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A Modern Talk with David Frangioni

Drum History

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A Modern Talk with David Frangioni

"If you like drum history and would like to support the show head over to drum history. Podcast DOT COM click the Patriots link? You can contribute as little as two dollars a month and get some really cool perks now onto the show. Look into the drum history podcast. I'm your host Bart van der Zee and today. I am very honored to be joined by David. Francioni the publisher of Modern Drummer magazine. David how are you? I'm doing great. Thank you Barak. Great to be here everyone And it's An and as I said that I was thinking you have a lot of different titles. I mean you are an audio engineer. You work in studios. You're an author You've got all sorts of cool stuff on. You're you're a busy man yes You know a lot of things happening and They all interconnect even though it may not look like it at the surface and I know that Many of the things I do are fulltime jobs for a lot of people But I've found a way to combine all of these different passions that I have into a career and And it's you know it's amazing very very blessed very grateful. Yeah I think It's probably across guitar and Bass but I think musicians are really good about making things work for them like if you like audio engineering and drumming you can put it together and find out. Find a way to make that work So well in their hand in glove as well right think about how much CH- Audio engineering comes into play to be a part of what you do I mean. You're you're an engineer Drummer Yuppie. You know that those are very very useful powerful musical tools to have you know from a technology and an audio engineering input yet and I think now more than ever because we live in an era where you can't just say. Oh I'm an engineer. You can't say I'm a tracking engineer. I'm a mixing engineer. Hire me you basically. I think for a lot of people. What makes them stick out his? Oh also good after-effects or I'm also good with Photoshop. And it's like Ooh you stand out you have an extra little something. So it's it's you know as a drummer. It helps to know able ten into no pro tools so well I agree with that Bart and I'd like to expand So that everybody can take away from this time. We're spending together some really valuable things that they can apply to their own life and one right now Is You have to be a multitasker When we talked a minute ago about all the different types of careers I have and and and all the different businesses CETERA. It all stemmed from very early on like literally before I was a teenager. I was starting to see playing the music business at such a young age as a drummer. Having very big aspirations I was starting to see even that young eleven twelve plan in clubs and playing in bands. That if you put all your eggs in one basket it's not only very scary for making a living but it's also very limiting to how far you can take your your goals your art. So it's twofold we've got to be able to make a living to be pros in what we do and in order to do that. You know when a project comes along you have to be ready enable to do it. I also believe you should be passionate about. It shouldn't just be about having a career path to make money. It should be about finding career pads that you're really passionate about and they're really important to you. They almost do for free. If you could make a living otherwise And that for you and when you combine some of those you know you just really turned into a professional that has a lot to offer any project so if you just look at the example of a drummer engineer Which you know if we go back Dave wackle to me. One of the greatest drummers ever will always be one of the greatest drummers ever and I followed his career from when he was in Bridgeport Connecticut commuting to New York City and starting to make noise in New York City With French toast and and the whole way through and in my point in doing in following his career and understanding that is he was always multitasking. Even though he was one of the world's greatest drummers and becoming one at that time he learned about latronic she learned about sound he learned about the studio and all of these different talents that he didn't just have an awareness of but he actually worked on it and an expertise in them. That really took it to another level so now you have one of the world's greatest drummers gets great sound understands the studio can collaborate with the team live or in the studio on. Hey I think we should do this or that to get a better drum sound and it's just such a powerful combination to launch and have a career from so that's what I I'd like to really encourage everyone hearing us today. Take a look at where you're at if you're already doing two or three things And you and you love what? They're what you know what they are. You may still have a long way to go in terms of following The pursuit of them growing your ability within them but point is that you know if you're if you're good with what you're doing and where you know what the combination is then from there. Don't stop grow learn. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations so you can really grow even faster and if you don't do that if you're if you're someone right now listening to us and you're doing one thing just beware that you know it's it's you're limiting yourself for no reason and And you're really in a position where you're not being conservative enough in a music related business or most businesses for that matter if something should go sideways Or a project should come along that you need to be able to do one more thing to get It'll be too late so do it on now and I think that's really important. I'll tell you guys a really interesting story when I first started working with band. Arrowsmith which I've now been working with them since one thousand nine hundred eighty nine thirty one years. I think and when it when I first started I was doing a lot of technology work and I remember The Guy saying to me you know. Look Technology's really important to us. We have a lot of need for what you're doing but we also need you know other aspects of of the studio help you know. You'll engineer on this day or You know do you know work on the console another day or you know fly samples another day whatever and And I remember thinking to myself in. This was all like in a split second because it was a very it was a real time conversation. I remember thinking I've got to push myself like they would describing some things that I had. I didn't have a lot of experience at that time. Some of the things. I was already very very accomplished in other things. I was learning and And I made the call to like really jump into a scary as hell because I'm working for my idols. At that time it was the biggest GIG that I had. I had some great credits prior to our but but not long-term credits they were just like you know. I went and worked with Elton John for week. Right in the projects over. And you know that was that But with our Smith was ongoing so it was very very scary to kind of look at this amazing Group heroes a mind this opportunity and it was. You know as amazing. Yeah I mean everything you're saying is so true and you're faced with those moments where you think like it just makes you like your heart. I don't know if I can do this. You new task comes but I always think that's like a benchmark like the after that you go okay. Well it can't be as hard as that last. You know at that point monumental task so you really like I just think everything builds up like everything gets easier after you do those. Your next mega thing that you're super nervous about whatever. It is a big session that you're not the you're out of your element on your alone you're doing. You've always been an assistant now. You're doing it alone right. Everything's easier adults growth moments. Yes milestones like checkpoints. I mean it's just it's it's a huge thing so everything is so reluctant Bart in the moment the aftermath is what you're describing. It's a huge. Transformation was life changing but in the moment is no less scary. And it's almost. There's almost an equation. Where the scarier it is. The bigger the outcome will be. I think that That's that's what you've got to remember it so much easier to say than do but you gotta do it. You can't just say you gotTa do it She only way you grow. We could use a million examples. We want to use a very simple one. I think everybody gets it at this point but if we want to use a simple one you go to the gym. You know you work your muscles and until you're sore and then you stop and then you recover in whole process whether you realize it or not as you breaking your muscles down and you're actually you know you're working them in that way. It's the same thing in this race. Where you're you're actually breaking your feet. Your fear out yeah totally. I'm a big believer in And I always think about this to myself. I'm like man if I started to say like even you know playing the drums for all right if I started playing guitar like two years ago. Imagine where I would be at now. I would be two years deep like no matter. How old you are if you start now. Yeah fast forward. Two years you're going to be great but if you don't start then you'll be no further along in. That's obvious but again I always even with exercise or whatever you just gotTa start so will you wrote a mile and starting is so easy to talk about. But you know there's a lot of people always have a reason And they don't even realize they have a reason you know I. I see a lot of people that come to me for advice in I'll I'll cons- you know one of the things that I do is making a living as consultants and so people hire me to You Know Give Them. Guidance advice on many different levels for many different views usually around music entertainment business almost exclusively but nonetheless The ideas are very similar where someone will come to me. And I'll do a deep dive and really start to unfold like what's going on and they won't even realize how they just let distractions rule and they don't even see the distractions as distractions. But they just get to the end of the day and they go while you know like I'm I'm not anywhere I haven't started anything. Maybe I put my little foot in in the in the pond but for five minutes. But I really haven't done anything. And it's all these little distractions all these little things that it's all fear Just holding people back and it's disguised in many forms. But you know you really starting is underrated. You know you really have to get out there and start. So that's our advice. Now you and I are really aligned on modern drummer right. The number one dramatic Zine in the world that I had the privilege of becoming publisher and CEO of Fairly recently and It is the Drumming Bible. It is established in nineteen seventy seven And here we are in this moment. I hope this You know the stay home Goes away soon. People can get back to work in and be healthy and safe But if people are listening to this especially during a stay home moment You know we just got a lot to share and bring value to their lives with today. I'm very excited. Bart. Yeah absolutely so. Let's let's go way back and and I do want to mention to before we go back and talk about the beginning of modern drummer. I saw you speak at the Chicago drum show last year when I think was very close to your coming on board and And it was great. Saves very impressive was that I came on as publisher then and then recently Added Co two. My role will congratulations. I think huge I mean like you said it's just. It's the Bible for drummers. I mean it is it is an. It's earned that it's not like It just sort of happened. I mean it's been a long time so You're the man in charge now. Why don't you tell us a little bit about the history of the magazine going back into the seventies and And how it started and has as much as you can can lay on us. Well Ron SPAG Nardi. God bless him. He and his wife Isabelle started modern Drummer magazine. Ron had the idea In you know the the early seventies for years he had this idea that he wanted to create a drum magazine where everybody could congregate in the drumming world. We didn't have anything like that. And so on so many levels. It's it's so necessary and he created it out of their basement. Launched Modern Drummer. It was nineteen. Seventy seven was the first issue Buddy rich volume one number one. Of course buddy. Of course how appropriate the magazines just took off and it became an is today the top brand in what people know in the drumming world. I literally was a question on jeopardy. You know what magazine do. Drummers read And Modern Drummer. It's unbelievable so it's really it's really earned as you said. It's reputation is the number one brand in the world of of what unifies and educates informs and updates drummers when someone is in modern drummer drummers. Either on the cover or feature. Seguin winning an academy award annually. You're forty three years into modern drummer. You know that's almost half a century and that's we are the only drumming resource that's completely neutral. That's been around that long. That is this trusted and has so many different tentacles to every issue that we publish all of the digital that we curate where it's unbiased and it's versatile so in one issue of modern drummer you read about your favorite drummers or drummers that will become your favorite drummers or you read about your peers you read about what guys are up to read about the current hottest skier you read about the current and hottest products and As well as like you know. Cd streaming music. That's out in video. That's out now Drummers Online percussionist Drum Corps Jazz Rock Metal Latin you name it and You get a lot of education you know. So there's a lot of exercises and a lot of really great insight so one issue takes you weeks to really get through We'VE PRICED IT. So they literally one trip to starbucks and you have an entire month of modern drummer online. All forty three years in the archive as well as the current issue. I mean it's six ninety five a month thrall access We made it insanely affordable. Because we WANNA continue to grow in. Have all drummers? Be a part of this. Because that's how the magazines got to the point. It's at now is drumming. Community wants a needs in respects the fact that there is a voice for their community. There one place that they can trust. And they know that what they see what they learn is valid. You can't say that about any any place else especially the Internet of. There's a lot of theories a lot of ideas out there. But what you get a modern drummers the real deal and And if you were to go out on the Internet you would spend way more time than seven bucks a month no matter who you are what you're doing To put together everything that we hand to to a drummer in one issue. We already go through the process of okay. What's the newest here? What are the newest releases who the hottest drummers who were the drummers that are icons but are doing new things right now who's come onto the scene who's left the world and we need to acknowledge You know who's you know plan studio or to do some cool gangs whose releasing signature series product on and on and to curate. That takes a team one of the best teams in the world of season pros at modern drummer. Full-time WORK FOR US on staff. So one person going out there and try and do that on their own would be you know a big waste of time because we already do it for you and we do it really well. And I think that's how the magazine as got to the point where both in print and digital it is still number one in the world by far and the interesting thing is I when I was in NAM recently You know this was the fact that a lot of people were surprised about it and paused in realized. Oh yeah that makes a Lotta sense and that is our print. Product is bigger than ever drummers. Love to hold Modern Drummer magazine. You would think instinctively because the news print world has become so commoditised and just the general infrastructure for obtaining print product newsstands and bookstores. And all of that are just going away as fast as you blink. But modern drummer print is bigger than ever amazing. Of course most of those people are through subscriptions rights have to. Why would you go to a newsstand when you for your truly a? Bach you can get it delivered to your house And it's It's amazing it's how strong as and when I was at NAM and I was sharing that at first a lot of people were like well while that that kind of bucks the trend and then I would ask them well. Do you read modern drummer. Everybody said yes. Thank you and I asked will. Do you have your back issues or do you read it. Throw it out and I'm telling you not one person said they throw the magazine out and that was the moment like y. You know what I do. I have a stack of modern drummers and I do use them as a as a resource and I do enjoy keeping them Some people put the covers on their wall. Some people you know. Take pictures of him. Some people use them for social media. I mean there's so many incredible things you can do with it of course holding magazine and having the notation to be able to write on it And put it on a music stand or photocopy page to us on a Gig or a practice room. There's just it's endless so really. It's really great. How the magazine? It's print product and of course all the things we're doing on digital because the magazine started his life. Strictly print nineteen seventy seven. That's all there was. Ron Innovated a lot of things you know he innovated drum festivals. The modern drummer festival was always a huge deal. We're going to bring those back Sands huge digital. We've revamped our entire digital world. Where what we're covering and all of that for subscribers right what? We're covering what we're putting on our website while putting You know through all of our different channels is just incredibly helpful and insightful. Two drummers absolutely so personally I have a little like been every year as a kid you know. It'd be Christmas present. Here's your modern drummer subscription for this year here it is for this year so I have and years and years of him and what I do is I take like if I'm going on a trip or something Obviously have the new one that I've read but I'll take an old one because I love just looking back in two thousand one in two thousand five whenever and just seeing what was happening then and like you said nothing is ever like out of date. Maybe the technology has changed but even then coming from my angle of the history of things. You can look at it and go. Wow that's changed a lot or that technology I didn't know that company existed then or are all these things so And another thing I think is cool is I think in a lot of a lot of forms of media. People don't like advertising and go. Oh you know you're watching Hulu or whatever it's like here's another ad I enjoy looking at the drum adds to see who's endorsing what and I think that's a really rare thing with With drumming and it's even with the modern drummer podcast where I hearing. Who's spotlight like dream symbols as always a sponsor I like hearing that because It's it's our industry. It's an industry magazine. Which is what it is so so. It's kind of cool to see like okay. Vinnie's plan Piketty now whoa cool you know you. It keeps you in the loop even on that level so if you can have your advertising be something that I'm interested in I think that's that's huge. You know well I couldn't agree with you more The fact is that the ads are as much of interest to drummers like you described as as the content in the magazine as they go hand in hand. We drummers love to see who's playing what we love the creativity of the ads I mean think. About how many ads are so iconic that buddy rich playing the Tuba on the Zil Jihad? You know from the indies eighties. If I couldn't play Zilja nights switch instruments buddy sitting there with a Tuba of there's just so many iconic ads and I'm you know I really truly. I really truly hope that that get comes back bigger and stronger than ever and I hope that as as the manufacturers have see changes inside of their organizations and younger people or different people come in to their organizations who may not have the history to see to have seen those ads and know what we're talking about in how who'll impactful they are. I hope that that catches up and I hope that that you know on all sides of it. It comes back in a moderate way right. We don't WanNa see the same ads from the seventies and eighties. Nobody thinks that but the same the same emotion when you know when you a lot of companies really get what we're talking about and then there's a few out there that really don't get it they don't they don't understand that when a drummer sees you know Mike Portnoy behind this amazing one of a kind drum get and he in they see you know Tom of the strongest name in drums And you know that that has a huge impact that if they don't see another ad or they see another ad is just a picture of drum kit or two picture of you know some something really simple and basic kind of year like A. There's no comparison than the emotion. What that's going to do to the drummer's decision man. I've never thought about that. That is so true. Well I mean the endorsement in drumming is so important of oh. I love that drummer A he plays d-w now. I want to grow up in by. Dwi I remember seeing the drummer from system of a down when I was like thirteen. And he was playing Thomas Star classics. And then my first real kit that I bought was star. Classic Kit so it. Just is like we're impressionable. I mean you know because drummers come up especially when you're twelve or thirteen big time we we liked gear so We do and we love an MD. Wsa great you know just happens to be one of the best drum drums in the world. And what a what an incredible Incredible Incredible Company But it's but you're right. They you know we drummers love this we love seeing who's not only who but how what and you know what modern drummers been focusing on and we've ratcheted up considerably earn stay home right now is bringing content. That's applicable to right now. So I'll give you an example. I'm personally doing a fifteen day series one day for fifteen days. That's basically like a minute or two long and it's a exercise. Each day is a different exercise out of a really really well known book either Master Studies or New Breed Dharma Lowers. It's your move and Annum focusing on a specific exercise or set of basic exercises where demonstrate them video notation based? I tell you exactly what book will work out of. What page I show you the transcription on screen. I play it and describe it. This is what you do was supposed to satellite and these are incredible shop builders that in one to two minutes you can understand the exercise and then go practice it all day as long as you want. Whenever I'm halftime. WanNa Make Time. And then the next day it'll be something new for fifteen days and in we're going to keep them up of course online so people could go back and do the fifteen days or any any one of the days whenever they want. But this is something so relevant and important drummers right now because it's going to have a huge benefit for them they're playing is going to improve very quickly for the least amount of time and a zero investment. They don't want to buy the book they don't need to put exactly what they need on the screen and there. It is and those kind of initiatives that were really passionate about because we want all things to all drummers to be available all the time and of course our subscribers we're gonNA get incredible benefits because of how much were curated. The content and the print product and the proprietary digital products on our website that early for subscribers the VIP contests that we do for our subscribers. Give the drummer some VIP. Jon Bon Jovi on a Mediterranean cruise. Or you meet the Alice Kansallis from now on stage at the La Forum and he can just snare drum and a symbol on. Then you watch the show from the front row. I mean amazing things. You can't buy in our subscribers Can get them just for entering by being subscriber for free and we sponsor them they're not underwritten so it's really you know that's that world but if you're not a subscriber we still want to bring a lot of content and add value to you and And so that's one of the things like we're doing the fifteen day Stay home exercises for. Everybody is free online Part of modern drummer. We're going to do with Mike Dawson And Michael Melinda digital editor. We're going to do a at myself. A streaming Famous DRUMMER NOT. They won't be live streams in the sense that there little literally live at the moment. But they're going to be premiered streaming events Just much better for drummers to have You know to have an edited product for how we want to deliver it. And then we'll do as and that kind of thing works better for how we envision what we're doing and trying to do it live and a little more limiting and then now we'll stay Online you know forever and that will be free to everybody. Who's interested so it's really this balance of you know if you're in the club you know this endless amount of content value and if you're not then you know you still have an amazing amount of content and value where you can learn about things. Learn how to play better for for Only investment of time which you need to put in any way and And of course you know hear about what drummers and drums earlier in our up to right now. It's pretty exciting time. That is I mean so. You guys are the Goliath in the drum world. Obviously so I think there's a lot of responsibility there on how to handle these times. That are you know people are at home and and and giving them things to work on. So I think you're you know with great power comes great responsibility and I think you're handling it well of sane. This isn't a time to be like. Wow Man dangled the carrot. And be like if you want this you gotta pay for no no not at all at the opposite this. You're absolutely right bar. This is the time where we have to. We have to be all things to all people. there's GonNa be people that You know don't don't have a need For subscribing for whatever reason And we still WANNA bring value. You know it's it's about bringing value to drummers and it's really almost like a better and best if you want best you subscribe and with it comes all of these extra things but if you just one better in his good enough for what your needs are then you just go on our socials and And they're free and they're amazing what we're delivering so it's yeah it's it's not about like trying to convince anybody to do anything to spend money. It's about being a central resource for You know four drummers and drumming all styles all ages all types internationally domestically just every aspect of drumming we cover and we do it You know for free. Basically on our socials as as kind of the better product and then best to subscribe yet and I don't think it should be glossed over speaking of free that I personally I know a lot of the people. Listening are huge fans of the modern drummer. Podcast and I would definitely give them an I. Mike Mike Mike and Mike Credit for being a massive inspiration for me to even start this. I mean I've heard every episode and that's like two hundred thirty five hours of it. Love it thank you. Yeah they're great. They're great I mean we. We love what they're doing. It's it's in a very specific niche. And they do such a great job. They're very passionate course incredibly talented One of a kind. Both those guys in the great great podcast and we're going to be looking to do another podcast product. That's totally different from what they're doing. Coa In the near future you know. So it's it's really about covering all the different basis Because everybody has you know. I don't want to do a bad drum pond in say different strokes for different folks But the fact is that you get it full stroke half-stroke fact is that you know that that there's so many the great thing about drumming in the in the drummer's world is that there's so many different lanes to it and every one of them is a lifelong pursuit and every one of them is incredibly fulfilling and brings a lot of joy to people's lives if people in drum corps that will never play. Bass Drum with their foot at you. Know a trap kit and And they couldn't be happier and they'll they'll be the rest of their life. Go up down the field and loving it when they get a tool to to hold the drum himself. They'll get out front and teach the next generation. They Love Drum Corps. He got guys will only play jazz guys only play metal you know in a Cetera et Cetera et CETERA. And so all of those types of you know we wanNA fill their needs with with everything they need. They need the relevant product reviews for with their into They need to know who the drummer in. Inspirations are for what they're into what releases affect them that they want to check out. There will help the course all the education so so all of these place holders actually have many different lanes within them so it's endless amounts of content that we're producing for people because there's endless endless amounts of consumption that they that helps the one thing that I have personally been working on with. My show is getting messages from people saying hey I'd like to hear something about more Like marching or military drumming. And I did not come from that background. I came from playing in rock bands and doing studio stuff so I need to like get out of my own. What I like world and trying to cater to people who I'm just beyond honored they're listening to the show and give them something that they want to hear and I think obviously modern drummer as a great job of that so I kind of look at that as an inspiration of okay. You know little bit of everything for for everyone is what's best will thank you. You know we we absolutely We try you know we. We definitely put a lot of emphasis on versatility covering all the different basis. And really making sure that there's something for everyone but but with meat on the bone you know like not just a little you know nothing just for the sake of you know like a headline in okay. This is for You know a percussionist and this is for at somebody strictly plays or castrol. Now know this. If we're going there were going deep on it. Re giving you substance That really helps You know your goals and your life. Yeah and if people don't know from this conversation yet that it is a great magazine and people should absolutely check it out And I want to switch gears because we were talking before about the stay home Sort of mindset. And if you're listening to this ten years down the road we are currently in the middle of the coveted nineteen corona virus Pandemic were literally. It's it's sweeping. The world and people are forced to stay home. I mean odds are you're listening to this in a couple of weeks and you're right there with us more all altogether But I do think there's one cool thing and I've been talking with a friend in New Zealand. Andrew Rooney who has the New Zealand Drummers podcast the NC drummers podcast and he's talking about the problems he's having as a drummer he's literally halfway across the world. We are all in this together. I mean we are all being affected and even I do like video and audio freelance stuff. I have been wiped out as a freelancer and I'm sure everyone is in the same boat with with gigging so I think people would like to hear from you will affectionately call you the boss. Because you're the boss of modern drummer. What do you? What do you say about all this? What people are out of their gigs right now. Like what's maybe give him some some words of of hope. Well here's the thing You you have to use this time to get real on a couple of different levels. The first is you have to take a look at what you're doing. This is one of those moments in time that will not only forever changed the world at large but will will and should change our world your world and so in order to do that you have to first take a look at. What am I doing right now am I do? I like what I'm doing because this is the time to change your gun. If you ever heard the saying you got all the time in the world this is literally you have all the time in the world and you probably will. Let's hope you never have this amount of time again in your lifetime. So this is the moment where you do have all the time in the world and with that the first step is get real de alike where you are. Do you like what you're doing. The answer is no find what you do like once you do that. And for the people who answer is yes. The second step is you have to take right now to grow and improve consciously get online and take courses refresher courses new courses practice. Start Your online business. If that's part of what your passion is an fits into your goals. If you're drummer get to the pad get the Kit. And this is the time where you really explosively grow and the people that come out of this with huge evolution are GonNa be the people that always look back at this moment and say that was the moment that not only changed our lives but changed my life and I know this is heavy stuff in it is and should be it needs to be because that's what it is and this is your life doesn't get any bigger heavier than that. This doesn't have to overwhelm you. It just has to consume you in a manner that you really take it seriously and you take decisive action. So the decisive part is step one. Where am I And choosing where you WANNA go right so if it's where you are now great step two is now going to actually take steps to improve and I'm GonNa Practice and really GonNa take it to the next level in step three is get a mentor. Make sure you're not asking your boyfriend girlfriend or mother or father how you sound or how you look or how your business is going. Because chances are they'll say great and that won't be the case you need right now a mentor. You need guidance. You need someone or some group that will say to you. You know. Look No. That's not really that's not really how it is. That's like no you're you're you don't you don't sound as good as you think. Or you know. It doesn't groove or doesn't you know or doesn't feel like this feel like that's you can go back to step two and keep fine tuning it and that's how you're really going to accelerate your growth and then with those three steps when this is over and you have to get back to the real world and no longer will you have all the time in the world. You will have had explosive transformation. And that's what I wish for everybody. man very well sad and I think just jumping off that last point of It's a slippery slope of working in isolation like you said because you you think that you may sound great but you don't want to go in practice the wrong thing for three months and then go boy practice the wrong thing so having those check ins where fortunately we live in time now where you can connect with people for free via like zoom or whatever the APPS you want us to video chat and And I think people are everyone's at home that's the beauty and I'm like I'm like cleaning up with interviews because everyone's at home and they can't escape me so I'm right we will. That's you know that's the way it should be. You're doing you're doing exactly. What is the best thing you could be doing? Is that the. That's one of your passions is to have this podcast an through drum history. Podcast bring you know the these various people in subjects to the world At no cost and And now the access that you have is grown substantially and so you're taking advantage of it And that's in everyone scenario. It's easy to understand in your case because you would have been at home or in a studio in isolated anyway right. But you're you're multiplying because you see that now's the time where people are available to talk and it's easier to schedule etc but the fact is that everybody in every field has a similar opportunity. You may have to go a little deeper to find it in. You may think a little harder. Maybe even go outside the box but you gotta do it because this is you know. This is a one and done time period and and I'd like to see everybody make the most of it. I also did an instagram posts for anybody that wants a you know a little more explanation on this on my At David Francioni instagram and Talk exactly about what you just ask. Which is you know. What should people do right now in the stay home? I saw his Gra. And it'll that's how people grow. I think it's cool to and it's really across some industries. But I like how right now people are like like unlike online lessons. Like the one that comes to mind. Is I know Dan Bailey. Who's great very predominant? Drummer is releasing his like master. Course he was like sixty six percent off or something because it's like everyone's at home use the content. Don't you know it it's like let's bring down the price let people actually buy it Which I think is very noble. Now that being said I do see like Nike doing it and stuff which you know that might not be. That might be more like buy shoes. You not as like you know. Pure is a drummer doing it but I think everyone has good intentions and is just trying to build each other up and in the I always say up at the drumming community very special. Where be at your jazz drummer or metal drummer. We we all really want to help each other So I think we're lucky to have to not be alone. We're we're altogether through so hundred percent Yeah I mean. The drumming community is is so connected and such a brotherhood sisterhood. It's IT'S AMAZING. and You know that's another thing that that I've always thought was so important about modern drummers that you've it's it's it's vital to the drumming community is as anything could ever be because that's what you're only community when you're acting in a in the manner of a community and in order to have that central place where everybody has would which really kind of dictates the community. It can't just be drummer scattered all over the world who loved drums it all has to be centralized to actually turn into the immunity were referring to and that's modern drummer gives it so. I think you know between what everybody has to do with stay home and in that central place of modern drummer listening to resources such a podcast. and really taking a good hard look at what they're doing and how they can improve. This will turn into a moment in time. That will change your life. Yeah absolutely and I do think it's important to stay to save for people like you know it's hard to do it but really staying home and I don't WanNa get political or anything at all because I'm not a political guy but staying home really is very important because that's the only way to stop. I mean people are dying so it's really a very effective way. You literally like everyone keeps saying it but you just have to stay home. There's no there's it's it's relatively easy. Just stay home and don't go out and don't see a bunch of people so well I see most people do in that right. Yeah of course I mean that's one hundred percent right now as we get closer to the end here. I think it would be really neat. You yourself have a very interesting background. So you wrote the book crash which features tons of really cool drum sets. You've worked with major band. So why don't you Take a few minutes and just let people kind of meet the new. Ceo and publisher of Modern Drummer. And tell us about you well. David Francioni My world actually started before I was born because my parents who met right after my dad got a World War Two They're dreaming goal was to have a family and they ended up not being able to have children for over fifteen years of their their beginning of there from the beginning of their marriage. On for no reason the doctors couldn't tell him why so they literally just kept trying to have kids and and you know just kind of accepting the fact that as I got older and older that they may never have this family that they dreamt up then they had my brother John. Three years older than me and he was like a miracle kid to them like. Wow the dodgers couldn't explain why they couldn't have kids and they couldn't explain why they finally did advocate so this was all big mystery and then they had me And that that's my family. My Mom and Dad who are no longer with us on my brother and myself and when I was two I got diagnosed with Retina Bostonians which is cancer the eye and they were sure if I was gonna live so this whole idea of the family that they jumped was now being challenged that they could lose the younger son to cancer at age too so it was riveting very traumatic as you could imagine. Yeah I think losing a child at any age under any circumstances beyond comprehension in terms of sadness trauma for for any parent and They were no different and I ended up. Having to have my right eye removes. I've been blind in my right eye ever since. I only really know in. Remember what it's like to see out of one. I N that really formed my life from then on. I found drumming literally at that age at the time. Of course I had no idea even as I get a little older. I always said I started playing the drums around seven or eight years old but then I then I found pictures lit when my mom passed away in two thousand four. She was my best friend than closest person to me. Ever in my inspiration And really the reason. We're on this podcast right now with with credits in in any kind of success And when she passed away I was going through photos that I had never seen before and I was drumming at eighteen. Nineteen months in two years. Old photos were dated. It was unbelievable right before Mike. Answer and then of course right after so. I've been playing the drums literally my whole life in one form or another at eight years old. I started taking lessons. We couldn't afford a drum kits. I was taking drum set lessons every week from a local public drummer. I in school and then from a guy to music store Mr Willy and that was playing on phone books in pots and pans and tables to emulate a drum kit and eventually I gotTa Use Drum Kit. My parents saved up for a couple years and I played the heck out of that thing and started playing in bands started looking at. How can I be the world's greatest drummer I wanted to do? Something bigger in life than what surrounded me in my neighborhood. My environment was very limiting environment very very blue collar. People kind of stayed in the town. And just you know kind of kind of almost resigned in that area to like. Okay will this is. This is what it is and I was such a rebel against that Zig. No Way I'm going to do big things if it kills me and I worked really hard to accomplish that. I didn't. I didn't just dreaming. I actually did it which I still do to this day. fourteen sixteen hour days on a regular basis. Because that's how much time it takes to do it. You know so after twelve thirteen years. Old playing gigs I starting to lead a band in. I started to learn about booking gigs and SORTA learn about business which I had no idea which really learning I was trying to do is get my band into different venues clubs and whatever But of course with that comes agreements you know. How much are we GONNA get? What's the set time? What's load in load out in all these things that I was just learning all these cool things that had no idea would serve me for my entire life? Found technology through drumming round. Seventeen years old. I was searching for great drum. Sounds technology now or in the early to mid eighties was starting to become very important to drumming. So that's what my first explorations consisted of with like okay. How do I trigger drums? How do I understand the basics of programming drum machine and that a falling in love with technology as much or more as I did drumming and what I saw as my technology career was really taking off and it came very naturally to me is I saw that I became a consultant? Mini consultant got a lot of clients. And I saw that while like in this environment I can contribute to music and take everything I've learned about music and I can do it on a much bigger scale in a much more Passionate in end interesting scale than I could even as a drummer because a lot of the bands and artists that I would dream of working with had a drummer. But they didn't have anybody helping them with technology so yeah it would just kind of a hand in glove fit so I really pursued it than you know. Had A very successful meeting consulting business before I was twenty years old and get through a lot of hard work from starting at zero and then got the Gig with I was referred to them and I came in to do one project for a week and never left and then from there Started to work a lot of other people get a lot of referrals have worked with myriad of platinum record artists that have just made for an incredibly grateful career. You know from secured of the stones to Elton to Debbie Gibson to Ricky Martin to You know sticks journey. Corey mentioned Arrowsmith. Ozzy Osborne Bryan Adams Billy Joel you know. Just goes on and on the privileges. I've had a terms of working with getting called to work with great artists and And then I started a business called audio one because my consulting technology all those areas were really growing. I was doing different projects drums sample CDs with these west. That were very successful. And I had to form a company because I was getting asked to build a lob studios some people even credit me were building the first home studio which I have no idea. That's true or not too great credit. If it is pretty cool yeah yeah. It'd be cool but I was getting a lot of calls to build studios input systems together so I had to form a company. I had to scale it bigger than me. I started audio one which has been in business now for twenty five years Turned into a one of the top companies in the world for building recording studios home theaters in large scale home automation systems. And then I started Protocols Training Dot Com ma which has been a very successful environment Teaching people all around the world for produce and certification through avid and. I started all access idea which is inspire and develop artists Which is not as development program. That's been very successful. We have a label through Warner As well as a great artist development program of course. I have modern drummer now. All of my side projects in addition to these companies And I have Francioni media which is The consulting arm where we consult. We work on new product ideas. We do high level business consulting and Artists Consulting We work on more commercial based projects. Where we'll do a tire facilities and The acoustic designs etc. So all of this fits together and You know here I am with a career now. That spanned well over thirty years. And I've been fortunate enough to receive over seventy gold and platinum records and Have a lot of a lot of artists relations that You know just been an amazing mazing educational ride. Wow historic wrong. Then that's just the case in point of just you know it's it's an example of don't do one thing obviously you can't do one thing right but do a bunch of stuff you know and just and see what happens. I'm sure I would be surprised if you hadn't had some things that you tried. That may be didn't succeed. And you you say I learned from that and Morris. Everyone does well. That's without a doubt. Bart. I mean you know. We're talking about the highlight reel of the things that have been great. You know we can have a whole `nother show on the failures may be two shows and you also mentioned crash. The world's greatest trump kit so in the middle of of these other projects also authored three books bestsellers the first ones. Clint Eastwood icon published in two thousand. Nine they've all been published by insight editions. Which is a fantastic publishing company to Harry Potter and Batman and they're wonderful And then they publish my second book. Which IS CLINT EASTWOOD ICON? Revised expanded edition. Twenty a team still out there doing great and then my third book crashed the world's greatest drum kit so the Clint Eastwood books are all about. Clint's films is art. They were done in collaboration with Clint and Anybody who's into action movies Westerns or anything. Clint Eastwood or anything movie posters and Memorabilia. Collector you're GONNA love Clint Eastwood icon. That Books Coffee Table Book. It's amazing is also for the collector or for anybody who loves drums as you mentioned all these pictures of iconic trump gets. It's part of my foundation. Francioni Foundation Texts drums two seven. Oh seven Oh seven Oh you can donate to Francioni Foundation which at all times for helping musicians in kids who need it most and Francioni Foundation has this incredible drum museum. Where all these drums reside and the book Contains a coffee table. Book contains pictures and stories carmine apiece. Carl Palmer Neo peer. Alex Van Halen You know just on buddy rich. Louie Belsen The list goes on and on and on of Eric Singer Ice Hana chromosome icon of drummers iconic drum kits if you love drums and I would think most of the people on this podcast. Do you gotta get crashed. World's greatest drum kits. It's at Amazon and It's it's done really well and the feedback we've gotten has been extraordinary We did the first. Printing had a couple of mistakes in it that though you know they weren't the end of the world but they were still mistakes so we did a second printing Because the first one sold out so quick and we corrected those mistakes Which were couple of texts to couple of TYPO things And the books just done really really well. And I'm very proud of it in the I did it for drummers and drummers are coming back to me saying we love the book and that's what matters that is what matters. It's cold is too. I love that we can just look at pictures and read about drums from from our our heroes. Yeah isn't that cool? I mean it's just such a cool thing to be able to look through thank you. I agree you know bar. I made the book all three books for that matter that I wanna read and I figure I'm pretty harsh critic of myself and of just creativity in general. I learned Afrim Steven Tyler. He's pretty intense about getting things right and he was very nurturing in all those years. We were in studio together and that rubbed off on me. In a big way between my mother and Stephen that that was a really really prevailing mindset and These books of the books. I would wanna read their books and I I would if I didn't write them. I'd have them on my coffee table and I would enjoy Going through them as a fan of the subjects. Yeah and what you said about Steven Tyler in your mouth. It just goes to show about that the importance of the not working in isolation and having a mentorship and taking people's feedback. Not Getting your feelings. Hurt grow from it expand and do the best possible so love it. You're absolutely right. Well set awesome. Well David thank you so much for sharing all this amazing information with us And I'm really excited about the future of modern drummer I just think it's so cool that it's been around for so long and it's it's got it's n-. There's no end in sight. I mean it is just getting better and better and bigger. Yeah and I'm sure what you're going to do is just GonNa be amazing. We'll thank you You know we brought my drum teacher. Don Familial Arrow who's one of the most famous from educators in the world brought him on his head of Global Education for modern drummer and I want to thank him for introducing the two of us and also thank you doing all the contributions he's GonNa continue to make to modern drummer. Thank you for the support. Thank you everybody listening for the support. Modern DRUMMER DOT COM as bark. Said you know. We're forty three years strong but the best is yet to come and Very grateful for all your support and everybody just stay home if passed this when you listen You Take the principles that we learn. Stay home and apply them. They'll be applicable forever. And I wish everybody the best awesome. Thank you David Francioni. Everyone really appreciate being on the show. Thank you if you like this. Podcast find me on social media at drum history and please share rate and leave a review and let me know topics that you would like to learn about the future until next time keep on learning. This is gwen sound podcast.

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