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Americans are Uncomfortable With Going Back to Church

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Americans are Uncomfortable With Going Back to Church

"Survey. Oh. Good survey from taken by the American Enterprise, institute, has shown that sixty four percent of American churchgoers. Were somewhat uncomfortable or very uncomfortable with attending in person worship. Sixty four percent sixty four percent, in fact, what they found was basically only one group is Gung Ho on going back to Church and that's why evangelical 's. Right no surprise there if you know the news. Yeah if you add up there somewhat comfortable, and they're very comfortable's. It's. Sixty one percent of them are all about. Thirty. Four percent of them are very comfortable with going back to. Yeah because they because not only do they get to engage in the worship that is so important to them, but also they get to pony lives. Show us. What idiots we are. Yeah, Yeah so apparently. Even those who reported that their congregations offer actually offered. Worship last week, Fifty, six percent of respondents said they chose not to go. Yeah, and you know. I mean obviously like one of the hotspots repeatedly everywhere this Cova. Is seems like Church's just keep popping up like that was one of the first stories coming out of South Korea right was there was a church like a crazy colty church, but nonetheless. I think that's. Probably. But that was one of the hot spots, and that that was one of the big spreaders of Covid, nineteen and obviously we're seeing that in the United States. We're we're. We're just seeing it right like this is operatives These are the kinds of places that people who care about their health and their communities health. Should, be staying away from and a lot of Christians actually do agree with that depending on their denomination if you look at Black Protestants. And add their numbers up. Sixty eight percent are. Either somewhat uncomfortable or very uncomfortable. Well. Yeah, because it's because this thing is killing them in disproportionate numbers so. I can see why. Hispanic Catholics seventy three percent are are on the uncomfortable side. Really Yeah, yeah, that's that's. That's a number that means something. Yeah, and you're white mainline Protestants. It's sixty at three percent well. Yeah, I mean I'm you know talking to my mom hi mom, if you're listening. The other day, and she was saying that you know she. Attends, a free often attend an Anglican a Canadian Anglican Church She goes there mostly for the for the. For the free coffee I think anyway And music, doesn't she really liked the? It's the Camaraderie and the people. She loves the people there and I don't blame her for that tall any who? She said that they're not going to be going until like late in the fall at the earliest. Really. Yeah fantastic. That's not even an option, so I I mean they're. They're doing it right up there i. don't know about what what the Anglicans are doing down here, but. Well Lake. PISCOPO, here, so yeah. Definitely not Anglican. We broke off from that country. Diane exactly. Anyway. Yeah I just think it's kind of interesting. To contemplate re where people's this raises an interesting thing right like it does ask people where their priorities are right and this is something that is really supposedly really important to them going church right right and their belief in God and one of the things that they're God requires them to be active participants in their religious community. I would assume that's why they go right right and because why, like honestly, I mean God bless your mother and everything I guess friends. Get you there right like I can. But. Those people I think are trying to earn points in heaven. Right sure. And, so anyway, where was my? My point was my point. That's that's the new memoir. That's the title of your memoir now. I. Don't lose it that often. So my point is that. You know when you look at. Where these where people are putting their priorities, right? They're having to do this balancing act between their health. And God right and they're and they're and him parole needs for most people they're proving. They're proving that they are actually rational actors. They're choosing their health their choosing the tangible. They're choosing what is right in front of them over what? I mean the Evangelical. Christians there, the Rangers in this in this game right there. The good ones because they're not letting some dumb disease getting the way. They're God demand of them, and they're going in there doing yeah, and if they died they, they go to heaven and God's. Right and I heard that I've heard that quote. In meet. Why haven't I in articles I've Read I've seen that quote where people are just like like. Yeah, you know like if I get. It gets God's will. God's will be done. You know and it's like. Oh. Yeah, it's pretty. It's pretty

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