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"burger kilns waka" Discussed on The Loudini Rock and Roll Circus

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03:10 min | 8 months ago

"burger kilns waka" Discussed on The Loudini Rock and Roll Circus

"It's it's all very self explanatory and you get right into our private group great community of people who are just like you really excited about Great Guitar driven rock of really kind of all types hard rock rock and roll punk alternative of course metal. I'm wearing my burger. Kills Shirt shirt. Sauber killed this weekend. Great show along with sue WOCKA. And we're going to be playing a little burger kill and sue walk a little bit later on in the show Guys Welcome. That's all the stuff and I want to give a shoutout to Wolf's customs customs. There's no reason for you to be playing the same boring in guitar as everybody else. Go Take Your Strat your telecaster whatever you got your as your Jackson. Whatever you're working on there air and send it out here and get a hold of of Chris under Wolf Dotson Wolf's customs dot online and they do amazing custom painting on Guitars ars so you definitely want to check them out as wolves customs dot online? So we've got literally be sixty six on what you well I went to. Two shows is one on Sunday where this guy opened for Burger Kilns Waka and one yesterday. Which was the fiftieth anniversary? UFO Tour Slash Ashley last in line opened and it was amazing and it was late so last in line is is that the family band. Now know that bandwidth at the end Campbell. Okay and the Guy Andrew Freeman. Who sings just like? Do by the way but they were awesome totally metal they didn't do a Deal Hologram or anything. No added into that. Because I didn't need one. I've heard I've heard that you know there's this thing this possibility of a tour with deal holly. I think it's out. I think it's out on tour right now and I'm curious I'd like to see here I think but it's not going anywhere around here pizzas. Just watch youtube video of it. I don't I just think I'll just seems cheesy as all get out I did not lysine. I'm I'm curious as to what I can see that and then Saturday are you. Are you by curious now. I told you can't do that stuff not into it however I'm try- curious of course. The Yard Saturday I'm going to go see vixen and winger together so exciting exciting stuff and that's going to be in eh just broke in on in buffalo to fall. I was going to go with you but I guess I can't now okay all right guys. We're going to get into to here. We are going to open the show up with a band which band we're GonNa Start with the let's start with so walk. This is a track called destroyer. They played this at the show. Oh on Sunday night. Great Show you guys missed it. which is when these guys? Berger kills walk are huge. I'm going to be able to say I saw Them like with like in front of ten people and I opened his guys. Hear it as a destroyer sue on the Dini rock and roll circus..

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