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"Our cancer trials helps us to find out more and she adds a cancer vaccine could be available by the end of the decade. Linda kenyon, CBS News. On CNN, White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said the world should send a clear and decisive message to Russia that there will be consequences if it uses nuclear weapons in its war with Ukraine. The use of a nuclear weapon on the battlefield in Ukraine is the use of a nuclear weapon on the battlefield in Ukraine and we're not going to slice the salami. And this late word, the daily mail of Britain is now reporting that British lawmakers may try to oust the new prime minister Liz trusts this week This is CBS News. Liberty mutual customizes your car and home insurance, so you only pay for what you need. Visit liberty mutual dot com to learn more. It sticks O three at Sunday the 16th day of October 2022, 65° outside, we are headed down to the 40s overnight. Good Sunday evening I'm del Walters the top local stories we're following for you at this hour, Arlington's longest continuously running church catching fire on Friday. It was quickly put out, but Sunday services were threatened indoors at least. What's going on in there, okay? It's gonna be fine. We're just gonna fix it up. It's a little wet. You know when you spray all of that water, what happens? That was linnaea Carlson with mount olivette methodist telling the children what happened to their church. Pastor Sarah keeling tells the congregation sitting on the church lawn of all their building is important. We are not the building. But the church is the people, however, and whenever we are gathered. Over a hundred parishioners like Karen Brown showed up to the church's lawn. I'm glad that we're having something that gives us a chance to all get together as a community because that's the most important thing in a church. In Arlington, Luke luker

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"Fall back their troops, they're reading naval forces for the police have been deployed. We've got to run for it, right? Yes, come on, let's go. Matthew chance, CNN. I'm Julia chatterley at the New York Stock Exchange. And this is CNN. We're now just hours away from commemorations at the U.S. capitol marking the one year anniversary of the deadly insurrection. The White House saying president Joe Biden will speak about the singular responsibility, the former president has in the chaos and carnage of the attack. Also tonight, the new Manhattan district attorney announcing a list of crimes as office will prosecute will and will not prosecute, I should say, drawing both positive and negative reactions is his move, the right way to go. And a major upset in the world of XS, but this time off the court, tennis champ, Novak Djokovic, order to leave Australia after applying for a Visa that does not permit medical exemptions for being unvaccinated for COVID-19. A lot to discuss, let's bring in now San and senior political analyst John Avalon and CNN's White House correspondent, John harwood, good evening. Good evening. John a meaning Avalon. One year out, look, it's almost easy to forget that right after the insurrection there was a moment where Republican leaders could have broken with Trump for good, right? I had a guest on earlier that said that party could have pivoted away from Trump. And said Trump and his big lie have more of a hold on the GOP than ever. Did it have to be this way, John? Absolutely not. I mean, look, we know a 147 Republicans voted with Trump to overturn the election after the attack, but Republican leaders, as you said, stood up and denounced him in the days and weeks after the fact. But then they pulled a punch in a critical moment, particularly the Senate trial of his second impeachment that could have taken him out of politics forever. And that combined with the right wing media echo chamber has allowed the big lot to metastasize in a way that is incredibly disfiguring to our republic and it's primarily the problem though in the Republican Party. And Trump is therefore more powerful than ever because people knuckled under. They remain fearful of a disgraced would be desperate living in Florida. John, harwood, John H, Biden is going to be giving an address tomorrow. I should say the president will be giving an address tomorrow or advisers say that he will be blunt about the focus behind the insurrection and what it's done to our democracy. What message will he be trying to drive home for on this first anniversary? Well, Don, I think it's an important pivot moment for the Joe Biden White House. Throughout 2021, he talked about threats to democracy and the need for democracy to show that it could work. That was mainly about democracy delivering. That meant his government and his party, which is in control of the Congress delivering and they've struggled to do that. They've been fighting internally and trying to get his agenda through. And for that and some other reasons, his ratings have suffered in 2022, if he's going to come back politically, he's going to have to take it hard to Republicans draw sharp contrast with Republicans and talk about the difference between the two parties and one of the differences is this question of democracy. It's an argument that has the advantage of being true as you were discussing with Avalon a minute ago, didn't have to be this way, but it is this way. The Democratic Party is not a threat to democracy, the Republican Party is and if Joe Biden can make that case forcefully that might have the ability to rally his base and bring some people to his side. John avlon, the attorney general Merrick Garland warning that acts of violence and threats have become frighteningly common over the last year. Here's part of it. Flight crews have been assaulted journalists have been targeted, school, personnel, and their families have been threatened, a member of Congress was threatened in a gruesome voicemail that asked if she had ever seen what a 50 caliber shell does to a human head. These acts and threats of violence are not associated with any one set of partisan or ideological views. But they are permeating so many parts of our national life that they risk becoming normalized and routine if we do not stop them. Listen, you know, John, this all started with the rise of Trump, right? This sort of anger, right? But it really came to a head and over the last year since the insurrection it seems like a year after the insurrection of Americans are angrier than ever at people that they disagree with. Where is this going? Well, look, I mean, there's no question that the tone comes from the top and we have defined deviancy down and we are in danger of normalizing threats and violence. And whatever political frustrations folks may be feeling frustrations around COVID, we need to reawaken to the basic idea of common ground and common decency again. And that's what part Garland was edgy Garland was discussing today. This downstream effect from the bile in our politics. But it's also going to take accountability to rein in some of these folks who now feel free reign to threaten violence. Because they've become unhinged. And we need to cut that off at the pass. Before it escalates again. Mister harwood in a New York Times op-ed out today, the former president Jimmy Carter is calling out Republicans in his home state and other key states warning and I quote here. They seek to win by any means and many Americans are being persuaded to think and act likewise threatening to collapse the foundations of our security and democracy with breathtaking speed. I now fear that what we have fought so hard to achieve globally, the right to free fair elections unhindered by strong men, politicians who seek nothing more than to grow their own power has become dangerously fragile at home. Very profound when a former president says that American democracy is on the brink. When you say, hey, we've got a real problem here. Oh, we definitely have a real problem here. The challenge for Joe Biden is making average Americans and the people are going to vote in the 2022 midterms. Believe that it's a huge problem. You know, people are focused on day to today concerns. They're focused on COVID. They're focused on their economic circumstances, focused on inflation, all the things that in day to today life preoccupied most American families. And the January 6th insurrection had the advantage of dramatizing the threat to democracy on our television screens in the way that nobody could miss. But as we get a year out from that, it's defending democracy is abstraction for most Americans. So it is not clear, especially given the president's lack of popularity at the moment that he can rally a large audience, even with the help of Jimmy Carter. But we're just going to have to see if he can make that case, maybe it can rally his base. But the truth is, right now, Republicans have enough political strength to win without cheating without violence without things that threaten democracy. And Joe Biden and Democrats are going to have to make that threat as vivid as possible. Yeah, John. Before you jump through the screen. Look, you know, aside from the historic nature of a former president warning that democracy is in danger in America. You know, this isn't about popularity. It's not about all the things that drive people to distraction in their daily lives. This is fundamental and there does need to be a broader movement to defend our democracy. Folks should be single issue voters if they're not part of the Trumpist right. This should be something that can unite us. There's nothing more important than defending our democracy at the end of the day. And it does require people realizing that that is the issue and forming a broader coalitions to defend our democracy. And honoring those Republicans who did the right thing, you know, people who are some of the heroes of the last year, but realizing that there is a rot inside the Trump led Republican Party that must be confronted if you care about democracy. And that's the essence of being a patriot. Anything else is transactional partisanship. God, you just took the words out of it. I was going to say that is not actual. They're not actually patriots. They're just that they think that that's what patriotism is. Performative. Now what it is. You got to live it. Thank you very much, gentlemen. I appreciate it. No, I want to bring in sit and contributor and former Nixon White House counsel, John dean, as well as former U.S. attorney Harry litman. Hello, gents. How are you? And Don, hi, John. John, another John. Another John. I got to get my Johns right. John dean good evening to you. The attorney general Merrick Garland insisting today that the Justice Department is committed to holding those involved in the January 6th insurrection accountable watch. The actions we have taken thus far will not be our last. The Justice Department remains committed to holding all January 6th perpetrators at any level, accountable under law. Whether they were present that day or were otherwise criminally responsible for the assault on our democracy. We will follow the facts wherever they lead. So critics on the left have been demanding more action from the DoJ. Should they feel reassured tonight? I think they should. I actually tweeted that very fact shortly after the address. In fact, I learned in your first segment from preet that the Department of Justice put that paragraph out in their press release before the speech. So they were obviously sending the signal and it was received. I didn't have an advanced press copy, but that paragraph or that statement just jumped out at me because I don't think that the Trump team should be sleeping as easily tonight. They know they are potential targets. This was Harry a relatively safe speech from AG Garland coming a year after the capitol, right? But I mean, it's important to remember that the DoJ doesn't operate on a political calendar like Congress does, could a lot more be happening behind the scenes and it has been a year. It seems like a long time. So yes, yes, and yes, first, as to the sort of money quote that John just said, you know, overall, it was a button down, bureaucratic speech, but this was the big point. And what you played is exactly the focal point, his cadence slowed his voice raised. He meant very careful to say, listen to me and what I'm saying, and I mean it. On the other hand, the calendar is a huge point as you say. This is more implicit in the speech. I don't think people tumbled to it quite as much, but he was basically saying, we are on a different timeline and it is not necessarily congruent with the January 6th committee timeline. I think that he is saying they will go there, but indications are they have not yet. And it takes months more really to put together a case and in that sense, as a practical matter, I think we were also hearing tonight that he's not going to be giving the huge shot in the arm that some in the Democratic Party might be seeking in advance of the midterms. He was asking for patience and a little bit of like, give me some room here. This is how we work it. It is how they work it, but it will disappoint some. Yeah. So what we saw, we saw four years, Harry, of Trump attempting to use a DoJ as a political weapon. Is this the department? Is this department, is this excuse me? Is this how the department is supposed to operate? It is. 100% and he plays it so straight and so by the rules. Now you'll have people, especially on the left saying, this is such an extreme situation. You should bend the rules a bit. Tell us a bit more. Go to this investigation quicker than you otherwise would. But there's no doubt he's a by the book guy, what he said today as you put it on was safe, but significant. And he was really retreating to the prerogative. Here's how the DoJ does stuff and we aren't going to change it even for this historic and abhorrent event as he made clear at the beginning and even if there's a sort of political heat on the outside. We are doing our job the way we do it. He was really clear about that. And again, as people focus on it, that will mean that it won't give the Democrats and the committee what they're necessarily looking for between now and the end of the summer. John dean, let's talk about this

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"You know, they have what they need because of the American rescue plan where the first month we are in office, their second month. That I signed in March, we provided the states with a 130 billion with a B, $1 billion to specifically keeps our students safe and schools open. Funding for ventilation, ventilation systems to the schools. Social distancing classrooms, even larger classrooms. On buses and everything from bus drivers to buses, the actual bus. There are additional in all this process. We also back then included an additional $10 billion for testing for schools. That money went out to the states. And the states and the school districts have spent this money well. Many of them, but unfortunately, some haven't. So I encourage the states and school district to use the funding that you still have to protect your children and keep the schools open. Countries across the world are seen rising cases. Here in the United States, our team have been working around the clock during the holiday weeks. And the last two weeks, we have developed hundreds of military, we have deployed. I should say hundreds of military doctors and nurses to staff the hospitals in our states that are overrun and overworked because one vaccinated COVID-19 patients primarily. The federal emergency management association agency, fema, is also working at our direction and every state and hospital capacity, including whether they need beds. I've directed fema to be ready to provide emergency hospital beds wherever and whenever they're needed. The federal government will be there. We've shipped nearly 2.4 million pieces of protective equipment to hospitals from gowns to gloves. And we're doing whatever we can to protect communities from the surge of hospital cases that are likely to see from unvaccinated unvaccinated population. Look, now let me address three specific updates before I get my full brief from my team. At first, booster shots. I know Doctor Fauci, I'm like an echo chamber here, okay? I know it. But repeating myself with Doctor Fauci said it very clearly. Booster shots work. They significantly increased the protection that provide the highest level of protection against omicron. Americans, we've given out over 70 million booster shots. Importantly, two to three eligible seniors have received their booster shots. Booster shots are free, they're safe and available over 90 and over at over 90,000 vaccination sites. Let me say that again. For free, available, and in over 90,000 sites, we have added sites, added hours, added appointments, added walking capacity. We have booster shots for every American in the country. It's easier than ever to get a booster shot, and more importantly than ever is spent. Look, the FDA is also now authorized booster shots for children ages 12 to 15. So, with the final approval from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the CDC, young people, one that occurs young people ages 12 to 15 will be able to get booster shots later this week. Second, on testing, I know this remains frustrating. Believe me, it's frustrating to me. But we're making improvements in the last two weeks. We've stood up federal testing sites all over the country. We're adding more each and every day. Google, COVID, test near me, go there, Google, excuse me. COVID testing near me on Google to find the nearest site where you can get a test most often and free. Look, with more capacity for in person test, we should see weighty lines shortened and more appointments freed up. Look, if you want to test yourself at home, we have three options. Now, one, drug stores and online websites are restocking. Two, you know, well, actually, so the more tests are available, we're going to continue to become available. Next week, our requirement that your insurance company reimburse you for at home test takes effects. So you don't have to get reimbursed. So if you're insured, you can buy the test and get paid for it. The second thing I want to mention is many states and local governments and healthcare providers are passing out free at home tests that you can pick up. Just find out where they are. And finally, as I announced recently, the federal government is launching a website this month where you can get test shipped to your home for free upon your request. The third point I'd like to speak about is also is on treatments. For those at high risk who do get COVID-19, we now have a new Pfizer pill that greatly reduces the risk of hospitalization and death. I'm pleased to say that on Christmas Eve, we shipped out the first batch of these pills that we received. We purchased and receipt. And more will be shipped this week. We're all read, they're already saving lives, but due to complex chemistry of the pills to make the pill, it takes months literally to make a pill. But production is in full swing. The United States has more pills than any other country in the world and our supplies are going to ramp up over the coming months as more of these pills are manufactured. Today, I'm directing my team to work with Pfizer to double our order from 10 million to 20 million treatment courses to be delivered in the months ahead. We may need even more. That's the estimate we need right now. We've already placed the largest order in the world. Now I'm doubling that order. These pills are going to dramatically decrease hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19. There are game changer. And have the potential to dramatically older the impact of COVID-19, the impact it's had on this country and our people. Look, let me conclude with a quick recap. If you are vaccinated and boosted, you may get COVID, but you are highly protected against severe illness. Schools can and should be open this winter. We have all the tools to keep kids safe. Unvaccinated kids are at risk, yet the vaccinated are going to waste way to protect them. Get vaccinated. If you're vaccinated, get boosted, folks. I know we're all tired and frustrated about the pandemic. These coming weeks are going to be challenging. Please wear your mask in public to protect yourself and others. We're going to get through this. We're going to get through it together. We have the tools to protect people from severe illness due to omicron. If people choose to use the tools, we have the medicines coming along that can save so many lives and dramatically reduce the impact that COVID has had on our country. So there's a lot of reason to be hopeful in 2020. But for God's sake, please take advantage of what's available. Please, you're going to save lives. Maybe yours, maybe your child. Please take advantage of what we already have, okay? So thank you. Now I'm going to get this briefing started. Thank you very much. All right. Thank you, U.S. president Joe Biden there at The White House. You can see, by the way, through the window, it's been a snowy few days in the nation's capital. Biden continuing to encourage Americans to get their shots to get their boosters. Also promising that schools will get more ventilation, that ventilation systems will be installed on school buses, and that there will be more tests sent to schools as well, and also announced the order of a doubling of the number of antiviral pills that were initially on The White House's list of purchases of acquisitions in order to add one more tool to combat this pandemic. Let's bring in CNN White House reporter Kevin Lipton. He's been listening to Biden. So really, it's the message of use the tools we already have. He's trying to convince maybe those who are skeptical, reluctant or on the fence. Yeah, and it's interesting. The first four or 5 minutes of that speech were still trying to encourage people to get vaccinations that that first four or 5 minutes could have been delivered in June or July of this year. So the message really hasn't changed. Those numbers are still stubbornly low for Biden, given that this is really the only way he sees out of this pandemic entirely. Now the one major announcement new announcement in that speech was the doubling of Pfizer's antiviral pills. He said that he would purchase 20 million previously he had said that the U.S. government would purchase 10 million, but even in the details in that are a little, when you read the fine print, it's not exactly what he's saying. Pfizer's CEO says those 20 million won't be available until the end of September. And what Biden and scientists have said is that the chemistry of making that particular product is very complicated. It takes a lot of time. And so even that is sort of in the long term of the president's strategy to combat this virus. In the near term, the United States is setting global records for case counts. It just recorded a million cases in the last couple of days. And the president is still struggling really to get a handle on all of that. And you heard him reference this plan to distribute 500 million at home rapid tests that he announced almost 14 days ago. There's still a lot of details about that plan that are still coming together, for example, we don't know when that website that the president has said. People can order those tests online. We'll become available. We don't know how many tests Americans will be able to get. And so that is still all something that the president and his team are working on behind the scenes, but you do hear that frustration in his voice. He says that he's frustrated that these lines at testing sites are still so long. He's frustrated that Americans aren't getting vaccinated that are eligible to get vaccinated. And you really sort of, when you hear him talk about this, you can see that this is certainly not how he had once hoped to be entering 2022. He wanted these holidays this holiday season to be more normal. He wanted this year to be the year that he returns to normal and you see sort of the tick through the things that he announced in that speech, there really isn't a lot new that the president can do at this point to combat this huge surge in cases that is causing, you know, shutdowns in schools. Offices have delayed their reopenings. And so the president is still kind of struggling to come up with a plan to contain this particular search, even if in the long term they are putting in place ways to kind of mitigate the effects down the road. Sure. I don't think anyone was expecting to enter 2022. In this way. Well, I hope you had a good new year nonetheless, Kevin. Thanks very much. And still to come tonight, lawyers for Prince Andrew are arguing that his sexual assault lawsuit against him should be dismissed. We'll discuss his case. After the break. Welcome to the lifestyles of their smart and savvy. When it comes to saving money the Marshals are masterful. But back in the day, that was not the case. Today, savings is what drives them. That's why they chose consumer cellular. They live and learn. They get the same premium coverage as the nation's leading carriers for half the cost. Imagine talk text and data starting at $20 a month. Plus, AARP members get exclusive discounts, switch to concealer cellular today and start saving. You dress for the occasion in exactly where you should be. Did you want to struggles like Nicole? Here we go. Dallas and all of us in celebration and satisfaction that last all day and all night. This party isn't about markup status or stacks of things. But confidence, connection of fear that moves you along after you stop moving. And try and wait to go. Get a free iPad with your order at Echelon fit dot com slash music. That Szechuan fit dot com slash music. On the next eco solutions. Go inside expo 2020 Dubai to see how the elements are being harnessed for good. From the sun and essential resource. All throughout the day, our energy trees rotate just like sunflowers to face the sun. To the earth, and the sky. We were inspired by kite borders, how they can convert the wind energy into mechanical editor. Eco solutions, Sunday on CNN. Heard it all before, but have you heard it like this? The ultimate disruptor looks set to shake up our world. What's really going on? Fast paced news, in depth reports and fact checks from the perspective of the global breed with Bianca nobilo. Today,

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"He wasn't, despite the fact that he was quote unquote, the Playboy, the Playboy and CNN White House correspondent, not a joke, as sleepy Joe would say, not a joke. He was the Biden and the he was the Biden. He was the Playboy CNN correspondent for The White House. And he stepped out of the velvet rope, and in a weird, I don't know, projection or something. He stretched opened his arms and he said, I've never seen a group of people more ready for demonic possession than this one. Strange phrase to use. I know, I know, maybe he's projecting a little bit. At which point I recognized who he was. I recognized him as the better control my words here. As the oxygen thief, who had persistently insulted and harassed my friend, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, when she was the press secretary. So that was it, I was triggered. I jumped up from my seat. Turned around and walked straight up to him and I started to call him what he was. A punk. This is all caught on camera. Not a journalist, but an oxygen thief. To which this sad little drunkard, I think there's another buddy of mine. Drake Turks were sitting at a standing on the left there. If you're looking at our video stream. To which Brian Karim, so strangely, in front of hundreds of witnesses, The White House press corps. And the Secret Service agent standing next to him who did nothing. Challenged me to fight, he asked me to come outside to settle things, very strange, very strange. And then he shouted at me, get a job, gawker, or go home. Because I'm an immigrant, I guess. He's a Democrat so immigrants should go home because he's a racist. And he said, get a job, which is weird, because I had multiple jobs back then. And I still do now. Brian Karim currently is unemployed, who's actually fired by CNN and Playboy. Wasn't the first time I looked at him up earlier today. He had been fired earlier from UPI, I think, because he insulted president Bush, so this guy has a track record for being a little bit bipolar. Why am I talking about all of this? Because wherever I go, people bring it up. They say, that thing that happened in the rose garden, that was cool. Why? I'm not a presidential historian. We should probably ask Conrad black, who is. But I think that's probably the first time ever, two people came close to fisticuffs in the rose garden literally 40 feet from the oval. I don't think that's the big deal. I think this is the big deal. And it was illuminated for me by my muse. My wife, Katie. That incident, that event resonates with so many of you. Because you're fed up. Because you've had it. You've had it with the Marquis of queensberry rules. The conservatives just have to take it, suck it up and ignore it. And I didn't. I'm just not good at that. I'm no Hercules, I know, you know, warrior, the most fun I've ever had in a uniform is just a few years in the British territorial army. But when I see something that's wrong, even if it's in public, I'm prepared to call it out. Like that ass of a quote unquote man, Brian Karim, KA, REM. We've had enough. And they're worried. Because millions of us have had enough. It's time for our voices to be heard. It's time for you to step up to the plate. Not to keep your head down, like in a socialist communist regime, just be safe. Don't get in trouble. Because if we don't take back this nation one, it'll show of bravery at a time. One school board meeting at a time. Nobody else will. The math of it is very simple. Nobody will stop them. You. And I and all the people who celebrated that moment of pushing back. We must stop them. Are you going to be part of the team? Because if you're not, you're part of the problem. Join the team. I'm Sebastian gorka. This is America first to make sure you never miss any of our one on.

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"Do you guys live? I mean, are you like living in loan tree or are you do you have an encampment somewhere else? Or do you want to bounce around? So do you guys need resources? She asks if they need help, but says Douglas county can't offer much. Unfortunately, we don't have any homeless camps here in Douglas county. Otherwise, I would gladly take you there. In June, officials discussed opening a legal homeless camp here, but quickly canceled the idea after backlash from residents at a town hall meeting. We didn't allow vagrancy 40 years ago. And we shouldn't allow it now. And I live in Douglas county for a reason, and I don't want that crap here, send it back to Denver where it belongs. Thank you. So for now, Douglas county sheriff's deputies sometimes give people rides to other cities like Denver and aurora, where there are shelters and services. Aurora mayor Mike Kaufman says that's just Douglas county unloading unwanted people. I think this is dumping. I just dump it. Pure and simple. Kathy alderman, with Colorado coalition for the homeless, says this kind of squabbling is typical, as urban areas try to adjust to a new reality. Their first reaction is how do we get rid of homelessness? And often studies Wimbledon camping bands and they will do things like how can we bust people experiencing homelessness out of our area. And that's just not solutions driven. Douglass county leaders say they're talking to voters about why they have to expand services, and asking churches to provide shelter instead. For NPR news, I'm Andrew Kenny in Denver. This week brought news of the death of CNN founding anchor Bernard Shaw, known for pursuing the news and avoiding flash. And in recent days, CNN's new leader has made moves that he says will return the cable channel closer to its news driven roots. Some of his changes have sparked concerns inside and outside the network. And for more on that, we have NPR media correspondent David full conflict, hey David. Hey Elsa. Hey, okay, so tell us, who is CNN's new CEO and chairman Chris licked? And how does he want to reshape CNN exactly? Sure, Chris came over after stint set, CBS, where he oversaw the Colbert Late Show and he had also been at CBS News and before that MSNBC, he's promising in this incarnation at CNN that he's going to make the channel less opinion driven, less perhaps focused on Donald Trump as the one true story that they've really rode during the Trump era. This has been a passion of discovery CEO David zaslav and discovery's biggest investor John Malone. Let's not forget that they just took over Time Warner and CNN recently. He's not going to pull any punches. It doesn't mean that they're going to stop reporting if anything that he wants to really focus more on news than opinion. He made the rounds with Republicans as well as Democrats on Capitol Hill, and at the Biden White House making this case about how he sees CNN. And he also promises without specifying. He says CNN's got to be more entertaining and better TV and over time. That's going to improve ratings too. Okay, so what specific changes are we going to be seeing on the air? Well, perhaps the most recent appointment has been of John Miller. He's a senior New York police department official who also has a strong history in news he helped to interview Osama bin Laden in the late 90s, but has been focused on counter terrorism in recent years and has been the source of some criticism from Muslim groups for that. Licht also dispensed with the services of media critic and host Brian stelter. He killed the show reliable sources. They say that reformulating how they're going to cover the media. And I think there are a lot of questions about the morning shows, licked had real success, creating morning Joe over at MSNBC creating what is now CBS mornings as a reformulated show there. And there are questions about what that's going to look like of late Breonna Kyler who had been known for doing these long videos kind of breaking down in eviscerating Donald Trump's falsehoods and lies. You know, recently I spent a lot of time lately going after President Biden for his address last week in Philadelphia in which he termed the maga wing of the Republican Party a threat to American democracy. Well, amidst all these changes you're describing, I saw that CNN's White House correspondent John harwood announced that he's leaving. I'm curious, does Hart was departure fit into this bigger story? Well, let's pause and play a little clip from earlier in the day on the same day that John harwood announced he was going to depart CNN. Harwood was talking live on the air about the very same Biden speech, and he said that Biden was right in arguing that the maga part of the Republican Party was a threat to American democracy. Now that's something that's not easy for us as journalists to say. We're brought up to believe there's two different political parties with different points of view and we don't take sides in honest disagreements between them. But that's not what we're talking about. These are not honest disagreements. Harwood knew at the time he was saying that on the air that he was going to be leaving the network. He just hadn't said so publicly yet, but the episode encapsulated, I think, the tension between the CNN that's been and the CNN that's evolving. Luke says, there's nothing wrong with what John harwood was doing. He wants to reshape the team. It's covering The White House. The focus more on reporting and less on analysis. But lickd is also not filling out for viewers of CNN or particularly for the staff at CNN in exactly what his moves are representing at the moment there are a lot of people while there are a lot of conservatives who are very happy to hear what lick is saying. There are a lot of people who fear he's trying to defang CNN, which was so critical of Trump in so many ways, often to its detriment, that if you do fang CNN, it becomes either a fox light or just kind

Douglas county CNN Denver Mike Kaufman Kathy alderman Colorado coalition for the hom Douglass county NPR news Andrew Kenny David full Colbert Late Show David zaslav Biden White House Donald Trump MSNBC John harwood Chris Bernard Shaw Brian stelter John Malone
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"cnn white house" Discussed on The Hugh Hewitt Show: Highly Concentrated

"There's a lot of good business news. Shareholders are standing up against the SG at Chevron. Apple's I 14 is coming out, not that I really need a new phone, but this one's been broken for so long. That maybe I will. You drop a phone and if you're like me, you put up with the cracks forever, right? America, you don't run out and who goes to the Apple store to change the case when you can read it if you just tilted it away. There's a lot of political news. John fetterman says he will quote debate Oz ahead of Pennsylvania Senate election. He's not going to do that until people have been voting for four weeks. Three weeks, maybe. John fetterman is not prepared to debate Doctor Oz because he's disabled by a stroke pray for his recovery, but also pray for transparency and for the people of Pennsylvania understand what a disaster he would be. There is another in the endless series of leaky stories and anti Trump stories law stories in the media. Finding special master and Trump classified documents case no easy task, legal experts say. Okay, so whenever I see legal experts, it's the people they call that. All right? Who they called up? Finding people have the necessary experience and security clearances to handle the highly classified documents. And the willingness to enter the political brush fire surrounding the probe will be no small task. Legal experts said, that's just nonsense. It's absolute nonsense. The number of people inside the beltway who are very good lawyers and have ongoing clearances for a variety of reasons, whether they are working on classified defense programs, whether they are defending people in espionage cases and have done so before, whether they are involved in surveillance case. Just remember, we have all sorts of lawyers in America and there are a bunch of them that have security clearances. And wouldn't blink at being a special master. There is never any trouble finding independent counsel special counsel. Robert Mueller will come out of retirement. Everybody loves these jobs. Someone will be a special master. Not the end of the world. DoJ is leaking like the Titanic after the second iceberg. There wasn't a second iceberg. Do you know what that means? I've never seen it before in my life at least this way. The biggest political story of the day is that Politico and its mislabeled. It's labeled the Biden CNN rift. It's not about Biden and CNN. Buried lead buried lead because deep in the story, and you got to read deep in the story. If you're going to read a Politico story because they're so left wing. You find out that The White House is at odds with itself over the president's disastrous speech last week. You have to go way down to find out what the red setting speech did. And what the red setting speech did was turn The White House against itself. All right, so if you go over to my Twitter feed and I tweeted out that the key light and you won't find it in the story for a long, long time, the key line in the story is the one that reveals what is actually going on at The White House. It's divided. They are assigning blame over the disaster that was Joe Biden's speech. Fingers are being pointed. Add in blame for the semi fascist and the student loan bailout and it's ugly in The White House. Here's the quote. Even some White House staff acknowledge that they aired in certain components of Biden's speech. Two other people with knowledge of the mood inside the building said, some staff were flabbergasted by the advanced teams work. Well, the writing is what, I mean, calling people fashion. So federman isn't debating and the media is not telling you why. The media has a line under the inside collapse of the White House, they're not covering that. And they're trying to pump up a, look, Politico, I got some friends here, but they're left wing. And they're trying to pump a so called CNN White House divide to get people that dozen people who watch CNN to not watch it. The left is upset with CNN because they're becoming less lefty. Not really, they've let go three people, as far as I can tell, Jeff toobin, Brian stelter, and John harwood, and they're all hard, liberal, hard, almost lefties, and they're good, fine personality on TV. They do their jobs very well. But they're all lefties. And I'm a Republican. People know that. They're all Democrats. They won't admit it. But CNN is trying to clean up a check. So The White House is pushing back trying to work the story. That's not the story. The story is that they're having to work the story over the disaster of the red setting speech. Then there is truly one of the most outrageous and tragic stories I've ever read. I think it's unprecedented. Las Vegas review journal reporter Jeff German. Was murdered outside of his home. Last week, no one had any idea what this was. My suspicions were always to go back to the talk show host in Denver, who was murdered by a nut that he didn't know. So I would say, okay, somebody is just now. It's an elected official, a fellow named talent. The arrest of Robert tells us once an enormous relief in an outrage for the review journal newsroom. Tell us is in custody. A colleague appears to have been killed for reporting on an elected official, according to the executive editor of the paper Glenn cook. Journalists can't do the important work our communities require if they are afraid of presentation of facts can lead to violent retribution. We think Las Vegas police for the urgency in recognizing the terrible significance of Jeff's killing. Now hopefully the review journal, the German family and just many friends can begin the process of mourning and honoring a great man and a brave reporter. I don't believe it. By the way, the reporter was 69 years old. The killer was a 45 year old Democrat, and he's accused of various malfeasance. And I don't really care what they are. You know, kill a reporter 'cause they're covering you with a bad story. My gosh, if that was the case, there'd be a trail of tears leading up to the Hugh Hewitt studios because lots of people are mean to me. And, you know, lots of people are mean to Joe Biden every day and lots of people mean to do in America. We do not kill journalists. That's a Putin move. And so it is both a national story, but it's so bizarre and outright. So I got so much to do. What am I going to do? I'm going to do the important stuff. I'm going to focus on Theresa May in Iran, because these are the stories that may absolutely impact your life for decades to come. Not Theresa May, I'm at Liz trust. How many times am I going to say Maggie Thatcher's bad? That's what happens. When you have three Tory prime ministers and they're all conservative and the only women who've ever held the office, yeah, that's going to happen..

John fetterman CNN Doctor Oz Biden White House Pennsylvania Apple America Chevron federman Robert Mueller Jeff toobin Brian stelter Trump DoJ Politico Joe Biden Senate Las Vegas review journal
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"So what this administration has done is they have surrendered one of the key economic tools that we have To stop the Russian army and to stop Putin But because they're so aligned with the American Marxist phony climate change movement Biden dare not do that The Democrats are not going to defend us They're not going to do it It's really quite unbelievable Now I wasn't going to do this but I am going to do this There's a man by the name of Alexander vindman You may have heard of him He was the colonel And by the way anybody wants to sue me Hillary Clinton Alexander vindman You know where I am It'll be the greatest mistake of your life I will conduct discovery I will get every text I will get every email I will personally depose you under penalty of perjury We will know all about you from your blood type how many hemorrhoids you ever had we will know every damn thing there is to know I've done this for way too long even before I've done radio So I don't respond well to bullies and threats In fact in fact I respond very angrily And that goes for Alexander vindman on CNN today And what does he do He attacks Trump This is Trump's fault But what does Meghan McCain do She takes out of context cherry picks what Trump is saying and attacks Trump The rhinos and their ilk The vindmans and their ilk are a disgrace This is at the view this isn't some phony impeachment hearing also Where this clown vim in is protected for no reason whatsoever From real scrutiny Trump's fault ladies and gentlemen As you must know Anyway so we have this man He's on the march We have MJ Lee CNN White House cars but I don't even know who these people are They just pop up all over the place They must just yank him out of journalism school Cut 9 go But a question that The White House is now grappling with is what purpose do these sanctions serve Because Don remember up until today The White House had said the sanctions are meant to be a deterrence We are not going to announce them until Russia has actually invaded Ukraine because the hope is that the threat of these sanctions would stop Russia from invading So for her That is an actual good analysis short and coherent Way over Don lemon's head I thought these sanctions were going to be crushing Isn't that what aren't you sick of Joe Biden lying all the time I just think a Joe Biden waving his finger in his fist and it turns out he's a coward and a buffoon God knows I am And everybody knows it This has been a failure His sanction the first tranche not your love when they talk like the first tranche of sanctions have been unleashed and if things get worse things are worse you idiots The first tranche is going to be serious They're not And nobody gives a crap Then we have ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield Do you remember oh she's a good one Radical left wing kook Remember her Trashing our country at the United Nations Birthing women all that crap We have like all the wrong people in these places Secretary of State Secretary of Defense president vice president all a bunch of kooks Speaker of the House her dentures falling out of her mouth today when she's speaking not literally but sure as hell looks like it Then you got Schumer davening there Nobody even knows what he's saying is over there in the corner So here's this Thomas Greenfield cut ten go Colleagues president Putin gave us the clearest indication of his intentions on Monday When he asked the world to travel back in time by more than a hundred years before the United Nations even existed to an Age of Empires I hear these people say that about our own country thought they mister Medusa Travel back to the founding of America When ants was going I was going to the indigenous peoples And I think Putin learned it from them I think Putin learned from the American marxists his own propaganda Go ahead That shit can recolonize its neighbors And that he will use force He will use force to make a farce of the United Nations The United States rejects that firmly This is 2022 We're not going back to an era of empires and colonies or to the USSR or the Soviet Union We're not that he is And we're not prepared to do a damn thing about it I asked a question On my opening monologue on Fox three Sundays ago that has been repeated since on the same network What will this administration do God forbid If those Russian tanks start to roll into Hungary or Poland what will they do And what will the mouthpieces on TV and radio in love with puke What will they say It's okay maybe we get some kind of signed agreement Maybe we'll even sign it in Munich You never know What will they say.

Alexander vindman Putin MJ Lee Trump CNN Russian army Joe Biden Meghan McCain White House Biden Hillary Clinton Linda Thomas Greenfield Russia Don lemon United Nations Thomas Greenfield Ukraine Don
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"Rachelle wolinsky by our most trusted physicians by dr anthony. Algae you shouldn't be having events like this. I was told. I was told by all the democratic higher ups. In fact barack obama fibs and he said he was going to cancel the party or at least wildly downgrade the size and scope of the party and then of course he just quietly re upped the party and then all this information started emerging. So you might think that at this point the media will be somewhat critical of this. I mean after all rock pretty important person. He's the former president of the united states. And we've been informed that former presidents of the united states not just important they are the most important people when donald trump puts out a statement on his email list. It immediately rockets around the internet. Because it's so damned important. When barack obama has a mask massless birthday party might assume that the media would be like well that's odd readiness worthy of coverage. Well you'd be wrong instead. You would have the cnn. White house correspondent saying it's different guys. It's different because these are the sophisticated people. you are a rube. Your person who has nine to five job who still has to go to work. You're not somebody who became president of the united states and then may just a boat load of money after having been president of united states by being a prominent politician. You go you have regular job and you need to go to work. But that's the problem you you're the problem you peasant you but barack obama's not a peasant and the people at his party's. They are not the peasants. The peasants have a very different standard than the than the lords and ladies and non specify an end and royalty of unspecified gender who attend bronco. Mom's birthday party. Here's the white house correspondent noting that this is a different thing when barack obama does then when you do it a party in your own home for kids birthday. That was bad but barack obama. He's turning sixty and let me just tell you that deserves big birthday party. Other people said you know this is really being overblown their quality. All the safety precautions people are going to sporting events that are bigger than this. This is going to be safe. This is a sophisticated vaccinated crowd. And and this is just about optics. It's not about safety by sophisticated and vaccinated what they mean. Sophisticated is code for very wealthy democrats. That's what sophisticated means in white house correspondent for cnn language. That's what that means. you know. This has a pretty predictable effect when all the elites in particular society decide that everybody is supposed to live one way and they are supposed to have another discreet. Wild institutional distrust but it also creates standard where politicians are incentivized to pursue some of the dumbest policies ever so when the media and the democratic establishment. Say over and over and over again that masking is going to be the solution to the pandemic when asking pretty obviously is not. Vaccination is the obvious solution to the pandemic and at this point the solution of the pandemic is let everybody live their own wife and then bear the consequences of their own decision. Making which means that. The government really has very little public policy role at this point at all but it has bled down to the american people. And this is why this is a story. Because barack obama and the rest of the democratic party and joe biden and dr anthony vouching and all the various members of the democratic establishment the lory lightfoot to the world who said you couldn't get a haircut but she needed her head on those very important thing or nancy pelosi. Who said that. You couldn't get a haircut mask but she definitely good or mayor. Muriel bowser who is who she she listens. She had a picture. Massless list with dave chapelle like while everybody else was masking up. Who's super duper important. You the regular people are supposed to change your life. Not just for now forever. And they've changed. What the standard is supposed to be forever. They've set up this incentive structure. And this is what pisses me off. You convinced a huge number of americans to believe in things that are not reality and not related to reality. You're scaring the hell out of people based on bad data. It's one thing to scare the hell out of the unvaccinated and say to them. You have a much higher chance of dying from nineteen than the vaccinated. That's true i mean. Let's be real about this. The the rate of death among young unvaccinated americans remains very low. I mean compared to any other diseases like smallpox or any global pandemic. the people have considered a mass grand total number of americans under the age of thirty or between twenty and thirty. Who have died in. The united states is still just a couple of thousand people. Think it's like two thousand five hundred twenty six hundred people according to the cdc as of last week but you do have a much better chance of dying if you're unvaccinated than if are vaccinated foreshore foreshore but they're not just restricting their crazy standards to the unvaccinated they're extending it to the vaccinated. They're basically saying you're supposed to be scared in perpetuity and you can see in school. You can see in the new polling statistics how this works out. So according to the washington post two thirds of americans now say that once cove it passes. They plans put on masks. And we're comfortable clothes more often than before according to washington post shar school poll that points to enduring cultural shifts. The public health crisis may bring about when it comes to crowded places. The nationwide survey finds that more than four. In tenuous adults tend to wear masks in such circumstances after the pandemic that includes more than half women compared with one in three men. So i will venture to say that this is bad because we are teaching americans. Is that living life in a normal way like seeing the faces of the people around you is either of no matter at all which i don't think is correct or to the you're just supposed to mitigate all risk to the most extreme extent humanly possible even if the data known support remember until last march if you ask anthony patchy whether you should ask for for example the flu if there should be mass masking the flu anthony voucher would have said no and i'd be curious to find out whether anthony vouchers changed his opinion. If anthony out she thinks during a normal flu season we shall mask up now whether this is now a broad base changed with regard to masking or whether it is covered specific. Whether if you have a cold where now encouraging everybody during cold and flu season to mask. And what exactly is the standard here because it seems like the standard has changed pretty wildly among us adults of all ages. Majorities expect that they're going to be outdoors more often which is very nice but it's the masking that really is kind of Is kind of fascinating. So apparently sixty seven percents of americans. Now say they plan to wear masks when they're sick..

barack obama united states Rachelle wolinsky dr anthony cnn dr anthony vouching lory lightfoot Muriel bowser donald trump Massless dave chapelle White house white house joe biden nancy pelosi democratic party washington post shar school smallpox flu
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"Expectations should be very very low. If you read the. Us media anything short of biden going in there and whacking putin over the head You know numerous times would be the us capitulating to the russians. And it's so insane. But i would say if this is how you want to start opening dialogue. This is about the right tone and you know what tells me that it's right. Dr paul is because both sides the media the republicans the democrats everyone literally pulling their hair out. That things went the way they did so. I think that that shows that it was about the right tone. Well there was. One episode was minor considering International affairs but it caught attention because there were so little so few fireworks going on and that was when one of the reporters was trying to get the president to respond a which happens like crazy. Trump loved it more. They shouted down the longer lassen and and he loved that type of thing but There was a reporter shouting off a question. As as biden was leading leaving and then biden was annoyed by the approach it You could almost say well. Maybe he didn't think it was very professional the way they they do that. Of course we do here all the time but but anyway he he he was what. The media's decided had to have something so they said that he very very sharp and you know even if i was anxious to paint him as just losing his control you know. I didn't think. I thought it was rather mild compared to what happens at at the trump press conferences. Both with trump and and the media. And but you know to me. The amazing thing was it was painted that that the president or they finally found You know enough. Support that That biden overstepped his bounds. He was rude to this reporter Reporters are never rude to a president. You know. I've never rude to to trump. And they said that Then they put the pressure and this is the part that i didn't like on this and that is trump overstepped his bounds and by. Golly he better apologize apologize. Say i would think in the whole thing. Everybody's anxious know the hawks. He can't appear. We can't appear weak but i consider this obsession with apologies. I believe in apologizing. You know if an apology is valuable. When it's spontaneous in quick you bump into somebody say. I'm sorry you know or you knock something now. Picking up about sorry. I did this and this. But that's not what policies are now. It's a political statement that you are Obedient to the status quo because otherwise you. You might get punished for this. You might get censored for this so that was and that in a scheme of things. That's pretty minor that whole thing but that turned out to be One moment that got reported around the world caitlyn collinses her name. And she's the cnn white house correspondent and shield Why are you so confident that putin will change his behavior And and i was almost cheering for biden. Because he was right. It's a stupid question. It shows the ignorance and arrogance of the media the press in the united states. What is what is biden. Is he some sort of a schoolmarm. Who's gonna wrap putin over his knuckles and say change your behavior it's so idiotic and biden turnaround said you know what the heck are you talking about. You know. and then she went on she was encouraged. Just went on this. Put on this next clip. We can see what she said just shows the idiocy here. She went on but given his past..

Trump caitlyn collinses paul putin One episode Golly united states Both both sides republicans biden trump democrats One moment russians one of the reporters fireworks white
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"Winner of the Viva Treachery A Friday Congress is Rick Says Ed. Should I read the email? Okay? I can't read the email. Okay, then. His name is Rick. That's all and I'll congratulations to Rick. We will get you the information's You can come in for your V I P. Aviva Trattoria in studio free lunch. They say there's no such thing as a free lunch. But here at the Great Curly Show there truly is. So we're talking the last segment about Fauci and MJ Lee. Yes, reporting the CNN White House correspondent, so After folks you came out and we played the calories like No, we had a roll out. It was good Baba Block. 20 hours ago. MJ Lee tweets Fauci Ah, hold over from the Trump Administration. How things change. Oh, now he's a holdover from the Trump Administration. Well, Jerry, what do I always tell you? Trump can make people heroes. And he can make people evil. And the whole reason is this if people think you're helping Donald Trump or his reputation or his legacy Guess what? You're canceled. You're done. Don't try to get another job, your docks. If people think you hate Donald Trump, you gotta really sell it if they think you hate him as much as the Brian Stelter is of the world. Then you will have a strange new respect. You will be decent. You'll be ushering in You will be an Avenger. Member when people didn't like the bushes. And now they're D Avengers. That's what Donald Trump could do for your reputation. You could be the worst guy in the world. George Bush was considered by a lot of these reporters to be the absolute worst, and now he goes to this inauguration, and he's an Avenger. Anything about just saying I was talking to a Democrat who just said this also, fellas, the Avengers. It's not like we're being rescued from this craziness that we've all lived in from the last four years. And now here the superheroes to come and save us all. Who else could do that for your reputation? Besides Donald Trump? The answer, of course, is no one. So Fauci goes from restoring trust. In the White House by being brought back into these press conferences to just minutes later, after he threw cold water on their idea that they had to start from scratch. He totally ruined that anonymous source. He was a trump hold over. It. It's really amazing and AG a spy Anthony Fauci and Jared. I say this all the time. It's like the The one thing that is really amplified through all these trump years is their lack of nuance. They have no subtlety anymore. That's what happens if you start talking about Hitler. On a daily basis. You're gonna lose your subtlety very quickly. We also have a new word that is coming into the It's coming back into fashion. Here. We had talked about reprogramming and all that stuff. Ben Rhodes is a new world will play them on the other side. It's ah It's detox. We're gonna play that clip. It's It's that they love these words will cleansing, cleansing and purging. De programming and re educating my forgetting any rehabilitating. We'll be back with Kristina Wong from Breitbart News. Don't go anywhere. This is the great curly show. Alexander Hamilton said. Those who stand for nothing will fall for anything thistles Toby from Cape Gun works When our founding Fathers drafted the Second Amendment, there was no question of its meaning. Today. If you have questions come to Cape Gun works for some advice, training or to send a few rounds down range..

Donald Trump Fauci Ah Trump Administration Rick Says Ed MJ Lee Rick Cape Gun Aviva Trattoria White House correspondent Kristina Wong George Bush Anthony Fauci CNN Brian Stelter Alexander Hamilton Jerry White House Breitbart News Ben Rhodes
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"W m I, A Washington comes to talk on fifth columnist with the Excellent Mary Walter. Good morning yesterday as we were consuming the day's news. We also had to consume all of the hysterical garbage coming out of the mouths of the media. It was so unbelievable it, you know, they continue to surprise me. The fan girling was out of control The press so excited for Joe Biden. I've never seen anybody This excited for 78 year old human, then the way the press treated Joe Biden yesterday, John Harwood is a CNN White House correspondent. He was tweeting Mean tweets about Trump and Nice tweets about Joe Biden. He said that Trump represents lies, ignorance, a morality, cruelty and corruption that Biden On the other hand, represents truth, knowledge, decency, empathy and public service. Just say, have ah sense of how John Harbaugh is going to cover the incoming administration. Everything he says, is the truth. And then he nods. Yes, of course. The truth. Remember John Harwood? Actually, the Republican Party was so dumb, they made him a debate moderator in 2015 for one of the primary debates. Mm hmm. And at that point, it was pretty obvious. We're Harwood's politics were but it didn't matter. They Shows him on. Got a lot of this yesterday. Mary, including a places like Fox. Chris Wallace, Do you hear him yesterday? Oh, may I just say I was making a mug of hot chocolate and I almost dropped it on the floor in the kitchen. I stopped all forward motion was because I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It was just dropping. Well, Wallace. First of all, he started the morning talking about what a great devout Catholic Joe Biden is a code word. Yeah. And in the same sentence, then he was like a dish. You know, I just found out today that Joe Biden is the second person to be second Catholic to ever become president of the United States and seeing a gun. Yes, Everybody knows that. How did you just discovered this? Isn't it your job to be like? I don't know knowledgeable about these things. Anyway. Here's Chris Wallace, right after just was just very quickly. This could be and probably will be the most pro family. Dumb thing you're going to hear all days. So just you're You've been warned. There's a lot of competition for that. I don't know if I get that far. But here's Chris Wallace yesterday. We must end this uncivil war and the way we could do it is if we show each other, a little tolerance and humility. Martha, I thought it was a great speech. I've been listening to these inaugural addresses since 1961 John F. Kennedy asked not. I thought this was the best inaugural address I ever heard. Obviously, a lot of this event today a lot of the president's speech. Was colored by the emotion of the fact that exactly two weeks ago 14 days ago, there was a mob of thugs of insurrectionists of domestic terrorists on the inaugural stand, and Joe Biden was saying that democracy prevailed. We was able to we were able to get through that, and he was talking about how we need to get through that in the future. If we're going to be a united country, he talked about white supremacy, domestic terror. Terrorism, right. The best inaugural address he's ever heard Mary Better. Then Kennedy and his voice wavered a little bit. I was riveted to the television because I thought he was going to cry his his boys. He was so moved. I seriously thought that he was going to break out in tears. And I just couldn't I actually felt myself getting dumber. I had to turn it off. It was sucking. It was like watching the yapping. Jens is on the view. That's how profoundly ridiculously stupid that was. I mean, there's a lot of competition a lot of great orders in American history of given powerful inaugural addresses, and it took go with Joe Biden. I mean, Jo Jo's a fine speech reader. He's okay. It wasn't soaring. It was fine. Uh, but here's here's a Fox is. Greg got felled, reacting in the afternoon, so when when they finally get to the five Here's Greg got Fells reaction, Not the one in amazing inauguration. I agree with Chris Wallace, the greatest inauguration I have ever seen in my entire life. And you know what? I'll even go further than Chris Wallace. It's the greatest inauguration I will ever see adversity. I don't even think I think we should have stopped the inaugurations. Stop the inaugural. This is it. I wanna cry can Well, I'm gonna cry again. There was some real moments there was from real moments in the media dcm just very quickly before you move on from Christmas. Exactly When do you think his contract started singing it? Great question. I don't know. I don't know, but he's definitely causing some trouble. That's for sure. He s o the way the press was treating Biden yesterday. Did you see NBC News had a couple people who got fist bumps with Joe Biden. So when Joe was walking into the White House right out in front in Lafayette Square, you had a little bit of rope lines. So you had reporters calling to him. Jo Jo. Sorry, President Biden. They were yelling. And among them was Mike Memoli of NBC News and al Broker of the Today Show and Joke and Vice. Sorry President Biden goes running over to both with fist bombs. He's all like super excited seeing their fist buffer with the president is like a great day..

President Biden Chris Wallace John Harwood president Jo Jo John F. Kennedy John Harbaugh Trump Mary Walter Joe Republican Party CNN Washington White House correspondent NBC News Mary United States Mary Better Lafayette Square
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"Great hair. You're listening to the best of the Buck Sexton show. Yesterday, the United States witnessed a medical miracle. The first doses of a covert vaccine were administered to frontline workers across the country. The president promised a safe and effective vaccine and record time and President Trump delivered earlier this year We heard from several news outlets and so called fact checks. President Trump would need quote a miracle to be right. That was an NBC news article. We were told, according to help line quote. A vaccine will still take more than a year to develop. U. S. A today warned us that quote despite medical researchers progress, the vaccine quote was more than a year away, and National Geographic even told us that achieving a vaccine within quote a year to 18 months would be absolutely unprecedented end quote. These reports deserve their own fact check false indeed. And we see once again how fact checking is Abused by lives. How fact checking isn't really about facts. It's just a way to try to add additional gravitas. To their opinions. And to use it to silence opinions. They don't like. Oh, we did a fact check and we're right and you're wrong. We fact check Trump, and here's what we found. How do you The stock market was going to be down 50% in six months. You can't fact check me on that. Hopefully, that doesn't happen by the way because nobody knows not possible of fact checking. So what they do is they call it a fact check. Then let's say experts disagree. That's not a fact. They conflict these things. They do this intentionally immediate did this. About the vaccine. And this yes. Certainly had some impact on the election. We had a lot of people who are being told all year you can expect that they'll be a vaccine because the media is telling you that Trump is lying and Trump's never going to get a vaccine and that's what they were saying. And then we turn around and say, Well, hold on a second. What would perception have been? What would people have been thinking was likely to happen by the end of the year in terms of the election. If they believe that a vaccine was on the way and would be here in December, as it is as this this is now the fact is that it is here Do do they feel any sense of remorse or any sense of embarrassment for getting this wrong? No, of course not. They did it for a reason. And unfortunately, the reason was to stop Trump from winning this election, so they view this probably as a big success. They got away with yet another live Russia. Collusion was alive, but did it work for the Democrats? Trump is trying to destroy the post office was alive But did it work? And now we have the vaccine coming this year. They said It would never happen. Who is right? Who was wrong? Gotta pay attention to this stuff. Gotta remember it too. Because these are the people who will turn around now. I mean, this is the same news media. That is going to say that we should all respect our journals and they're going to try this whole game of Oh, now now we can finally trust them. Now we can finally trust them. No, we actually cannot trust them. We cannot and it's because they've shown us who they are. Here's among the most preposterous and the most vain. Ignorant and worthless of the journos because he's just a journalist man, Jim. Jim Acosta. Just journalist. This guy managed to build a career around trump hatred. And then acts like He's honest and ethical as a journal. I mean, it's absurd. This is what he yells at the White House press secretary after she leaves the podium Like the sniveling little coward, he is play three. Really interesting turn of events in good for those who covered what was the story all along and not Russia disinformation to accuse others of disinformation. When you started every day, your nasty little it's it's like he's like a mean girl in high school. Isn't hypocritical for you to say this when you spread this information every day. This is this is CNN's White House correspondent, senior White House correspondent. We're supposed to take him seriously. Now. I don't know if anyone takes Don lemon seriously. But here he is talking about the White House Press Secretary 13. He's still pursuing on ongoing litigation at the moment. Did you know she also works for the girl by there's no the girl. Bye bye bye. That's all he's got. Fur That's that's how respectful they are of the White House press secretary. That's how respectful they are of the process. The sacred norms of our democracy. These journalists make a mockery of their profession on a regular basis, and they turn around. They expect the rest of us to give them Respect. They expect us to treat their pronouncements as though they don't come from a place of ignorance, Partisanship, bitterness, vanity Yeah. Those of the defining characteristics of the modern political media these days, That's what they actually show us day in and day out, so I think we should treat them as such. I have absolutely no desire. No plan. No willingness. You pretend that the journos are somehow going to get better in the next four years? I think we all know they're only going to get worse and they deserve to be held to account and that means substantial amounts. Of mockery and ridicule, because that's what really bothers them. Welcome to I heart radio communities, a public affairs special focusing on the biggest issues impacting you this week. Here's Ryan Gorman. Thanks for joining us here on I have radio communities..

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Trump pushes forward with executive action on economy despite legal questions

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Trump pushes forward with executive action on economy despite legal questions

"CNN White House correspondent Boris Sanchez Boris President Trump is defending the executive orders issued on pandemic relief even as the White House is struggling to explain them they're having trouble landing out for the American people. Yeah that's right. Jim The president also spinning these executive actions claiming that they do more to help struggling Americans than they actually do the president dodging criticism even from within his own party that these actions are unconstitutional and also ignoring previous statements that he's made about executive actions. Tonight president trump sparring with his own party taking aim at critics of his new executive actions tweeting that Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse is a Republican in name only saying he has quote gone rogue. Again, this foolishness plays right into the hands of the radical left Dem's SAS tearing into trump's decision to circumvent stimulus negotiations in Congress calling the move unconstitutional slap comparing the actions to President Obama's signing of executive orders after lawmakers could not reach consensus orders that trump himself frequently criticized. The country was in based on executive orders right now Obama goes around signing executive orders. It's a basic disaster you can't do it in theory is opposed to you know the old fashioned way get everybody into a room and get something that people agree on trump was not in the room getting lawmakers together instead spending the weekend at his Golf Club in New Jersey as questions linger over whether the actions will survive legal challenges, members of the administration struggled to even explain them. Twelve, hundred dollars. Are you talking about in addition to unemployment that they're already getting nervous having. that. I. Beg. Your pardon the twelve hundred dollars will come from the payroll tax. It should be eight, Hundred Bucks I beg your pardon it should be eight hundred bucks for the unemployment eight, hundred or four hundred. No should before it should be eight hundred dollars. But White House Chief of Staff Morton Meadows appears more concerned with public comments from the administration's health experts. The Washington Post. Reporting Meadows has admonished Dr. Anthony Fauci for sounding out of sync with trump according to the post. Meadows has also excluded health experts for morning meetings with staff privately sharing skepticism about Dr and Dr Deborah burks questioning their expertise and regularly raising issues on which she thinks they've been

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Phyllis George, pioneering sportscaster and former Miss America, has died

KHOW Marketplace

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Phyllis George, pioneering sportscaster and former Miss America, has died

"Phyllis George the former Miss America who became a female sportscasting pioneer has died at the age of seventy A. B. C.'s Thailand has her story she was Miss America in nineteen seventy one four years later Phyllis George joined Brett Musburger an irv cross on the NFL today show despite as she wrote in a two thousand two memoir it was a man's job and a good knowledge she knew nothing about the industry they must be the most resilient came in all of pro sports I think that's the best way you can put it you remember back in the fifty six year old who hosted the entertainment show people and co anchored the CBS morning news her daughter Pavel Ashley brown is a CNN White House correspondent Phyllis George will be remembered as a pioneer who inspired other women to become sportscasters as well as a respected

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Sports Broadcasting Pioneer Phyllis George Dies At 70

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Sports Broadcasting Pioneer Phyllis George Dies At 70

"Phyllis George the former Miss America who became a female sportscasting pioneer has died at seventy she was Miss America in nineteen seventy one four years later Phyllis George joined Brett Musburger owner of cross on the NFL today show despite as she wrote in a two thousand two memoir it was a man's job and a good knowledge she knew nothing about the industry they must be the most resilient came in all of pro sports I think that's the best way you can put it you remember back in the fifty six year old who hosted the entertainment show people and co anchored the CBS morning news her daughter Pavel Ashley brown is a CNN White House correspondent Phyllis George will be remembered as a pioneer who inspired other women to become sportscasters as well as a respected

Miss America Phyllis George NFL Pavel Ashley Brown White House Correspondent Brett Musburger CBS CNN
Pioneering sportscaster Phyllis George dies

Pro-Tech A/C and Heating's Around the House

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Pioneering sportscaster Phyllis George dies

"A pioneering sportscasters died at the age of seventy A. B. C.'s Todd and has more on the life of Phyllis George she was Miss America in nineteen seventy one four years later Phyllis George joined Brett Musburger owner of cross on the NFL today show despite as she wrote in a two thousand two memoir it was a manager job and a good knowledge she knew nothing about the industry they must be the most resilient team in all of pro sports I think that's the best way you can put it you remember back in the fifties she also hosted the entertainment show people and co anchor the CBS morning news her daughter Pavel Ashley brown is a CNN White House correspondent Phyllis George will be remembered as a pioneer who inspired other women to become sportscasters as well as a respected unitarians

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Trump And the Whitehouse Is Beeping nutsville

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Trump And the Whitehouse Is Beeping nutsville

"The politico founding editor use the F. word to describe trump and Washington DC they called it. what was that. Dana Carvey was it Dana Carvey mostly not confronts or something it's I have to watch myself here beat but not Seville big because in the in the headline it's the politico magazine headline story about impeachment proceedings against president Donald Trump just another day and be nuts ville afterward not so and piece by political founding editor John F. Harris is through the Washington post Harris of the post you know. your loving on the campaign trail but he was terrace of the post and not anyone over to politico to create his own independent corrupt Democrat party front groups posing as a newspaper and and that's like that's okay that's all right you know I won't mention his wife and daughter in this because I'm a much to polite for all of that that I love these headlines CNN White House restricted access to trump's calls with Putin and Saudi crown prince do you think that Obama restricted access to the phone calls that he made with foreign leaders ward where they just out on the front doorstep there they are like home delivery in Washington the transcripts of Obama's just start making the transcripts public just start making a public because I want to see the Democrats on the news media but I repeat myself respond to all bombers transcripts with foreign leaders being made public what you guys said you wanted transcripts of the president's calls with foreign leaders made public not that president they would say. yeah how dare but now we got the people on MSNBC responding to president trump's wait. where he's quoting again. pastor Robert Jeffress and Robert Jeffries expressing concern that if the Democrats go through an impeachment over something they read in the paper not high crimes and misdemeanors but all all jammed up stuff and again Adam Schiff is just making things up he's he's saying things that aren't true to his friends in the media likes no fluff against himself and they just sit there and not knowing that it's not true but they don't correct them because they're very very corrupt because like Stephanopoulos is a Democrat party apparatchiks you can Adam Schiff tweeted trump is withholding vital military aid to Ukraine while his personal lawyers seeks help from the Ukrainian government to investigate his political opponents now I mean again Hillary Clinton's campaign got help from putting himself for her political campaign to smear Donald Trump but never mind never mind all that and Jeff is going around saying that the president was coerced saying are trying to convince the president Ukraine to gin up that is to fabricate things on on but none of that is true but if you watch MSNBC for your news which one of our callers earlier today Robert clearly does this is what you get from morning joke the pigeon sisters the circle fast at the lucite block and this is something again maker that Republicans have a responsibility as do all Americans. the president is warning of civil war warning us who is actually calling for political opponents to be arrested for treason of course last week suggesting that that should carry the death penalty so calling for the death of of a political opponents because he doesn't like how they conducted themselves. in hearings last week now I I did no sense of irony it was William weld on this very show with these very hosts just last week who called for president trump to be executed for treason talk about pressure in a foreign country to interfere with and control a U. S. selection it couldn't be clearer and that's not just undermining democratic institutions that is treason treason pure and simple and the penalty for treason under the US code his death that's the only the only. laceration his removal from office. look like a pretty good alternative to you know that that is what I got a plea deal on the not only on that network but on that show one week earlier no sense of irony no memory for anything they have news timers it's like men in black they wipe their memories clear every day and start over again with the Democrat party issued talking points every morning it was just last week on that very show on that channel where they were calling for the execution of the prep not present hasn't called for the execution of anybody but on that very show that called for the execution of the present a week ago and now I just like LSD Alzheimer's brain damage half a brain just amazing amazing stuff and that passes for journalism in America and that's why pastor Jeffries made the reference to very gingerly Hey a civil war like. fracture in the nation. right and then they go he's calling for his opponents to be executed what we're what you're you're very very severely brain damaged Joe Scarborough.

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