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"burr taki" Discussed on Radio Free Flint

"You know reminding him about different stories. Come statistics on all the players and his head was just an encyclopedic record in baseball. His stories that he told which that the book that i had a shared with you before we started was full of wonderful stories going back into the eighteen hundreds and he seemed to tau those as if he lived them right but he all he knew he was born in nineteen eighteen. But he knew just about all great People in baseball connie mack. He knew ty cobb. I don't do well but he interviewed me introduced them a couple times to stadium. Crowds field. arocha actually went on to fight physical fight the osha grabbed them and they rustle around for a while. You don't think ernie as a fighter but he. He knew virtually everybody who was important in baseball throughout the twentieth century and that southern drawl at silky southern drawl of ernie's was was lure for my dad. That was an elixir for him. Zero for murder. I think you're onto something there are. I think that's true and you know what a lot of baseball man. Famous baseball announcers. At ben from south in fact ernie worked briefly early in his career with red barber. who was nationally. Famous voice of the brooklyn dodgers and and he had a southern drawl. I think people really like it wasn't like a thick cajun drawing. You had a hard time understanding. But he i liked the word. Silky jio's really had this comforting warm down-home voice but he had partnered up with george calvert period of time right who was the hall of fame baseball player Basement for the detroit tigers who also into incidentally was from arkansas. Swift in arkansas. Which is in the north northeast corner of arkansas not too far from paraguay jonesboro area which was one of the areas. If you put a heat map on. I guess where we find. A lot of southern auto migrants had come from. I mean we have right all sections of town in both of our cities that have monikers like burr taki and little missouri and so forth and and having that combination in the booth really gave it a you know an ice t afternoon sit on the porch and listen to ernie radically george keller's wire and he ended up in detroit. I don't know that there are especially close but In one thousand nine hundred ninety nine the nassir have been event. Patrick could you may or may not remember. is on channel four as well but he had a conflict with an advertiser. George kell suggested. Why don't you take a look at this guy or any har- want the time. Earning her was the voice. The baltimore orioles. And so one thing led to another ernie harwell came detroit starting with the nineteen sixties as an except for the the infamous interlude where he was fired for a couple of years by of wjr and The tigers boesch. Becker all that those those those horrible company years it was on the air until i believe two thousand two when he finally retired now as i remember they did the radio broadcast. Ernie wasn't a television. Guy is a television briefly. I think they alternated very early in the night sixties but mainly mainly ernie was he did television once in a while but mainly he didn't he was a radio play by play announcer..

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