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"callum billy" Discussed on Tha Boxing Voice

"Sad. What would you do after the fight of nila sleep g. Ns you gotta go back and listen to the show bag dumbo. One thousand percent floyd fan and a thousand percent pink floyd to do exactly what he did. Cannella won me over by his willingness to fight trout. Floyd laura triple g kovolev callum billy and now plant bro. You tripping you know you're cocaine right now like you know you can't see in front of you like anybody that doesn't see the greatness in those names like you guys are tripling. There's nothing to talk about like i. i could never convince you. I could never convince you if if one fighter has four trout in his prime. Lauren is prime floyd in his prime commodity at least one fight in his prime columnists prime billie joe in his prime but the fight calabasas prime might come on bro. You're like a lou baby infant in this box. Should you don't know anything. Stick the pacify in your mouth and just listen. Nobody wants to really listen to you. James payne lethal..

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