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"bureau alcohol, tobacco, firearms explosives" Discussed on Liberty Talk FM

"603283 61 60. That's 6032836160. Sitting in the studio tonight. His eye, Mr Richie Rich along with many Matt and the captain, Captain. Dropping, the know needed no need anymore. I'm just ad libbing and winging it. Whatever feels right, man. Do you only do like the full nickname when you're sitting in the first chair, Which Lord Reverend? Captain, I guess the third buckshot Esquire, if you will. It's is technically the Lord. Reverend Doctor, Captain Kick ass. On and I try to only say it once per show. Okay? Did you already saved the show? I did not think that should be the one time the quota quota has been met for this ultimate check that box. Right. So on the other side of that break, we were talking about some gun gun related issues with Obi would would call him O B one good. Nobody will be one can know B and he said. Guys. I don't really like the gun shocked that you brought in to talk to me about today. We have bigger issues to fry. Well, I don't know if we're gonna I don't know if we're really gonna hear about it until later on in the week, but a little Um, they re defining terms. That's basically what they're doing. Is that the aliens? Terrans and I don't know, whatever. I thought. They shut down the AP F and then brought in the A F T didn't bite And that's right. The A F. T s. That's the new thing. That's that's Biden space for us, right? Didn't they? And a letter wasn't an alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives explosive so it could be faith. It could be firearms, alcohol, tobacco explosives and be spelled fate. They'll seal your fate travel well, but then they wouldn't be a three letter agency anymore. That's right. Five. The bureau's alcohol, tobacco, firearms explosives. Pro bureau in there. Yeah, but anyway, yeah. So a sneak peek at the earliest version of whatever what we have of whatever there is going to say later on this week. They wanna. They're gonna just muddle a lot of water and one of the things they said. I can't remember exactly how it was stated. But Talking about anything that encloses a trigger. Oh, yes. Oh, now air fifteens you can get like a normal air 15 triggers and normally or 15 trainer comes in two parts, The trigger and a hammer and three parts. Sugar Hammer is here. Um, unless you get a maid M sixteen's, and then it's another part or two. But with Air fifteen's a lot of companies have come out with these little cassette triggers. They're all enclosed in a casing of their own. Now does that mean that drop in trigger Triple pack a drop in trigger back? They're real handy. They're really nice. They're expensive. They're high quality. But the new wording from the A T F makes it sound like even just the trigger pack could be considered a firearm onto itself. So, so they're really they're not making any sense at all. And it's clear that they are doing the typical government thing. They're coming up with a one size fits all solution for a lot of people who are all different sizes, shapes and colors. So it's just this is not going to go. Well, I will be enforced These regulations who knew you had to summarize what they're doing for, like the laymen. What would you say? I'd say that they're busybodies who are being politically motivated. And I mean more closely to the actions that you've just described. The reader. Let me give this a shot. They're redefining. They're redefining terms to try to be more all encompassing to push through Biden's on Tiger. They redefining definitions of guns and gun parts in order to make criminals out of otherwise peaceful people. Correct. So to sort of answer, madam, it's question about like, Will it be enforced? The answer is Likely know. Right? Are they? Are they going to call this trigger? Pack the firearm likely not Until it serves them to do so. And then they have this definition to fall back on to go like Oh, no, it's right here in the guidance. We were very clear. And you know what? Whatever this happened in the future, we're very clear in 2021. That anything that houses and encloses the trigger, and here it is, And here it is. There was also part of that part of that guidance that came out was a redefining. Of the firearms that he was talking about, but also the 80% hers. Right That is, you know the polymer 80 or the 80% arms frames. Or incomplete that you have to take incomplete. Get mailed to your house direct from the company in complete and you have to do some work on it yourself. You have to, you know, use some tools and some gigs and drill it out and millet out. Same with the 80% air receivers like the lower receiver. That you get. You know, you got to drill some holes in that thing, Man. T make it functional as the fire and they're saying If the company sells you that along with the rest of the parts to complete the firearm, then that part that they're selling you that 80% part in and of itself. Becomes the firearm as well. And where they're not clear, right is at what percent does it not Because this the working definition even though it's not really 80%, right, like that percentage is kind of irrelevant. It's just the term people use for incomplete. Um At 80% that is now a firearm. But is it a firearm at 60%? Is it still firearm? Like how much material has to be milled out if they sent you a rectangular aluminum block block of billet, steel billet aluminum. Right? That's 0%, right. Is it still a firearm or if they make like one cut into that bill it you're already so That part is not clear. And so you know, and that's the new guidance..

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