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"c.  r. c." Discussed on WIBC 93.1FM


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"c. r. c." Discussed on WIBC 93.1FM

"Do you regret these comments? I don't Now. I will admit to you that I don't have the rest of her answer. Don't have that that audio and if you can get it for me, that's great. I just in my the first quick sources that I check in the morning I wasn't able to find it. So maybe there's more to that answer that brings context. But yeah, you don't regret it. So why did you backpedal on backtrack from it for For what? For what reason was that done? If you think that the United States is a terrorist organization, there's something wrong with you. You don't understand history and understand facts and understand decency. What you value is ugly stuff. Yet she continues to speak, and Indiana says nothing. The Indiana Democrats say nothing. They're fine with her bigotry and the Indiana Jewish communities. To the extent that there is one says nothing. Says nothing. The only person who I have seen speak out loud on this subject. Is my rabbi. Ben Sandra Oh, writing at at town hall dot com. The world is upside down. Talking about the coverage between Israel, uh, the media coverage regarding Israel and Hamas. He's quoting Lee. Mr Rob The laws inside out, the world is upside down. I have not have seen the rabbis of Indianapolis. Say word one. I If it's Mike Pence and refer you better believe they're going to have themselves an op Ed who and it's gonna get printed by the Indy star like you wouldn't believe How about something excoriating the bigotry of Ilhan Omar and the Association of Congressman Andre Carson, who approves of such things, or at least as they're said, by receded to lead also a bigot. And you hear nothing from the rabbis of Indianapolis. You don't hear anything from from from Jewish community in Indiana. Nothing. You did, thankfully, hear something from what's called the J. C. R C. The Jewish Community Relations Council of Indianapolis. I was actually proud of them getting that one right hammer in.

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