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"camin sally" Discussed on Science Friction

"A hole in the ozone layer only way very wary about fruit and veg. It is a science fiction all about with colorectal surgeon. Michael Livid Children's author James Foley Holly and Psychology Professor Nicholas Hesam or at the State Theatre Centre off W. A. Rod in the heart of Earth. Nick has LEM. Freud had had an absolute field day. Sigmund Freud had a field day with bell function. And this kind of odd idea. That Bell Function is related alighted to personality type with all sorts of curious theories. The I know retains personality theories about bow function and child development the emerging kind of self and identity is sort of paralleled to the what are bells are doing at any point in time and capacity to control about functions. Tell us about what about why they was that fascination. What some of the ideas were? You'll think this fascination actually goes back Alana only two to fraud and of course a lot of Freud's ideas of being gene largely accepted to be rather bogus but I think at the time. There was a lot of fascination in the general medical community about the possibility that out gots were causing our New York illness so it wasn't only the CYCLORAMAS so this idea of auto intoxication this idea that the fishes passing through our intestines or in some way poisoning us. And so the idea that you had to improve approve. Mutability were was a key. Part of what psychiatrists at the time. We're trying to to do but Freud okay. Freud has very interesting ideas and he essentially thought that most most of what happens in the way of personality development occurs in the first roughly five or six years of life and that children's fascinations that have moved from different body parts and systems to cut a long story short. He said that. When you're a toddler after you've passed out of infancy You develop this fascination with your bottom essentially with the growing control you have over your speakers and that this is actually an important psychological time in your development because not just learning control over those this particular species but learning muscle control in general being your own Master Rodman just this blob that gets fed by your parents and he said that it can go wrong. You can go wrong in your Movement through this stage he said that you could develop their anal character type. If your navigation. I'm trying to avoid the word passage the leaning. Okay your passage Through the final stage was was problematic. You might be left with this residue of personnel. Where you'd have what he called? The anal character and the character was this combination of being the Dan tick Stubborn cheap cheap with money Really concerned about wasting time unable to delegate responsibilities Etcetera Etcetera Etcetera Ford was right. There is this character type actually the current. DSM anyone cares about modern. Psychiatry has disorders diagnostic. Uil Rusty Bob Psychiatric diagnosis. And it says there's this thing called obsessive compulsive personality disorder which is exactly what Freud called the anal character. The problem ause the research shows that there was absolutely no link whatsoever so ever between toilet training and enjoying or not enjoying Passing who is a child with his character types of the character types real there there is an idol catatonic just go online to do bottoms. Yeah so the. The idol aspect of the physicality isn't really an idol story at all. No and he had an our story about the idea was that he found that the patients who had this character type as adults recollected that as children they had a great deal of pleasure in holding back and sometimes releasing as well and so he could tell a story about where it came from. It just happens to be a false story. So the question of Jane Fonda two psychologists it has looked at that as well the gender differences between well all sorts of aspects of of Bowel function and toilet eating. Haven't they so dislike monocle. Michael said there's also to physiological differences all sorts of ways in which excretion sheds light on gender women. Judge much higher standard when it comes to Clinton. Is this idea ear that Women actually being excreted still controversial time precisely that is also an I think you know. There's all sorts of studies on this thing so I'll try to remember The experimenter female or male experimenter in this study excuses herself so for himself to go either to the bathroom or to go to pick up some papers and afterwards the participants in the study are asked to of their impressions of this person Whether the man is gone has left the room to go to the bathroom or to collect. Some papers makes no difference to how he's seen but the woman who confesses that she's going to the bathroom is much much more negatively. There's still a stigma into attached to the idea of women as impure beings. There's still this greater policing of women's odor cleanliness hygiene. We more Sary's of of women who don't hold to those standards and women have internalized that so I think there are also more prone to arrange of some of the the Psychological conditions is associated with these issues but also just judge the thing most of the on them. It's the final frontier. Feminism isn't it. We need a fat lead reverie revolution I think and so ladies wherever you Baylor Vaden you win blow free. I say that's one solution. Look civilized allies men. But look I think this is easy to jerk about these things build things as well so there was a great piece in the New York Times about a month. Go I think where it was documented? How many women at work will not go to the bathroom at work or we'll find all sorts of ways to go to different floors on their building in some some cases drive home? This price paid by this and it's only a minority but it's a large enough minority that we maybe should care about and so the whole idea of parody and sensitivity and norms. I think is really quite important. I'll just loop back to markel there before I come to you. James this is a real issue in the medical profession into isn't it and also male partners of women discount the differences so that you know just come on get it together. I can in Peru easily. Why can't you but it affects? Also how women are responded to by the medical profession while you've got a psychological problem dialing that's not just true of male Patna's US but e mail prescribers say if you happen to see a male doctor whether they're specialist or general practitioner with male pharmacist in the process of looking for advice. There's a tendency for men to assume that because they had good balance late everyone else is going to be a good balance late and therefore incidents they respond well to to a good dose of fiber. You're going to respond to that too. I think that that's just a complete failure to appreciate the critical importance. Ordinance of what we call colonic transit. which is the time it takes things cigarette get around the call on and the fact that is unequivocally slow in women irrespective of what they drink and so it has a really tangible impact those differences in women? I just noticed something to you. I can remember that. Sorry I'm dropping you in on national radio. The dads in general that they will be more allowed to set of freely and make a joke of it at the dinner table. Oh bullfrogs tonight. Oh you know that sort of stuff but your member the few times you ever heard you. It was like once a year maybe at the most mum. How dare you and it's so weird? Isn't it that we hold we MOMS. It does to different standards with that. It is weird I think and also sort of make a ceremony of going to the toilet. They take the newspaper and Net slicks. Maybe these days and make bank and occasion of it which is a problem for bell health. It's just that there is the double standard as James pointed out. It's also the part of masculinity is rejection of Feminine Delicacy and so this is sort of celebratory performance aspect of it sometimes as well I mean the especially among adolescents. Boys you know. Part of being gross is being non female so I think the celebration of fighting and things like that has not just a gender nature better performance gender. Tonight's debate about grossness is mile. We should have some famous experts up here to tell you just to balance out the famous off go to bail it's true. Aw It's all happening right here. James Foley guest your notes. This is a fantastic story. Selley and Charlie Charlie they climb inside a submarine. They shrink Dan and some have I end up little brother. Joey's intestine and stomach facing off hidden. Ah Yes they do so it was never intended that they would go inside buy joy they were just testing out a shrinking submarine that they could use to go on the benches his in the in the fish tank and clean the fish tank more easily but by accidentally swallows them in this vile of liquid along with a whole bunch of little buts and an invention called the smart cheap sheep which Sally was gonNA use on herself it was going to implant itself into her brain and turn his super super super smart. But now it's going to go inside. Maybe Joe everything goes wrong again. That's right and so they have to find it inside his body when they get to. The brain is not their spoiler alert and have to go through the body. Find out which organ it's actually gone to and of course it's gone to the most powerful organ baby joe which is his large intestine and so they have to end up there and turning off this massive massive invention and then have to find a way out and coming back to laxatives actives. There's a level of little solution there and then as a massive tsunami of Poo Poo nominee. If you will so that was a lot of fun to drive. I kind of here. I thought I was going over the line with this one but I think I just skated right up to it and it is a fine line it is when you leave all your characters coded in warping wapping big Pooh and joey ends up. Kind of sky rocketed sky high because of the massive yes rocket proportions sends NASA would be impressed. Yes he's a boy. He's allowed to be grossed. You say we can get away with that. So I'd be interested in this this idea of using science in graphic novels as you you do science fiction away. Zahn lively science fiction with great famous protagonists. Yes but there's also a mad scientist trope that you Camin Sally is Frankenstein. Yeah she's and she's rick from Rick and morty she's always she's a dock from back to the future she's always sort of mad scientists but it never been one. That was a little go so I thought well let's do that. Let's have a young girl who said she signed up for my schedule is hi is this. It'll go holding a spanner like an inventor so we went from there. Yeah so you should. Where did she come from? Do you think she's Abbassi older sibling. That's that's what she was in the very first book and that's me if you look at photos of me and my little brother on my I I have school. He looks just like Joe. And I'm just I'm almost like sally just missing the the Piney town. Yeah so it's basically my brother is. I think you say you're Sally Sally. Oh I'm pretty sure. Every Rauscher Surin illustrated just draws about themselves rarely administrator that but this idea of a mad scientist troy but we could it could spin either way could not could entice girls and children into the sciences or it could make them associate science with mad people. If Mary things yeah sure I understand exactly. I mean I've always been more interested in the fiction than the nonfiction writing. So if it's fiction you gotTa have some conflict. You've got to have some stuff. That goes wrong so that has to be some sort of element of danger. Durin destruction and chaos and I think being more of a retentive story. OCD SORT of personality myself. In some ways I I'm always interested in stories about ah chaos in order I think. And that's just what the basic story structure is bad. You got a character. He's got everything ordered. And then chaos is introduced. And they're gonNA find a way to live with that or to get it back to the head of the Stan. Yeah that's fiction metaphor for a bells as well function just before we come to audience for a couple of minutes markle livered. The book is called the heavy bell what he is. How would you describe a heavy bail? A heavy bell is an empty balch. That is certainly one thing that you say. I came to the to riding the book on the basis. That that if I could describe a good bowel action and and what leads to a good balance and then I could then analyze what it is that goes wrong and so there are four elements to good bad action. I think is a say in all recorded accorded human history every satisfactory bell action has been prompt to sit and start promptly and without stranding so prompting effortless brief reef to over and done within a matter of seconds and complete leaves about empty prompt effortless brief incomplete and in order to for that to be the case there I have to be two fundamental elements present one of them is an unequivocally strong urge to go so that the edge go is strong and true you get to the toilet. You know what it's about to happen. There's no doubt and the stool consistency the bow motion itself the boots of needs to be solid informed and I said like the shape appearance although not the color of an unripe banana so a strong urge and a solid stool are the building blocks of a good bound what action. MVP string a couple of those actions together. Then you've got a good bail habit and bow happy bail..

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