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"caesar ha" Discussed on Never Seen It

"Different. Wow. Oh, my God was a very worthy expression for that. My God. The next game is you guys are going to work together is called what movie is this character with a ridiculous name from? And I'm gonna tell you a movie character with a ridiculous name and we're gonna see if you can remember any of the movies that these characters are in. Right? So I'll tell you the characters. You tell me the movie and then if you can act or actors, shit, it's ten total possible points here. I think we're gonna get zero. Yeah, I'm feeling that zero character one Katie Herron o mean girls caddy caddy and who plays who is Lindsay Lohan we have two points. I can't believe I did that. Congrats. Character to Memphis Raines. Both finger. No. Let's guests though. Yeah, Memphis Raines. NNcholas cage gone in sixty seconds. That's three gonna guess driving miss daisy. Hustle and flow. Who's driving and hustle you basically would have, yeah, character, three, castor, Troy. Okay. Okay. I feel like this is probably from like the scary movie franchise, castor, Troy. Why are you saying it's slower like that's really. Trying to buy some time so you can eat it. I can't buy time by saying something like throwing it in the air and then donate and catching my. Okay. Cast ROY. See my brain goes to the rapper pastor Troy, which makes me think that it is a joke from like the scary movie universe. My brain goes to Brad, Pitt start in Troy. And that is one of the words that Kyle said. So I can see we both here things and know what things sound like. As you both know, sounds reverberations. Brain's go places. All right. I'm gonna guess gone in sixty seconds. It was nNcholas cage in faceoff dammit. I was so close. You know what would have been better name for any of these characters, nNcholas cage somehow. All right. Next one, this is all time. Great character name Scutt forcus. God damn. Still jealous Scutts forecasts space and his name is it you do. Here's his character's name a lot in the movie for how he's not the main character. But you hear Scott in Farkas a lot. Is it goonies noble you're in the right? Were gonna guess that two heavyweights? No, it is the red headed bully from a Christmas story. Oh, played by Zack ward. The actor we all think about, but it isn't that a good name? Everyone is. He calls MRs Farkas and she, you know that funny scene where that mom beats our kid. Classic comedy, even seen the Christmas story. Oh, was that okay? I'm following. That's last one. Last character hail. First name, hail. Last name, Caesar. The characters named hail, Caesar HA l. e. space. Caesar, my guess is like the life of Brian. Are you being serious. Are you being serious. Are you being actual series was what's up? Is it hail Caesar. No, it is Terry crews in the expendable. Knowing this character named hail, Caesar. Movie called hail Cesar, right. Yeah, that guy's name is Terry crews. It's TR, y, c, are you? It's Tom Cruise playing the move. We can have a t. cruise name. All right. I hate that aided that just the last one you got Keti Heron, two points that's the high score ever had in that game. That's great. I don't think we have any more according to this week. So hold that record for a while. Really gonna hail Caesar on this one. Dick is so big, is it why is dragging on the floor of the entire script? Oh, I'm so sorry. Did I leave a puddle. My original concept was that he was going to Jisr and she was going to be like it's so shaped, but you left that on the cutting floor. Next to dick, I decided to name the baby water stead. We. We have one more game and for this game shar I'm going to ask if you'll leave for right now. Oh, but this game is called rapid fire. Trivia about a movie. You've never seen. We're seeing the movie would definitely help, and I'm gonna ask you twenty. Quake Daniels comeback. Okay. I'm gonna ask you twenty questions about movie. You've never seen I in trouble. No, always thinks that. Twenty. Once again Ronan Farrow wrote in Email, twenty questions here. Twenty question about movie. You've never seen and seeing the movie would definitely help these plot driven questions, quote related questions, and we're gonna see how many of them you can get, right..

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