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"butte county lake oroville" Discussed on NewsRadio KFBK

"Smoke. Governor Newsome says organizers of a Christian concert held a state capital over the weekend should have lead by example. Kate McKay's Marshall Benson reports. Despite drawing a crowd of thousands, Newsom says that very few in attendance wore masks or practice safe, physical distancing. The organizers of the lettuce worship rally were granted a permit by the California Highway Patrol. But under the pretense of following Cove in 19 health and safety guidelines, the crowd size was estimated to be between three and 12,000 people. The CH PS website says maintaining physical distance of 6 Ft from others outside of one's immediate household is described his mandatory at events on the Capitol grounds. Marshall Benson, He's 93 0.1 KFBK. The Los Angeles Clippers are moving out of L A, but they're not going far just across town to Inglewood KFBK correspondent Daniel Martin Dale has more On Tuesday. The city of Inglewood give the project its final approval and construction display did to start next summer. Owner Steve Ballmer's also buying the publicly owned land that the building will stand on for more than $66 million. The arena will see 18,000 people and include a team practice facility and corporate offices, All on site. It's scheduled to open in 2024 Daniel Martin Dale, NBC News radio. And the Oscar goes to more diversity. Kate because Mark Mayfield explains, the academy says change starts now it just added new rules for the best picture category. Starting in 2024 movies will need to meet two out of four inclusion standards to be eligible. It's to encourage fair representation on and offscreen addressing gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity and disability. Next year's Oscars have been pushed back to April due to the pandemic. Mark Mayfield News 93.1 KFBK and we're just watching now on screen and seeing some huge flames going up in Butte County around the lake Orville area live pictures of being fed Ian from Casey Aria. We're watching at this very moment in our studio. These air pretty significant flames that are now building in the Butte County Lake Oroville region. We talked about the evacuation that have been taking place. Mike Barker has been reporting for us this morning in Munich County. They are nowhere near getting a handle on this. It is very clear right now. Right? Right. So we, you know, hope that no one is trapped there because the flames air is pretty intense. So we will keep an eye on this. And of course, if there are any evacuations to report Or any news coming out of that area will certainly get that to you. 6 35 time here. The top national stories. Firefighters up and down the West Coast or battling hundreds of wildfires that I've been fueled by extreme heat and strong winds. Most of the people in Medford, Oregon, had to be evacuated overnight. It's flames moved in big evacuations. Rochester, New York, put chief of police has resigned amid nightly protests over the police involved. Arrest and death of Daniel proved back in March. All of the department's top commanders. Also stepping aside ABC. Trevor Ault is there. Protesters here in Rochester have been calling for the police chief to resign. But the sweeping step down certainly came as a shock to the mayor, breaking the news to City Council over.

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