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"burmese tummy" Discussed on Buddhist Society of Western Australia

"You're live and to find a way out of problems and difficulties and try to improve things because you know with the with with with the this is something that the Buddha mentioned in the Ceuta's that with the pass you know we say for example with the underlying unease the underlying difficulty of the the human condition that it either leads to display the human condition in the long term. Because this is not. We're not it's not like You know he's not a bit of roses you know. We're looking at a at a mix of both good and bad and neutral experience but But but in in essence that the the path you know the human condition will either can potentially lead to despair or it leads to a sense of search. Where you you try to find a way out to improve the the circumstances that urine And and Yes so you know to essentially to charter develop some rule Say like in happiness stability security Good Quality T- A better quality of life. You know people don't people the vast majority of the human race orientate towards happiness. Joy could relationships You know financial security material security Fantastic children if you've if you've gotten all the all the all these things that we spy to it Within the Human Rome you know this. What the vast majority of the population want but with all of us. Because you know you've got thousands and thousands hundreds of thousands of lifetimes comma behind you but be bidding essence here in a loose term. Say roughly about the last. You know essence like if you if you really want to be more specific like the last ten lifetimes will have probably a greater bearing of your life than than previous. Say Ninety if you're looking at last hundred lifetimes to last ten will have a significant impact on your current Raper so I mean every single one of us we have this responsibility it. It doesn't matter how smart you are. How simple you are you had situations in Thailand way. You had Croutons old you know. The the the old masters the old forest masters who who attained you know to the highest levels of the enlightenment stages the fourth level of enlightenment as our hunts you know some of these people male and female didn't even have a third or fourth grade primary school education and these people went on to be fully enlightened. Dama masters of Meditation and Dhamma and So so in essence a especially in Western society if these people who barely literate can do this thin and then the vast majority of the population if we really put our minds to it. We can do this as well. It's IT'S A it's a matter of. It's a matter of effort and and and and say like like wise consideration. You know you you know you've got the road map you know. You know exactly what you need to do. You know the direction you need to Move in and you essentially you put in In the work in The principle of this is something that the crew brought. John's really really stress is like Suttie. Mindfulness the development of mindfulness and wisdom in daily life. Which people if you look at all the major principles of of of them when you have mined from this shop mind from this and wisden guiding the path from start to finish those two factors those two factors in a nutshell they can. They can watch over and assists and make adjustments with all the other factors of the part because the primary two primary factors and they can watch over the whole development of the part in a major way. So you know even even if you're a person who's you know he just doesn't want to study to an incredible degree you interested in in you know you you try to keep the five precepts You to a little bit of meditation may be at least five minutes a day You know try to. You know to live a quality life that those two principles you keep those in mind on a regular basis and now it will take you a long way with the development of the path so I'll make a stop and then we'll start with a meditation. Practice will meditate for say. Say Fifteen minutes fifteen minutes and what would do a Do the The the Burmese the Burmese Tummy Tummy Meditation with you. You focus on the the abdomen and as as the as the abdomen rises in full you watched the sensations in the in the in the solar plexus obesity as the as the the the abdomen rises and falls. You just watch all those those feelings. Disincentive those sensations. And the reason why this is useful in the sense because when people are under stress and they get very emotionally charged or they start to lock up emotions in the body the people can really feel it in the in the or the the got soy especially in they chest the chest area say the whole chester is a very very broad focus. It takes a lot longer to get peaceful with that. But if you've got heavy heavy emotional stuff and you breathe in. Through the the into the chest of forty s from the throat to the belly button you can actually ventilate and you can shift very very strong difficult emotions from that area just through this kind of like a like an an a a pure awareness sensitivity and RELEA- and being aware of feeling sensation and releasing feeling and a vast majority of lock up emotions in the chest and the abdomen. But we'll focus on the abdomen this morning because it's a much more sharp precise on area of focus. At least you know so at least you can see some some say so. Just get yourself in a comfortable position with your try to keep your your Your legs crossed in your hands together. Your back straight you know. Make sure that you've got nothing tied around the throat. The risk the the waist. And so you can breathe fully fully into the chest and have the head upright and comfortable and just focus on that feeling so as you as you sit comfortably. Just relax the physical body to the best of your ability. Relax you especially shoulders around the shoulders. The neck and relax you know the the the knees and the pelvis and the Ankle's get yourself nice and comfy and just breathe in to the belly you know I want you to feel the billy feel all the feelings sensations in the belly section and with this you can help relax the whole physical body as well. So we'll do that for the next twenty minutes. Central Tool Hugh Through the session so as you breathe into the abdomen. Try to relax the BA- the belly as much as possible and relax the physical body as much as possible so as you breathe in to the belly. Section take long slow relaxed deep rates to maximize the dips or the meditation. So as you breathe into the abdomen just SOC- if you are aware of any Say tension or painful feelings or changes in temperature because this can actually have something to do with your partly energy with your Chee With the circulation of you or you know with your CEO. Your your emotional Makeup us will say you know as you know with the covered Nineteen or under Far More stress than we usually are In different ways. So you know this you may actually feel it. this This Extra stress that we're under at this time in the in the muscles and tendons ligaments in the The abdominal area. So as you develop some some real focus and Some stillness of mind if you have any Very strong emotions or any issues. Coming up now is the time to contemplate. The purpose of Samadi is for the development of wisdom not just for the forgetting peaceful and happy and joyful the high purposes wisdom as you this particular experience that you may have on wants you to try to understand it on emotional level you know what what is the quality of this feeling who is connected with you know the circumstances and why at what time and for how long and how it affects you you know sort of approach it from many many different angles. You know there's more than one way to skin a cat so you could approach a particular experience from maybe a dozen angles from maybe You know half a dozen no no trouble And try to develop this full knowledge. This full understanding of the of person of particular personal experience. Because when you do you have the ability. You have the you know. Because you have to teach yourself in impetus practice especially meditation You when when obstacles come up with problems and difficulties come up. You actually have to teach us because the mind in itself is is only has this this pure wariness at its most intrinsic level that the mind is not born wisdom. You actually have to teach yourself over the years over the lifetime to a free lifetimes before you break through so reflect on a particular experience explorer as deeply as you possibly can and And to see some significant results to see some real relaxation letting go Forgiveness compassion and whatnot You may have to do this. Probably several times a day and And try to develop these all round knowledge of Ovalles particular experience that you're going through so we come to the end of decision and a ring. The bill three times. And you can open your eyes when you're ready Ooh ooh okay. So thanks for joining us this morning and have a wonderful day..

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