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"cal valley" Discussed on Sekeres & Price Show

"That's not. Actually palmeiro is the guy just about finger-wagging canton him first basement. Baltimore orioles switcher wasn't chris. Davis obviously does not at five thousand strikeouts. See this is how low profile eddie. Murray all okay. Well he wasn't just the oil jack. Marin oriel yeah yeah. I think a clippers game wants you talk to you. Know to engage with. He had like eleven family members there. There's yeah and he could play and then palmero the other although who knows how. Many of those hits or home runs for Affected that's that's a crazy couple of numbers to reach those three thousand. You could hit it every way. I gotta take coming for you guys tomorrow. That's in this territory. That i hope you'll appreciate because i think it's counterintuitive. I'm sure you haven't heard i bet you. There's a slew of guys on the doorstep of that of that mark in in one way or well. Yeah that's it like bonds being sixty five hits. Yeah away griffey. I'm gonna guess was guarding. Close ought to be close. In terms of hits. Mike schmidt had to be up. There too was. Your griffey was two hundred and nineteen away. So i mean that is well. That's christie's drawer gracie's simpson. But yeah well and then here's gonna save it to the people we go to have no okay. So we're going to. I've got a lot in the inbox. Yeah we members to carris. We'll be seeing you on the side of the road soon. Signed the squamish. True nice suv. Going up to whistler. This weekend could be get the sports car. Just get this fourth time. Get whatever they give me as what i've never seen more cops on the road To have the summer really lines banking time. Yeah lines but you always go slow through sixty through lines bay right and cal valley to straightaway there to us to kill memo to larson. You are already pretty much anointed. But here are some tips to avoid being the connect spoofing boy Eight don't score near net under first game vanished. Very good office shenanigans. See get a really cute puppy to post on instagram. No exotic andy crashed with the sedans for the first year from omar and abuse radio pretty good by the way your boy mike schmidt seven hundred and some hits away rely would not have guessed that either but he had five hundred home run. Yeah five hundred forty eight but his him and led. The league in home runs. Andraos eight times george brett. He seems like a guy that would end up. They're not home runs. He's not a home run. God's true mammo to whitecaps ownership you have something special here with gold star who.

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