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"butcher magwar" Discussed on On Being with Krista Tippett

"We cut that out this one. Maybe i'll decide later. And he showed up and he saw me in this wonderful band of musicians from america and He just didn't look happy at all. he he looked at me said john. Goran her warren boone. Et t. hoods will americans and chinese cannot simply cannot play music together. Two different and i looked at him. And i was like. Oh okay Would you just play for us then. funding gay woman teeny sherry. Go an eat me. She wandered drago gershon and he pulled out his our who started playing this breathtakingly gorgeous melody from tibet. Actually and And the band as we were listening we just started to tune up our instruments to match his tuning in. We started playing along with him. And you can see this. It was barely there but you could see just corner of his mouth kinda turn up ever so slightly and that night. We performed that song that we created in that moment for fourteen hundred people in a theater in that town and at the end of the show he came up to me and and he so was Didn't want sean. We'll fauchet ally tonight. Discovered something butcher magwar aunt who doran boyhood so. It's not that americans in chinese can't play music together. Seen hushing hoods. It's just that music is actually the communication of hearts and that to me became whole. But that's not you get it. Ironically distant best interest and i have had parallel experiences back when i was in new grass revival in the eighties nine hundred eighty s. And.

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