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"canal chirpiness" Discussed on Progressive Talk 1350 AM

"Hash that genome. You get the unique code that identifies. That genome not to be confused with other forms of hash, right? Confused, they hear that. And then you put that hash which is a unique number that specifically identifies that type of plant onto the blockchain to say we made this at this time. He exactly okay. And and the government of China has recently, the supreme court China has recently recognized blockchain no relation as in fact, a legal form of notation. We spent the same thing to happen the United States, right? And this is actually comes back to something. We were talking with Randy Kelton about yesterday of how blockchain is going to help free people from the government and allow us to do our own thing without having to ask. Their permission used up to go to a government notary in order to get things notarized. Now, you can just do your own thing. That's right. That's right. And this also is a an interesting form of sharing that you. Connect me down when many people are putting these genomes public. They're actually creating like a cannabis linked in in many ways where were growers can look for strains that are very close to. There's strains that are very distant from there's and that helps them get in touch with people that have unique genetics, and they might be able to then make additional crosses. So. Genetics is a really interesting barcode. If you will because it gives so much information about the heritage ability of the plant. It's so cool to see all this happened. I mean, I know a lot about, you know, the the black market dealings of cannabis from back in the nineties in the odds when you know, you just kind of took whatever you could get, and then you, you know, you got it out there. Now, there's so much research going on this, and it's just getting started, right? Like, this is just getting started. In fact, the first United surveys of like, hundreds of thousands of plants have shown that this indicates the TV nomenclature system, we have is is actually all rubbish. Really? Yes. There's no correlation with Indika institute, the labeling to the actual genetic ancestry of the plants. Okay. So this means we so throw all that out throw all that out of one time been real, but they've been so inter interbred in the black markets now that we really can't utilize that as an indicator of the chemo type of the plant. Okay. What type of canal chirpiness is express don't really have any correlation between indicator sativa? So you just have to break it down. You gotta look at the we.

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