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"burger mojo" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Well, we'll catch up with Mr. spader coming up in a couple of minutes. See how that projects going? It's gone, some buzz, some other outlets nationally, people are picking up on. It's obviously a incredible idea. So looking forward to talking with Ryan common up at seven thirty. Yeah. Well before I got in here today. Everybody was talking about Clemson went to go. Visit the White House. See the dinner Donald Trump laid out for him. Yep. Three hundred burgers McDonald's. Wendy's and Burger King. Burgers, nasal buffet fast, food, any Taco Bell Taco Bell. That's when I would have left. Interesting. No talk about I would have left immediately. Interesting. Ten get over the wall. There. I should say. Who is incredible. This whole thing. Played out perfect. As far as to say that right there the government shutdown, and there's no workers. There's no foods. We just goes out and gets three hundred hamburgers. Guaranteed and pay for it himself. He said he did he's any personally did it. Apparently, he has one of the top restaurants to right down the street in DC. That's running right now, perfectly fine. How many people told me? Let's just think about all the places that are right next door old Evans girl is right there. He could have gone old habits girl paid for all the state. Tell me about the F P senior staple not familiar around the White House, restaurant wise. Do there's DC tons. Yeah. There's so many good. There's so much good. You're saying is there's plenty of options. Then yes, it was. Slap in the face. I think just to a college team that's going there for winning the national title to get. I mean, they're getting downgraded in this whole thing. Because of what they eat. At ala. Bama, Clemson most these big time colleges there they have athletic facilities with their own food. Jeff nice spread for them. Tat showed me a crazy tweet. What was what was the three food items? You showed me what Clemson players usually eat spread. The can't even say it. Fillet? Yeah. You know that that shirted steak steak crab, and then usually like some really good rotisserie chicken like they had a spread and a half. What do you think they thought when they walked in? They saw three hundred big Macs. Oh my God. We're going to. One picture of one dude we have about three big Macs on on a silver play silver plate. But here's feeling it. I would've I would've been here's what I think is a slap in the face what? Wendy's Wendy's dog s I wouldn't totally agree with you on that one not horrible. It's not my first choice though. Not even my second. I mean, if you don't even have Chick-fil-A in there. That's a problem for me. That's a big problem Chick-fil-A. You don't have Taco Bell and talk. It's a problem though. Chick-fil-a you're missing some of the key fast. Food components. I believe what did he got in and out from California. You pull that off? You can't fly double double animals on the east coast. Yeah. You can do both you go shake shack in and out for California for Clemson team. They don't. Yeah. They don't understand. They wouldn't get don't get it. But if you had like the best breads from all the states that's something pretty who has the best burger. What's the best burger? That's a debate. Because for me is in an allegory based on its for California. Strictly from California. That's the only reason why it's the best because I thought that brain awesome. It's the best shake shack is awesome. I you can get alcohol there, you can get a similar very similar in and out. I'm not saying it's the same very similar. But then you add in a little bit of a you have a beer, it's like the conversation Travolta, same Jackson were having a Pulp Fiction you walk into McDonald's and get a glass of beer. Europe trip shake shack. All right. What about you got the best burgers, I'm saying, no in and out for sure. But every single time I say something on Twitter, east coast people. Come after me about five guys. It's like five bucks. That's a terrible burger don't think it's that good. I never had a five gallon, whereas everyone crazy, they don't even come at me with shake shack. Because it's like, oh, it's not even like a burger, it's shake shack. She's opened up at the Stanford mall. And there's a line of it every single day. There's a line like around the half the mall whenever I get a NATs park shake shack right there. Oh, yeah. All right. I can take that they've been in and out burger at oracle park. Can you imagine that that'd be sick? It's to hell Don healthy fat is where would you put that though? That'd be great idea. I dunno just put it somewhere. Man. I'd be all over it. And would you ever have one one? What's central midfield part or central park? The Braves field Chick-fil-A everywhere. Awesome. I don't know I'm hungry now. Yeah. Just thinking about that celebrating a little bit. But yeah, I slap in the face the cleansing then. I absolutely do. That's what. What? Here we go. Look it on the text line four zero eight five guys is far superior to in and out. Gets in a fight with me about this. I just don't get it. Right there. That's in the south bay that San Jose. They don't count. Okay. We everybody guys. Good prime you like five guys. All right. Look, I was just curious what everyone food is to each their own. What what actually gets you going on it, right? You can't just decide like for me the best burgers this. I love the way you broke that down, sir. I really do. It's really if you really wanna know like if it's not a fast food chain chain place. Burger Mojo burger in. We'll Glenn amazing. Just let you know. Didn't like you yelling at them. Franson Texas out there now. Very happy with you. And you're out south bay brethren. What are they Brian Murphy? They're crying. What a what a horrible idea was to bring up the the Trump serving burgers to Clemson. We'll just we'll skip over that. Yeah. You're hitting hitting the best burger argument, which is the most controversial. This is awful this. Let's move on move on research. What's the worst best burger or best burrito? Right which book. What people will get irritated about the most. All right. A number. We'll get back into baseball coming up at seven thirty with Ryan spider. Obviously, we'll talk about his hall of fame project eight days away from the final vote. If you haven't heard about that. It's very cool thing that he's doing polling players, but who should be in the hall of fame. So catch up with Ryan in a couple of minutes to talk about that. But we were let's get back to the NFL. We were talking about the divisional round. We talked a little bit about the chiefs and the colts game. I thought it was really impressive. And I did think the Rams are gonna win that game sticking with Saturday. I did not think that they're gonna shut down the Cowboys. And really don't you think? Now that they're kind of in just this limbo. I mean, Jason GARRETT'S not going anywhere. And really if you don't get Zeke Elliott going what you get forty seven yards on twenty carries. I it's pretty much a rap for you. As far as your offensive game plan. The Rams came out right in the mouth and move on. And also thought it was a huge win for shot. Mcveigh obviously talking about last year. You know, the the magic mind that McVeigh has this was a big win for him. Now, he's headed to the NFC championship game against the saints. I think that's going to these four teams left in the NFL any combination going to the Super Bowl. I'll take because it's going to be highly entertaining. Ultimate match though. Rams chiefs again ultimate matchup dome. I wanna see the old heads go. I wanna see Brady and Brees. Hey, look, I'm going to tell you this right now. This is that one where I'm going to sit back on Sunday and just go. I don't care who wins because any of these guys I wanna go for I don't have any hatred towards any of them. I'm with you. You people? Here are going to be like your nine year span you go to Heathrow. I don't hate anything. Because right now. Number sixteens out there, and he represents Joe Montana. Every single time out am I can't argue against it. Candlelight the guy he might have a giant shirt underneath that. He might have a giant possible pilot if he did. He's a huge giants fans. According to his dad, we think he's sure Z would be underneath there. I can see I can see Goth being like all TIMMY, he still have a timid Aubrey like Aubrey huff shares e no, no. He would not be is not okay. No, I don't see him being the Cody Rosca either BUSTER, Madison. Timmy, Cain bustard. Like, you're not going to go wrong with Kane shirty, that's a classic. That's what he's gotta wear underneath. I can dig that. So that's why that's why I'm all dude. It's it's fun to be honest with you. I would love to see them go to the Super Bowl and see yet. Another L A team lose. Yeah. Right now, I I wouldn't mind it either. It's fascinating to think that all four teams involved in the championship Brown next week in the top four point points. And that's how it's supposed to be. And it's top four teams force point scores. Could be on the offense of side of the ball. I could be I mean credible. When it comes to that from the defense is our great. He's got a great defense out of the four whose great who's really everyone has a huge strength on that defensive side. Very true. Everyone's got one of three levels covered for sure. But no one's got two or three or three Eric berry to play. Eric berry played this week. Be fascinating to watch come on. I thought Andrew luck. Would stop them homes train that did not happen at all. I honestly I said that was one of the big ones I said everyone's too much on the cold steel has nothing to do against the colts fan. I just think the chiefs were that good. And at some point luck was gonna come back not back to earth down game in that dome team. I didn't see I didn't see Damian Williams going off for. Touchdown score to Costa finish out of their shoes on the way to the paint. That was a hell of a player. But then like the next thing, you know, the colts defenders are going. I got Jew because that was cold freezing cold. I locked up frozen tundra. I mean, just stop it already up twenty seven minutes. Now, he doesn't mean that was like a bad drought. That's why he doesn't go on air with them. He gives us these little quips in our ears. And it's just can we move on. Can we get two right? Mr Ryan spader. Champ says, okay. All right, Ryan spiders habit on next. We're talking about his cO collar fame project, which is just days away from that final votes. All on the waves. Robert Kevin Franson on the sports leader with.

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