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"buxton garrett ham" Discussed on FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

"And I was on the road wires show this morning saying, you know, what I like that move a lot. And I don't think y'all either of y'all have your season like hinged upon it. I think a lot of people will say that. That's kinda easy thing to say. Well, your season depends on severing. No, it doesn't it could be a great windfall for you to get an ace for five months. But if he's just kinda solid for the five months or maybe even your time. And it's four months. I don't think that's a problem because you have to Graham Snell and Chapman out front as your three pitchers. Let's be honest. Even if he misses the entire season, it's Leah. It's not going to be the reason I lose. This league because with Hurrell and snow into Graham at the top. I have a ton of starting pitching already. What Luis Severino is again on the overall at this point because got the top two if he comes in. He's five months of Luis Severino. Then I'm giving myself a potential chance to win the overall prize, which is what you wanna do in a league like this. I think I can survive without him in my league it just in general. I think I've got a legitimate shot to win my league. No prob. You know, obviously, there's other really great players in this league and some other really great teams. But I think I put together a team that should compete for the league this bet. And then the one of the bets later is a bet on if these guys come back, then I've got three guys who would have been top ten starting pitchers going into the draft. Add Severino been healthy on my roster. Your next Quinn tent quintet has a lot of overall work to to that that could really strike big. When you go Byron Buxton Garrett Hamson, Austin meadows, Danny Janssen, Jimmy Nelson. That's that's a nice little five pack there. I don't think the eleventh round for Buxton's to agree. Just even I'm not a huge Buxton guy looking at how agonized agonized over Byron Buxton who'd you consider with him. Well, I got to the end of the tenth around. We took the break. I looked at my team. And I go the only guys who are going to steal anything for me on this team or Rubio door and Tommy fan. Yeah. Standard ideal. Nothing cruises stealing anything does not stealing anything. So I looked around in a lot of the big stolen base guys had gone. And so I was debating between Buxton Garrett ham. In and then Billy Hamilton gross in. I just I really debated. I talked to you talked to a number of other guys, I think like four my friends fancy benefit staff members watching in everybody recommended me, go a different direction, and I ended up going with your recommendation, which was boxed in the right way. I think I did especially because Hamson ends up falling to me in the next round. Exactly. That makes it so much that you were considering him in that eleven town and you got him in the twelfth. Anyway, you know, Buxton if he'd just just do what you did in seventeen sixteen homers twenty nine steals. Fifty three fourteen four thirteen line on a great line. But if you can just get those numbers that can be massive now Ryan McMahon's having a great spring as is Garrett Hamson, they're both. They're both fighting it out and Hamson had a little little Nick there. But I think he's bass. He news ID there was a report in during that draft that he was playing that day in left field. So that's one of the reasons I was more comfortable taking him as opposed to taking Hamilton Hamilton. I know you like pretty much pencil in like, forty stolen bases. I didn't wanna ruin the average base that I had gotten in dollars zero. Why I mean that doesn't bother me because I mean, I had you know, Cruz and of auto and instant and already for me was a matter of I didn't wanna spoil already had a guy in door who could it to fifty adore could hit two twenty for sure. And while I'm hoping to spike the two fifty. It's unlike a lot of in Buxton as well like, you know, you just don't you don't wanna crater your average in a league like this because you can't punt..

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