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"c w s" Discussed on WGR 550 Sports Radio

"See the barbecue? You know, e. I got this. I got it. I got it. And I found that if I went with my my boys The off color jokes stopped. So now I got cheap haircuts for the three of us quick, convenient and I didn't have to put up with the stuff that made me uncomfortable. And I thought like that This is great. And then at some point I realized I am supporting someone who I know is offensive and would be offensive to a great many people if they if he had an audience with them. And I'm using my kids is a shield. Yes. And so we we stopped. I stopped doing that. Finally I got I grew a kind. But at first like the first time I went, it's one of these things that you know, looking back, and I want to defend myself a little and say it just got worse and worse and worse. But then it stopped. When the kids went with me, and so then we kept going little while but eventually I just decided, like this is a horrible idea. I don't wanna do this anymore. So like you're giving me this credit for being principal, then, like I, you know I am. I am And you grew a conscience and I'm still I'm young. I'm younger than you are. There's still time for me with one business interaction of mine. I mean, I did eventually stop going. I mean, but it took a while, because convenience and cheap trumped the stuff that was offensive for awhile for me. I'm not proud of that. And then I used my kids to keep it away from me so I could keep going. What do you figured it out? You got to where you needed to be? Yes. Eventually, I did get to where I needed to be. Yeah. There it is. You see about this tackle for the Broncos, Juwan James. Today. So the report is that he Tauron Achilles. Which is the year you know, usually And he did so. Away from the team facility. He was working out somewhere. Not that wasn't the Broncos. Facility. And so Adam Schefter says that that might mean that the Broncos convey void The contract. Off one. Yeah, Tough one. Yeah, right. So s so you know. He could have been riding a dirt bike. They don't know because he wasn't in their facility. Right? Well, it's just working out, but I don't know what exactly he was doing. Off one, but but that could be a cover story, right? I mean, if you're gonna if you trusted the guy, you wouldn't terminate the contract. So there's some I would think their skin some question of the organization's mind or this is just the guy they want to get out from under. You know, Otherwise you wouldn't do anything I don't think but yeah, I don't know. I don't exactly know. He's a known player like I've heard of them to one James. They sent him to a four year $51 million deal last year and only played three games due to a knee injury. So if he just tore his Achilles I mean, that's a tough thing to do to someone. But if they wanted out and feel like this is an opportunity to do it, even if he was just You know, doing squats like in his home gym. Maybe they tried to do it tough business. I think there's a chance that the organization found out that he tore his Achilles working out off site and there might have been fist fist pumps. That bumps pumps? Yes, going in and out of this contract. That's a tough one for the guy. The officer is The sabers. Have the Islanders tonight. Pre game coming up at six. Paul Hamilton will join us. Then here on W Gr Odyssey is your new home for all the audio that matters to you. Download the Odyssey app today to listen to W gr Sports Radio 5 50 brought to you by Geico Local Office West Seneca. Guess who's been slimed by Nickelodeon readers has all month long You can get your favorite read a street topped with slime Come slime. Your favorite treats it read us become quick. The slime will all be gone on. 31st go to be Does Caroline is on guys ready for Mother's Day actually know, this year is just kind of hard to do anything special to words. Dominion jewelers. They have beautiful bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other unique handcrafted jewelry already to be wrapped from other states, And now they're offering video consultations. Curbside pickup for free shipping. You don't even have to leave the house. Thanks, Caroline. There really has never been a more important time to tell her that I love her Dominions. Shoulders. We make it beautiful. You make it yours by appointment. Only Ginny go worldwide Support. C W S is.

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