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"Was huffing and puffing his way through. Um and I remember Yes, Gosh, Sangster. It was He was all over down. There He was. He was amazing. We ask that we all we were all called in. Remember, they get the phone started ringing shortly after What happened around one o'clock, one Germany in the morning 2020. It went off and we were alive at 1 30 on CNN and we were there in the park. We were going through the park to do a regularly scheduled live broadcast wrapping up the day's events at 1 30. My position was at the park. We had another report Olympic Stadium and the bomb went off back behind. I was behind the venue with the bomb went off. I felt into my body. Security guards are saying Get out of the park! Get out of the park. As soon as they saw me on camera. They felt the bomb go off at CNN Center. We went live. We are live until police told us that there may be other devices in the park. Lock your camera position down. The cameraman got a name of who? My leaving this camera behind, So we keep the shot going. And then we went into the CNN newsroom and then I went on to the Olympics Day. I did it all night and Went to Olympic Stadium to get athletes reactions as they were coming in for training that next morning. I remember watching from afar just as a spectator thinking, you know, I was on the edge of my seat like what's going to happen next? You know is that the one and only I would imagine you guys gearing up for Atlanta's Morning news and the radio news coverage to on high alert thinking. Is there going to be a follow up to what we saw? The big thing is what's next. And you just didn't know. I mean, nobody really knew. I mean, it was. It was so much confusion and you know, it wasn't information didn't flow as fast You don't have social media like you have now. And, uh, as I say that what next thing was the big thing? You know, I'm always next down there, guys. You remember how quickly the city bounced back the resiliency of the city? The the urge to keep the game's going to bring the people back into Centennial Park. The celebration of life for those who passed away and the celebration of the Games would continue, and there was some criticism of that. But it did. It did move on. Sarah called what they did pause for a little while yet, not because they're worried about other venues. I don't respect for clean that up pretty quick. Yeah, well, while other venues being potential targets, Yeah. Was what they were working wasn't it got later that evening, The game started back. It wasn't immediate was it was the gay time. It was a Saturday Things.

Sarah Centennial Park Olympics Day CNN Olympic Stadium 1 30 Germany next morning around one o'clock Morning news that evening one CNN Center morning 2020 Atlanta
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"He only got booked on five and he never made any and people are like, well, how could he not make any if he got booked on five shows? I like to say all the time. There is many a slip betwixt the cup and the lip. And that is the truth. My friends, people I can't make them go on the shows. They get invited to go on the shows. But people do a lot of things in life that they don't really intend to follow through on. They don't really intend to. Actually do they say stuff. They don't mean it. They buy things they don't want. They do things they don't intend to follow up on. It happens all the time. And I say if you want to come back that if you want your customers or clients, I only have clients. I never have customers. If you want your customers or clients to get great results, you have to charge them a lot of money. Or else they gonna get great results because they don't feel like they have any investment in the process, And if people are not invested, they are not going to succeed. That's one of the many takeaways. I want to go back, though, to one of the greatest things that anybody said in this whole event. It came from a surprise source. Gene a noon The M a goal champion world champion. Mm. A fighter. She's a female Emma Gold champion fighter, Jen Ai Nu knit, And it was funny because I just hired her off of cameo cameos. A site where you go to get Videos made by famous people. And I found her on there. I wanted to bring in an M. M a fighter and she had three best selling books. So she was the perfect person for me to bring in for this event, because I think anybody who's an expert or wants to be more successful. As a speaker or advisor, consulting and any kind of expert you need to have a book. She had three books and I was like, Wow. Three books. Mm, a fighter. Let's let's get you here and I actually paid or 50% more than her asking fee. And I'm so glad I did because my biggest takeaway from the whole event and it really saved my perspective on everything was from Jin a noon when she said. Somebody said to her. My kid is starting out in martial arts. Do you have any advice, and her advice to the kid was when it starts to get hard. That means you're getting good. And he said, What do you mean by that? She goes well when you are beginning in martial arts. People are not so good. And the people who are good are taking it easy on you. So you're not. It's not hard. It's easy. But once you start getting good people start hitting you hard. And that means when you are feeling like it's getting hard, that means you're getting good. Now. I gotta tell you folks. This event last weekend. Overall in every aspect in every possible way. This was the most difficult event I have ever ever pulled off, and it shouldn't have been. It was only 137 people or 142 people. We enrolled 187 I had way more people. The Carnegie Hall Carnegie Hall. Should have been a much tougher event. But this was the toughest event in every way. I mean, Originally it was gonna be at the Harvard Club in Boston. They canceled us. They said, Go Screw yourself. Clinton. Find some place out. So we found the New York Academy of Medicine. You know, I heard Dr Oz. Dr. Oz is one of our premier speakers. He was gracious enough to allow us to move the venue from Harvard Club of Boston to the New York Academy of Medicine. And I heard him in April and I heard him say this virus is going to be snuffed out in six weeks or so that would have put us to the beginning of June. We should have been able to have that event, but Hey, you're in New York. Er, you know, aswell as I do. York was not able to have any kind of anything in the month of June. We're deep in the middle of the pandemic, and so I had to postpone the event. And I had to find a new venue because here we are August 15th. I still couldn't have an event here in New York City with 137 people. Oh my God. God forbid that we have an event with 137 people in enclosed space. It's just not possible people would freak out. No place would allow me to do that in New York City. Which is part of the frickin problem. My brothers and sisters, You know, I've been walking around the city all yesterday and today, looking around the city looks it looks pretty good. There's a few more Vacant stores. They're supported up stores. There's a bit more graffiti in the places that I went. It doesn't look unrecognizable. It looks basically like the New York that I know and love. The only difference is there's no people. All the people seem to be missing in action. It's like it's not a ghost town, but it's Kind of like New York in the 1919 79 I don't know. I mean, I was a little kid back then. Yeah. But back before Giuliani cleaned up New York City, New York wasn't is crowded. And it Didn't you know? I think in that in that sense, New York feels like 1979. Just not as crowded as it is. Has been for the last 20 or 30 years, but it still looks beautiful. It's still you know, Jules. It's a it's a jaw. That people don't watch right now. For whatever reason, People don't want to be in this crown jewel of the world right now, and I understand. With Comrade de Blasio as our leader. It's not a good PR situation. People don't want to be here because everybody knows it's much more dangerous than it. Wass. And people don't want it right now. So be that what it may I think it's a great time to be possibly looking at real estate started to think about buying some real estate in New York City. If you're you know, now's a good time to start looking, I would say. What Today noon in that takeaway of hers really helped me because This event was so difficult I I found this location like I have been thinking about doing it in Tennessee in Nashville. I was never able to secure location in Nashville. No place ever called me back. That was any good. You know, I could never get place. But luckily for me, I have previously done about 25 events at CNN Center in Atlanta, and we called them up and we were able to get a beautiful, beautiful location in CNN center for this event. If you look at my Facebook page, you'll see all kinds of beautiful photos of us doing the event with all these amazing high net worth clients that I have who are all committed messengers, people who want to make a difference and a fortune. Sharing their message. And that's exactly what we did. And it was so difficulty. You cannot even believe it. And I don't want to go into exactly what made it so difficult. Right now. You have to read my next book for that. Because that's where my laid all out just like cold, but you just got to trust me when I say My wife said to me today. After this event. You don't have to be afraid of anything like this was the most challenging difficulty. A set of repeating Difficult events and It was unbelievable. And yet we were able to pull it off. Make it happen. Everybody was happy altogether. We had. I don't know, maybe to refunds, people who were dissatisfied of 137 if you're not happy with what we have We'll give your money back. Don't call us really. And it's kind of like it's kind of like When my baby's mama kick me out, you know? When I was chasing the Hollywood dream. Back in the nineties. And my daughter was born in 95. And that's when I started driving a taxi because I had maxed out all my credit cards, paying for.

New York City New York Academy of Medicine York Dr. Oz Carnegie Hall Carnegie Hall Nashville advisor CNN Center Harvard Club of Boston Emma Gold Boston M. M Facebook Harvard Club Comrade de Blasio Clinton Hollywood Jules Tennessee
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"You've been looking for. This is what you've been praying and dreaming about. And you found it. So grab yourself a non alcoholic, preferably a stimulant beverage. You know, coffee, tea, or maybe a ginseng juice or something like that. And sit down and have a listen because this is a very important show. And I want you to hear what I got to say, because Everybody needs to hear this damn stuff now. I just came back from Doing three live events. I did a live event in Dallas, where I had, like 40 clients there and then I did another live event in Atlanta at Porsche. Well, we had another 40 clients and then I did a big event last weekend behind enemy lines at CNN Center in Atlanta, where we had 100 You know, the official number was 1 37 My wife told me today it was more like 1 42 142 people showed up. They showed up C 142 people showed up and that's what you got to do in this world. That's That's really what you got to do in this day and age is show up and try to do something like you know when Barack Obama was the president of this country Making money became a dirty word He really did, except for him. I mean, obviously, after he graduated out of the White House, he made a lot of money. Probably made a lot of money while he was in the White House. So making money for him wasn't a dirty word making money for Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders could make money but making money for you and me. As far as those guys are concerned, that's a dirty word. And then We're here today. Where? Pretty much trying to be an entrepreneur trying to do anything in this world is a dirty word. You're not supposed to try and do anything. Everybody was like what? You're having a lot of events. What you crazy, Clint? You're not supposed to have wine event. You can't have live events here. It's not Safe. It's not responsible. It's it's like, Do you hate your clients? That's what people were saying. Do you hate your clients? No. I don't hate my clients. I love my clients. What I hate What I hate is Comrade build Blasio shutting down this city. What I hate is everyone in America thinking Well, we just can't do anything right now. We just have to wait it out. You know what This is what I have to say. And I made a video about this that I posted on my Facebook page today. And I may lose a lot of friends about this, but I don't care. If you are not trying to do stuff right now, if you're waiting it out to see what's gonna happen. Then you're not just part of the problem. You are the problem. That's what I really, really believe You are the problem. The problem in America right now is that Capitalists, business people entrepreneurs are giving up. They are thinking well, Donald Trump's going to solve this whole problem. Donald Trump is going to make everything Get better. Donna. When Donald Trump wins the election, then everything will be okay. You know what That's really not the attitude that we need right now. What we need is an attitude of hay. I'm in business. I'm going to make money. I'm going to do stuff. I'm gonna have my impact. I'm gonna make my influence on the world. I'm gonna earn my income. That's what we need from entrepreneurs today. And if you're an entrepreneur, and you're not doing exactly that, then Ha ha! I say that you are the problem. Yeah. You're the problem. I know you don't want to hear that. But if you think that someone's gonna come and wave a wand and all of these issues are going to go away, you crazy. We've got to start being leaders now one of the takeaways that I posted like at my event in CNN Center. Why did I do it in CNN Center? Well, Because I couldn't have a gathering of 100 35 nominal people in New York City. I couldn't have that No, no venue would host me. No venue would permit me to have a gathering of 135 people, so I had to do it in the hot spot. I did it in Atlanta, Georgia, which is allegedly a covert hot spot. And everybody was wearing masks a lot of the times a lot of times they weren't I gave everybody a button. Maybe you saw my button on Tucker calls in the other night on Monday night. Dr Marc Siegel held up my button and said no hugs. And I'm the one who created that button. I put that button and everyone's goody back and then subsequent to that I've seen Mihm's on Facebook, where people were saying that Dr Marc Siegel was saying that UN inoculated Children should have to wear a yellow badge at school, saying no hugs. That's not what the guy said. The guy was just saying that in order to be safe like we did at my event in Atlanta, you shouldn't be hugging people right now. Just to be safe. That's all. Just nobody needs to be identified as having cove it. Nobody has to be identified as being un inoculated. I'm not saying that. I never said that. He never said that. What he and I both believe is. Let's be smart in order to minimize spread of this terrible disease, which, by the way, if you're under the age of 25 if you get the disease, you have a one in one million chance of dying from That's right. That's right. Heard and read today. In order to limit the spread of the disease. Let's limit hugging at events. Normally, at my events, everybody's hugging each other. Everybody is very friendly. Everybody loves each other. And I put those buttons and everyone's goody bags so that people would not be hugging so that we would not be getting unnecessary spread of the disease and You know it was. It was pretty gratifying for him to hold up the button on Tucker Carlson and show it That was really great..

Atlanta CNN Center Donald Trump Bernie Sanders Tucker Carlson Facebook America White House stimulant Dr Marc Siegel Barack Obama UN Dallas Porsche New York City Clint official Donna president Georgia
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"Issues on I 25 listen three minutes 7 39 WSB temperature's 74 The largest early voting precinct in the country opens next month in Atlantic Walton County. Its board of elections in the Hawks ownership announced the partnership to include state for Marina as an early voting site in election Central for the August runoff in November election are 700,000 square foot building. Will allow for CDC requirements, including social distancing, will also feature the top technology and the N Bihac CEO Steve Koonin says it was possible with the embassies and not starting until December. Sandra Parish 95.5 WSB Georgia Supreme Court rules A judge can sentence the juvenile to life in prison without parole rather than leaving the decision up to a jury. WSB senior legal analyst Ron Carlson says it's the Senate's on ly given an extreme cases, murder must be found to be Quote irreparably corrupt before he can be given life without parole. The US Supreme Court previously banned execution of miners ruling their brains have not fully developed. Atlanta's CNN Center is going up for sale and email to staffers, Warner Media talks about the continuing need to transform its organization and find efficiencies. There's no specific mention of layoffs just that some employees would be relocated to the Tech would campus in Midtown. Downtown Atlanta has seen a great investment and is quickly becoming an entertainment destination, says the email that CNN center is of great value to 1/3 party that specializes in such developments. Still, it says the move does not suggest water media is less committed to Atlanta. Chris Camp, 95.5. It's a big win for the future plans for the Gulch, the state Supreme Court rules sales tax can be used to repay more than a $1,000,000,000 in bonds to finance the project next to Mercedes Benz Stadium. City of Atlanta. In a private developer want issue enterprise zone bonds, build hotels, shops and offices in the area. Opponents argue money meant for entities like schools and police. Should not go to a private company. WSB news time. 7.

US Supreme Court Atlanta WSB CNN Center Ron Carlson Atlantic Walton County Hawks murder Midtown CDC Marina Mercedes Benz Stadium Sandra Parish Senate Steve Koonin Warner Media Chris Camp CEO Georgia
AT&T to sell CNN Center building in downtown Atlanta

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AT&T to sell CNN Center building in downtown Atlanta

"And an iconic building in downtown Atlanta is going on the market Warner media says it recognizes the historical relevance of C. N. N. center calling Ted Turner truth media pioneer but in evaluating its operations says it has concluded the best course of action is to sell the property there's been no specific mention of layoffs just that some employees will be relocated to its tech would campus in midtown Warner media says the move does not suggest a lack of commitment to Atlanta the process will take several years hand is similar to moves it has made in New York and Los Angeles

Atlanta Warner Media New York Los Angeles Ted Turner
Protesters, police in standoff in front of CNN Center

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Protesters, police in standoff in front of CNN Center

"Started as a solemn March to the Georgia state capitol but when demonstrators returned to the area around. Cnn's Atlanta headquarters. A standoff ensued for an hour with police in riot gear backed by armored vehicles. Atlanta'S POLICE CHIEF ERICA. Shields Quilt tensions briefly as. She walked into the crowd of protesters flanked by four officers but while she was talking to reporters a skirmish started in. The chief was hustled away to safety demonstrators then spray painted graffiti and threw bottles at. Cnn's headquarters before jumping on top of squad. Cars LIGHTING ONE ON FIRE. No word on arrests or the extent of the damage for NPR news. I'M IN THE OIL MOFFITT IN ATLANTA.

Atlanta CNN Lighting One NPR Georgia
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"The firm self he calls and I don't criticize he calls himself a democratic solution well we're already seeing with dawn troop is going to do that and then exactly is actor but adding to stop letting us that Bernie you know does not gonna stop Bernie really mayor **** platitudes here's the problem with mayor Pete in the end is these squish nobody knows exactly where he stands on any of these issues and he refuses to answer tough questions he's not exactly moderate who's just basic question about Israel the other he just refused to answer them straight out judge is is not a moderate but he also isn't willing to campaign is a radical because you made the decision is smart decision early on he was gonna get into the moderate lane as opposed to in the left leaning lane you figure that Warren and Sanders are already occupying the left lane he could move in the moderate lane and Biden was a paper tiger and he moved in that lane could do some serious damage and now he's trying to squish his way through this thing so mayor Pete was actually just posting platitudes from his CNN gave you the other day were with easy posted a tweet himself saying the shape of our democracy is the issue that affects every other issue what in the F. is that supposed to mean me what is it like a hexagon the shape of our democracy is the issue that affects every other issue well then I guess problem solved what yeah I don't even know how to characterize that statement and brought the bomb was famous for making ridiculous empty platitudes that one takes the cake that one is really really solid I mean that is solid stuff everybody judges campaign by the way is also really over produced in fact judges getting hit today because judges campaign actually inserted on his official Twitter account applause in a line that he had on CNN center hall last night it's a concern that calls on us to build an alliance among generations to try to make sure that the future really is better than the.

Bernie Pete Israel Warren Biden CNN CNN center hall Sanders official Twitter
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"December yet another suspicious package with discovered today at a postal facility in Atlanta linked to others that turned up in the mayo last week addressed a prominent critics of President Donald Trump this one now makes fifteen the bomb squad and Atlanta was called in. When the Manila envelope was six American flag stamps was spotted address to CNN center suspect in the mail bombings. Fifty-six-year-old Caesar's was ordered held without bail in

Atlanta Donald Trump Manila CNN President Trump Fifty-Six-Year
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"New York and promised to bring the perpetrators to Justice. At least six devices have been found they were mailed to Hillary Clinton. President Obama former President Obama's CNN and others speaking at the White House today, the president called on both parties to stand together against the violin. These times we have to unify. Why we have to come together. And send one very clear strong unmistakable message that acts or threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the United States of America. The president said quote this agree. Just conduct is a born to everything we hold dear and sacred as American. I'm Pete combs in Atlanta. So far, so good. That's the word from CNN center downtown, although the networks New York offices were evacuated after an apparent pipe bomb and suspicious powder were found there one of several such attacks. There's no indication that CNN Atlanta has been targeted still Atlanta police say they've stepped up their already significant presence around CNN center and officers are in close contact with security at the network. Pete combs, ABC news, Atlanta, South Carolina lottery knows win the winning mega millions lottery. Ticket was purchased. But leaders are keeping quiet for now. The one point five billion dollar jackpot winner was purchased in Simpson. Ville the Casey market owned by c. Jay Patel who will get fifty thousand dollars for playing. His part leaders say they do not yet know if the winning ticket was purchased by one person or a group, South Carolina education lottery chief operating officer. Tony Cooper today. We know what time. The date and. When it was purchased security reasons, we do not release that information until after the wedding ticket is claimed and validated. Number. That's from Luke combs explaining what today is life for mega millions ticket holder in.

Atlanta president Pete combs CNN New York South Carolina Obama Luke combs Hillary Clinton White House United States Jay Patel Tony Cooper chief operating officer Ville ABC Simpson Casey market America
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"The Obamas ex attorney general Eric Holder and others were extremely angry upset unhappy about what we would this this morning. And we will get to the bottom of it. Resonant Trump not answering when asked if this is domestic terrorism, New York mayor Bill de Blasio didn't hesitate is clearly is an act of terror. Attempting to undermine our free press leaders of this country through acts of violence, President Trump acknowledging angry political speech may have triggered whoever sent the bombs. We have to unify we have to come together. And send one very clear strong unmistakable message that acts or threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the United States of America. No suspects announced yet Andy Field. ABC news sixty seven degrees on Peachtree street at three thirty one. Channel two action news meteorologist Brad Nitz is in for Kirk Mellish with Lantis most accurate and dependable forecast coming. I'm Pete combs in Atlanta. So far, so good. That's the word from CNN center downtown, although the networks New York offices were evacuated after an apparent pipe bomb and suspicious powder were found there one of several such attacks. There's no indication that CNN Atlanta has been targeted still Atlanta police say they've stepped up their already significant presence around CNN center and officers are in close contact with security at the network. Pete combs WSB report, new this half hour possible. Student abduction near UGA is solved now, but police say there is a bigger mystery nine one one caller who saw woman being forced into a black Nissan Sentra just after. Midnight today around broad street in Athens, got a tag number which helps police find the suspect. The woman is safe d is special agent in charge. Mike air says they believe though that this Jackson county man has tried to get other women into his car. And if that is the case we need to call to those individuals air says this man's rap sheet includes child porn and violence sexual assault convictions for Wanaka waters. WSB WSB news time three thirty two. This is a medical alert. Attention men are medications. Like Viagra, Cialis, just not working don't try another pill or out, those.

CNN Pete combs Atlanta President Trump WSB Eric Holder Bill de Blasio New York ABC UGA Brad Nitz Nissan Sentra United States Viagra attorney Andy Field special agent in charge Kirk Mellish Mike air
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"It does a run in then thrust cake on Saturn and inside and his pinned. Why is Lance storm the right guy to kick off the invasion. I don't know the was necessarily the right guy to kick off the invasion, but the fact that we were in Calgary. And Lance was there in Calgary help that decision quite a bit. You and flying, but he and he was there and it was easy that that more than anything, but doing the WCW invasion in Atlanta didn't make any sense. Got it. Okay. He didn't need a Bill. That's why wasn't champion, didn't? It is. Is so ridiculous. Okay. Let's talk about the decision. Of course you you said there say it's ridiculous, but yet you've never experienced trying to deal with with the mind of Vince McMahon and you're trying to apply logic to an illogical situation. Well, listen, if that's the excuse, let's just fucking cut the tape in the episode and the series now because we could just say there's no point discussing this. Nothing was logical. No, I'm just, I'm just saying that that's you ask why those decisions were made. That's why those decisions were made. God damn pal. Of course, it's got to be Lance storm. We're in Calgary, Vince, let's make sure we do the WCW invasion in their hometown where we took the and trying to invade their office and all that. You remember the CNN center. God damn what's wrong with from Atlanta. It's amazing. Well, okay. But again, using your logic, neither one of those guys were from Atlanta, I understand that you're saying, say the whole invasion to Atlanta. No, I'm saying the match should have been in Atlanta. Using the same logic than Lance storm should have been the first one to come in and in Atlanta. No, that's that's not true. I if I listen, let me just tell you if I'm booking the invasion land storms, not the guy kicks it off. No disrespect to Lance storm pick fan, Lance storm. But to me when I think Lance storm, I don't think, oh man, that guy's got WCW all over him. No, who did. Oh my God. Are you fucking serious right now? Bruce, what there was only there was only one to me. There was only one big star in in the initial deal that was Booker t do it with him. Ready for him yet. It's not a real answer. It is a real answer. We weren't ready for him yet. You gotta build. It's you don't. You don't start off with your.

Lance storm Atlanta Lance Calgary WCW Vince McMahon Bruce CNN Booker t
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"Quite the opposite no no it isn't still in the hamas charter is that israel can't exist your she's for a one state solution how does that work and didn't bill clinton basically give arafat ninety eight percent of the territory that they wanted the palestinians wanted israel agreed with it it was just the fact that yasser didn't ruin them make a deal wow i mean the one state solution obviously is a palestinian state that's what she's talking oh yeah and would jews be allowed to live there no they would not they would not if there's a one st the jews have no place in that state so wait a minute behind cnn now we've got the bodies of john king nbs probably david gregory too because he did ask a tough question pile up behind the cnn building there one cnn center in atlanta that's interesting that he actually he actually asked her a good question and then when let it go either right he's like nobody sort of stayed on it isn't a filibuster so you're not getting answer my question even though to her it was filibuster because she can't really say what she believes is she from the united states she didn't have much of a middle eastern accent there so she might even be american let's see here she butu he's from canada okay close it's our like our fifty first state sort of triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninetythree interesting though to to watch her squirm and talk all around well do they have the right to exist never denied that what do you of course you have.

israel yasser atlanta united states hamas bill clinton arafat cnn john king david gregory canada ninety eight percent
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"Independent news like info wars because they want total control whether they'd be right wing or left wing abc cbs nbc fox cnn msnbc remember gorbachev famously for he died was on cnn he goes wow i'm on cnn today and there's no general in hero colonel during the breaks telling me what i can say and cnn later had to admit it was in the news that delhi reported on it and said no we actually have on staff about three hundred officers and our new york and atlanta offices and we've even got several generals fulltime at cnn center in new york and in dc the articles up cia and top military runs cnn world daily dot com and then it lynch to the press releases and admission so there was also a press release four years ago by the pentagon a video press release of the deputy head of the army and also the deputy secretary of defense and our article about it was pentagon promises to stop lying because of the drudge report 'cause they source the drudge report they say we're going to stop lying now he's made the decision this is when the pentagon broke with obama and we're going to be embedded now all your local media to we're going to help you and i thought this is just ridiculous they're not actually going to do this and then like a strange stranger things episode the cia and military people started popping up all over the place and so far they've never given us any information but i just i'm not stupid i know what this is all about so we're not in kansas city more guys pulled up then from two thousand seventeen which is not the cruise fault when i throw this stuff out they're supposed to find it especially when it's a fifteen years old the exact headline is cnn shinners staffed with she i a operatives cia and military operatives crafting news that's your headline from fifteen years ago so that should some of the news we're going.

deputy head drudge lynch atlanta gorbachev kansas city obama deputy secretary nbc pentagon cia new york cnn center delhi cnn fifteen years four years
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"Want total control they'd be right wing or left wing abc cbs nbc fox cnn msnbc remember gorbachev famously for he died was on cnn he goes wow i'm on cnn today and there's no general in hero colonel during the breaks telling me what i can say and the cnn later had to admit it was in the news daily reported on it and said no we actually have on staff about three hundred officers that are new york and atlanta offices and we've even got several generals fulltime at cnn center in new york and in dc the articles up cia and top military run cnn world daily dot com and then it links to the press releases admission so who also a press release four years ago by the pentagon video press release the deputy head of the army and also the deputy secretary of defense and our article about it was pentagon promises to stop lying because of the drudge report because they source the drudge report they say we're gonna stop lying now we've made the decision this is when the pentagon broke with obama and we're going to be embedded now in all your local media to we're going to help you and i thought this is just ridiculous they're not actually going to do this and then like a strange stranger things episode the cia and military people started popping up all over the place and so far they've never given us any disinformation but i just i'm not stupid i know what this is all about so we're not in kansas city more yeah the guy's pulled up a tech from two thousand seventeen which is not the cruise fault when i throw this stuff out they're supposed to find it especially when it's fifteen years old the exact headline is.

nbc cnn atlanta cnn center new york cia deputy head deputy secretary pentagon obama kansas city gorbachev fifteen years four years
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"The numbers publish there were greater numbers and smaller numbers of nine one one calls bringing police to his home because the boy is a problem social services in the county in the state of florida notified of this guy being a problem showed up on his doorstep social services than during the school knew that he was a problem the school expelled him the school knew that now he was a threat and then when he showed up at school to kill highschool students the county sheriff's deputy assigned to the school to provide protection then failed to do what he was there to do now i i think that probably constitutes a failure on every level of government to protect the young people that tool that were murdered that day and the coach that was buried yesterday and and so on so the government and then and then that that the democrats come at you and they say well you don't need to have guns the government will protect you right after we have this incident in the immediate aftermath of this incident there are still funerals and the democrats you're saying well the government will protection you don't need to worry about protecting yourself no we don't want guns in schools because you know we want schools to be safe spaces and we make them safe spaces by making them gun free now let me just throw a couple of other things that year real quick cnn let's take cnn headquarters in new york at time warner the big building in the central park west columbus circle time warner's center is not a gun zone time warner center and cnn center cnn headquarters in new york they're a bunch of men and probably women with guns you know why just in case of bad guy with a gun shows up you know what they do at cnn they hire retired law enforcement you know what they do at cnn in washington they hire retired law enforcement or offduty law enforcement who are still active law enforcement two men the lobby door the the the security desk where you checkin there are armed men good guys with guns at cnn center new york at cnn center in atlanta at cnn's bureau and washing ten at abc news in washington they hire retired law enforcement to bring their guns to the abc news headquarters in washington dc and staff the lobby in.

florida cnn new york warner warner center cnn center atlanta washington washington dc abc
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"And we all wanna i now i get it but an apparatus south the madness it's 2018 stop at anyway listen the senate passed its let's huge because we've been talking about this i think that literally accounts where to this but i feel like i've been hearing about the sunday brunch dole since i moved to georgia and that was a long time ago this has been proposed and discussed over and over and over again in little by little year over year we are chipping away at this old school stuff that has been preventing some of this alcohol sales so we're chipping away at it and here's another chip now so now all of the municipalities will have to have their own referendums and and have their own votes on this and i'm sure most will pass at some won't probably most in the metro atlanta area will pass it and brunch will now proceed with cocktail day georgia busy broaches the movie brand jazz who listen i i feel like it's a good newsbad news kind of morning on the local level there's a story coming out of cnn which is still based here in atlanta although a lot of what goes on at cnn is actually happening in new york a lot of the business of cnn's still happens here at cnn center will they are now announcing the elimination of a dozen or so positions i'm sorry dozens of positions just under fifty is what we're thinking it's going to be about four dozen people getting let go and this is all in and around the digital side of cnn so cnncom in their various digital products apparently they tried a few things that didn't work they say this is not a sign of anything major but they had some projects that they brought people in specifically for some of those things worked some didn't and so some of those people will be like oh one example of a project that cnn had that didn't work actually was a part ship with snapchat so i could have told them this they didn't call me but this was another sort of like an attempt.

senate georgia cnn atlanta new york cnn center
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"Thank you in the eyes the morning show the timing new this is what time it this week jill yeah judge neil diamond i miss mr dimas via donald trump not yet not yet sugar very soon lap of our guest today israel with our guest by the way boon who who you heard laugh his name is we're not all maryadi it was a federal prosecutor for over nine years before he joined thompson coal burn l l t as a partner so he's a very very uh prolific prosecutor and he's an analyst she on cnn center at center and in print renato maryadi good morning to thank you for appearing on the ibis the morning show with bernie it said good morning how are you manage i'm doing well on doing wow running for a attorney general in illinois i understand nights right i i am minutes uh a big genes from being a legal prosecutor plenty of politics is the tough business right about that i would say but the you won't have any shortage of work nothing as attorney general in illinois sedans what the comments there's no we have a lot of bodies that all defensive tony's sub locally here we're not as some national but they've had some very very high profile cases sociopath joe tackle takeshita so and they look back on your resume folks who don't know you all that well what are the big cases that you've tried that that brought you to the day week maybe can be the ag in illinois sure so i was uh the first prosecutor in the country the convict a high frequency trader o of uh committing a crime uh so you know uh particularly type of manipulation of the market so ski milligan that type of thing where the i will literally highspeed computer trade at lightening fast be blink of an iihs uh it is a hard thing to explain to jerry that's for sure but it was a afb charles up against a new york law firm actually and uh you know it was uh a challenge will tell uh to uh get a conviction i'm but i got a conviction on all counts in uh i think about forty minutes or so he didn't worked on the road goya of its is to the gut revis prosecutor on that but uh a lot of i.

neil diamond revis new york charles jerry joe attorney cnn center thompson israel mr dimas law firm tony illinois bernie prosecutor partner federal prosecutor donald trump forty minutes nine years
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"News this hour rob how holed up about my bob agnew in washington a minnesota woman tells cnn center grabbed her from behind during a photo op in 2010 minnesota's fate pair this is the second reported in seem to come out in recent days the first involves los angeles broadcaster and tweeting last week she accused frank in a forcibly kissing her during a uso tour in two thousand six and of groping her these incidents reportedly occurred before franken was a us senator al franken apologized for the tweeting incidents and also has joined other senators in their calls for an ethics investigation into his behavior linda kenyon reporting this latest reported incident involves that lindsey man's reportedly occurred two years after frank and became a us senator luis have coverage that foot the bill for terrorist attacks just got longer today the united states as designating north korea as a state sponsor of terrorists president trump with the announcement this afternoon lead while the president promising us spectacular tax bill just in time for christmas the president said he and the gop led congress are on track to give the country a beautiful christmas present we're going to give the american people eight years sh tax cut for christmas eve praised house passage of a tax bill last week said he's very hopeful the senate would also approve of version if they do he said the tax overhaul will bring urgent relief to hard working families as greg clugston reporting from the white house perhaps the most iconic cult leader of the past century convicted killer charles manson has died in an ap interview back in 1990 done former prosecutor vincent bugliosi said that manson's followers did not view him as being crazy people don't fall on and same guy the new follow someone was very evil but not someone who's in silent the guy's crazy he had a lotta people following him very intelligent reasonably articulate they're not gonna follow him if he thinks he's lost total kant if they think he's lost total contact.

senate prosecutor charles manson al franken frank los angeles washington bob agnew vincent bugliosi white house greg clugston cnn center congress gop christmas president north korea luis linda kenyon senator us minnesota eight years two years
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"God there they were all equally memorable because every one of them had their own a different set of confrontations and i still say that when we do that when we do d acts and we are we do this invasion thing man there's so many great stories but we had the cops call honest we got surrounded at the the very first one in norfolk and and we had our own battles there at the one in smyrna is where they call nine one one in the screen that we are being attacked a with weapons at the front door and we had the entire smyrna police department show up at the one in cnn center was she has a great story of how i kept the crew there and uh we requested to see ted turner and actually got all the turner employees on camera doing the dax chops and things like that there is a uh will sidebar when we went to the office in smyrna georgia there is a sign on the grass in says no trespassing in no solicitors will rhode dog jumps off the tank in runs up to the sign ince's what exactly does this say here i don't understand is this is this french no trespasser an and we just kinda goofed on it but was shot it right so win the lawsuit came about when w cw ceuta us we were sued wc w i was in a deposition and they asked me they said well did you guys uh ios trespass and som.

norfolk smyrna cnn center ted turner georgia ince
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"The outlet onlinecom studios in buckhead it seventy seven degrees eleven ninety news time is twenty six minutes till the top of the hour the brian crime tricia e this fighting stops now all right at lyon grabbed three on twitter don't forget it you are sick with a fake street media is doing there is a rally this weekend downtown abbey cnn center this crossed the street in centennial park initially putting up a bigscreen television facing facing cnn in a display a to try to demand real news be reported to the american citizen cnn in my opinion being one of the biggest culprits of the fake stream media's fake news entourage and if you can't be there don't want to be there but you'd like to get your voice heard you can go to stop the scalping facebook page stop the scale helpings facebook page recorder short little video posted there and it may be that your video will will appear up on the screen there make sure it's clean we don't want to be nasty or threatening we just want to simply demand that we have real news again this is i i got involved with this because i think this is perhaps one of the biggest problems facing this country i realize health care in politics and policy are are really the the lynchpin but when we can't get the truth or were constantly being fed propaganda and not purposeful information that reflects reality it's hard for american citizens to be informed it creates an ignorance in the public that's extremely damning and dangerous for so that's why i'm involved in this the gwinnet mom that killed her four kids left one critically injured and killed her husband as said she felt like she had a devil white spirit before stabbing and yet think i mean what we saw here's the purest form of eagle evil from this illegal immigrant nine year old diana row merode who is recovering said she saw her mother stabbing a brother sister and father but before.

buckhead lyon twitter centennial park cnn brian abbey cnn center bigscreen facebook seventy seven degrees twenty six minutes nine year