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"camilla stiller" Discussed on Fred + Angi On Demand

"Dave rose when he went to become a knicks fan. No no no. I've dirk grocery christy. What like when comedic bail left fifth harmony. Camilla's stay on so i could see this. Yeah like whatever. She does support her. Okay very similar to your sports stocks. Okay all right. Yes you know very similar i mean it was. It was hard to be a fifth army fan after his no fifth harmony anymore. So he wasn't wasn't very hard choice. It was either defunct band or communica. He would've been camilla stiller situation if you think about it. They shouldn't have driven her off. Made her happy. The should have made tom brady happy. You know whenever community was mad about girls should have sucked it up about bullying and look at what's going on. Now nothing shawn mendez. Oh well no what are they doing nothing you know. He's got going on. That's true that's true. Good point is another sorry royalties from work from home or something like that. A are working from home taking advantage of food offerings. You know two hundred fifty dollars signing bonus harvey. he knows. I'm kidding there's dump. Well maybe not Trending stories simone biles. Get into that. I know there are a lot of opinions here. about that and we'll get to show except on one three five kiss. Fm schools is. What's trending starts tomorrow and The city is urging anyone with covert nineteen symptoms just to stay away even vaccinated. That's gonna work is working nationwide so it's gonna work People are going to be responsible and they're going to go. I don't feel great. I'm just gonna burn these tickets. I'm not gonna go out of here ridiculous this thing because it's outside saver or something but it's outside but have you. Have you seen the crowd man. Isn't it a thousand people. Some people over four days on average. Yeah and then. All the after show's last small venues are pretty good. i was thinking of that especially elder brooke. Hello but i'm not going. I'm not going. i'm not gonna do it. Do it not going to do it because it's not responsible because we work in close quarters here side of good idea so i will heed the cities Request most people who are. Hey hey just don't go okay By the way back in may the cdc told fully vaccinated people that they could safely take off their masks in indoor places. The new advice so is to put them back on. According to the cdc well actually. The people aren't likely to become seriously ill. They can still catch the delta variant and pass it on so the agency's new recommendation people vaccinated against the virus should resume wearing masks in public in door So of course you know you get the delta variant surgeon case urging americans should resume wearing masks in areas where there are more than fifty new infections per one hundred thousand residents over the previous seven days. So we're going back to max masks guys This is another thing that you should know..

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