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"caleb calton" Discussed on The Rise Up Show

"Is it. You'll be wanting to do good wanting to serve in the community loves the Lord he's on the Saints Saints are really good right now and he's playing really good football. That'll do pretty well. My guess is if If people find out about the interview but then you know I have interviews with other people that you haven't heard of the people who are like assistant coaches on division two basketball teams or recently we had a a a mom on who lost her son to cancer But there was a connection election unique connection there because she was a woman of Faith and because her dad was a coach in her father in law was a coach at Michigan and end coach football there and so the intersection of sports. Faith doesn't always need to be a ton of sports. It could just be a little connection of sports but the faith ass back. ACT The story aspect. Those are the ones that stand out to me and Whenever we can get one of those They're my favorites. Because they're the ones that most people listening can relate to. We've all been through tragedy on some level. We've all had to walk through you know Valley's at shadows of death as they you say in difficult times and difficult seasons and what is trusting. God look like through that and when we can get to the core of the heart of those type of you've stories that's when the connections happen that's when I get most excited because that's where God to me. Does his best work now. Football players can have have those stories as well because they're human beings and in baseball players to and hockey players and basketball players at all these athletes that we've interviewed on the show. But when you get somebody buddy you haven't heard of but you connect with. That's when to me that's like the everyday story and that the ones that I really enjoy most absolutely and those are going to help other people Whether they know them or not so correct. Yeah exactly great so you wrote a book Libro. You've written two books books. One soon one of them is called live to forgive. Could you tell me a little bit till the audience a little bit about about that. Yeah so when I was in this process of thinking about leaving. ESPN two thousand sixteen And by the way I didn't mention this earlier but it was probably in my favorite year of working at. ESPN was the year that I thought I was leaving because I got to work on Mike and Mike in the morning and be part of a really great show on a great team of people that was awesome but somewhere along the lines in summer of Twenty Sixteen I got a phone call from buddy you know in that process of networking and meeting meeting different people in the faith world and his name is Caleb Calton back he is a former pastor. He is an author as well and he wrote an amazing book called Messy Grace and Kayla. I had connected on social media and I just said Hey Mandy have like twenty minutes on the phone and we can talk and it was early summer of twenty sixteen and I was telling him kind of some of the things that I was thinking about with leaving. ESPN and just praying. That God would open up a door and show me what to do and then he asked me what else is on. My heart was a weird question and I said I really don't know I said the story of my dad has been one that I've been sharing a lot. You know lately with different people whether it's speaking or even just talking like you and I are talking gave and and it was one of those things where I share the story with Caleb and he looked very I didn't look at me but he he heard any said you gotta you gotTa write a book here Buddy and I laughed at him loudly in the parking lot at ESPN. I said I have zero interest in writing a book. Caleb there's no way this how don't even know how to write a book and I'm not a good writer I just no. I'm not I said I'm going to okay the writer but I'm not a book writer to me. If you write a book you need to be great at writing. And I've learned that that's not always the case when I look back now but you need to okay great and that was my thought and he said no man your story forgiving your father for all the things that he had done to you. Growing up with an Alcoholic Dad You know the the real difficult moments difficult times like that story that people can relate to and people need to hear and so oh after we hung up the phone he connected me with the literary agent and I just talked to this guy and that began the process of moving Forward with this book live to forgive and the book is about It's a it's an. It's about seventy percent narrative thirty percent application in the book. Is The story the narrative side of my journey through life with an alcoholic father that was verbally abusive that ruined his his own. Life and in many ways ruined the life of his family in separation with with his three boys myself and my two brothers Couple of divorced a couple of broken marriages and divorces Ruined relationships with his own family with his own parents with his own The cousins and uncles and aunts like lots of bad things losing his job so he had a really tough difficult life and after becoming make a Christian in two thousand one. I started to try and learn about forgiveness but I really didn't know what that meant in my own life. I thought yeah. Forgiveness is beautiful thing until I actually have to kind of put it into Practice for myself and I couldn't do it. I couldn't forgive my dad for the pain he had caused me. And my brothers and eventually time came in twenty thirteen where my dad was at his lowest point and I was able to kind of eventually forgive him and tell him that that I have forgiven him and begin a process of forgiveness so I learn learn about learned about forgiveness quite a bit over those three or four years there and And that's where the book idea came from and we put a proposal together and A publisher named core media out of Charlotte North Carolina. Got A hold of. It picked it up pretty quickly. I had a CO author named Stephen Copeland who helped me write the book and Like I said he's a great writer so it was it was wonderful to have him as a quote unquote great writer helping me. Tell the story and The book released in January very of two thousand eighteen In the process of this began in September of two thousand sixteen so it really moved quickly. Mace that. It might not sound like that's a quick amount of time I am but it really is in the book World Book books usually take two to three years so to write to put together to edit to to have it go from the beginning of your audion concept to the time when you're actually holding a book in your hand and we did this in a year and a half and everything moves so quickly in the process of writing this book and editing I had had left. ESPN so that was happening as well. And so a lot of things were going on at the same time But this book has has been a Labor of love and one that I didn't ever think I would do or want to do But it's helping people and and quite honestly that's why I wrote it. That's why my dad blessed it and said he wants this book to be written because is it could help people and so far I believe it has absolutely and I was actually able to read the first chapter when your website and I saw that I chapter is available for free yes it is like to encourage listeners to go onto Jason Romano Dot Com. That's it yeah and and we just we just updated the website. It's brand new. Probably less than a month old the website in its We put the first chapter up there and even has a picture of the new book. Look as well And a cover there so yeah. We're excited for what what's happening with that. Yeah that's awesome so yeah to the listeners. Go on there and read the first chapter and then then Pickup checkup Jason's book it's It's a really great read. Just the first chapter I read Often pick it up myself for sure. Thank you yeah. It's a it's been again something. I never thought I would be doing not that. I never thought I'd be doing a podcast with with you or anyone else but it's something I never thought I'd be doing to talk about a book that I wrote. And and that's the last thing I ever thought it'd be doing. And now we're getting ready to launch book number two in the Spring of twenty twenty and I never would've I thought I'd be a two-time author that's insane so it's crazy that's so awesome to see how how God working in your life and put new directions. You never never thought you would be. That's it's pretty neat to see how God works in our lives. I appreciate that Gabe. Thanks man so this is the second book uniform of Leadership. So I'm a I love leadership. I'm kind of an entrepreneur type. I love this stuff and a lot of our audience is the same way. They're either a leader at their workplace or they're not for newer. You were so that I'm excited about this. One me to get you tell us a little bit about the uniform of leadership. Yeah so the uniform of leadership ship Like I said it's coming out in spring of Twenty Twenty We're still in the editing process of it but for the most part the manuscripts don it's been submitted a little peek behind the curtain of books. When you work with publisher you submit a manuscript and then they harvard like a you know? I don't know like a Thanksgiving Turkey. And they go through it and Sunday like a fine tooth comb. They're running right through the whole thing and trying to to try to make it the best that they can do because they have an investment in this book as well and so it's in that process process literally as you and I are talking right. Now is editing process but the covers out And that's something that they put together. The title is obviously out the uniform of leadership. And we're we're wrapping this thing up pretty soon here. I would imagine by the end of the year. We're really going to be looking at okay. What's the exact release date which I think is going to be at the end of April But that's not one hundred percent locked in but the book is about so we've talked about. ESPN I really wanted to Kinda share stories of my time. Positive stories certainly not negative one of my time working at ESPN. So what did that look like. What were some of the need experiences appearances that I got to have and I had a lot of them? I was really fortunate. I worked as a talent booker for ten years at. ESPN of the seventeen. I was there so when you work with talent. You're working in essence. What that means is your booking all the guests for the shows and I got to spend time with huge named people in in the world of sports and entertainment and a big name? People people that you would know like drew brees and people like Tony Dungee Dale earnhardt junior and the Rock and will ferrell and just crazy names that I was very fortunate to spend on days with at ESPN so i. The idea of the book came from a bit of a leadership. Buff myself and guys like John. Gordon John. Maxwell people like that have been a very big Encouragement to me with the books that Britain and I realized that in these seventeen years that I spent at ESPN..

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