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"caitlin mayfield" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"News chief national correspondent, Matt gut men is at the border in Tijuana Mexico with according to U S law asylum seekers have to have their applications, at least view that bind the US government. Now secretary Nielsen has said that only ten percent actually receive asylum, but that doesn't absolve the US government from actually trying to verify their application claims. The question is how many of the people here we'll try to seek asylum through the proper channels. How many will try to smuggle their way into the United States, and for those that are left here in Tijuana that is going to be for the Mexican government to deal with and that could be an extremely costly proposition. And according to US law doesn't matter how they get into the country. The US must at least consider their asylum application in the special counsels Russia investigation. Robert Muller and his team are accusing Paul Manafort of lying to them in violation of their plea agreement with him, here's CBS's. Paula Reed special counsel is being very clear they're not revealing anything about what he lied about. And it's just it right now it's unclear we do not know whether or not this information will ever be made public Manafort cannot now withdraw his guilty plea and may well face more prison time some long and frustrating waits for rail riders after an inbound NBA train snapped and axel just north of Belmont Waverley station. WBZ's KENDALL Buhl with that. It's all about communication. The NBA was quick to tell its Fitchburg line riders that are broken down train would cause delays. But Caitlin Mayfield doesn't feel. She got the full scope, I get text messages. So I was able to stay at my house a little bit longer than normal. And then I came down here and thought that we would get on train and like ten minutes and we didn't during her forty five minute. Wait, Caitlyn could watch is a train picked up writers under disabled one. Then sped past. The station. Now, she needs to communicate with their boss. I told him I was going to be late at eight forty five. But I must send another Email now because outside a lot later from Waverley station. Kendall Buhl, WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty could a partial government shutdown being our future. That's coming up soon on WBZ..

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