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"canadian dream boat" Discussed on Homophilia

"COPS showed up at a party. They were having an arrested Tom Sandoval pretended to arrest him, and it was only after he put into the back of the car that they realized like they're just actors, and it was a big prank bail to prank each other. Ha and Katie. Is I think the only cast member WHO's like guys? This isn't fucking funny. Do you are. Are you not watching the news and keep in mind? They filmed this awhile ago and she was the only person in this Sea of white idiots to be like to. You realize that making a joke of this is in such and credit report and her husband's. was so upset that she deigned to call anyone out for this that he's. He's like Oh this is. This is why I don't have sex with her. He like he was so revolted by her. Attempt it. Lightly calling out this like complete, sir, racists blindness that there are guilty of so. He's gotTa go to. I guess is what I'm fishing every single one getting the fuck off television now that there ever on it, but get him off. It our guest this week. Is a Canadian Dream Boat. A Canadian idol if you will. That was a Canadian idol. But he is Absolutely Funny Dreamy. Just a joint to talk to I felt my blood pressure. GO DOWN! Same and as as he told us he is the first Black Queer Canadian comedian to release a comedy album, which seems wild. Outside capricorn occasion, and it is very funny and so as he. Brandon Ash Muhammad coming up on homophobe after the break. Ladies.

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