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Middle Earth Minute: The Numenoreans

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Middle Earth Minute: The Numenoreans

"I'm going to be talking about. The Newman orients the new minorities. Were that race of men. If you remember in the movie airborne was a new minority in. They had a long life and they got their start. After the downfall of more goth sirens master Saharan fled but the gods the allies what they're called rewarded the men a group of men for helping in the defeat of Serotonin more goth and gave him this island. I king of the Newman orients was l Ross. And he had a brother named L. Ronde as we know from the movies they were half Elven so they could pick either the immortality of the elves or the mortality of the men so l. Ross chose to be one of the men but also the land that they got from the valor. They also gave them long life as we know in the movie airborne was seventy six seventy eight. I think if I remember correctly so they gave these men. The Newman orients extended life. They typically lived around four hundred years of age sometimes a little longer later on. They didn't live quite as long. But we'll get that in the later on this island really good. They loved the valor on the Gods and everything good but slowly but surely they started to decline. They wanted not only a long life. They wanted immortality like the elves became jealous of the elves and wanted immortality. They were told that they can never visit the West. If you remember in the movies the end Bilbo and Frodo and Gandalf and some of the others went on a ship and went to the West. They went to this place called the undying land. The deal the valor made with the new minorities was that you can have long life but you can never go to. The undying land will later on generations later thousands of years later in fact they said No. No we're not going to be banned from that. They call it the ban. R- actually going to go to the undying land anyway. And so sorry. Ron Shows up on the scene later. On the Newman Guide extremely wealthy and very arrogant. And that's why they decided to say you know what we're going to them dying land anyway. We don't care we're better. We know better and sarin help feed that. In fact he came to the island as a prisoner and faked being captured by one of the minority and kings. And that's where all this got started. And the Valor said. We're not having any of that. As soon as one of the kings went to the undying land he destroyed the army and sunk the island. And so basically. This is tokens version of Atlantis. But as we know some of airborne's relatives he still door remember. He was from new minore. They left the island before it sank and established colonies in middle earth. And there's where we get gone door fascinating fascinating story. I definitely don't do it. Justice but the whole story has a lot of intrigue and you can find a detailed story of this in the Sylmar million towards the back. It's called the Cala Bath and it's only about thirty pages long and goes into much more detail of the capturing of SAR on and the deception. He gives the king and how he moves. The Newman orients down that dark dark path to the point that they start doing human sacrifices as well. Then there's another book called. The Tales of new Minora and middle earth has even more little short stories about the different kings of new minore and how they had shifted over the years and started getting more evil also in the return of the king. If you remember there's those a pen nixes in the back there's one in there called Appendix B. That gives you an outline a time line. Excuse me of the second age which is when this whole Numidian. Time-line took place and it gives an outline of the second age and talks about how they started. And how you can see there that they slowly disintegrated down to basically evil so you get little tidbits of the new minority ans even in the Lord of the rings books the Cala Bath and the other. The unfinished tales of numerous men are numerous middle. Earth just gives you more detail. One of the quotes from the tales of numerous middle earth is this. They turn their play into great matters and great matters into play. I thought that was just a fun quote from the book and that one details of middle earth is written by Tolkien but edited by his son. Just like the Iranian Christopher Tolkien so what Christopher Tolkien did in a nutshell is take little stories that his dad wrote but never finished and kind of put them together. In a more cohesive matter. Not The best as you know by. The million is very disjointed. But that's the best he could do so he might find a couple of paragraphs about the new minority in kings over here and he finds another two three or four pages about the numerous Newman. Orients over here and put them all into one book? And that's what he did definitely check out the bath in the back of the sylmar million or tales of new minore in middle earth or both good and the Cala bath is very short so you can probably sit down and read those thirty pages very quickly and it's just a fun read. I just but I'm also a token nerd so take that with a grain of

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