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Behind the Scenes at Prairie Moon Nursery

In Defense of Plants Podcast

01:13 min | 4 months ago

Behind the Scenes at Prairie Moon Nursery

"All right. Caitlin o'connor it's great to have you on the podcast. I'm really excited to talk to you today. But first let's start off by telling everyone a little bit about who you are and what it is you do for sure. I'm a huge fan of the podcast. So it's very exciting to be with you here today. My name is caitlin. And i am the education outreach specialist here at prairie moon nursery and winona minnesota yes So i've been with moon for a little over five years now And i came to curry moon. Because i'm actually a resident of wis- koi valley community land co-op where was started So i was going to college in the winona area winona state university And had gotten my degree in environmental science and my capstone research project at winona state. was with native plants and so i got familiar with Moon at that point in time. And so you know. After a brief stint of going to the big city and doing doing some nonprofit environmental work up there. I came back to the more rural winona county and landed up as the moon. So it's really great to be here.

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