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"cle  program" Discussed on Andrew Hackett's Illimitable Living

Andrew Hackett's Illimitable Living

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"cle program" Discussed on Andrew Hackett's Illimitable Living

"To change your life in your time in your way following your purpose in life then we jumped to the high value stuff now. This is the super high value stuff in this. To to real cle- programs that are run. At the moment. I have what I refer to is my mental sheep forum. He used to be called the Group coaching program so my mental sheep forum is ultimately speaking. It's a ten week set program. It's all delivered online through webinars and you and as many other people who want to be on that approach can jump on board and you jump on board and it's like a one on one coaching program but it's condensed into a set program and our work with each of you but in a group format. It's a highly successful program that he's getting some absolutely great results and I'm looking at kicking off the next one in the new year or soon after the a year but I wanNA make sure I get the numbers right so that each region has the has enough people doing to want to make it valuable to you so you can meet like minded people in work in those was sort of group is format. But I also don't want you have to do it across time zones so I have A. We'll have a European formatted one. I'll have an American format and one and also have an an Australian formatted one. And that way you WanNa pay meeting threat your region as well but not getting up in the middle of the night to attend these goals because it's really important you're on the calls even though they recorded and the replays they if you do miss it but it's a great program and we also do the homework and Q.. And I and I've got an exclusive of you for that as well that group coaching program for my podcast listeners. I'm going to offer you a rolling rolling start now. What that means is for those win you pie and commit to that group? Coaching Program The the actual beginning of the program might not be for another four to six to eight ten weeks with those that. Come through my podcast. I listen to this podcast. They want to engage with this program. I will give you a rolling stone. What that means? Is You pay for the program and you get the ten weeks program like everybody does but I will also give give you exclusive one on one coaching with you. From the point of which you pay to the point of which the next program starts now that could be four weeks of of free. Coaching Nickleby. Six eight weeks ten weeks a free coaching the quickey. You jump on board the bit of value. You're GonNa get through that online coaching at the moment the next one's con on his scheduled to start somewhere in every maybe even as light as much depending on how the numbers guy because I want to make sure we get the right numbers involved and if you jump on now breath you can in fact actually get all of these one on one coaching. And we can get right down and dirty in to you and how you operate so that when you jump on that ten weeks structured pictured program you've been understand yourself and you can apply it in a lump it or away so but if you only into these podcast after that point after that February march point point. That's fine because I repeat this group. Coaching program sort of every quarter. So again you can buy early if the program has already started and you will get effectively three months with free coaching for that one law group coaching price. If you want to know more about group coaching and you want to talk about the prisoner analyst often Abba chat with made. That is not a problem. Just send me an email to Andrew Hackett. Sorry send me an email to Andrew at Andrew Hacker dot com to you again. That's Andrew at Andrew Hacker Dot Com to the and I'll set up talk to talk to you about the program. Run you through the day tells. I'll send you some information so you've got it all their available to you. So that's the Mentorship Forum Group Coaching Program. The other one is the really high value. But it's more growth acceleration and that's my one on one coaching program. Or I run my one on one coaching program in quarterly period. So every three months and we can effectively started anytime. It's just we do it in a three month format and the reason campaigns. You know some coaching programs asks you to commit to an entire year to commit to an entire you. That's an enormous costs for a lot of people you know that can be somewhere upwards of about thirty to fifty thousand dollars. My one on one. Coaching program is done in these quarters. And it's usually about seven and a half thousand goals at the moment because we've had a whole bunch of people roll off from the two thousand thousand nine hundred program so the twenty twenty program is ready to get started off. Stood about two or three spices left but if you are interested in one on one coaching. That's absolutely default. I'm not gonNA charge you the seven and a half thousand dollars per quarter I will. Because you're my podcast listeners. Because I'm trying to provide value to. I will lock that infra. Six thousand dollars those per quarter for you now you can do a quarter and then have a break if you want or you can roll from one quarter to the next. It's completely up to you. But that way you know that you'll guaranteed to give value value all the time because I want to keep engaging with you because I want to take you. Further and further and further and further. Because that's when real results really start to happen so if you you know the group. Coaching being programmed mentorship for him is about reducing cost the people but just providing the maximum value and connecting people the growth acceleration exclusive. One on one personal coaching is about is all about acceleration. It's all about getting you way. You need to be the most effective and most efficient way as we possibly can. It is a personal personal tailored program. It's walked through the sign four Fields the same full processes as the mentorship. The ship form does the discovery awakening connection creation. But we do it in an accelerated wine depending on how quickly you get through depending on how quickly you apply yourself all depends depends on how quickly you move through that in progress through it is an accelerated targeted program for you and you alone and I also eat can be targeted towards business or can be targeted towards personal. That's completely up to you because everybody starts in a different place everybody's going in a different direction so some people start off in the personal price and then we start to develop a business idea an approach based around the purpose in life and I hope them implement that business with twenty five years business management consulting experience. This is where real it really starts to happen and released us to just take off to be quite honest with you. It's at that point every single year. We look back and we just go. Oh my God. I can't believe leave how much we've achieved this year because it's all about having someone who has the right approach has the raw processes and everything implies and can repeat it in others. The people that get who do my one on one group of one on one exclusive coaching. I give them access to my academy so they have access is to all of my material as well. That's provided free of charge. They have access to message me between Kohl's and all that sort of stuff we have a weekly calls that can always message me and connect with me and asked me questions. Because I'd rather have a quick five minute messenger conversation with you and keep your momentum going then having you stolen all in white to the next week cold and stuff thing so and again. I'm knocking that twenty. Percents off for you. My podcast listeners. Now where do you take me up on this month next month. Whatever it it doesn't matter to me I'm GonNa Knock Twenty five percent of the price for you because I want you to move forward as quickly as possible? I want you to take that late now and this is a bit something exciting i WanNa talk to you about. What's next in twenty twenty? I WanNa talk to you about where this is all going and this is the first place it's going to be heard so twenty twenty. What's going on in two thousand twenty? Well there's a lot of big things going on in twenty twenty I I need to talk about Vance in twenty twenty I am I aiming to launch my five stop European to why why. I'm hoping at this stage that five European to take me through the likes of Spain the UK up sort of Germany. Netherlands way Italy Italy Greece also looking at adding South Africa that as well and so that five stop to his all about in connecting with you guys and they'll be evening masterclasses as well as weekend to die events and the two advantage where it all happens is where it all comes together and we having absolute blast. I'm also looking a little bit further into the future. A for a three month American tour as well on looking to come in touring America. I WANNA do a bad at twenty six. Stop Up to a across America so that I can connect with all my beautiful people over there and really get them moving forward to as well and that the idea of that as well as to doing masterclasses as well as we can defense and everything like that as well the other thing. I'm really going to move forward with in two thousand and twenty S. I'M GONNA sit up some traits. Now they're going to be two types of trait models. There's going to be what I refer to as the the group intensive retreats they're going to be small groups. They usually usually going to be a five to six people. Some of them may be either on luxury resorts where we relax into. What's going on we connect and we work through program over a period of it really sort of four five days? We have a lot of time for some fun activities. We connect with each other. We try to get away to some pretty beautiful locations around the world world. I'm going to try and run a couple of those traits. And if you're interested in having look at some of those retreats and some of the details of that against him email to Andrew at Andrew Hacker don't come Donahue Andrew at Andrew Hacker Dot com the other type of retreat that I'm going to launch this coming year is what I'm GONNA call is my personal pilgrimage. Retraite this is very very exclusive retreat. It's about a week long. It's a sixty seven day retreat and there is going to be again two models. There is going to be a I. You know a seat down. Relax work through.

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