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"cain scotty" Discussed on Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

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"cain scotty" Discussed on Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

"There's another go I don't know man I don't know I guess it all depends on how we here's the reason why you don't know. Elsie is because we like Tracy McGrady's gain in Hollywood evolved. They'll don't don't don't look at weird ended up at look at where it was at. At the time I get that but remember it was because of the exposure to Michael Scottie. Cain Scotty and I just wonder what Tracy McGrady would've turned into because Tracy McGrady is a hall of Famer and let's face it. He didn't really have a lot of great examples in terms of someone grooming him. He had a grooms himself but imagine. What would happen to that? Holidaying talent emerged in a Michael Jordan. World I always thought the same way about Andrew Wiggins Andrew Wiggins head a lot of potential and I just wonder what would have happened to his career had he stayed in Cleveland with Lebron been grown by Lebron as opposed to go to Minnesota and left his own devices and Tracy McGrady. Obviously it worked out okay with him. But I can't help but salivate thinking about Tracy McGrady being tutored by Michael Jordan. There's no question there's had they had they had. They moved on from Scotty and there was a hiatus period in a championship. Run Michael State around. There's no question that they probably could have won a couple of championships. But at that moment in time if I'm Michael Jordan I don't WanNa make that move for the simple fact that I know what that is a number thirty three when I got here in four years anyway. He's a proven commodity. He's a he's a he's a hall of Famer. We got but the one thing that we cannot criticize Jerry. Krause for that. He absolutely was brilliant. He identified talent right guys. He he knew which you gotta get rid of. He knew which got to go draft. He knew which was exactly the right guy to fit into that puzzle and he did it with McGrady. You're right. We didn't know what Tracy McGrady was going to be. Jerry Krause did Jerry. Krause is a really unlikable guy in this. He's obviously the guy that killed this thing but he was right about Tracy. Mcgrady be laugh. But I see this all the time and professional sports guys like Oh man. I really liked that guy. I only get him. I want you to get so discover him. He watched him in soy discovery him but think about what he did with pippen. Think about the move he made for Charles Berkeley to get bill. Cartwright did together moves jerry. Krause made were the right moves. He we can criticize him for a ton of reasons but not that he certainly formed teams in found pieces that go along with what Phil Jackson needed and wanted to do. There's no question about that this job but sometimes in your job you could screw things up like getting rid of a Scottie. Pippen to get Tracy McGrady in fact you say well. It's cheaper in younger at that time period Tracy. Mcgrady was go. Make little less Scottie. Pippen Scottie Pippen was only making like two point. Four million dollars at the time. He's a two four so they could trade with Gregg radio out. There Scotty was going to go make tens no but remember. We're not talking about ninety eight when it was over. We're talking about before that. So you still got the books at two and some change yes. Rabi on the books at one is some change you one more year. You could get McGrady for multiple years at this year but you. You're moving from Scott. You've already made that determination. You're moving on from Scott anywhere ninety eight so he's not GonNa be on your team. The only thing you could have done is get Tracy McGrady in hope that Jordan would stick around and then if Joran sticks around maybe he leads you into the future and if he doesn't stick around maybe you got Tracy McGrady to take them out to Jordan in. Move on in the future. That's the only win win that you can get out of it but trying to make six run at the championship with a High School Kid. If I'm Jay I'm like no aren't doing L. Z's top ten is coming up next. Let's get right to it. L. Ziadeh's Tuesday. It is six forty five in the morning. Top ten time. What do you got well Sir April Twenty First Twenty Sixteen. Do you know what happened on that day. I would tell Ya twenty sixteen. Yes hit me. The world mourned because Roger Nelson pass away now. Obviously everyone's going to go through and talk about all the great songs the Popular Ones Purple Ray blocks but this is my top ten list of princess non top ten singles in other words all sanity something not crack the top ten and they were officially released a singles. So no you're not gonNA hear erotic city because it was not officially released as a single however these hand work starting at number ten from the double album that in my opinion is as best album hot thing by Prince. So you listen to that. Now I'm I will admit some of the The lyrics here are inappropriate but as twins were appropriate. But I think for the title like Hot Thing. You kind of know what? The song is about number nine was the saw that for him. It's neat song. Controversy the thing about Prince. That's so amazing. Is that he especially when he was really hitting he had a way of blending and so many different genres of music. Whether we're ROCK DISCO PASTA THUNK but his lyrics were always wrong folks lyrics no matter what genre. He was playing always for the grown folks. I just little controversy because he asked what I I really wanted to know too he says am I black or white and I was trying to figure that out a loan. So what does he? What about the other question nos? Eds gator straight day. Or I just figured he was gained so I was confused about that one came out. We'll talk he's asking questions you know. it was a great great song number eight another love a holding your head. This from this came under the Cherry Moon. Which is the most alcohol Lewis Movies I've ever seen in my life however the music was banging and this was one of the least singles off of that another level holding number seven speaking of movies. This came from the much better movie. Paret that is take me with you. Do the do now was talking about riding down the PCH. Aids coming in from Attica with a convertible. This is actually. This is the one that just feels right. I don't know why he's playing all the live versions of these songs. I'm I'm just GONNA keep it rolling system and I told you I didn't know why your plan all the live versions. We keep it rolling. Thinks we actually can't play because I guess there are no Eric's that are sensible for our listeners. Ears just know the song. It's called sexy. Ms Yeah that probably doesn't qualify. Don't qualify but when I was talking about before how press was so good at using different genres and different forms of music six is a complete tribute to the sound of Change Brown and it is absolutely amazing and if you listen to it today which I have still hose up number. Five is probably the most popular non top ten song and that is nineteen ninety nine. It's so crazy to think about the lyrics at that time you know because we were still dealing with nuclear war here for liberation and Prince made a disco song about. It took a serious geopolitical conversation. Have PEOPLE CELEBRATING IT? That's that's artistry right there absolutely incredible number four. Is You know. We'll pick up line for a long time. Sometimes it works sometimes. It didn't but you could tell me I wasn't prince when I said I wanna be a lover.

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