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Mid-Air Collision - Alaska

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Mid-Air Collision - Alaska

"Was a mid air collision of two airplanes near these sold DOT NA airport. On the Peninsula of Alaska near Anchorage. On Friday of last week, killing seven people including a Kaanai lawmaker. A single engine to have lengthy HCC to beaver was involved in the crash which carried six people fifty-seven-year-old Gregory Bell of soul, DOT NA. Forty year old Guy David Rogers of us and South Carolina residents. Caleb. hosie had their Halsey, McKay? Halsey. And Kirsten right according to the LASCA state troopers the only person in the other plane a single engine. Piper PA. Was Sixty three year old state representative Gary Nop of by troopers federal aviation officials said. Six people were confirmed dead at the scene while one person died on the to the central Peninsula hospital in an ambulance. federal NTSB was recovering the two planes and the NTSB Alaska chief. Clint. Johnson said. Well. That's what he said Saturday, the agency help to be finished with recovery efforts by the end of Saturday and the goal is to bring the two planes to secure location in the West Selah area by the way this is from. A local news outlet A D. N. dot com whatever that stands for. So High Adventure Air Charter on Friday posted a message on its website confirming that one of its aircraft was involved in the crash. At, this time high adventure air is working to support families involved in his working with the National Transportation Safety. Board, who is investigating the in the accident? Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the families involved in this tragic accident. Bell the beavers pilot was part of the family owns and operates high adventure air charter based on long near Lake in sold out now. The business offers fishing hunting, bear viewing and glacier tour trips as well as custom charters. The charter plane which was equipped with floats took off from Long Mirror Lake and was headed to the west side of Cook Inlet. The. Piper PAC twelve was equipped with wheels and took off from the sold in the airport but investigators do not know yet where it was headed. Interrupted your first second other pipers that onto quit with wheels the ones that have floats apparently Okay. I kinda struck me. Kind of struck me as odd as well. Must Pipers I think that's a fair statement. Most pipers have wheels. But apparently, because the the BEAVER was float. Float equipped beaver. They felt like they had to. Put that make that point. Okay. That's I could have just said that took off from the Saldana airport not the like. Ben. Anyway. Witnesses. DESCRIBE THE MID air collision, which they say produced a tooth rattling sound and sent debris flying. Alaska State Trooper said they began getting reports of the crash two miles northeast of sultanas airport just before eight thirty in the morning on Friday, most of the wreckage landed about two hundred yards from the road, which was closed briefly to safety concerns and Deborah's are debris. National Weather. Service. Reports from the Sultana airport for Friday morning show clear visibility with broken clouds at ten thousand and four, thousand, five, hundred feet. So anyway, they're still investigating why the collision occurred. and. That's all they have. So it's amazing. How often you get close to alluring craft Pakeha you haven't spotted them and most of these occasions just give everyone a bit of a fright when you get very close about. The advent of eighty s be for everybody is going to help these situations but quite honestly The best thing to do is just keep head out of the cup used them Wanna eyeball but of course, has limitations We all know that. Sudan you know we were. Really through. Our evolution sensory systems are is already designed to pick up moving targets and If you're on a collision course with someone, they don't actually move relative to you because you're a collision course if they moved then you'd easily tell are either gonNA in front of you behind you above you will below you'll whatever. So something that's completely stationary in your windshield pups just adult initially is she knows very easy victory for peripheral vision to pick up. So does it starts to move one direction or another that you attention is attracted to it. You can say if you look directly at it with the the highest acuity portion of your eye, which those is, you know it's about the size of your fist held on link. It's not a very big piece of your eye. Which is why it's important to scan the sky. All the time particularly in the areas when you'll vulnerable. To Collisions talking about three o'clock tonight. but you know it is possible papal creep up from behind you take a look out there occasionally and do so insect chosen to do. So with discipline so that you can cover the entire sky and bear in mind that it's very easy if you're looking into an empty sky, feel is to focus backwards towards you. And longer be stretched out at infinity. So there's less chance of your actually seeing the thing you're looking for. If you find yourself staring at the windshield, you'd be looking out the window too long glance out something that's more about video forty feet from you usually the ground or cloud or something, and then restart

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