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UFC 251: Kamaru Usman vs. Jorge Masvidal

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05:34 min | 2 years ago

UFC 251: Kamaru Usman vs. Jorge Masvidal

"Island becomes a reality. Well, I guess it's already a reality. But there will actually be fights there, and it's actually Gosh! Maybe one of the best certainly form in my opinion, the best card they've had since they've come back the UFC But really good card. A lot of big names. And then, of course, the main event of the evening is a fight that Probably should have been on the card anyway. What We ended up plucking out, I suppose. With Moscow it all being put in against Guzman. So I wantto talk a little UFC 2 51 Maybe Look at some of these potential wagers and get Ah Someone who used to frequent this show. It needs to come on on Maura, and that's on me. Scott Kanevsky joins me now, Scott. Good to catch up, man. How are you? I feel like a first time long time been awhile. It has been a long time. And how are you? How's the family? How's everything going doing well, and I appreciate you having me on thinking about me and things were going well, and things are only gonna get better tomorrow night. Yeah, absolutely. Did you laugh at Dana White when he said when he first brought up Fight Island? Yes. And no. Because you know you crazy enough that he was probably speaking the truth. You figured, you know, maybe he has something going and he's crazy enough and has the money the backing toe pull something off like that, And sure enough, here we are. I mentioned at the beginning How good this card in is and it's not just mustered all versus Guzman by it. Man. Did we luck out? Right? I mean, my you know, I feel bad for the dude who had to pull out and it doesn't get a fight Guzman tomorrow but as a card, it's so much better now that master dolls on it, don't you think? Agreed. Gilbert Burn, We'll get another shot at some point. I mean, hopefully next in line for whoever wins tomorrow night. But this is a fight Everybody wanted. You know, already. Mas Vidal inducement aren't exactly the best of friends. They've been talking for a while. They had that the altercation back in the states. It was Super Bowl on radio row. So this is something everyone's been wanting to see. And now with Byrnes Contracting Cove it we're going to get it on. I think that's just made a already really intriguing AA fight cars that much better. Now I got burned by Justin GHT because I was all in on Tony Ferguson in that fight like it's not gonna happen. It's not gonna happen twice, right? I mean hospital is not gonna win. This thing is he Okay. From a mm a standpoint, I have to say no. And I would agree with you. But if you're going to talk, betting going all in and you've seen what's happened over the last 24 36 hours. Money is just money and tickets are pouring in on Mas Vidal. He's he's gone from about a plus 2 25 plus 35 to a plus 1 85 last I saw earlier today. I believe there would be MGM believe put out there that they're taken 81 ticket being booked for Mas Vidal. And you know, you know what they say. You gotta follow the money. So it just Somebody knows something, or is it just It's obviously not just big bets that are coming in on Mas Vidal, but there's no number of that's coming on him. And that just makes you wonder if someone I'll be just like you know where agree like you. It was all set up for Tony Tow. Go in there and handle him and take him to the ground and didn't but You know, maybe he'll learn from that. Now. What's what's mobs but all going to be able to do to be Guzman. That's the big question. You know, he's better on the feet, obviously, but you know who's going to try and take him down and out wrestling? So How? How does Ma's little battle that and managed to Ah, toe? Hold him off? I don't know. I think I'm right there with you. And I just looked at Fanduel and they have mustered all that plus 200 right now. So even though that's a little bit longer odds, then maybe MGM has that still down as you said Scott from 2 25 or something like that just a couple of days ago, and I guess oh, so let me ask you this if we do the betting thing I I have Guzman minus 2 45 or mosque it all plus 200 Or and then of course, you could get into it. Um, I took in my parlay. I took Guzman just straight up because I got enough other stuff in my parlay that I'm going to get pretty good odds out of it. But if you were laying down, Abed, would you would you do it smarter, Would you Dumas fit all Okay, so I would I would wait until about 15 to 30 minutes before fight and see where those odds are because of who's come down to, like, minus 200. I think you jump on him because they're getting more value for him. And firstly, I think he does come through with the wind, and he's just going to grind it out. But if that money starts about bounce backto mas Vidal, you know, I think, and you're looking to take a shot. You're willing, you know, maybe you had a good night on the earlier fight. Maybe maybe you going on and on and you take that shot. Just hope he comes with that flying me. He landed on aspirin

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