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Examining the 911 call of the JonBenet Ramsey case

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Examining the 911 call of the JonBenet Ramsey case

"Fine-tuning what's going on okay. Noteworthy left in your daughter. How old is your daughter important? How long ago was the same ransom? Note here it's a random victory place Okay what's your name. Are you okay. How long she she thinks we do? Tweet I am honey. I take a deep breath told okay. Thank you for the beautiful trailer for this week. Here captain and thank you for playing patsies nine one one call now just to clear up any type of confusion. I think we should jump right into a transcript of that nine one one call so we can all have a clear understanding what is said on both ends ends from the nine one one operator as well as Patsy Ramsey when nine one one picks up the call. Patsy Ramsey says police on one. What's what's going on Ma'am Patsy Ramsey? Seven fifty five Fifteenth Street. What's going on there Ma'am Patsy? We have a kidnapping hurry please. He's nine one one explained to me what's going on. Okay patsy there we have A. There's a note left and our daughter's gone nine. One one note was left in your daughter's gone patsy. Yes nine one one. How old is your daughter? She is six six years old. She's blonde six years old. How long ago was this patsy? I don't know I just got the no in my daughter's gone nine one one. Does it say who took her patsy. What nine one one does it say? Who took her Pazzi? No I don't know there's a ransom handsome. No here nine one. It's a ransom note patsy it. SAYS SB T sea victory. Please nine one one okay. Okay what's your name or you Cath Asi Patsy Ramsey on the mother. Oh my God please nine one one. Okay I'm sending an officer Sir over okay patsy please nine one one. Do you know how long she's been gone. No I don't please. We just got up and she's not here here. Oh my God please nine one one okay. Cal- patsy please send somebody nine one. I am honey patsy. Please nine one one take a deep breath and patsy. She says hurry. Hurry hurry nine. One one says Pazzi Pazzi Pazzi. At the start part of this call. It appears the Patsy Ramsey is asking for the police. Now we only hear her say police. There are some reports that state that that that is inaudible that we cannot tell what Patsy is saying in that first line yeah. There's some people that speculate that she actually goes to say ambulance and and cuts herself off and says police. She's immediately asked what is going on to which she responds giving her address again. What is going on there ma'am? She states dates. We have a kidnapping hurry please. What I decipher from this? Very quick little snippet at the beginning of the call is I kind of think good and bad when we look at the the scales of Justice in regards to Patsy Ramsey. She's doing exactly what I would expect a mother who is terrified. Ah what could be going on. Her daughter's gone and found a ransom. Note right she is asking for the type of help that she needs police. She is asking. She is stating where she is located and immediately stating stating the problem at hand we kidnapping and then asking hurry please. We've gone through a lot of these nine one one calls over the years. Yeah yeah they drive me nuts. One thing that I've always called into question is when we have a lengthy call and the person is failing to ask for help to respond to the situation until later in the call right here this call roughly is about. I was trying the time it. It's roughly it's a little over a minute. Forty two seconds or something and we have within seven seconds of the call all she is actually asking for help. She's asking for someone to respond to the scene right so I think a good sign for patsy where I say that I think a bad sign signed for Patsy is and this might be just too much speculation on my part but it almost appears to me and somewhat of a manner that she I believe that she could ask for the type of help that she wants police or ambulance. She states where they are located and states. The problem at hand kidnapping happing part of me wonders if she thought that the conversation was going to go any further than that right it okay. Now I'm off the hook. I've made this call. I've told told them to help that. We need. Let's wait for them to respond very good here. We had the nine one one operator asking again. Explain to me what is going on. Okay okay one thing that I will point out that I think is good for Patsy. Ramsey here is unwilling. You mean good good in the sense that let's say she's innocent of any wrongdoing. She goes immediately into we have A. There's a note left in our daughter's gone meaning. Where my first suspicion was that this? This conversation was going to be over soon as she said. There's a kidnapping please hurry right. Then she's asks what is going on. She without hesitation goes into what is going on. She doesn't stumble. You know like I would expect somebody that has has a lot to hide to possibly stumble at that point in the conversation. A lot up. Yeah a lot of us And then there several back and forth about you know our daughter's daughter's gone and there's a note here. She gives a brief description. The at six years old she's blonde. She's a six year old girl down a lot of people label give her a check mark in the and the guilty column for never saying her daughter's name but in fairness to Patsy Ramsey. She's never asked what the daughter's name is. How old is she Karachi your name correct and then we do have a portion here where I find it interesting that nine one one is okay? What's your name? Are you calf so there. Several there are several versions Asians of this call out there right. I find this one to be the most complete one that I have seen and so I'm going with this one. I hear a her. Say The operator. Say Our Cath. which just I find that interesting? Because it doesn't she doesn't seem to know where the calls coming from from at that time almost she's GonNa ask her are you Kathleen or Kathy right but yeah I think it's probably just inaudible and and that's the closest somebody could put down to decipher so I have patsy Ramsey. Of course she's asking for help numerous amorous times asking that they please hurry numerous times throughout this call even in this very short call six or seven seconds into. It is the first time that she asked for our help. And then again around the forty second mark and basically the whole second half of the call is her asking for help or for them to please hurry. Okay so where I always stand on. Those is if we have a situation where somebody calls nine one one and they are not asking for help. Because that's essentially that's all nine one on one is therefore for you to call and request help assistance of some sort. Yeah my issue with a lot of these non one causes is just the the lack of calmness and and obviously that's easier said than done but yes you read the note you yelled for your husband you ran to your husband. You had some kind of conversation with your husband. He reads the note and he says AAC Copley's which one have the two individuals. We know which ones calmer John Ramsey. So maybe you should call because like you said after you asked for help. Maybe that's that's where you think it should stop. Its where it doesn't stop so nine one one is going to keep you whoever calls on the line as long as they can unless unless you have really good reason to not be on the call. Yeah this this call also gets put into question because I would think when you start talking to somebody and saying hey we have emergency. Here's where we're at by me talking to you. The reason why they keep you on the phone is to start calming you down. So as you as the call progresses. Patsy doesn't get more calm. I think this this to me is either a sign that she's faking it. And she's a drama queen or this says happening in real time on. This happened so quickly and as they're asking her questions she still processing the fact that her kid is gone on. And what the hell are we going to do. And one of the things I find really interesting. I believe John. Douglas talks about this. This is one of the key things that he believes that she didn't know much about the note and go get to the note later. Ballade people speculate that she wrote it while she wrote it and they said WHO's the note from that if she was really familiar with the note she she would adjust said as BTC. But it's almost like she asked flip to that part of the note and then she reads from down to upwards reads S. B. T. C.. That makes no sense so she goes to the next word to try to find the answer S. B. T. C.. Nope that's not a good answer victory. Oh that's not good answer either she. I'm saying so. If somebody is more familiar with the no they probably went out. Read from down to up probably when it had to flip to the back To the third page aged to find the answer. That's assuming that that she's doing that. But it sounds like the way she's describing things on that nine one one call. It sounds as if that that is in fact what she is doing. Yeah it'd be very good acting. I would think if she's faking. That you said Drama Queen. I do believe she took some trauma courses. This is the in high school or College. I B here's what drives me. Nuts is like on the where always constantly going. Well here's how I would've reacted or this is how I think somebody should react. Where because if you did if John Ramsey called and said my name is John Ramsey my my daughter Jon Benet Ramsey's missing? She's six years old she's blonde. She's about however tall that they would persecute him for being into com- Not being emotional enough right well I to me. I don't try to look too much into the to try to figure throughout the emotions of the person making the call. I never do that. My whole thing is just I always question win. They are finally asking for help. Because that's that's what nine one one is. It's truly a life line. It is their only to be asking for help and Dan when somebody is in a situation as severe as this. I expect them to be asking for help very quickly in the call and the reason why I always reference that is because if it's a put on if you're only calling nine one one because you feel that that's what you are supposed to do or how you are supposed to act in the situation and you in fact it something terrible then really. You don't want help to show up inside deep down inside you. You're hoping it's delayed as possible because you don't want to have to explain anything to anyone right because you don't want them to know what you've done so I always take that into account when I when I listen these. I never tried to listen to the emotion because as you very Very well pointed out. We don't know how each one of us would behave or react to these different situations. We there is no right way to act or wrong way to behave on these calls and the car gets a little more interesting at the end because there is no okay. See you later or will be here waiting. There's no and end and that's where I believe possibly at that point. John Ramsey is trying to tell patsy Ramsey. Something there's something going on at that House that is pulling her attention away from the phone call in that point. Gone that minute and and forty some seconds on the phone to that mother could have felt like an hour so she might have been like look. I said all I need to say now. There's stuff going on here And now I'm talking to these individuals than the phone hangs up and it's always been kind of a mystery what it has been said at the Ed this is from a two thousand sixteen story on Bustle Dot Com. There's long been debate Over what exactly happened at the tail end of the of the recording was some arguing. The call did not immediately disconnect after patsy hung up the receiver and that a third voice can be heard the nine one one tape has been analyzed nine times nine different times by everyone

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