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"calvin calvin johnson bennie" Discussed on PodcastDetroit.com

"This is. Marie Apple Lewis Lakers. Come the LA LAKERS. Yes it did and that's the. They started here. So in Detroit Labor out of the city. Dearborn Michigan Yeah? But here's the question. Is that the the season that the that the gems had was so bad that it qualified the Minneapolis Lakers for the first overall draft pick. The guy that they got was Tom do you know Michael Jordan Mike in? Number one overall who at the time was like. So greatest basketball player that ever lived we're getting a little bit off the. So That's how George Mike La Choice turn the ball over to Minneapolis so that's The the Lakers just winning division. Jedi stop they've tied the Celtics. Won Seventeen world chips in the Lakers and the seventeenth. So it's yeah but. Gain, but because of the thousand dollars because of the. season. that. got. George George Mike and the original superstar right I superstar the NBA is so George Mike and when he played for the Minneapolis Lakers, then he went to the Los Angeles Lakers and it became like the I like La Lakers superstar. So that's how the Lakers are like you literally came from Detroit He's got to binders full of stuff and he just keeps pulling them out. Oh Okay on who in Wayne? That's Wayne Gretzky. Yeah. That's the only sports picture in history where the little kid beat the champion and goals. Only picture ever taken all remain the kid coming back. He was he was twelve years old there was the. Head the record we gotta show that viewers today not yeah. Yeah. It's a it's a copy of copy but Yeah. That famous picture of Gordian. When when Gretzky was like a eleven or twelve years old Who is your favorite player from the Lions? Who's your favorite player? I just wanted to mind Bobby Lane I had the Mind was Barry Sanders but we're talking about thirty five lions. Probably cushion. I mean not eight players because L. Cardiac say how dots it could have been a couple of favorites. I gotTa tell you a story. If you look at nineteen, thirty, four, Chuck Bernard all he's Oh yeah. We talked about them already I went to school I met his son Chuck Junior I went to school with his daughter okay. That's what Ford High School in there and his dad his dad came into Laurel Park the other day I was talking about Laura Parka so it. So night train lane was your favorite Meant. Balmy Lane. Musk's. Cop I mean I'm not talking about Bobby Lane I played football thirty five they call nitrogen lane is that was that he was six But that's the you said, that was your favorite lion no, no my two favorite lions were Walker and Bobby Lee. Matter of fact I had. Put. Bobby lean on one shoulder bed. Favorite players. What. Let me tell you. Can I also who's your favorite lines players? Like right now. Well. Berry. Is Up there number one for me. I. Period, Calvin Calvin Johnson Bennie. Blades well knows about Bennie blades out there. Let me go back. Let me go back to the thirty five game they played. What Kushner told me that the when he went into, see a mirror playing the giants it was a very cool. A matter of fact that the crowd that showed up at Titan stadium was fifteen thousand lowest crowd ever watch. was. A bad day. But HDD walked in and he knew Dutch Clark personally and he knew eight pusher, he will mall the main concern was they want that broadcasts to get back to Portsmouth on the championship game there was only one radio station in Portsmouth was WPA Massey question question..

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