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"burness bernice bob michel" Discussed on WTMJ 620

"Thirty six Jeff Wagner comes up after twelve noon of course Steve will be back on Monday the joint sitting in for him here on this Friday and when I get a chance to sit in for anybody in that matter make a little time for for the Florida where that state let's be honest never fails to give us any fail to give us anything but comedic stories the pandemic is melting down south Florida's economy as it is many economies of the rotary club of South Florida this week plan to give away over a thousand bags of groceries to the most impoverished neighborhood of Opelika a lack of Florida fun to say one of the city's largest serving churches mount he bore Baptist ministries also happens to do a weekly food giveaway okay what a good lot of food being given away what started out as a cooperative effort between the two groups ended police say with a seventy year old Opel aka pastor punched the rotary club president during a row of delivery of the food that was supposed to feed residents in one of my every day its poorest cities pastor Burness Bernice Bob Michel was jailed and charged with aggravated battery on an elderly person the victim a fully pay madrigal is also seventy and he's the president of the rotary club of derail since he was knocked out cold he says this guy is a real Blaine Cole we spoke about a pastor Mike you I've been doing this for many many years and I've never found somebody that came to perform aggression when I'm giving stuff to needy people the food giveaway still happen but Opelika city officials helped move the event to nearby to a nearby park they have hundreds of over a thousand bags of groceries were given away to residents who pulled up their cars and then you put the food in the trunk the rotary club had initially called.

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