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"cain ralph blumenthal" Discussed on Skeptiko - Science at the Tipping Point

"And the last line of that that says yeah the us investigating this full throttle and there's a mental phenomenon here that is up high priority higher than hydrogen bomb. They have to factor that in right. I mean that has to be one of the czech items on the you know our russia e all the things. Don't you think different vallejo fillets there and english. Ingles looking at the other side of the moon it had to be extended. Consciousness had to be joe mc monocle who is a spy spying on the east german west. German border had a near death. Experience had raymond moody's book in his secret file when they opened it when they interviewed him at. Sri so you know all these things i think. Are you know check items demons. God andy all in the soup for stargate well. In many ways all roads along those roads lead back to us. Our i in the early nineteen seventies and it was an extraordinary group of people in mines meeting there. And it's interesting to see how they will spun out into the world as we've mentioned before in addition to How could off and russell talk being there. Shock valley was that jackson. Fatty was there for a tiny while. And if you take jacques valet of calls in a he very much went out and pioneered this whole idea that the ufo phenomenon is intricately bound into consciousness and that under certain circumstances reality kind of gets bent out of shape when you are in close proximity to ufo's et or whatever it might be so jack was really looking before anyone else old before most people certainly into the whole psychic aspects all eat the ufo phenomenon for which i think he deserves a great deal accredit not released because he's being in the game you know sort of fifty or sixty years But yeah if we bring that up to date. Now we've got a you a report that recently been handed into congress nine pages in the unclassified version and i think the a few things stood out for it for me as a an aerospace analyst was. Yeah okay good. Positive progress Ua the ufo phenomenon is accepted as a reality. What is still in. Debate and in dispute is what the nature of the phenomenon is and whilst sort of Great portion of the reports talks about the more conventional threats In the aerospace world that could be vested represented in this. Uap phenomenon. the things that are really left out or the elephant in the room in this report are the exotic anomalous sightings data. Set the stuff that actually push comes to shove where all interested in which is the really weird citing stuff that has you know boggled and beguiled is full so long that was just mentioned in parenthesis but nick hold on the elephant in this room is so fucking big. There's no room for anything else. I mean they killed. People are threatened to kill people threatened for their family if they ever ever said a word about this and then december two thousand seventeen. Let's roll it on the new york times leslie. Cain ralph blumenthal interviewed in both on the show. Respect the crap out of him but they totally got duke right..

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