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"buster anthony" Discussed on Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

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"buster anthony" Discussed on Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

"Well he has procedure in two thousand ten. That's eleven years ago and earlier this year. He was throwing harder than any starting pitcher in the history of baseball. And you wonder if you know that situation Is up behind. All of these stops and starts degrom talk very competently the other day about. How he's gonna feels like he's going to be able to pitch. Is we go down the stretch Take spoke very confidently early this year before he had repeated breakdowns. The mets are a very different team. Without taking degrom on it. I you know and it to me. The nationally east is wide open right now now. The great thing is is that their offense could get better francisco. Endure could return to that lineup. Hobby are biased. Has been tremendous sense. Joined the team neither the phillies of the braves or immortal clubs Clubs that are chasing them. But it's far from locked at the at the mets will win that division. He is buster only. He joins us on the goodyear hotline. Very quickly buster anthony. Rizzo has become the first yankee to have an rbi in his first. Six games with the franchise He's just been crushing it since making the move over there. What have you made of the yankees turnaround since the deadline. Yeah he well. He's totally energized and given everything that they've been looking for i think he's been reenergized by going to different place. I mean he was a classic change of scenery guy in jan for the life of me you know for the rest of my life Covering the sport. I will never understand. Why the red sox warns the team to make a deal for reasons. We would have been perfect for them. Yes that's what they needed and obviously he has a history with that organization as well would have been great art. He is buster only. He comes to us on the goodyear hotline brought to you by samsung galaxy. You won't be able to go back to mediocre after this. Are you ready for this life. Find out at samsung dot com slash reserve. Thanks buster. i mentioned it. Where where where. Where will aaron rodgers play in twenty twenty two and as someone from wisconsin. I feel like. I've got a little bit of insight into this. I've got your answer. Next cage jay on espn radio. He's bart scott. I'm jen ladder. Were holding it down for the guys. We've been asking.

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