monday through Saturday? I don't know, but the patriots. I'm gonna give you a bunch of names and people go to the patriots and play better than anywhere else. Garrett blunt. Danny amendola. Wes Welker thrill Rivas Rodney Harrison migrate and they did it. I'm not talking about playing. Wait, if that sport is a sport you play less than all the other sports. If you got to live, can this kid will live if he's excessively Fung available because his inner demons, not letting. No, but it's hard to just presume he's going to be okay because TB twelve. Oh, you don't you? You root for us. I do. That's what I'm saying. I do fascinating story coming from a group of NFL hall of famers hoping to leverage its collective position integrator benefits. Eric Dickerson writes that many hall of famers including this list, Tony, Jim Brown, Joe Nemeth, Lawrence Taylor. That's just a few, say the as a group, they struggle currently with severe health and financial problems. And as a result, demand health insurance and annual salary or may Kat the hall of fame ceremony. Her Warner says he does not believe way cutting is the means to achieve this end and wants to include all players, not just hall of famers, Tony, your thoughts, all of this are what last time we heard from Iraq Dickerson. He was slamming Jeff Fisher. That was an issue that he was on the right side of it turns out he's on the wrong side of. This issue. This is the most one percent or thing I have ever heard of, including the way we traveled. This is a joke. You can't just ask for the whole of famous people who, presumably we're in a position has step that they just lead the way if you have the most high profile of the players, ever it leading the way terribly selfish to demand annual salaries for hall of famers when the grunts the guys who worked in the trenches and got swept the side because of the hall of famers you're not immediately demanding for them. I don't think I don't think a boycott really means. I think these same people probably slammed Terrel Owens for boycotting his own induction. I, there's money there. There's well intention there. I find myself agreeing with Kurt Warner more than originally to say this. I like to see it for all players. Yes, not just the whole, yes. All plays into guess. Eric Dickerson didn't just say for the hall of fame is he said they should lead the way now selling that aside for second, there is money. You're right about that, but how do you ever get money out of NFL. Owners. What are you have to do? I guess you have to demand the goodwill because you have to say this to the NFL owners. You're concerned with safety. When we played, you weren't as concerned safety and we bear the brunt of this. We bear the medical psychological scars of all of your profit taking now do the right thing and help us out often do they on their own the right this is not on your own seldom if ever this is not on your own. This is I'm be popular. Rebel money has to leverage something to get anything out. I- NFL Eric, I'm not saying this is the way I don't think somebody's gotta let you can't just ask for the hall of famers to get Norfolk. Hi, Caleb Joseph, a catcher on the Baltimore Orioles who is currently batting a robust to thirteen told the athlete, there's a lack of accountability in that clubhouse last night, the Orioles lost their hundred and seventh game. They dropped sixty games out of first place. Joseph said, quote, you don't lose record number of games and not expect some retribution. EV. Single lock here should be thinking, you know, I should be fired because I sucked period on. Given Joseph's meager production, should he really be the one calling everybody out now, I know you are not going to pull a switcher route from the last story and tell me it's gotta be somebody else is a guy who's one of the masses saying, we stink and it's fine for him and see that because they don't have Cal Ripken Eddie. And Franco anymore. So they're not always stayed is. So in this case is fine. By the way, what's the biggest shocker when you look into a boggling into the stands, the stanza Candan yards or the stands at FedEx field for the Redskins we were there. We were there when Camden built and was the best ballpark in the major and you were always treated well when you were there and they had good teams. They were great franchise. They had athletes who stayed in that city forever and ever and ever because they were treated well, this is is almost unbelievable. I'll tell you something buck show. We'll fix lose a manager and he's gonna be out Buck Showalter manager for twenty years. Join the Yankees won seventy six next year. Eighty eight to any time in bags. One sixty five nicks one hundred. Join the ranges. One seventy one next year. Eighty nine join Orioles. One sixty nine next year ninety three and it's it's they. It's ghastly what they're doing ghastly well, okay. So this is just a voice in the wilderness by the way. I mean, we're talking and we actually care more about it because we spent a lot of time driving up. Yeah, I ninety Alta eighty memorial Hampton yours and yes, it was a great fresh is again, I tied these, maybe I shouldn't. I this with the Redskins a great organization for a lot of years. And now kids, raw flies, Tony. No, it's it's and Baltimore's a really good sport city though. A small population city without a whole lot of money, but they supported them so well for so long. Let's take a break coming up who is more likely to keep it going patent homes, Ryan Fitzpatrick and your boy, Nick Sabin. He crushes his former assistant. So should Jim be looking forward to Saturday's game Tuscaloosa Mitch savings. Now, my boy and I'm sure urban Meyer is now my boy to and Bob stoops my going was riches is easing. Boot or presidents boxers. Low of nature option is brought to you by America's biopharmaceutical companies. Go boldly. I just saved hundreds of dollars by switching to gyco. I'm as happy as a clam disclaimer. Geico cannot guarantee. You'll be as happy as a clam on the legal team cannot accurately verify claims even experience the complex human, emotional state, known as happiness as an invertebrate. Mollusks living emerged on the ocean floor with no arms legs. Wireless access what's there to be happy about a clams like all. I'm so happy. I didn't get turned into New England clam chowder today regionally as Toda tall. Aw, that's so fun to say. What were we talking about? Again, gyco fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. It's time for toss off were two men enter and one man hollers an empty clip victory. What's worse toss up more likely to keep it going. Pat Mahomes arrived Fitzpatrick. So I'm rooting for Fitzpatrick. He's thirty five years old because he's in the league fourteen years and he's never done anything like this. And this is a fairytale, but I probably would bet on Mahomes because I did he surrounded by more talent and there's no number one overall draft pick looking over his shoulder. Wondering when he's going to get his job back and they'll Tony. I like my instinct is agreed with you word for word there, but fits Patrick. He's had this role of coaster. He started a lot of gains up onto twenties, had good stars before, nothing like this. And then he's just flattened out and been terrible, got to go to the bench with him. So the safe, it's Patrick. I'm gonna say, it's better story. I don't care what sport you play and how great you are. Ali tiger is why everybody, except maybe shorten it region back the gods of. That sport bring you back to earth a little bit. It doesn't Mahomes. He's flying at the sun right now. Isn't he games too? It's an echo situated. We like to say next toss up who should be more excited about Saturday's game JIMBO Fisher or Nick Sabin. Well, I understand why Vichy would be excited because he's got a chance to beat the number one team in the country. Couple of weeks ago, he had the chance to beat the number two team in the country Clemson, and he came relatively close at that point. But the guy who is excited is saving because his team is great. They've scored a hundred seventy points in three weeks. They put forty nine on a conference opponent last week in the first half and two is a sensational quarterback. What that's Nick Sabin that's this year. That's last year before that it's next year is Tuesday. So what JIMBO Fisher's got something here in a kilogram now, say is more valuable, Forbes, I guess this is more value money, money, money, money, money, money, JIMBO Fisher. Any knows what the other. Assistant coaches, his brethren have done against the boss crushed enough. They got the answers JIMBO next toss up. They play Thursday, all win more games. This season, the jets or the Brown. Okay. So the jets already have one and they get buffalo twice, but they're crossovers the NFC central, which is very tough division. Cleveland should be to an and they have no win should be their ticket cost of the games, jet Ross over the NFC south where three teams classes, I will tell you this. I think Cleveland will win this game. And I think the winner of this game, whichever team wins will win more games. This season I think is probably going to be the jets by the way I wanna watch this game, and I would never have said that the only to the only thing that is in my head about these teams in hate the jets, you said you hated. I got mad at them because people like you in green. We're going nuts over this quarterback, Sam darnold one game. I don't hate the jets, but there's only one thing they have in common to me the opening Monday night football game. When I say open the. First of all time, and I think right four picks game if I'm not mistaken. Your idea about absolute next last one toss up more likely to win the National League. Most valuable player hobby bias or Christian yelich. Okay. So we've eliminated then Nolan are not when we've eliminated Trevor story and we've liberated garter we've limited. I have heard for months now that by as Jackie Robinson, it's, it's not a comparison that I accept that the moment that's socially on the diamond LA's assiting player in bays Ellie is is a head of him batting average, but behind him by one in homers behind him by twelve in arms about the yellow had a great second half which might influence voters more and it's going for the cycle twice including, does it have any play in this? It doesn't matter how you by is is superior defense player, I think is a favorite right now, but hobby by is a superior visit player. Tony yelich is a nice second basement. He's a really good second basement by this third. As out the shortstop, yellow second base outfielder he's a nineteen. Glad he's a ni- second base. Nice out though. Disquiet has started a second is you're right into the record. Let's take one last record. Breaking silicone. Why Jerry West in the clippers hiring Sports Illustrated wire, we Jenkins for their front office. I heard there you weren't available. I am. What are we gonna expect out of Aaron judge in his return to the lineup tonight against triple my salary, and I'm vailable to be in the front office anywhere you saying that they tripled Lee Jenkins and Sal a wild shot at you're working late. When you get into Lert on your smartphone, your blink motion, activated security camera, picked up something suspicious at home. You open your blink out and watch video clip of someone hearing through your kitchen window. You dial nine one one and police role. I mean, isn't the point of having home security to alert you before bad stuff happens? Not after. That's what blink does. Order your blink cameras now and get fifteen percent off at blinkprotect dot com. Slash score blinkprotect dot com. Slash score. On people happy. Twentieth birthday Christian. Listen, you remember last summer when Alexi Lalas derisively referred Tim is wonderful. We'll unlike lawless, never did squat in any of the Goodyear pay. Come on. Sick is starting for Baru SIA Dortmund into Bundesliga Willman you're not Mr. soccer. Tell us about politic. Wait a minute. You gonna say he's bogus for calling wonderboy that's not derisive necessarily. It's like me calling Tom Brady the golden where he is. The golden boy politic is the wonderboy. It was derisive not so happy anniversary of the polo grounds on this day. Fifty five years ago, the Mets play the final major league game ever that it was such a momentous occasion, seventeen hundred and fifty two fan you. One of the highschool burst of all, yes, the Mets didn't belong to the polo grounds. The giants did the giants of Willie Mays and montier in Mellat Christy Mathewson. So don't tell me about the Mets and polo grounds. The Mets were only there waiting for Shea Stadium to be built, adopt the Mets resent them playing in the polo grounds. Race to play Katie wasn't there. It was the giants, happy trails, Sports Illustrated for writer. Lee Jenkins Los Angeles Clippers of Jerry West and Doc Rivers or hiring Sports Illustrated writer. Lee Jenkins to newly created front office position of executive director of research and identity. Apparently, John has something to do with psychological profile of clippers players. What's wrong with the clippers is not their psychological profile. What's wrong with the clippers? Is it their players, get better players to a bone you? You wrote some of the greatest profiles in sport and nobody ever offered on all, you know, dot e has your number. Nobody ever said Khan, take our money and tell us what we're Xango doc on this set. We are no errors. Let's do the biking, Dan Bailey, replace the kicker. They cut Daniel Carson. Is that a good decision? I guess it's a good decision with kickers. All even seem just like skittish right now, the father of UCLA starting quarterback called up chip Kelly for lousy coaching and play collie deal UCLA. This could be a lavar ball situation again, then just cannot good dolphins, rookie. Minka Fitzpatrick has applied for the trademark fits magic. Is that smart on cheesy? I know what you're getting into riotous. Patrick, like he has some ownership of that after two weeks of the way they the one who is minkah Fitzpatrick you don't Kelly Saux Yanks tonight. Judge is going to bat second. When he spent. I spent two strikeouts. I expected double other. Yes, I expected w last one Rockies dodgers Freeman Kershaw who you like Louis had a better season. Kershaw has been hurt out as much in and out the freemen of sixteen game winners. What's the next time? I'm Tony Kornheiser. I'm Mike wilpon same tomorrow knuckleheads. You can get the PTI podcast on the ESPN app or apple podcasts your fasting tomorrow.

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October 13, Hr 1  Wind, judicial confirmation, and presidential debates

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

32:40 min | 5 months ago

October 13, Hr 1 Wind, judicial confirmation, and presidential debates

"Wake Up. It's time for mornings with Gail and thirteen ten. KFI? K.. Well. We have it on good authority. A wasn't a terrific show. But what exactly was that dust storm that swept across the state on Sunday called as a channel to meteorologist atmospheric scientists might make Matt Makings might say, well, it was interesting six eight now thirteen ten, kfi thirteen, ten KFI K. A. Dot com northern Colorado's voice morning. So Gail from the Auto Collision Specialists Studios Front piece out of nine news by. Meteorologists Corey, Repin, Hagen Sunday storm while the front actually triggered that huge wall of dust carried more than three hundred miles into the Texas panhandle. Did you say it? I know it certainly caught my attention? Well, the size and organization of that dust storm meets the criteria wait for it. Wait for it to be called a boob. Yes. seriously. That's what it's called. The American. Society defines a Boob as an intense wall of dust to cause by strong winds lofting the dust as high as five thousand feet. It's followed by an increase in wind speed and well, understandably low visibility. Sundays BOOB was easily a few thousand feet high now, boobs can be caused by winds coming out of a large thunderstorm like what happens frequently during the monsoon, for example, in Arizona or a cold front, which indeed was the case with Sunday's Boob, it could be seen from satellite stretching buyers. Koby Kansas. That's about two hundred miles. In case you're keeping track there were sixty to seventy mile per hour winds that we all experienced. Now, this was not likely Colorado's first ever boob but are dust storms here rarely form such an organized wall of dust, the drought conditions that have persisted on soils on the Eastern Plains this year made it much easier for the cold front lift that amount of dirt that it did on. Sunday. Now, a similar wind event previously referenced known as a great show. Well. It swept across Colorado back in June. Drako show is and Organiz of thunderstorms that create damaging wind gusts along its long path. That was the first ever ratio on the front range of Colorado but yeah. Increasing our word knowledge as we add yet another word to the lexicon. In case you're wondering and you're ever on jeopardy well, you can say what is a boob and Y'all actually know Meanwhile you've got cameron peak fire crews keeping an eye on the weather just looking for hot spots to mop up near structures relocating heavy equipment keeping a close eye on the weather This is according to a piece out of the. Fort Collins. Colorado and by miles bloom hearts and Kelly Lyle rain and up to five inches of snow fell on the fire Sunday giving. Firefighters a bit of a reprieve in the two month long effort to contain the largest fire in Larimer county history. The third largest fire ever in Colorado now forecasts called for warmer drier weather and winds from the West northwest gusting up to fifty miles per hour on Monday and today could push the fire up against containment lines on its eastern edge. The fires potential spread to the east where firefighters have established. What they believe are reliable containment lines was listed as moderate in a Monday morning. Update Troy Muller is a planning operations trainee with the team overseeing the firefighter firefighting efforts at the Cameron peak fire. He said, we still have a lot of high winds that were expecting so we're staying real. For the high winds because while that could increase not only the fire activity but the firefighter activity as well. Cruiser staying engaged and aggressively working at all of those areas too good news is those efforts paid off for glacier residents on Monday this as the voluntary evacuation order for the mountain community west of livermore was lifted shortly before three thirty yesterday afternoon the Red Feather Lakes area to the north west of glacier view remained under voluntary evacuation order yesterday afternoon, the US Forest, service expanded its closure of public land in the area. Sunday because of increased fire activity now officials. With the Forest Service's Canyon Lakes Ranger district said in a release, the general area now closed national forest system lands west of the national forest boundary except the Lower Putin Canyon east of the Colorado State for a state park south of the Colorado state line and north of Colorado highway thirty, four This is the Big Thompson Canyon the closure includes all campgrounds, many trails, trail heads, forest service roads, Brown's voting and phishing sites and many hunting areas as well. Now Muller said the southern end of the fire received up to an inch of snow Sunday while the northern edge received anywhere from three to five inches. Now that snow was melting quickly Monday though again, that fire, the Cameron Peak Fire began August thirteenth near chambers. Lake in the Upper Putin Candan Canyon burned one, hundred, thirty, four, thousand, five, hundred, fifty, nine acres containment still listed at forty seven percent Muller said he expects that. figure. To grow over the next day or two as cruise shore up containment lines to the north primary concern yesterday was to mop up around structures that had been spared Friday when the fire moved through Colorado State University's mountain campus at Pingree Park and the adjacent Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp Structure Protection work was continuing along Buckeye road to the east of the mountain campus for stove prairie road grows crews were also doing mop-up. Worked to look for, and again, put out any hot spots around structures along Colorado highway fourteen this from the Kelly flats area, just west of stove prairie road to the fish hatchery, and along the long drought road near the top of Cameron Pass crews. We're also monitoring the area round Joe Wright Reservoir on the southwest edge of the fire prevailing winds in that area were expected to push the fire back into itself actually preventing additional spread heavy equipment that had been used to. Build a fire lines on the end of the fire near Crystal Lakes and red feather lakes and a long long draw road for being moved to other areas of greater need. Again by the numbers, the fire acreage for the Cameron peak fire was listed. Monday. At a one, hundred, thirty, four, thousand, five, hundred, fifty, nine, acres three, thousand, two, hundred, two acres from surpassing the two thousand and two Hayman fire this to put it into perspective as the second largest wildfire in state history. At one, hundred, thirty, seven, thousand, seven, hundred, and sixty acres again, containment of the cameron peak fire was at forty seven percent Monday morning and there were two hundred personnel or there were nine hundred twenty personnel assigned to battling this fire keep all those firefighters all the personnel in your thoughts and prayers has the effort continues six fifteen now thirteen ten, Kfi, a thirteen, ten, Kfi K. A. Dot com northern Colorado's voice this time check sponsored by candlelight dinner playhouse where an amazing production of camelot takes center stage through October twenty fifth candlelight dinner playhouse. Broadway in your backyard visit Colorado candlelight dot com for more information well, coming up contentious confirmation hearing yesterday. Day One of the confirmation hearing Amy Conybeare it of course, sat through nearly five hours of opening statements from lawmakers on the Senate Judiciary Committee we'll give you a rundown on that contentious confirmation hearing. As Colonel Joseph would say, is there any other kind coming up in just a few? Inside the bear's den presented by Chris Musa Agency allstate insurance tonight at six northern Colorado's voice thirteen, ten, carry I've K. Is it time to get rid of a debate moderators this as the second debate between president trump and Joe, Biden has been canceled way to go Steve Scully. Get in touch with the Moods Steve Steve seat, and then trying to cover your tracks. By saying Oh no my. Was Hacked Yeah if you if you missed that little bit of Kabuki Theatre, we'll get into that. But many critics are now saying that the debate commission actually bailed out and C-SPAN. Steve. scully by cancelling this Thursday's debate. What about the third debate? I don't know still kind of up in the air, but it's time to get rid of debate moderators. I will say Susan Page USA Today, I believe it was did a much better job than poor Chris? Wallace was scrambling for purchase just floundering losing control of that presidential debate within the first five minutes. So one question for you is it time to get rid of debate moderators and just let the candidates, Duke it out. Manno Manno as the case may be, is it also time to get rid of all of the hijinks that so characterize a confirmation hearing? You tell me nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, drop me tax on our thirteen ten Kfi am text line at three, one, nine, nine, six, this as the Senate committee reconvenes `Bout Half Hour from now for day two. Of the contentious confirmation hearings. So lawmakers today will get their first chance to ask questions. Of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett this chorus president trump's choice to replace the late Justice Ruth Baiter Ginsburg, we spent some time yesterday talking a little bit about the fact that. The Democrats are squealing. sensed. Because well. The president and the Senate have the audacity to be doing their jobs in filling a vacancy. But I don't know I. Don't know if they think we're dumb. Or if they just think that they can say anything. And if it's wrong enough long enough. Well, then it actually. Is Accurate or or maybe just maybe the loudest. The hypocrisy is absolutely stunning because now you have the Nandor. That the Republicans are guilty of hacking, the Court of course Joe, Biden still refusing to answer about what his take on when it comes to port court packing even though earlier well, you know he's been kicking around the swamp for about what forty seven years now but earlier said though no, he wasn't a fan, but will he be controlled by the more progressive elements of the Democrat Party? That is a rhetorical question I. Think we all know the answer to that. But now you've got the Democrats saying, no, it's the Republicans that are guilty of packing the court with this confirmation of one amy Coney Barrett took fill a vacancy. Riddle me this if you would. When is filling of? A vacancy. A AGAIN They're not going against the constitution here. This is this is constitutionally approved. It's got to constitutional stamp of approval. But when is filling a vacancy hacking, the court. That's what the Democrats would like you to believe. Help me with US nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, dropped me taxed on thirteen ten KFI. Text Line at three, one, nine, nine six, but watching the confirmation hearings so you don't have to so I can give you. The Reader's Digest version and we will do digest that. As Day two of the confirmation hearing. For Amy, Coney Barrett we'll get underway this morning. Now this after she sat through nearly five hours of opening statements, her family, her children behind her this from lawmakers of the Senate Judiciary Committee just yesterday with Republicans and Democrats doing what they do so well, screaming about the propriety of considering her nomination. So close to the election again. Yeah. I would concede the fact what we're twenty one days out from the election. Yeah. It's a pretty short timeframe but not thing in the constitution prevents the president from nominating to fill a vacancy or the Senate to confirm said nominee to fill a vacancy. and. Then there was the question as to well what a future Justice Barrett might mean. For a Supreme Court that could have adorable conservative if a majority with per confirmation. So we're going to break down what happened yesterday and take a look ahead at. The hearing today day two of the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings spec to get underway just about a half hour from now closing in on six thirty now thirteen ten KFI gay. While the whole sports story in northern Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten Kfi K.. But no shortage fireworks on day one of Amy. Kuney Barrett's of confirmation hearings this as sparks flew six, thirty, seven now thirteen ten k a thirteen ten K. F. K. A. dot com northern Colorado's voice warnings with Gail from the auto collision. Specialists Studios. Yeah. She sat near the sat through nearly five hours of Well, a lot of preening and posturing yesterday at least that's how I perceived it. How about you had? Did you watch the first day of the confirmation hearings? Are you planning on watching the rest of them? Nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen ten. But yeah, we retreated to opening statements from lawmakers on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Republicans Democrats doing what Republicans and Democrats do so well, not it's just A whole lot of sound and fury signifying absolutely nothing now bear barring anything unexpected transpiring. Throughout of the rest of the confirmation hearings, it's pretty much a done deal as they have the votes in the Senate to confirm Amy Coney. Barrett. Now, Judge Barrett. Is a long time Notre Dame law professor she graduated first in her class from Notre Dame who has served three years on the chicago-based seventh US Circuit Court of Appeals Yeah I know gave her opening remarks at the end of Monday's session judges she said I, think this is key to her judicial philosophy. Judges have an important but. The role in the US constitutional system. One in which? Oh she's a textualist constitutionalist one in which they have to interpret the law as written. Not as they wish it could be. Here's what she said. Yesterday courts are not designed to solve every problem or right every wrong in our public life. Well. Isn't hasn't that been the trend. And could it be argued that that is what Democrats would hope to accomplish this is. Joe Biden is still. Well refusing to answer the question about packing the courts. But isn't that what they're doing? Using the courts to legislate. because. They're loggerheads in Congress. So why don't we just leave it to the courts? Why don't we just leave it to the? Supreme Court. Judge Barrett also expressed admiration for her mentor the late Justice Antonin Scalia. Conservative icon of course, for whom she served as a law clerk to a piece I pulled out of the Wall Street Journal. By Brett Kendall. Now if Monday session is any guide Democrats will focus heavily on the issue of health care in their questioning of Judge Barrett today, which is slated to get underway about twenty minutes from now. Now, Supreme Court has previously. Preserve the affordable care act in decisions in both twenty twelve, and in Twenty fifteen and a new case on the laws future is set to be argued before the court next month, it would be a week after the election and you already have the cry coming from. Well, the more progressive laughed saying that well if. Judge Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed as a Supreme Court justice. She should recuse herself from those discussions. Why would she? Democrats say the judge Barrett's presence on the High Court could put the lawn jeopardy before joining the bench. She was indeed critical of Chief Justice John Roberts Twenty twelve opinion upholding the help laws mandate that most people carry insurance. After Day wants proceedings, he had committee member, Senator Chuck Grassley Republican out of Iowa saying the Democrats had unfairly tried to scare Americans into thinking that they would lose health insurance and that Republicans would have to spend a lot of their allotted questioning time disputing what they view as democratic inaccuracies. That's going to be a long day for Judge Amy, Conybeare Barrett because you've got twenty some. On the Committee On the Senate Judiciary Committee. They get thirty minutes apiece. To Grill Judge Barrett, if you do the math well. From up to about eleven hours of questioning. Another round of questioning slated take place tomorrow. Now. Here's where it gets kind of interesting political events that followed Justice Scalia's death in two thousand sixteen while they continue to resonate in the judicial confirmation battles that now focus on judge Barrett. Senate Republicans than is now in the majority, held the Scalia vacancy open and declined to give a hearing to President Obama's nominee Merrick garland saying the seats should be filled by. Whoever prevailed in that year's presidential election after Mr Trump won the White House he installed justice neal gorsuch. Democrats say Republicans have abandoned the principles they laid out for years ago they're sprinting to confirm Judge Barrett before election? Day. Yeah. They're doing their job. This after the unexpected passing of Justice Ginsburg just weeks ago. Republicans for their part. Say the current situation is different because like in two thousand sixteen, the same party controls both the White House and the Senate. Let's just call it for what it is wouldn't the Democrats if the shoe were on the other foot, wouldn't they be doing the exact same thing? and. So what the Republicans? Judge? Barrett's nomination could be one of the most important in recent memory because well, it does have the potential to transform the high. Court by giving conservatives the rock solid majority that Republicans have long sought. Though the court has displayed a conservative tilt for decades. It's been closely divided with liberals maintaining for of the courts nine seats that slim margin has met that liberal justices continued to secure some pretty big victories or at least slowed the courts rightward progression by peeling off a single conservative vote. Replacing justice. GINSBURG. The courts leading liberal with judge? Barrett That would likely I think we can all agree on this point create a pretty significant ideological shift. The nominee is demonstrated a consistently conservative record on the Appeals Court. Now Judge Barrett went through the confirmation process in two thousand, seventeen after Mr. Trump's elected her for the seventh circuit. The grilling she will face this time however is likely to be far and vastly different. Last time she appeared before the Judiciary Committee alongside another judicial nominees was senators time for questions split between the two of them and when asked about Supreme Court precedent like Roe v Wade which established constitutional protections for abortion rights. Then nominee was able to say that as a lower court judge. She would be duty bound to follow and accept all High Court precedent. Well if she joins the Supreme Court Calculus could be different because justices have the power to reconsider the court's prior rulings. borsen certainly. Key. To today's confirmation hearings. That will be the hot button issue. Especially because Judge Barrett has a more defined regard. On this issue than other recent nominees. On the Appeals Court Barrett has cast to descending boats that suggests she skeptical of broad legal protection protections for abortion rights and may believe Adam minimum that the constitution should allow states more room to regulate the procedure. During your academic career, she was a member of the Group University Faculty for Life She, previously signed her name to an antiabortion newspaper advertisement including one. Opposing abortion on. Demand. Both parties at least to this point. Have approached the abortion issue. Somewhat. Delicately, in the run-up to the hearing some voters are. Really submitting ballots around the country some. Ten million ballots across the country have already been cast. Now, Republicans. Perhaps mindful of moderate voters they may need stayed away from that topic yesterday several Democrats did raise it but with caution. After. They have faced attacks from Republicans. WHO SAY THEY OPPOSE JUDGE? Barrett. Because of her Catholic faith. Should never be a litmus test now should it? Your religious beliefs. In. The two thousand seventeen hearing Senator Dianne Feinstein do crew drew criticism from Republicans and some Catholics for saying after reading professor Professor Barrett's speeches. The conclusion. One draws is that the document lives loudly within you? Democrats signaled during opening statements they intend to stay away from the religious religion issue, but that remains to be seen. But again, absent unexpected developments judge Barrett's confirmation isn't in doubt. Because wants skin Republicans hold that Senate majority majority and they have the votes they have enough votes. Even with the loss of. Susan Collins of Maine. And Lisa Murkowski Alaska. WHO said they oppose voting on a nominee before the election. So let the fireworks continue as things certainly will heat up in a day two of Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation hearing six, forty, eight, thousand, thirteen, ten, K. UP K. Tune into the hall show at noon and no co now at four back to mornings with Kale and northern. Colorado's voice thirteen ten K. K.. So why did the Commission on Presidential Debates scrap the next presidential debates scheduled for this Thursday they maintain it was president trump's fault because he wouldn't agree to a virtual format but could there be another reason entirely 653 now thirteen ten K of k a thirteen, ten Kfi a dot com northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail via the auto collision specialists studios well, some believed that the decision by the Commission on presidential debates to cancel the second debate between president trump and Joe Biden. Could. Be referred to as a dumpster fire scheduled for the third is Thursday. Well, it was more a matter of getting embattled would be moderators Steve scully out of the line of fire. All right. You had Cornell Law School Professor Media Critic William Jacobson Telling Fox News the debate could not happen with scully as raider regardless of any other factor. Why? Well. scully. Of course, there's a host of C. Span's Washington Journal. He claimed that last week that his twitter account was hacked not the first time that these made that claim this after a tweet from his count indicated that he had reached out to outspoken trump critic. Anthony SCARAMUCCI for advice while appeared scully thought he was sending a private message to scare MUCCI. uh-huh. Now this is a store any sticking to it. He insisted he did not originate the tweet. Now the hacker allegation was widely mocked, and well, let's say this is not the first time that sully made that same claim. Sell, scully's our credibility as an unbiased debate. Moderator was also question when it became known that all oopsy he once served as an intern for then Senator Biden and served as a staffer for the late Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy during the two sixteen campaign scully also shared a New York Times. Op Ed piece headlined. No, not trump not ever. Now the tweets certainly did not help scully's case that he could be affair moderator. Is An oxymoron. have. We seen unbiased moderators in any of the debates. But well, the commission for presidential debates stood by him in the aftermath of the incident. You had. Commission on Presidential Debate Chairman Frank Farren Cough make the initial hacking claim. On Fox News Radio Brian Kilmeade. So on Friday morning that must've been fun entertaining at the very least. The debate commission stated it had reported the apparent act to the FBI in twitter as a part of its investigation. But well the P. PD FBI's. SPAN. The alphabet suit organizations Oh, an twitter have all declined to provide any details whatsoever. Jacobson said scully allegedly claims he was hacked the burden on is on him to prove it hopefully, he hasn't lied to the FBI about it because. That would be a crime COPD was in a tough position with its moderator being exposed as partisan and possibly deceptive. CDs precipitated at at and precipitous actions in moving to a virtual foreign without consulting the campaigns and then well summarily cancelling the debate well, conveniently took scully off the front pages but pretty much destroyed the commission on presidential debates credibility. Oh Steve Steve. Steve you might WANNA come up with a different rationalization six, fifty, seven now thirteen ten KFI. K.. County jail coming under fires suspects arrested on dueling charges this after a shootout at the Greeley. Walmart last Friday were release due to temporary arrest standards while county sheriff's teams weighs in at seven Oh five k of K AAC really closing in on seven o'clock ABC News.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett Republicans Colorado Supreme Court Colorado Senate Senate Judiciary Committee Senator Biden KFI Mr. Trump Judge Amy Amy Coney Barrett Gail president scully cameron peak Steve Scully High Court Judge Barrett
A Biden Pick in Trouble

What Next | Daily News and Analysis

30:11 min | Last week

A Biden Pick in Trouble

"In this episode is sponsored by charles. Schwab meet schwab intelligent income a simple modern way to pay yourself from your portfolio overcome the complexity of income needs in retirement with automated tax smart withdrawals so that you can start stop or adjust at any time without penalty plus ongoing monitoring seal always know where you stand and since lower fees mean more money for you to invest you pay no advisory fee available at schwab intelligent portfolios visit schwab dot com slash intelligent income to learn more about their modern approach to wealth management. I think of the confirmation process so many biden appointees are going through right now as a kind of beauty pageant for wonks. They get up tell their stories in the most favorable light possible. Let c-span see them sweat a little and hope it all out. Slates jim newell. He thinks about this process a little differently. More like hunger games for nerds. I think would kind of like twenty come in. Eighteen will come out or something like what jim saying. Here is not all these nominees can survive. The opposition is not gonna just wanna let the new president Have everything done without scoring points along the way and typically that means getting one or two six either defeating their confirmation or were typically getting them to withdraw their nomination. So you're saying if you're president you basically you have to like you have to build a heard with some slow antelopes in it just to let them get picked off. I think that you know the opposition going to look for a couple of pick off and then you could look at the administration than coming up with their lists that way. The slow antelope in joe. Biden's heard jim says that's pretty clear. The nominee to head up the office of management and budget near a tendon. Now you know. Is that exactly what they thought that. near tan would be for them. I don't exactly know because the white house's thinking of this nation from the beginning has been kind of confusing if you look at alive biden's on knees looked really safe. And she was the one who really did not look very safe at all. The president might not have expected any republicans to vote for tandon but her snap ish twitter persona and unapologetically. Partisan hotcakes have proved unpopular on both sides of the aisle. Now even some democrats seem to be withdrawing support west. Virginia moderate joe manchin a crucial vote has said he's a no. I was prepared for this nomination to be kind of a a slog and i thought actually it wasn't that the hearings were kind of debasing for tannin. Just because she had to achieve all these tweets red bag her apologize for them. But then i thought she would pretty much go through that that little hazing ritual and then and then get confirms on fifty fifty vote but Joe manchin seems to have upended that plan today on the show when you're a tendon has faced such stiff opposition on capitol hill and what that means for the rest of biden's nominees. I'm mary harris. You're listening to what next stick around. What next is supported by transfer wise. The best way to send spend and received money internationally picture this you need to send money to another country. What do you do. maybe. Think i'll just use my bank easy. Transfer wise just as one of question for you. Will your bank give you the real exchange rate like the one you see on google. Can you even find what their rate is. Banks and providers like paypal usually. Don't make it easy. And that's because they've marked up the exchange rate and that means that no matter how low there other fees are. You could lose real money with transfer wise. It's totally different. You always get the real midmarket exchange rate when you send money to eighty countries no matter which currency you sent and their fees are always super low. that's transfer wise puts their rate and their fees. Right upfront nothing to hide for prices. Just one reason. Transfer wise rules speeds and other with transfer wise over fifty percent of transfers arrive within one hour. So you don't just save money. You save yourself. The stress overdid it get their transfer. Wise even has a multi-currency account that lets you hold up to fifty four currencies and convert them instantly and their debit card. Lets you spend or shop internationally. Without worrying about sneaky foreign transaction charges join over nine million customers who save more than three million dollars from bad rates every day and try transfer wise for free at transfer wise dot com slash. What next leading. The office of management and budget means joining the president's cabinet and also spelling out the president's priorities in dollars and sense. Jim says it's a role that makes a lot of sense for someone like near a tendon. She's got her hands deep in the guts of policy making in washington for a long time. Choose often thought of as a potential chief of staff for hillary clinton but that loyalty to clinton it's part what's made her such a lightning rod. It means republicans. Don't have a lot of reasons to love her. And neither do some progressives who watched his hand in eagerly attacked bernie sanders in defensive. Her boss that said if you're wondering whether she's qualified. Jim says there's no question i mean. She worked with hillary clinton since the nineteen nineties and she's various roles some political but a lot of more. Recently she was policy director failure clinton in two thousand and eight work again in twenty sixteen. She worked in. The obama. administration is a senior adviser at the department of health and human services when they were drafting the affordable care actually a very big role in that since about the last ten years. She's been the president of the center for american progress which is a very central democratic. Think tank so you know. I think there've been some saying she doesn't necessarily have enough policy experience. This is a lot in my opinion. I think she knows very well. How washington works so. She's not an economist but she knows how to pull the levers right. Yeah and she knows policy questions about ten often come down to her style. The new york times published this infamous story for mac. Two thousand eight about a time. Tendon brought her then. Boss hillary clinton to an interview at the center for american progress. That think tank tannin would go on to lead when clinton was asked about her vote for the iraq war which was a sensitive subject. Tandon reportedly punched the interviewer in the chest in her defense. Tandon said i didn't slug him. Pushed him a decade later. That interviewer would be running bernie sanders campaign there. Couple of interesting things to me about this story which is first of all. It shows this quality in tandem that she's aggressive and i don't mean that as a slight like even her own mother told the new york times that her daughter can be aggressive. She used that language and then it also shows this divide in the democratic party where you have someone like clinton coming in to talk to someone at place called the center for american progress. You think it's going to be a friendly interview and then you're being pushed and the fact that that might be uncomfortable for folks who are establishment democrats who worked with the clintons for really long time right and i think in the last couple. She's probably better known on the left. As this embodiment of the centrist democratic establishment. There have been all sorts of controversies about from the last when she was a cap about the fundraising. She was doing Either from questionable regimes where for major corporations. But i think once she really started taking shots at bernie sanders campaign and after two thousand sixteen when her emails were hacked the russian having episode released and she was saying some pretty nasty stuff fair. I think that's when she really became a kind of big villain of of a lot of sanders supporters. What the email show. There was a lot of what the left thinks. The establishment says about them behind their backs like tandon. Who publicly say i believe in the idea of medicare for all. But it's politically very you know it's not likely to happen. And i think she was just a lot more kind of venting a little bit more emails. About how unrealistic and idealistic you know some supporters. Were and i think. She showed a lot of frustration that a lot of the hillary team had in two thousand sixteen that sanders could just offer anything no matter how unrealistic and it was hard for the clinton campaign to top. The last four years near attendant really got known for her tweets. It was like the person in those emails just started putting it out there online. Like i wonder if you have a favorite exchange. Well i just would like look at twitter at like one a and i'd see her like fighting with just ranchos about anything you know. I do think that she after. Twenty sixteen and these specific experience of being hatched by russian military intelligence She was quite radicalized by that and just to the extent that she ever playing nice before kind of stopped doing that. I think she was like a lot of people who after trump was elected. You know you saw the sorts of protests. Emerged right after that. Maybe from a lot of people who aren't politically active to begin with all ready politically active. But i think she just kind of fell like this war now. When trump got elected tendons online persona started getting more aggressive. She used her platform to unleash missives against many of the senators. She's now depending on for confirmation. She called senator. Tom cotton a fraud. Mitch mcconnell was voldemort and she said vampires have got more heart than ted cruz. She went after moderate republicans to called senator. Susan collins the worst. I have to tell you. I'm very disturbed about your personal comments. But people all this is created strange bedfellows in washington when ten went before committee chaired by her erstwhile political rival bernie sanders. It was a republican senator. John neely kennedy from louisiana who spoke up and defended the democratic socialist from vermont. I mean you call senator sanders everything but ignorance slot as nats. That is not an basically what happened. He can read a few of these tweets are paraphrase them in his unique way and then yeah just kept saying. Did you mean when you wrote them. And she gave a bunch of responses senator. I have to say. I deeply regret my comment understand that them. Did you mean them understand. You've you've taken back. But did you mean them. I'd say the discourse over the last. I feel really badly about senator. I feel terribly about them. I deleted them. Social media is a terrible discourse and he finally just keeps us senator. I must have been dimmed. But i really regret i mean i feel badly look back at them. I said them. I feel badly about them. I deleted tweets ever only saying that because you want to be confirmed now. I felt bad about them into jim being them. When you showed them senator. I must have met them. But i really regret them. And you know that was that was actually an effective former question because she came in here. Just ready to give a blanket apology at all these questions and He got her to go a little bit off script. And i think he. I can't accurately say what cannons contrition is or what it should be but she clearly had a preparation for this that you know sue kennedy was trying to get through our the republicans are there objections to near attend in about having their feelings hurt or is it about something more real. That was the other funny thing from all the senators who these tweets including bernie sanders. Who has been the object of some of the criticisms all clarify like whatever. We're big boys like these would actually hurt her feelings. But you know just saying you know we just saying. I am very hurt. Ow whether you know but just in terms of your job like you're knocked be able to you know it's not professional. I mean things about me anymore. There's something a little bit rich about. Seeing a bunch of republicans re tweets back and try to shame someone. Yeah it's that's part of the surreal aspect of the whole thing. Given what i spent the last four years in the capitol hearing senators and members of congress republicans say. I haven't seen the tweet when you'd ask about you know. Donald trump liked you. Know to like doc up or a beat up someone or whatever insane thing he might tweet at any minute you know. So it's kind of nebulous. Exactly how directly linking this to making her unqualified to like right to the budget. Proposal is but it's something like one thing is. We just had an insurrection in the capital because of the environment or whatever and we need to cool temperatures. That's kind of what. Joe mansion is going with a lot but then others are saying we need just embiid is someone who works a lot with members of congress and we need to know that we're working with someone who who will actually communicate with us and isn't just such a sharp partisan so then what happened after these hearings last week we began to see some folks start to come out and say no. I'm comfortable with this nomination. Starting with joe mansion right right well. Friday afternoon joe manchin came out with a statement saying he would not support her. It wasn't just that he was on conroy. He was saying. I will oppose her. Did that. surprise you yes. It did why. I thought that if it did seem to be coordinated with democratic leadership at all i think it took them by surprise but it just seemed to kill a nomination without much of the coordination You'd usually see when it's determined that a nominee does not have the support whereas all kind of quietly withdraw their name. I remember a couple of confirmations. In the trump administration where you would see say susan collins or lisa murkowski. They're actually good example for for betsy. Devos that education secretary. They announced their vote against her. But it didn't imperil the nomination because mitch mcconnell still have the votes from everyone else. That seemed like something where it was. There probably conversations ahead of time about fat With this one. I mean it really does imperil the presidential nominee. And you've i just thought it would have been negotiate with leadership a little bit more. You did say at one point. You know mansion is going to do things like this from time to time like make these little sacrifices to the gods of bipartisanship to have this semblance of centrist credibility. Is that what you think happened here. Yeah i think mansion maybe feels he knows how much power has the most conservative vote in the democratic congress. But he's kind of being squeezed a little bit on the reconciliation bill. The relief of they're working on he wanted to be bipartisan. Leadership chose a partisan path. He doesn't wanna deal with minimum wage in it. They do so. He's being squeezed on that bill because he knows he can't really vote against joe biden signature opening piece of legislation. He can only taylor a little bit. So i think he's going to try to express himself in some other areas along the way and that may be you know have a nominee whose controversial who doesn't know very well is coming down to pike and who he wasn't given a heads up about or anything then he's going to. He's going to take the opportunity when we come back. Tendons not the only one facing criticism on capitol hill. Why it's important to pay attention to who is getting this kind of pushback. This episode is brought to you by progressive. Saving money in your car. Insurance is easy with progressive average savings of over seven hundred fifty dollars for customers who switch and save in fact. Customers can qualify for an average of six discounts on their auto policy with progressive including discounts just for starting a quote online or having multiple vehicles on their policy. Get your quote online at progressive dot com and see how much you could be. Saving national annual average auto insurance savings by new customers surveyed in twenty nineteen potential. Savings will vary discounts vary and are not available in all states and situations spotify and higher ground are launching a new podcast renegades. Born in the usa president barack obama and bruce springsteen sit down to discuss the country that's given them both so much chronicle the stories of its people and connect their own search for meaning truth and community with the larger story of america. They may seem like unlikely friends to men with very different backgrounds and career paths yet. They built a friendship on their shared sensibilities and a belief in the american ideal. In renegades born in the usa we get to eavesdrop as they reminisce about their hometowns. Role models explore manhood. Fatherhood and growing up in america and examine the sometimes painful distance between the american dream and the american reality and they get into some trouble with joyriding springsteen's vintage corvette. Don't miss renegades for the usa episodes are available now on spotify. Listen free only on spotify with joe manchin a no. The biden administration needs at least one republican to cross party lines and support near a tendon and some of the usual suspects are out. Susan collins and mitt romney have both made clear. They are not likely to back this vote. I mean susan. Collins was actually really harsh. She didn't just give the whole like she's partisan and i'm afraid i won't be able to work with her. Excuse she also. She's not qualified for the job. Yeah i mean. She said her past actions have demonstrated this kind of animosity. That president biden has pledged to transcend. Yeah but i mean. I think she said on experiential level like she didn't have the experience to do the job neither the experience nor the temperament. yeah yeah so on all counts. Susan collins is out mitt romney a moderate vote and he's a fiscal conservative. So i actually didn't really see him to be especially in play for nominee especially when you probably just lit up his presidential campaign in two thousand twelve. I don't know maybe mitt. Romney hasn't remember all that but i think you know some of these senators even though they say that they don't take personally all the stuff is set online. Or what have you political. Did a story that susan collins was really upset that candan had picked for her staff. This guy toepfer spiro. Who is a healthcare policy advisor at the center for american progress in is also very active very aggressive. on twitter. collins was concerned she said why would you put someone who is a troll against the united states. senator in a key position at o. M. b. is something susan collins ass so she knows she called tougher spear a troll of hers needing susan collins is like checking her account and everything no so near cans probably call these people names and some other people at cap have probably been a big pain for lobbies republican senators last especially for years so even though they say they're they're not really they're above all that i think they know kind of what's been coming out of the broader cap cinematic universe here and you know they they might have some grudges chicken out there. Mentions they know what's up. Yeah yeah but even with this narrow pathway for support the biden white house is digging in the way of a clean be mirror. Tannin doesn't work out and give us a sense of what that looks like. Well the white house's focus. The president's focus is on working toward the confirmation of near tannin to lead to the director. That is our focus. I gotta say. I don't understand how near attendance nomination got this far. Like a look at how it's gone down and to me like blocking this nomination is like the most bipartisan thing to happen on capitol hill right now like It was that the intent. I think it's something where just because of her her negative history with some of the left. I think this is an easy one for for some democrats in the senate of block because you can show off your bipartisan credentials. Any won't actually irritate the left. I mean we should be clear. There are a lot of people who are very mad about this. You know. I think a lot of people have viewed this. This whole process is sexist and insulting towards an indian american woman. Who would be making history here. But i don't think that near tannin had quite constituency on capitol hill that biden's team expected. Can we talk about the conversation. That's going on right now about especially women of color because you raised a good point. Which is there are a bunch of people on the hill. Who are concerned with the optics. Here you saw. Aoc tweeting about it the other day and so it raises this issue of are the women and the women of color having to jump through more hoops to get approved by the senate. Yeah it does. I can understand why some people see that as as the real problem. The one that i think is going to get the most heat in the end is a hobby airport. Sarah who's the nominee for hhs who'd be as hispanic director of health and human services. And i mean he was in congress for twenty four years. He left at the beginning of the trump administration became a california attorney general which is a bigger job. I think a lot of house democratic positions sub speaker because you are basically doing a live the litigating against the trump administration. And i guess just you know doing a lot of partisan lawsuits. That's that create live grist republicans to say that. Oh he's a big partisan who hates all these people and all these things and you know they just stated they think he's a little too partisan and he's made a good target just because of all the lawsuits he's five but then when we look at the raise issue again there. It's another one of these things. Were going around saying. He's unqualified and that seems to be a bit of a thread here if you look at him. No he's not like some some of what the opposition is. Oh he's he's not a medical doctor. Well most each secretaries are not medical doctor. So that's donald Wasn't a medical doctor. Yeah we we can dismiss that like right off the bat you know but he was a senior member of the ways and means committee which has healthcare jurisdiction he was on the subcommittee that oversaw healthcare and use a member of congress for twenty four years. And that's like good enough. You know. I think that's plenty. I think he's been involved in healthcare policy. I think is california attorney general. He did a lot of work that touched on healthcare policy. So i think when when people are saying this only the nominees of color who get this unqualified rap and you'll get near tan. Who is straightforwardly qualified to be ownby director. And that she's hit with that too. Yeah i think that's a serious thing to look into. It can kind of see both sides here at least with near a tandon because biden has pushed this return to civility. And you look at some of the stories about near attendance aggressiveness. And i think oh. Is that what we want to do. Here i'm not sure right. I mean you. There's you know. There's a lot of different strands around here. I think the unqualified is is ridiculous. But i look at these nominations. And i wonder you know the opposition's gonna want something to unite themselves especially this opposition which has had a really bad month of january with everything that trump did on his way out and they need something to unite themselves around and near. Kansas doesn't really offer anything to republicans to do a favor for joe biden. So is this a biden misstep. I would think so if you're struggling to get forty nine votes on your own side. Who knows how. Many votes actually has among democrats. Then you did it. Read it very right and you. You put her in an awkward position because you just didn't pay attention to the politics capitol hill very well. But i do think for all the complaining that the left and specifically some bernie supporters have been doing about near And maybe some hoping that near tannin wouldn't get the job. They're real concerns because even though they may not like that she lectures them about how medicare for all is unrealistic or whatever. She is on board with the project of big spending right now through deficits to to rebuild the economy and to do a lot of very bold projects and some of the other nominees that by is reportedly looking at like bruce reid for that's a former director of democratic leadership council which is a very centrist. Think tank that would not have been a good fit there so be careful what you wish for for some of the left. Be careful what you wish for and for those you know we look for yet again. Another reason why. Republicans shouldn't go along with this nomination. They can roll the dice and maybe get more favorable to their policy. Beliefs looking at what happened with near tandon. I kept asking myself. Like what is the story about like. Is it a story about bad tweets. Is it a story. About the death of clinton ism is it about like legitimate conservative grievance or is it about how women and people of color nominees are getting the short end of the stick. What would you say. Is that all those who have been using twitter for the last fifteen years daily basis are never going to get confirmed by the senate and we made. Never actually yeah. In twenty years people are not able to get any cabinet. Confirmed jim newell. Thank you for joining me. Thank you jim. Newell is slates senior politics writer. And that's the show. Next is produced by mary. Wilson davis land. Elena schwartz and daniel hewitt we get support each and every day from alison benedict alicia montgomery and mary harris. Keep your eye on the speed tomorrow. Our friday show what next. Tvd with lizzie. Leary is going to be here. And i will get you back here on monday.

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