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"buzzer king darius" Discussed on Stories Podcast

"Character or seen we'll share it on our feed now. Here's a word from our sponsors. Thanks ENJOY THE EPISODE. Daniel in the lion's den once upon a time in ancient Babylon there was a wise king named Darius. He ruled his lands fairly doing his best to hear every problem and help every person be they rich or poor soon. King Darius realized that one man simply couldn't do the job alone. There were too many people that needed help too. Many issues spread all across. The Kingdom. Darius was overwhelmed but that's when he had the idea gather the wisest the smartest the most engaged people in the kingdom he proclaimed and bring them to me here in the palace. His messengers spread like ants in the spring crawling back and forth over the kingdom gathering up the best and brightest light crumbs. They brought them to the king and he formed them into a council of the wise. From among the council he picked the three wisest Daniel. Julia and Buzzer King Darius. Put them in charge making them. The three leaders of the wise from that day on King Darius relied on the leaders and their council to handle the day to day problems of the kingdom. They did a good job. And for the most part everyone was happy healthy and had plenty of food to fill their bellies. It was a pleasant time for the kingdom and its neighbors the people celebrated King Darius and alongside him. They celebrated Daniel the wisest of the three leaders. The two would look down from the king's window and the crowds would roar their approval. I don't see why Daniel gets all. The praise sniffed junior. One day we're leaders to. Oh Daniel you're so great oh Daniel we love. You sneered Buzzer. I'm so over it. These two were jealous of Daniel. Because as wise as they were he was wiser and as clever as they could be he was more clever. Still they complain to each other endlessly about how it wasn't fair that they should be overshadowed and Daniel celebrated of course they were overlooking the fact that not only was Daniel wise. He also kind a trait. The common people loved and Julia and desert both seemed to lack and as the days went by with the Kingdom happy and thankful their bitterness only got worse and worse finally. They decided that in order for them to be the best of the best they had to get rid of Daniel. He's too smart to trick. Said genia her nose crinkly and anger. We have to make the king get rid of him but King Darius loves him. Besser said he'll never kick Daniel out. Yes he will whisper. We just have to find a reason. Why the pair of leaders follow Daniel every day and night for the next week waiting for him to do something wrong. They followed him from the market and they followed him to the church. They followed him all over Babylon and never once. Did they see him do anything to get him in trouble? The only interesting thing he did was pray. Each night to his God the God of Israel. He'd wish for good health for the king and for the people and he would thank God for his high position in life. Thank you Lord. He'd Finish Amen. Giunea and Buzzer got together after their week of spying and realized they'd come up with nothing. Daniel was a good man and he didn't so much as literate candy wrapper or cross the street. Crooked that may have made more sensible people realized they were in the wrong but this pair were totally blind with jealousy. They wanted to be the king's favorite and they decided if they couldn't do it. Honestly they do it. This honestly. Part of the job of the council leaders was to bring new laws to King Darius. These were usually little things meant to help the farmers and craftsmen of the city and improve overall life. Junior and Buzzer saw an opportunity there and drafted a law in secret. Just the two of them that anyone who prayed to anyone other than King Darius had to be punished there was no escape. No excuses or exceptions and the punishment was terrible. Anyone caught would be dragged to the far end of the palace and thrown in the lion's den and the Lions were always very very hungry. Julia and Buzzer slipped their law in with a dozen other laws and distracted King Darius as he signed them of course he trusted the pair. Nearly as much as Daniel and didn't have a reason to be suspicious. It felt to the king like a perfectly normal morning the next day during the time when Daniel always prayed junior and buzzer sent the palace guards to his room. They found him praying to the god of Israel and breaking the new law. Daniel was locked in chains and dragged before the king. Daniel King Darius said astonished. What is he doing here? Daniel what are you doing here? Yeah I don't know my friend. Daniel said I suspect something is Amiss. Sir said GIUNEA. He broke your law. He prayed to the god of Israel and not to you. What craziness is the king snapped? He can pray to whomever he likes as long as he's good to the people of Babylon I'm happy to have him. I'm sorry Sir said Bizzare showing him the new law the king had signed. But you passed this law just yesterday my king. The king snatched the law and read it on his throne his space growing Paler. His is wider as he went. This can't be. He muttered as he went. I don't remember deciding this nor do i King Darius said Daniel. He realized what was happening but he seems strangely unconcerned showing me legal scholars. The king called and they were summoned together. They read the new law front to back and back to front and even upside down but no matter how they read it. It said the same thing I I'm sorry Daniel. The king said finally it's the law. I have to throw you in the lion's den. Yeah don't worry about it. Said Daniel Smiling. Even in his chains. I wouldn't have changed for some nonsense law. Even if I had known. Faith is important to me and the God of Israel won't let me be harmed because of it. The king nodded kindly. But he didn't see how the God of Israel would protect his dear friend from a pride of hungry. Lions junior and buzzer smiled at each other. They'd gotten away with it and now Daniel was going to be dinner and out of the picture now. They want the wisest of the wise and the people would cheer their names. It was perfect. The next morning Daniel was dragged in his chains to the far end of the palace. There set into the stone of the floor was the lion's den. I'm sorry Daniel King Darius said I don't want to do this but the law is the law. I can't give you special treatment. Daniels smiled and laid a hand on his friend's shoulder Dole. Worry my king. He said I have faith. And the God of Israel's knocking to let me get harmed. Wish I could believe you. The king said and then he gave the signal. Some guards cranked giant wheel and slowly. The iron cover of the lion's den lifted into the air underneath was giant. Sandy pit walled with stone and full of prowling roaring hungry. Lions junior and buzzer smiled at one. Another a secret sly smile. I can't watch King Darius said and he fled from the lion's den before Daniel could be thrown in all that night he couldn't sleep couldn't eat couldn't rest every time he closed his eyes. He saw his friend in the lion's den and they snapped open again. It was a long and miserable night full of long and miserable shadows the next morning as soon as the Sun Up. King Darius ran back to the far end of the palace the guards were already there and junior and buzzer still smiling smugly under the heavy iron lid. They could hear the lions contented purring. Sounds like they ate well. Besser whispered to Judea and they both laughed. Open the lion's den. The king said. I can't bear to wait any longer. The guards turned the wheel again and the Iron Lid rose slowly into the Air Daniel Daniel. The king called not daring to look Daniel. Did you survive unlikely whispered Julia Fat? Chance agreed buzzer. Then from deep in the lion's den. Good Morning Friends Call Daniel. My faith was rewarded. An Angel came and closed the lion's jaws so they couldn't bite me. It was awesome a miracle called the King Tears of happiness rolling freely down his cheeks. Get him out of there. A ladder was lowered and Daniel climbed out of the lion's den when he emerged. The king gave him a hug and apologized. I've struck down. That Law Darius said people can pray to whomever they'd like as long as they're good to each other. Why shrieked June more jealous of Daniel than ever? You're going to change the law. This is ridiculous. The lions like probably just weren't hungry. Yeah agreed buzzer. Look at this. He lay down on his stomach and stretched his hand into the pit wiggling his fingers see. They're just not hungry. But just as he said it. A lioness leaped into the air with a snarl buzzer screamed and jerks his hand back the jaws snapping shut inches below. Not Hungry said the king laughing you know last night. I thought a lot about where that strange law may have come from and I remembered you and of visiting the day before with a stack to sign. I wonder who it was. That wrote such a brutal punishment. The king turn to stare angrily at junior and Buzzer. I think you two should be gone by tomorrow or else. We'll try this whole lion's den thing just one more time. The pair looked at each other and then turned and ran from the palace. They kept running and running until they were out of the kingdom and no one ever saw them again back at the Lion Ston. The king turned to Daniel. I'm glad you made it through but I'm confused a little water. You confused about friend. Daniel asked as they walked to the throne room. The man's still had the same quiet confidence as always as though spending the night with the pride of hungry. Lions was just asleep over at his aunt's house. If the God of Israel is watching out for you why wouldn't he? Just keep you out of the lion's den. Why let you get thrown in at all? Daniel smiled his gentle smile. My friend Mike King. Faith doesn't always keep you out of hard situations but faith does always bring you home safe home. Well said my friend said King Darius well said the king made Daniel the greatest of all his advisers and for many years they solve problems and made new laws to make lives better and throughout it. All everyone was always allowed to have faith and they could express it however they.

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