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California wildfire becomes second largest in state history

Sonoma County's Morning News with Pat Kerrigan

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California wildfire becomes second largest in state history

"Rosa that has opened up some of just a small of slow down as. You approach the highway twelve intersection but it continues slow past. The twelve up to, college avenue and other than that no major incidents or. Accidents to report. At this time but check back we're going to have, another report at eight forty five and we'll see what's fresh then, Daniel Tracinda's now with your forecast Hot warm temperatures for this week today topping out at ninety five expected to. Get, hotter and. Certain inland areas seventy on the coast clear skies tonight low fifty four round ninety four tomorrow maybe just shy of that seventy, s on the coast temperatures this, morning in the fifties approaching sixty degrees in rohnert park fifty. Four Petaluma fifty four at sixty one in Guerneville fifty seven in Windsor and fifty six in Santa Rosa it is eight thirty eight at k SRO and let's go to the Mendocino complex fires now the. Second largest wildfire in state history just behind the Thomas fire. That happened down in, southern California last December and because there is only about. Eight thousand acres. Separating the two we have every reason to believe that, the Mendocino complex fire will become the largest foiled fire in cali- -fornia history the two fires have now destroyed over seven two hundred. Seventy three thousand acres that's the river and the ranch and the latest numbers this morning from Cal fire say there. Is a thirty percent total containment between the two fires and governor. Brown addressing the issue of the fire situation throughout California says it's not going to improve any time soon Trend new normal, and we've got to deal with in review Humanly financially and governmentally and yes, now the second largest fire in California history A Santa Rosa working alignment for PG any is dead twenty one. Year old Jerry is a yadda was killed in a vehicle accident on Saturday the utility. Says I was working, in rural Shasta county near the car fire restoring power when the accident happened a gofundme page set up. For to help his family has raised more than eighteen thousand dollars so far I bet that's gonna go up an investigation. Under way after a Sandra fell police officer shot a suspect with a knife it happened last night, about nine o'clock police cordoned off the streets in the area around Verde, street and they tried to talk the man down suspect went after the cops thirty minutes into the. Standoff prompting the officer to shoot officials say paramedics took the suspect. Marin, general he has potentially life threatening injuries Ed investigation that's more than a dozen arrests were made Sunday in Berkeley as alright demonstrators clashed with counter protesters in. The streets Mark Mayfield has more Police say, several, small fires were started and they confiscated things like rocks and hammers from protesters protest came just a day after another right wing rally in, Portland Oregon and a week ahead of the planned unite the right gathering in Washington, DC that, rally is, set to take place near the White House and it's being led by the same group behind last year's deadly chaos in Charlottesville Mark Mayfield NBC News Radio and. DMV expanding its hours once again and the. Several DMV offices around the state are going.

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