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"burling michael flynn" Discussed on Opening Arguments

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"burling michael flynn" Discussed on Opening Arguments

"A for more information. Because people have got to know whether or not their president's across you're not aware of any contacts during the course of the election. How many times have to this question? Can you just rooms? I know you have to get up and ask a question. So and put Russia is a ruse. Okay. Well, the answer to the question, the, the absolute cliffhanger of a question posed in the pre show does firing your high-powered attorneys as you're still awaiting sentencing. Does that bode well or poorly poorly? Again, full disclaimer, Michael Flynn's lawyers at Covington Burling, not just I used to work for Covington, Berlin. But rob counter was in my class. It's we are I, I know him. Well Steve, Anthony is a long standing that's the number two there. He's a long standing of counsel someone for whom I have done work. Right. So, so I know these folks really, really, well, you didn't get comment or anything. Did you reach out text for common? I. I can start doing that. But I have a pretty good idea. What the answer is going to be, she just put in every show notes OA reached out for comment. But yeah, are for everybody just this that is assume that unless I say, otherwise, because I have reached out anyway. All All right. right. So this relates to this is volume two of the Muller report beginning at page one twenty one and and what happened in in. So that's the obstruction section Covington and Burling Michael Flynn's lawyers began cooperating with the Muller investigation in November of twenty seventeen. And as a result, Michael Flynn withdrew from a joint defense agreement that he had with the president. Yeah. Right. Joint defense agreement says, hey the lawyers for both sides can share documents and it's all covered by common privilege. And so, when said you know what I'm not sure I wanna be a part of that thing anymore because I am talking to prosecutors, and prosecutors are telling me as, as happening I've committed crimes..

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