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Hawaii Kilauea volcano eruption: Fiery red lava, blue flames light up sky

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01:26 min | 2 years ago

Hawaii Kilauea volcano eruption: Fiery red lava, blue flames light up sky

"In hawaii officials warn the beginning stages of a main eruption at callaway summit may be underway rockfalls and gas explosions are being observed at the volcanoes crater abc news chief national correspondent mad gunman says two things are happening one is that fishers are cracking open the earth emitting clouds of sulfur dioxide and other noxious gases those are becoming more explosive because those fissures in the lava inside are now interacting with the water table causing these steam driven explosions which is why we're seeing those lava bombs the other thing that's happening is that kilowatt itself has started to omit this thick black cloud of ash rising up to four thousand feet the top democrat on the senate intelligence committee says he will vote to confirm gina hospil as director senator mark warner's decision makes it likelier that she'll be confirmed a pennsylvania judge has set a sentencing date for bill cosby bill cosby will learn his fate on september twenty fourth and september twenty fifth as montgomery county judge steven o'neill filed in order scheduling his sentencing hearing cosby faces up to thirty years in prison after being convicted in april on three counts of aggravated indecent assault he's been under house arrest on a million dollars bail since that time and subject to gps monitoring mark remillard abc news and it sounds like meghan markle's father will not be attending saturday's wedding after all he's now telling tmz he's undergoing a heart procedure and cannot attend this is abc news komo news.

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