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"cto pto and" Discussed on IT Visionaries

"What's going on too much as usual? Busy as usual. Indeed will you have been traveling all over the world talking about amazing things amazing technologies and today Rachi and talk a little bit about yourself. So how did you get started in technology Yeah I I I have Let's call a bit on the technical side since birth. I think you know I was one of those people that had every computer pre x eighty six. You can imagine I still have to UK pros in my basement which are sepia machines for the real geeks out there but the bottom line. Is You know when I went to university kind of flipped. A coin between the law and engineering literally flipped a coin and sometimes I joked that I lost and it landed on engine off I went in. I started at a company called cable tron systems in the Late nineteen eighties early. Nineteen nineties was growing at turned out to be kind of fifty percent of the lear. One layer two networking world and progress there all the way to the CTO PTO And then just continued on that journey. I don't took a cable tron into a different phase with terrorists and then Left there after he took private went over and became the CTO broadcom's the semiconductor. Spanish then went from there over to Canada to be the CTO and head of our for Nortel in Canada oh just telecom optical unified communications. Then what night moved on from. There went over to run advanced technology. For the largest Chinese Technology Company in the world one the news quite a bit alcohol Wa and then the one that was minding my own business in California working for wow way and EMC called me up and said Hey. We're looking to do a big shuffle and we need a new. CTO Are you interested. That sounds fun. I remember telling Joe Tucci that the reason I'm interested as I predicted nece at eight years ago that we would end up right right in the middle of a hurricane company was likely to be in the middle of the action. Turns out ride was if I was right at that time and then about four years ago we announced a combination of Delon. EMC and we put the two companies. Together I lead the technology integration. The two and Now here we are as technologies the largest infrastructure structure. It provider in the world. Some journey. Yeah you know when people think of Del obviously with such strong consumer brand And you know laptops all over the world Hardware all over the world. This Dell Technologies is really the center for Innovation and Has All of these amazing things going on. I'm curious like what's the scope of your role as global. CTO adult technologies. What what are you all working on the year excited about? Yeah sometimes joke that my job is to make sure technologies doesn't drive off a cliff because we missed technology inflection. You know a lot of roles I'm the chairman of the cloud foundry foundation responsible for the overarching technology activity in terms of the especially the longer term advanced technology work But but but but at the bottom line it's liberal the CTO and a very large company like this is is making sure that our strategies activities are insights. All the way to Michael are are aware of what's coming next. This is a this thing about technology industry you have to keep moving. Standing still is a bad thing effect. It's a death sentence in most is for most companies We understand that but when you're in motion Moving without let's call it a radar to understand what's coming at you and and to be able to assess and understand how to navigate. The technology or system is incredibly dangerous spots of examples. Where people you know got enamored with technology bet on it and it turned turned out to be the wrong one? And if you're a small company I guess you can recover Or maybe you can't but with a company of our scale we have to do that across a massive set of technologies back today. My my my remit is really helping us develop strategies to navigate everything from edge to five G. TO A. I the the the next generation of cloud environments to the data ecosystem. There's just a huge surface area of emerging technology challenges coming at US and my job using a combination of open innovation traditional research. Collaboration and Industry Coordination with our businesses is to make sure that we had in the right direction as we navigate. All of these interesting interesting L.. Let's call it inflections. That are coming at us. Yeah you know one of those one of those inflections That you've you've talked about and I would love to hear you You know explain more to our audience is the future of the Internet a A loaded loaded question for sure but But you've talked about this in the past. I'm curious like what do you believe is the future of the Internet. Yeah Yeah you know it depends on the time frame it funny enough. I was a I was at the fiftieth anniversary of the Internet. Event event at at Mit about a two months ago and Me and Bob Metcalfe the creator of Ethernet a long time ago were on closing panel and they they asked us to predict the Internet fifty years from now which by the way anybody trying to predict anything. Fifty years out is at best guessing. But that being said you know we had a good a discussion about what we think is gonNA happen. You know. There's there's a number of things that are going to occur because of the internet which is broad connective everything. The first obviously is that that connective is going to grow in. It's going to become much more of a intelligence system right now we kind of interact with the network. We tell it what what to do. And it works on our behalf to some degree but it doesn't understand us what's happening is the networks and the communication systems and even the cloud infrastructures are starting to become Aware of what we're trying to do. They are taking over work that we historically would have to do. And they're working on our behalf whether that's with smart assistance like Alexis in series and Google Voice. He's just the world or whether it's a I in her business process that that is intrinsic to the Internet intelligence being pushed into the net into the cloud beyond that and we know that the result of this hyperactivity is going to allow us to do things in very different ways that will change the way we experience life. Our user experiences grants which is a great example we gave at that event was imagined collaborative. A is working together and the example. We were talking about was imagine sitting in a classroom. You know a bunch of students. uh-huh observing a a professor and taking notes and it sounds like a very benign thing. But in the hyper connected world this future of the Internet imagine if in the room with you was this is maybe everybody had their own personally. I and those things were actually gathering information that you didn't gather they were looking over your shoulder if you will taking notes for you doc. But more importantly they were working together and when all was said and done in that lecture was over the actual notes. The information you had wasn't just information. Use the collective wisdom Adam analyzed and digested into something very consumable in real time because the is in the system because all of the activity was there between the people in that room there's this concept of collaborative technology that we talk about but large doesn't exist but the Internet and it's connected state and the moving of compute into it gives us the ability to do those kinds of things connected. Cars are not just connected to us. They're connected to each other. That is a function of the future of the Internet when that happens. You get an N.. Squared Weird advantage in a one twenty one hundred instead of one plus one equals two and so for us. That's the most exciting thing now. Huge challenges run a create a lot of data. We're GONNA process more days than we ever seen. We're going to have more bandwith where ever gonNA ever experienced or contemplated and we have to scale this thing to basically build infrastructure to make this happen but assuming we do that. It's GONNA be pretty exciting. What's going to happen in terms of this collaborative experience between people and machines that will characterize this hyper connected Internet of the future and how does five? AG play into that if five G. Super Important for for a couple of reasons the three things that are coming in five G. the most people don't understand what one of them they do too they don't the first is yes. We're going to have more bandwith in five G.. It's going to be faster than forgery. Because of the frequency spectrum that operates in because of their radio technology involved alternate and so we'll have faster pipes which is good means. We can put more things into a mobile environment and process more data. The two things that people aren't aware of that's coming with five. The first is fine jewelry. The I will call cloud friendly wireless network today when we deal with cellular. Just see it as a pipe. It doesn't actually participate anticipate in our applications. It's just just bandwith in five G. because of a thing called network slicing and programmable interfaces you as a user an it he professional as cio when you contemplate the pulling your application in the past at best you could do is get some connectivity over four G. Five G. World you'll be able to specify the behavior collectively you'll be able to decide that that particular application needs real time it's incredibly important and instead of just hoping it gets it from the cellular environment your cloud I would. Experience will actually instruct the five G. Experience to set up and dedicate bandwith create a network sliced. Push things all the way out to the mobile device so that entire end to end system will be participating and then lastly five G. will be the first place where we actually see the manifestation of a kind of global edge this idea of compute out in the real world. In real time. Now it will happen in many other places but it won't be a global kind of footprint or national footprint before it.

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