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"cana emu" Discussed on WTVN

"Deal it's just that simple and only in australia a man on a qantas flight from melbourne to perth australia decided to check and unconventional but totally necessary item knows his luggage a single can of emu export the passenger who wishes to remain anonymous checked a single can of beer through baggage claim much to the surprise of the airport staff we hatched a plan as a laugh i have didn't expect to come out the other end you said but the tiny can was loaded with the other baggage miraculously made it to the baggageclaim conveyor belt in peru both it was sent out well in front of all the other luggage so the baggagehandlers obviously appreciated at he said and peter ellis who works the site of flight mood told the daily mail at sending the australian beer is pretty common export being a check in as luggage is not uncommon uh so i wasn't even surprised but the he made just jet one can't and it made it through at wildwood mayor viewer baggagehandler unused all one can of beer you would take a special interest in making lutely made it through the somebody looking for jobs that one game does that one we can't screw this up as other thing breakable thing over here we can bash that to hell in a box were were an at cana emu export through the see the and end we got traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the tens powered by tempstar heating and cooling products yannick the trip around the east side remains heavy john in in just about all directions especially getting out there but a reminder we're getting word that livingston avenue has been reopened after an earlier police association they're over by the park now livingston avenue will leave it tied up main street already heavy so our hamilton and country club in la and looks like no bixby as folks were trying to get around that and stand avoid livingston so planet some extratime getting into an through whitehall 71 still a little bit heavy trying to go north of six seventy at an accident scene reported on on no off north broadway in olatunji shooting right off a three fifteen eu msf been on scene earlier traffic brought to you by.

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