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"burke ramsey ramsay" Discussed on True Crime Garage

"Reform. Steve Thomas's book. We have this from page fifteen. The telephone call gave us a cornerstone of evidence when he says us he means the boulder detectives working the case. Not so much for was easily heard but for what was found when experts washed out the background noise it has been my experience as a police officer that such emergency calls calls are virtually unchallengeable. They are tape recorded and either something was said or it is not right. Tapes can be so powerful awful. The prosecutors regularly play them so a jury can hear the actual voices and emotions of the participants in preliminary examinations and detectives thought they could hear some more words being spoken between the time. Patsy Ramsey said hurry. Hurry Hurry and when the call was terminated however the FBI in the US secret service could not lift anything from the background noise on the tape as a final effort several months later we contacted the electronic wizards at the Aerospace Corporation and Los Angeles and asked them to try to decipher the sounds behind the noise. He's their work. Produced a startling conclusion. Patsy apparently having trouble hanging up the telephone and before it rested in the cradle. She was heard heard to Moan. Help me Jesus helped me. Jesus her husband was her to bark. We're not talking to you and in the background was a young Sounding voice what did you find. According to Steve Thomas he says this young sounding voice was job as brother. Burke the ramseys would repeatedly tell us again meaning the detectives that their son did not wake up at any point throughout the night of the crime. He says as we knew differently. Yeah but there's there's so many problems with all this I mean. CBS Did an analysis on this to to eliminate all the background noises nearly impossible. So I don't care what kind of state of the art system you have It's that's just. Not How audio works there's distortions and and and things that are happening naturally because it's a phone phone call that you're not gonna be able to eliminate so and I again. I think it's one of these dumb points that okay. If you prove move that she saying he Jesus Jesus help me Jesus or whatever and then you hear in the background which I hear something then I also hear some other noise which they're claiming is John Ramsey and he's saying too then burke and when you watch the CBS special. I think they do a good job to go. Okay that's possible. There was also speculation for a couple years. After after that that she was saying What have I done? So there's there's been all these different accounts of what she's saying okay. Let's just say that you're saying what. CBS CBS is saying and and what what the detectives are saying is true and then they came to you and said that while Burke was coming up so we don't know what we know that Burke had to wake up at some point and we know that burke was a wake by the time the police got there. So what does it prove other than their miss remembering and there's plenty of detectives and plenty of law law enforcement and plenty of FBI agents. That have looked at this case. and Said you're just. Let's take a step back when patsy Ramsey says why check in on Jon Benet and then I went down the steps and then later changed to. I went down the steps all the note that I went to check on her. That could be in that moment of trauma if she has no involvement and her daughter going missing she might never remember which order happen. She is just telling you the best of her ability. What she thinks happened? So take that same scenario how burke wasn't up when I was on the nine one one call while maybe you're miss remembering may because of the trauma because of all the stuff going on in your head and in the House that Y- he wasn't up when you went to make the call he was up up when you hung up the phone will continue along on the time. Line as we go here but according to I witness reports Burke Ramsey Ramsay did not wake up until after police hood arrived on the scene. I want to jump back here captain before we get into this time line a little more because I want to really focus focus in on something that you said regarding that that tail end of the call what his been called into question and has been a debate of what what was said if something was said and what was really going on. I think there's good reason to debate that. I think there's good reason for people to question what they believe that they're hearing part of it is the reports that are out there depending on who you look at depends on what report you get on. What is if in fact anything at the tail end of that call right? I personally cannot hear. I hear something. I can't hear the words that later said I believe what I'm hearing is at least two different voices. But I wouldn't say but to get that my I wouldn't. I bet the title of my vehicle on that. I'm hearing three different voices. I think I hear three things going on but I don't know that for certain that I hear three different voices says so the way that this would work out is that patsy didn't hang up the phone all the way and then these words are spoken again. I find it interesting that we have so many different. Let's call him. Scientists for lack of better words right so many different scientist is coming out and saying. Oh we did this audio. We did that. The audio and this is what we hear all. We didn't hear anything. We can't clean it up. We did clean it up varying reports according to bustle dot com at least nine different agencies. Took a look at this regarding Steve Thomas I find him to be. I believe believe him to be is what I should say a reputable detective if he says this is what they found. I do put some weight to that where I won't go. All in on his statement is this has never been presented in the court of law and therefore therefore I have to go with his word but at the same time he saying that all these other different agencies couldn't find anything or couldn't decipher what was being said right and I like I said I think you could start saying that you you hear these these words and then you start hearing those words and if you take a different term then maybe start hearing that term and the audio is just not clear and there's just not the technology to clean it up to the point where it's definitive that there is another voice. I also again or at least to the point that that it's been played in that manner for the public right but I don't understand what that Gotcha moment would be that. If they actually moment I would believe that would be that burke was awake. That is a very. That's a very pivotal moment. In this case I leaving his but why would they lie about that. I'm not saying that I again what I have read from several several FBI agents when they say this Miss Remembering or switching up the order of which you did something might not be so nefarious. Oh yes it just simply might be be you have blocked that out that people. Sometimes when they see their their child dead for for the next couple of hours it's all a blur and that's very. It's a very good possibility in this case and so this the idea where people go. Bomb Burke wasn't up well at five fifty two. You check on him as possible that there's commotion He Comes Down Says Something you tell them to go to his room. Whatever and you miss remember and since misremembered then you double down on on this? 'cause we know that we know at some point they become a suspect and then it seems like they doubled down on a loss a lot of things and I'm just saying what does does it prove. I don't think proves anything other than the possibility that they are lying. And I would really call into question. What is actually going going on in that household? And what are they pretending to be doing or pretending is going on if they are in fact lying about burke being awake yeah but to me it would matter more if it was something where it's like we kinda here third voice saying hey did you find my sister. I killed her. You know something to the effect but a kid go on our to define this again. The only thing like you said which I I agree it very difficult. I find it very difficult that they would miss. Remember this I find it more so that it points out that they're lying when you have have sun something that indicates possible deception. You then have to call everything else into question. It doesn't make them look so credible going and forward the other issue that I take with this is then it calls into question. Well if in fact you are telling the truth and he slept through this whole thing. Why didn't you wake him up to ask him any questions? He possibly could have seen something or heard something or offered. Something of value for the investigation or to the parents who who at that point should be calling for help also should be looking for their daughter or searching the home again with the best technology. I think it's too difficult to clean up to save a certain. What is sad at.

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