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"cairo hines ob" Discussed on ESPN FC

"Oh. You wanna come for drinking? Critic. Also, look, oh, you're on her. I would just like if we're gonna let let me get the full story. So a couple of weeks ago. I've just given you. Hear some questions. We don't care about these questions Stevie amount. We want. Okay. Look we went out the night before with Dan and hurt and somehow my credit card. Okay. Okay. Go ahead. I want to win. Two. Connecticut free. The more we in the ongoing. Anyone Bristol Connecticut? The lease anybody got left. Oscar question is Morada bigger flop than Fernando Torres west for Chelsea. No yet. Getting. But not yes. Leaps and bounds. These getting. Sorry in Steven wants, no pet mentioned how he would like to end his career with a national team. Could you take a country like Scotland or Venezuela to the World Cup quarter or even semi finals start with you since you're Venezuelan? Okay. I I will take bent. Yes. To be our national team coach. However, my expectation would be to make it to the quarter or semi final for the World Cup just making it would be wonderful Stevie. For Scotland thing. No one thing. I would like them to Asia is how the Nuff. We're looking mill. Yeah. You wouldn't want to be Scotland? The she got goods because don't very good. This isn't going to stop plan the ball forward deadly. And then backing things up and keeping it tight and make sure you fighting an all not lovely good stuff. So who is your ideal that lament? I don't know about ideal. But there's no way takes anywhere from the bike. And by the way, the bones in about again after five minutes, I'll take a more positive. Yeah. Cortec wants no buyer need to sack Niko Kovac or gets to various names. We mentioned. They need you. Money might be close. Well, older in Cairo Hines OB. Who is doing? The deadly Joe. Hello. Has a question for. Venga gets job. If he does get one of more of a journalist come, and it was said, no way. No, no. I don't remember. I'll have to forget. His credit cards. Wrap. I'm being told in my ear Hans. We talked about the dark arts earlier here in studio who do you think is the best diver in the game right now. Weird that they just at you in this. All right. I'm okay. I'm okay with it. Breaks ball. I would say that in terms of just Dr Carson general Greece wide vehicles. There are the very and I love the way they play the game. I was like Louis waters. Said hey ram assume there. No not. Doc. I mean, eat obviously, L payable in the Moshe, but he gets away with it. I'm being people. The mushroom mouth. Yes. Thank you. A dog in the out. Oh, I did. A rod. That's the raise lurk dick with the dogs. TV really, let's wrap this before anybody gets in any more trouble trouble. We're not. Bringing wallet. All right. Well, that's not in trouble. We'll be back tomorrow. Makes it or not. Plenty of Champions League to discuss. And I gotta go find my credit card.

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