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"cabin john interchange" Discussed on WTOP

"Land, homes, buildings, or any kind of real estate. Four 28. Traffic and weather. On the 8s and when it breaks back to Dave dildine in the WTO traffic setting, a large police response between Glen echo and cabin John, Macarthur boulevard is closed at the union arch bridge, but cabin John Parkway is also closed beneath that aqueduct bridge. You can not come off the outer loop and head in and you can not go outbound from the Clara Barton Parkway and head toward the inner loop of the beltway with the cabin John Parkway closed for safety. So all that slow traffic on the Clara Barton Parkway has to go beyond. The cabin John interchange and take the Macarthur boulevard service road But there's also a separate unrelated closure of Macarthur boulevard closer into brookmont between Maryland avenue and while hunting wrote. And that's been the case all day for ongoing emergency utility work in the district. It is very slow eastbound on 6 95. The southeast freeway to go north on D.C. two 95, the car fire extinguished, but you're only getting by single file to the left, northbound toward bening road. On the beltway, latest crash called in and prince George's county on the interloop near arena drive drivers themselves are on the right shoulder, but there's a fire rescue squad heading that way. And they'll likely block the right lane. Northbound on route two, after aris T Allen, single file getting by a crash caller says, in Virginia, on 66, westbound out of center hill, all lanes are open, that crash was taken from the left lane and put on the right shoulder all main and express lanes are now open. Dave dildine WTO traffic. Now over to storm team four meteorologist Mike stina. More front now lifting through the razor will see some often on showers over the next several hours, watch out for some drizzle, and we're going to start to see some fog developing

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